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  1. Most definitely not the con people would expect, but GRRM will be attending a con in New York in 2018. Thrillerfest.
  2. Whoa. Where did they hide that bag for almost a month!
  3. Can I be added too? I may as well consider it at least. Thanks.
  4. Hey Os. Sadly I can't be of help. But hopefully somebody will come forward with the pictures.
  5. Good luck Phil! Sounds very exciting!
  6. After all these years, we finally have a Young Adult award at Worldcon. I know a number of people on this board have spent a lot of time on this especially LugaJetboyGirlirra. It got ratified today with a provisional name of Lodenstar, with the name to be ratified in San Jose. But there will be an award next year. I'd name some of the others on the committee but I am bound to miss a few. Congrats to those involved, those who helped and those who voted. Somebody else who knows more about this can give further details about all the work done. I do like the idea of a Lodey award...
  7. The Titancon desk is a good option. Near the dealers room. At GRRM's panel right now.
  8. Ok. I shall aim to meet you at the convention centre then!
  9. Is there a plan for tonight? I will be in Helsinki around 6:45pm.
  10. I thought the problem was departing Schengen countries to non Schengen countries? Leaving UK is fine. Leaving Finland could theoretically be a problem but I believe the real problems are in the big holiday destinations like in Spain. Certainly no changes visible leaving Ireland. I arrived a hour before.
  11. The train option from the airport is easy but I never checked did it stop near the convention centre.
  12. Glad you sorted something out. Even if the airlines weren't kind! catch up with everything else... I wouldn't rule out Tallinn. But I presume I can make up my mind when I am there? Its just a ferry ride across? Happy to join quiz too. But I imagine that my performance in Dublin a couple months ago will be better than my knowledge of aSoIaF by now! Although, this is a book quiz rather than a book/TV quiz? Regarding meet ups. I'm assuming the convention centre will have free wifi, so i'd keep an eye on what is posted here. Most people (i'm assuming) are members of the BwB facebook group? I'm not sure who moderates that but probably wise to join that also, if possible. Otherwise, you can be guaranteed there will be some BwB people at a GRRM, Ran/Linda, Peadar panel. So organise around those too. I've never being at a con where it was difficult to find people for long. And good luck Wert! Hope it works out. That is terrible timing.
  13. Great ideas here. I echo everything. Probably needs more Donegal. And can go on GoT tour in the North if inclined also.
  14. I had a look at this at work. Surprisingly few flights to Helsinki from Athens. Not sure why the Finns don't like Athens! Norwegian flies once a week on a Saturday and Aegean flies twice a week on a Monday and Friday. The cheapest option (that doesn't take forever) seems to be KLM on or Still 7 hours but given it isn't in the right direction, not that bad really. And there is only 1 direct flight a week to Tallinn from Athens (Friday with Aegean). Otherwise, i'm having a look at that tour also!