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  1. Whisk(e)y

    Interesting. I may have to try that. The only time I ever bought Irish whiskey was a few years back and it was Jameson. I wasn't a fan at all and just figured Irish whiskey wasn't for me.
  2. Whisk(e)y

    So last night I found myself in the local Liquor Barn and decided to just check out the Scotch section. Yeah... fuck that shit. Those prices are banana pants crazy. Instead, I picked up a bottle of Heaven Hill White Label BiB for $11. I completely forgot about mentioning it in my previous post about good bourbons at great price points. That one is probably the best value out there. It's "bottled in bond" which means it's the product of one distilling season by one distiller and is bottled at 100 proof. It's also aged for six years, which makes it pretty damn smooth, especially for the price. I also noticed that the price of Four Roses yellow label has creeped up to $20 a bottle. That makes it not worth it anymore. I think the Heaven Hill white label is pretty comparable for almost half the price.
  3. Comics XIII

    They did. They were runaway kids who were kidnapped and experimented on with a new kind of drug that was supposed to be super addictive, but it gave them powers instead. In the first issue of the regular series from 1987, they took down a child trafficking/prostitution ring. That feels like it had to be way ahead of its time.
  4. Comics XIII

    Sort of along the same lines... but a good chunk of the Cloak & Dagger regular series from the 80s dropped on Marvel Unlimited this week and I've been reading through it. It has struck me as pretty edgy, especially given the time it was produced.
  5. (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    My wife's, brother-in-law's father died from some rare, deadly disease a few years ago and because of whatever it was that killed him, there were really strict laws with how his body had to be taken care of. It was sort of like the guy on the show. He couldn't be cremated (as was his wish) and had to be buried in a crazy secure body bag so that whatever it was he had didn't get out into the environment.
  6. Whisk(e)y

    As someone who has lived his whole life in the state of Kentucky, I've drank more than my fair share of bourbon since I became of age. I honestly have never really tried much Scotch, outside of the time my best friend got married and his open bar had Johnny Walker available late in the evening after the bourbon had long been all consumed. It was all right, I guess. Nothing special at all though. I'm sure there's some great Scotches out there, but I'll probably never buy them. Great bourbon is just too plentiful (and relatively inexpensive) here. I rarely spend more than $40 for a bottle of bourbon, because if you know what you're doing, you can find some really excellent choices at low price points. One of my traditional go-to choices is the aforementioned Four Roses. The yellow label is priced like a bargain bourbon, but it's considerably better than most others at that price point. I never really bother with the yellow label though, because the brand really excels with its small batch and single barrel offerings. The small batch usually sells well below $30 a bottle and the single barrel is usually in the mid-$30s range. And for that price, it's tough to beat. Both are really nice sipping bourbons. In the past year or two, though, I've been going more with the Elijah Craig 12-year though. It's around $25 a bottle around these parts and you can't go wrong with it. I usually have it with just an ice cube and it's perfect. At that price though, you can make some nice cocktails and not feel like you're throwing money away. If I'm in the mood for something with a little more bite, I'll go with Old Grand-Dad 114. It's got more rye than most bourbons and is basically a (much) better version of Old Grand-Dad, one of the better bargain bourbons. Other bourbons I have enjoyed over the years include Woodford and Knob Creek, and while they're both very good, their prices have creeped up to the point where they're just not quite worth it. I don't think either is appreciably better than either the Craig 12-year or OGD 114. (Or the Four Roses single barrel for that matter.)
  7. Football: fixture congestion

    This is the second time this year a team has sacked a manager just before they played Liverpool. Neither went well.
  8. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    I might check that out. Are you playing Ark on single player or multi-player? I tried both, but multi-player was pretty much impossible as a new player. I thought single player was pretty fun early on, but once I advanced to the point where I needed lots of metal and couldn't harvest it easily, I lost interest in the game. Then I found out about the cheat code that would give you unlimited resources and that made the game fun again for a few more days, but blasting dinosaurs with assault rifles was only fun for so long.
  9. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Ark kept my interest for about a week or so. I'm hoping that it gets better when it is a fully realized game.
  10. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Yeah, we've had it for about 3 or 4 years now. It was somewhat out of necessity. The only cable company in Russellville was Suddenlink. It was seriously bad cable with crappy Internet. They didn't even offer any HD options with their television packages. The Russellville Electric Plant Board decided to get into the cable TV business and invested in fiber technology as a way to make that happen. They put up fiber lines all over the city and started offering TV, Internet and landline phone service through it. And, it's super affordable. I pay around $160 a month for my television (pretty much all the channels, but no premiums like HBO, Starz, Showtime, ect.), high speed Internet and a basic landline.
  11. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Dude... Russellville is a Gig City. (Actually, we were the first one in Kentucky.) If Russellville can do it, Etown sure as heck can.
  12. Star Trek: Discovery

    Has there been any indication as to when this series will be aired?
  13. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    I looked into the Comixology service at one point, and it just didn't have the same value as Marvel Unlimited. The price point was the same (if I recall correctly) but the only thing you got was access to partial runs of a bunch of indie comics. It was pretty much just the first volume of most series. Like, you could read the first trade paperback as part of the subscription, but if you want to read the subsequent trades, they weren't available and had to be just bought outright. I understand why they set it up that way, the value just wasn't there for me. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of indie comics anyway.
  14. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    So, it's actually good? Weird. I had not even planned on watching, since it's such an odd choice for a show and I never found Legion to be a compelling character in the comics.
  15. RIP Richard Hatch - Galactica

    Me too. Although I just checked its air date and I was only 2 or 3 at the time, so I must remember it from reruns? My earliest memories of watching television are of BSG, Buck Rogers and the Incredible Hulk.