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  1. Hah, hah. I hear you. I'm a little surprised that they're making them take the banner down. Western has never taken down their 1971 Final Four banner. If I was Louisville, I wouldn't take mind down until the NCAA made Western take theirs down.
  2. Thanks, Ormond. And yeah, the American Bible Belt can be a funny place. This week, after our Ash Wednesday service, we went out to eat at Captain D's, because... you know, fish. Emily was self conscious about walking in with the ashes on her forehead, but I assured here that there would probably be other folks in there, eating fish, with ashes on there head too. There wasn't. And one of the employees even came up to our table and asked, "What is that on your face?" So, yeah... I may have been wrong about that one.
  3. I've been really bummed out since the school shooting on Wednesday (which comes right on the heels of the one here in Kentucky that is only a couple counties to the west of where I live.) So, I'm trying to focus on something good today. My oldest daughter, Emily, is going through confirmation classes right now at church. They're normally on Wednesday, but since it was Ash Wednesday, this week's class was pushed back to last night. She was hesitant about the classes at first, because she knew it would take her outside of her comfort zone, which (from what I gather) isn't hard to do for a 13 year old girl. When I picked her up from church last night, she was really excited to talk to me about what she learned. First words out of her mouth to me were, "I really like that class. I'm glad I'm doing it and I can't wait for next week." Last night's main topic was what we believe as Presbyterians. The history of our church, what makes us different. She's endured a little teasing at school because she doesn't go to a Baptist church. But she said last night that she's glad we go to the church that we do. When she started confirmation, she asked me if she had to join the church at the end of the class. I assured her that she didn't. It was completely up to her. She holds no reservations now. I really couldn't be more proud of her than I am today. She's a pretty great kid and it feels good to know that I have done something right when it comes to raising her.
  4. Oh, no. Not even close. I'd love to have an 8-team playoff. I just don't think people using the UCF-Auburn game to knock the SEC have a leg to stand on because to Auburn, that game didn't mean nearly as much as it did to UCF. I could care less about having other bowl games, but I understand whey they're going to stick around.
  5. UCF just proving my point. The meaningless bowl they played in was their national championship game. For Auburn, it was just a disappointing exhibition game.
  6. I don't know how much you stock you can put in the Peach Bowl... or any other bowl outside of the playoff games. All these other bowl games have been severely devalued to the point that they're just postseason exhibition games with nothing on the line. A team like Central Florida playing Auburn in the Peach Bowl is a big deal for them. For the Auburn players though, playing in the Peach Bowl was probably more of a hassle than anything since it was such a huge letdown after the Iron Bowl, SEC title game and missing out on the playoff.
  7. This is pretty much me. Except for the part about buying and planing to read The Broken Earth. Although, I might do that at some point. There's just too much other stuff out there that I would rather read before going back to an author I really didn't care for at all the first time around.
  8. This whole thread has been interesting, but it's made me think of a similar question, and one I'm not sure I have an answer to. And it's this: Do authors (specifically sff authors) have an obligation to others in their field not to ruin the marketplace for other authors? At some point, if enough readers get frustrated with big name authors not completing series, is it possible that the blowback is felt by other up-and-coming authors? The fantasy genre (and sci-fi to a lesser degree) relies heavily on series. If readers stop buying first and second books in a series because they're frustrated with authors who fail to deliver on their own undertakings, will that eventually adversely affect the others in the field?
  9. I've really been liking Evans Williams 1783 lately. It's wormed its way into my rotation of daily drinkers, despite being lower proofed than the rest. Right now, my dailies are the 1783, Very Old Barton bonded, Henry McKenna 10 year and Wild Turkey 101. I also have a bottle of Bernheim Wheat Whiskey that I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to polish off. I liked the first couple drams from the bottle, but a little over halfway through, I've decided it just isn't for me. Too sweet and and boring overall. I won't be buying it again.
  10. So, one thing about soccer I don't understand. Why are there two cup competitions in England? Don't most countries only have one? Or do other countries have a couple of tournaments too, you just never hear about their version of the League Cup?
  11. I finished it a couple days ago. I thought it was pretty entertaining. Not necessarily high art, but it kept me watching. One thing about that ending though... was Netflix committed to a second season from the beginning? Because if not, that's a heck of a gamble. If this one season was all we got and it ended like that, I'd be super pissed.
  12. New, small distilleries are at such a disadvantage. It takes years to produce a good product and most people don't have years to wait before trying to turn a profit. So, these craft distilleries do the best they can, I guess. But at the end of the day, the end result is almost always young and overpriced. So, as a general rule, I stay away from them.
  13. Yeah, I've had the service for a couple months now because my wife and daughters liked watching the Big Brother live feeds. Honestly, I've checked it out during that time and it's a garbage service. There's nothing else there that I would pay for. But, since I already have it - I'll keep it through the end of this season of Discovery.
  14. Pretty much this. Sure, Before Watchmen was pretty much a flop, but screw that bushy haired wizard.
  15. Nowadays, there's two ways to watch EPL games here in the US. There's the games broadcast on the regular TV channels (NBC, NBC Sports, and occasionally a third channel if NBS Sports has something like Formula 1 going on and can't broadcast a soccer match). Those will just cost you whatever your cable subscription is. All the other games are streamed on NBC Sports Gold, and a subscription to that is $50 for the entire season. These are (for the most part) the less popular matches. All the big matches get put on regular television. But the $50 subscription fee only gets you the matches not broadcast on TV. To watch everything, you need to have your normal TV package that includes NBC Sports, etc., plus the $50 Gold subscription. ETA: This weekend, for example, on regular television we get: City v. Liverpool Arsenal v. Bournemouth Everton v. Spurs Stoke v. United Burnley v. Palace and Swansea v. Newcastle The matches on Gold that require the $50 subscription are: Southampton v. Watford Leicester v. Chelsea Brighton v. West Brom