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  1. New, small distilleries are at such a disadvantage. It takes years to produce a good product and most people don't have years to wait before trying to turn a profit. So, these craft distilleries do the best they can, I guess. But at the end of the day, the end result is almost always young and overpriced. So, as a general rule, I stay away from them.
  2. Yeah, I've had the service for a couple months now because my wife and daughters liked watching the Big Brother live feeds. Honestly, I've checked it out during that time and it's a garbage service. There's nothing else there that I would pay for. But, since I already have it - I'll keep it through the end of this season of Discovery.
  3. Pretty much this. Sure, Before Watchmen was pretty much a flop, but screw that bushy haired wizard.
  4. Nowadays, there's two ways to watch EPL games here in the US. There's the games broadcast on the regular TV channels (NBC, NBC Sports, and occasionally a third channel if NBS Sports has something like Formula 1 going on and can't broadcast a soccer match). Those will just cost you whatever your cable subscription is. All the other games are streamed on NBC Sports Gold, and a subscription to that is $50 for the entire season. These are (for the most part) the less popular matches. All the big matches get put on regular television. But the $50 subscription fee only gets you the matches not broadcast on TV. To watch everything, you need to have your normal TV package that includes NBC Sports, etc., plus the $50 Gold subscription. ETA: This weekend, for example, on regular television we get: City v. Liverpool Arsenal v. Bournemouth Everton v. Spurs Stoke v. United Burnley v. Palace and Swansea v. Newcastle The matches on Gold that require the $50 subscription are: Southampton v. Watford Leicester v. Chelsea Brighton v. West Brom
  5. Blanton's, Eagle Rare and Weller are all produced by Buffalo Trace. Weller is a completely different bourbon than the other two, though. It's mash bill uses wheat instead of rye. I don't really like Weller Standard Reserve at all. I have a bottle of the Weller 12-year right now and it is delicious, however. It has one of the best oak char flavors of any bourbon I've ever tried. The SR gives me this weird fake cherry flavor that I don't find appealing at all. The sad thing about the 12-year is that it's next to impossible to find in the wild. MSRP is somewhere around $30 for a fifth. On the secondary market, it's not uncommon to find 12-year going to $120 a bottle though, because of the stupid Pappy craze. The Weller products are made from the same distillate as Pappy. The only difference is that the barrels don't get the prime aging locations in the rick houses that the Pappy barrels get. So, essentially, if you're drinking Weller, you're drinking a less refined Pappy. And so, it's next to impossible to find now.
  6. The main one I'd suggest is Henry McKenna 10-year. I'm pretty sure it's nationally distributed and pretty easy to find. Down here, it goes for about half what Blanton's sells for. Elijah Craig small batch is another easy-to-find option at a lower price point. But if you see both, go for the McKenna first. They both have a very similar mash bill to Blanton's. (Blanton's has 15 % rye while the other two have 13%) They're also made by Heaven Hill, which is really just good value for almost every product they make. I'd also suggest Four Roses single barrel for a third option with slightly more rye than Blanton's. It's also really, really good.
  7. Honestly, there's a lot better bourbons at the same price point, or below, than Blanton's. You're paying extra for the nice cap and cool bottle.
  8. I finally got around to trying Eagle Rare. It has always been such a well-like bourbon in every review/recommendation that I've ever seen. I first opened the bottle about a month ago. It was just "okay" so I figured I'd let it sit for a couple weeks and see if it changed any. It did, but for the worse. Now I find it barely drinkable. The main flavors I get from it are dirt and grass. I almost wonder if I somehow got a contaminated bottle or something?
  9. I'm not sure Group G is easier. I think Spartak is probably a much easier opponent than Monaco. Same for Maribor being easier than Liepzig. Sevilla is probably tougher than Porto, but not by a wide margin.
  10. You're more than welcome to set up a chair in my front yard and park in my driveway. I've made the same offer to a bunch of friends. Here in Russellville, we're supposed to get two and a half minutes of total darkness because of the eclipse. It should be pretty epic here.
  11. Since my house is pretty much right in the path of totality for the Aug. 21 solar eclipse, I've been reading and hearing a lot about that. I'm pretty excited about it, although admittedly, if I wasn't right in the sweet spot, I would probably be barely aware of it - if at all. Is anyone else on the board planning to observe the eclipse in a few days?
  12. span data-node-flag="true">a So, in the past year or so, I've started reading more blogs and watching YouTube videos and whatnot about bourbon though. I've tried, unsuccessfully, to pick up those tasting notes and smells that everyone talks about. I'd just about given up until the other night when I did my first blind taste test at home. The four bourbons I had my wife pour for me were: 1) Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond 2) Very Old Barton Bottled in Bond 3) Old Ezra 101 4) Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond That was the order I tasted them in. Beforehand, if you'd asked me which was my favorite I would have said the Heaven Hill. Although, this was the first time I'd ever tried the Old Ezra. I wanted to throw in one wild card to see if I could pick it out. (Spoiler: I couldn't.) When I smelled and tasted #1, the same thing happened that always does. My brain said, "Smells like bourbon, tastes like bourbon. The end." I was a little disappointed, but not all that surprised. I took a sip of water, moved on to #2 and then I was blown away, because it was like a whole new world opened up. The first thing that hit me was how much sweeter it smelled. I picked up caramel corn in a big way. I couldn't believe I was actually picking up something like that for the first time. The taste was similar too, caramel corn at first, but then oak on the finish. Since it was so different from anything I'd ever experienced (or so I thought) I was certain that was the Old Ezra. When I went to #3, it smelled strongly of spice, and I got the same from the taste as well. Lots of spicy notes. So, I went back to #1 for a second try and started picking up the smell of leather, but the taste was more corn and oak. # 4 wasn't as pronounced as the others, but I got a decent amount of oak from it too. It was my least favorite of the four. So, when I ranked them, VOB BiB was my favorite. Old Ezra was second, followed closely by HHBiB and finally Old Fitz. I'm going to try just a single bourbon this evening and see if I can still pick out any tasting notes, or if my brain just registers as "bourbon" when I don't have anything to compare it against. Should be an interesting experiment.
  13. I finished it last night. I liked it. It wasn't spectacular, but it was pretty good. I found myself more interested in the secondary characters than Debbie and Ruth, so I'm hoping we see more of them in Season 2.
  14. This past Saturday morning was a new experience for me. The local big box liquor store had posted on Twitter that they were going to be offering up some rare and hard-to-find bourbons on Saturday morning. I made plans to get there right when the doors opened at 8 a.m., but I was told by my brother (who is more in tune with that scene) that I'd need to get there even earlier if I wanted to have any chance whatsoever of getting a bottle of something I was interested in. This seemed crazy to me, so I decided just to forget the whole thing. Of course, then I find myself awake at 5 a.m. Saturday with nothing really to occupy my time. And after a couple cups of coffee, I clean myself up and head over to the liquor store to park my butt in line. I get there around 6:20 a.m. - over a half hour before the doors open. I'm the 22nd person in line. There were three bottles I was interested in, so I was pretty sure I'd be able to get at least one of them. The rules of engagement the store put down was that you could only buy one bottle at a time. After you get your one bottle, you can get back in line and go through again and get a second bottle. By the time 8 a.m. rolled around, there was well over 100 people in line. They only let 10 people in the store at a time, so I was in the third group allowed inside. Before my group was admitted, they had already sold out of two bourbons - neither of which I wanted. Well, not technically true. I wanted the Four Roses 50th Anniversary edition, but I wasn't going to pay the $180 price tag it had. (I don't think. I'm kinda glad they sold out, because I really didn't need that temptation. $180 is a lot of money for a bottle of bourbon and I'm not sure how I'd explain that to the wife.) Anyway, the two bottles I wanted most were the 12-year-old Weller and the Stagg Jr. The four or five people ahead of me all went for the Weller and there was what looked like a few cases of Stagg left, so I figure I'll buy the Weller and hope there's a bottle of Stagg left when I go through the line a second time. Didn't work out that way and the Stagg ran out before I was all that close to getting back in. But, I did get a bottle of Col. E.H. Taylor small batch, which was the third bourbon I was interested in. It was just interesting being the middle of the whole bourbon craze. It's so insanely popular right now. I've always just bought what I like and never really gotten *that* into the whole bourbon "culture" of things. It was fun seeing everyone else's excitement at being there for the event though.
  15. This is probably the one show I have never seen, but most feel like I should, because I would probably really enjoy it. I've been waiting for years for some online streaming service to pick it up so I can watch, but it still hasn't been. Does anyone know if there's a reason for that? Seems like between Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc., someone would pick it up and offer it for streaming.