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  1. I'm glad I read that. I'm not sure how I feel about it... but I'm glad I read it. Real life is messy and hard and sometimes, there's no good choices. I have a hard time blaming the author and his siblings too much. Yes, they could have probably done more to help Lola. But they are themselves victims of their upbringing. They were conditioned from birth to believe that the Lola's situation was okay. Because of outside influences, they did break the conditioning of their parents somewhat... but not completely. I'd like to think I would have done more or done better if I were placed in their shoes, but I'm not sure I would.
  2. After doing some side-by-side taste tests at home, I have come to the realization that if you know what you're doing, you can find some bottom shelf (at least according to price) bourbons that are every bit as good as bottles that cost 3-4 times as much. Heaven Hill White Label is a bourbon that costs $11 at my local liquor store and I would put it up against any bourbon in the $30-$40 price range. It's plenty good enough to sip either neat or on the rocks, but at the price; if I'm in the mood for a bourbon and Coke or an old fashioned, then I don't feel bad about mixing it either. It really is the perfect everyday bourbon, IMO. The bad news is that you can't really buy it outside of Kentucky. The Heaven Hill Green Label is distributed more widely, and is essentially the same thing but just at a lower proof. (White label is 100 proof, while green label is 90.) They're both aged a minimum of 6 years, so at that price - you just can't beat them. Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond has become my other daily drinker. Since it's a wheated bourbon, I'll have it every once in a while instead of Heaven Hill. It costs a couple bucks more than the White Label, but at $13 it's still a steal. Makers Mark is the most popular wheated bourbon (and maybe the most popular bourbon in world) but Old Fitz BiB is every bit as good as Makers in my book. It's also bottled at 100 proof, and there is Old Fitzgerald Prime, which is bottled at 80 proof and a little cheaper. Unlike the White and Green labels of Heaven Hill, there's a big difference between these two Old Fitz varieties though. I don't like the Old Fitz Prime nearly as much. I really wouldn't recommend it.
  3. I'm sorry to see American Crime go. It was pretty good for a network drama. Actually, it was damn good for a network drama. Which is probably why it didn't catch on, I guess.
  4. Something I've always wondered in the 4-5 years I've been watching English soccer... why do they announce the team of the year with a month still to go in the season?
  5. Same. I thought the first season was great, but just didn't care for the second at all.
  6. No problem. I get it. I'm going to have a more visceral reaction to this particular type of scumbag than most people. I understand that. Opioid addiction is probably the single biggest problem in my part of the U.S. It's affected my family in particular and family members I loved and cared about are now dead because of shitstain doctors like him. Add on the fact that he is also a rapist for all intents and purposes... yeah, screw him. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. BUT... that doesn't mean I think United and the police are absolved in any way because they roughed up a scumbag.
  7. Except that, Dr. Dao has confirmed that he was the man dragged off the flight. I meant that last line somewhat sarcastically, mostly because I was pretty disgusted by all parties involved.
  8. It doesn't excuse the way United and (more importantly) the police handled the situation. But, after finding out his background, I feel no sympathy for the scumbag doctor. Both things can be true.
  9. The way I've read it, the cap is just how much they are legally required to pay if someone does not volunteer and is bumped from a flight. I don't think there is anything that would prevent an airline from offering more to get someone to not board voluntarily.
  10. So in your professional opinion, if this were to go to civil court, what's the likelihood that the defense would be able to bring up the doctor's prior convictions at trial? Is that something that's pretty likely, or could a judge easily exclude that?
  11. That would be up to the police as to whether to get involved or not. If they got a call from the airline saying, "We have someone we need to be removed from one of our planes," then it's up to the police to handle the matter where they see fit. You can ignore the disruptive part if you want. If a restaurant owner called the police and said, "There's someone in my diner and he won't leave even though I have asked him several times." Then it's on the police to assess the situation and either remove the person, or if they feel like he's within his rights, leave him in his seat.
  12. I don't see it as any different than if a restaurant had a customer refusing to leave and wanted him/her removed. You call the police and tell them that you have a disruptive customer who won't leave, then it becomes the police's job to respond accordingly.
  13. Unless there is some kind of really crazy turn of events, either he is going to work out some compensation deal with United through mediation, or he's going to take them to civil court for damages. If he gets a deal from United without going to court, you can bet that the airline's offer would be substantially more if he didn't have have the drug conviction on his record. If he takes United to court, the same thing applies because the amount he would be awarded in damages would be determined by a jury and human nature being what it is, once they hear about his past, you can bet they would not award nearly as much.
  14. I don't doubt for a minute that it could happen to anyone. In that respect, his scummy background it's not pertinent. But, when you think about how the story will unfold for Dao in the future, it is relevant. Any sort of settlement he hopes to get from United will no doubt be affected by his scummy past.
  15. The guy is in the best of lights, a drug dealer and at worst, a rapist. When I first saw the videos, I first had outrage against the company and individuals involved and sympathy for the man who was dragged off. And while I still am outraged at the actions of the company and those working on its behalf, if I'm being honest, I feel less sympathy for Dao.