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  1. Wow. A mainstream US publication proposes a "your personal immigrant slave" visa, and it passes almost without comment.
  2. Prophecies. I can tolerate them if they are played with in an interesting way, or subverted, or treated as one of many possible branching futures, but the idea of fate or predetermination personally annoys me.
  3. An excellent post, Yukle. I always considered the third century and the entire long mess between the reigns of Marcus Aurelius and Diocletian to be the most depressing part of Roman history, even more so than its final decline in the fifth century. It is actually impressive that the empire managed to survive as long as it did, considering its internal instability and the sheer number of empire-wide civil wars during this period.
  4. I don't think that's actually true. Switzerland and Belgium come to mind. Also, France, Germany and Italy are examples where a single national and cultural identity was successfully forged out of many different local identities.
  5. No, I did the same. I don't know if it was intended by the writers or not, but picking "annoyed" dialogue choices escalates into way too quickly and easily.
  6. You can't "crank up" coal or nuclear plants. Power plant's output is controlled by starting up or shutting down individual generators. With coal or nuclear, this takes very long time, and for this reason, they are usually used as baseline, always-on sources of energy. Peak demand is covered by gas and big hydro plants, since you can start them up almost instantly by starting the flow of gas/water.
  7. Even environmentalists need to take climate change more seriously: https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2018/1/27/16935382/climate-change-ugly-tradeoffs There is no either/or choice between renewables and nuclear. Serious reduction of emissions requires renewables AND big hydro AND nuclear power (at least for another generation). A lot of people have tunnel vision when it comes to their pet environmental issues - see, for example, articles about poor birds killed by wind turbines or desert ecosystems being destroyed by solar plants.
  8. I ignore any game which uses terms "pixel art", "retro", "procedurally generated", "platformer" or "roguelike" in its description. This eliminates roughly 99% of indie games.
  9. This might be a dumb question, but: why? If there are 70 000 Democrats more within the district, your problem is turnout, not gerrymandering. If the Democratic and Republican turnouts are the same, and all Democrats vote for a Democratic candidate, the Democratic candidate will win.
  10. Castro's comments were made in the same era during which MacArthur wanted to nuke Chinese cities, and (according to Daniel Ellsberg) first use of nuclear weapons was common stance in Pentagon. Closer to present day, Israel made plans for nuking random European capitals in case of conventional military defeat against Arab countries (Operation Samson). There are also Trump's recent opinions on the subject. Let's not forget the fact that only one nation in human history actually used nukes. It wasn't Cuba.
  11. My parents also grew up in a communist system (although milder than Poland's), and yet my perspective is a different one. Of all systems in my country's history, communism provided the biggest range of opportunities and chance for societal mobility. For example, my family went from substinence farmers to urban middle-class in one generation, something which would have been impossible in the previous regime and highly improbable in the current one. Was communism perfect? No, in fact many of its aspects were horrible. Was it preferable to the previous regime (a royalist autocracy which gave zero shits for 95% of the population)? Yes. Is it preferable to the current government (a kleptocracy with 25% unemployment where "upward mobility" means emigrating to Germany to become a janitor)? IMO, yes. Maybe I'm just bitter because I live in a shithole
  12. From the US politics thread, these are the main arguments I've seen against Castro: - He had people executed without due process. True, and the same is true of all 21st century US presidents and most (if not all) 20th century presidents. Also, the vast majority of these examples are from the immediate post-revolution period and the "Operation Mongoose" period of US aggression / undeclared war. - He had people unlawfully imprisoned. True, and the same is true of the US - see: Guantanamo. - He harassed LGBT population in the 70's. True. And parts of the US continued to enforce anti-sodomy laws until 2003. I found the comments about the Trudeau's reaction to Castro's death especially funny when they are compared to this gem: https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2015/01/22/statement-president-death-king-abdullah-bin-abdulaziz For those unwilling to click the link, that's Obama talking about his "genuine and warm friendship" with Saudi King Abdullah, someone who was a far greater tyrant than Castro by any concievable measure. The US has placed Cuba under economical, and at times military siege for 50 years, after subjugating it to a puppet state and exploiting its economy during the previous 60 years. Americans have no moral standing to criticize Cuba or its government, especially while their own government continues to commit same or worse acts. "Exporting democracy"? Give me a fucking break. Start by cleaning your own yard.
  13. I actually found the "ultra grimdark" ending to be an appropriate one.
  14. Why do you have to add them to the tab? Such strawmen are easily slain by adding a line in the "free college" law saying "applies only to citizens and legal residents".
  15. Yes, that's why countries with free college are such shitholes Seriously, taxpayer-funded college might not provide all conditions for a truly meritocratic society, but it is a major pre-condition. On the other hand, self-paid college with outrageously high tuition prices creates an unofficial caste system, ridiculously stacked towards the children of the rich. I hope I do not have to explain the societal benefits of one over the other.