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  1. Oh, and another few things that bugged the living hell out of me. The carving of the Federation symbol into the sand was just ridiculous. A, the Captain should have said what she was doing; B, a simpler symbol would have been less time-consuming considering their dire circumstances, and good jebus, did they actually show a space ship INSIDE the planet's atmosphere. Didn't our relentless mockery of this on Star Trek: Into Dumbness cure these writers of that trope?!
  2. I have to say I'm rather under-whelmed to the point where I'm not going to cross a paywall to follow it up. Maybe it gets better but I just don't need another streaming service. And I'm aghast at the amount of time CBS milked for ads. I kept switching channels to the football game and you could watch a few plays, come back, and it was still a parade of ads for Young Sheldon. Among other issues I was bothered by: retcon of Spock having an adopted sister, adopted sister behaving in a manner quite illogical, speaking of logic there was a lack of it in the plot, two steps forward by having two female leads and one step backward for having one of them run through the ship in her white underoos, two steps forward by having two leads who are PoC and one step backward for having the Big Bad of the season be Black Klingons, the way the show treated Klingons in general ignored the established canon plus the ornate beacon was ridiculous and so was the fancy bat'leth, and just everything about Death Guy.
  3. It might be a sign that this forum is slipping if I can go four pages without seeing the name Richard Rahl/Cypher
  4. That was my first thought. That's where he brought in all the weight and depth. The God Engines was snark free and bleak as all hell. I haven't got this one read yet. I still have "Locked in" and "Human Division" to read. For some reason I tend to read Scalzi in binges but right now I'm on a Max Gladstone binge.
  5. Rats, they want a word count under 90K. I had to kill a lot of darlings to get under 120K and I don't think the piece could withstand any more carnage. Nonetheless, thanks for posting and good luck to anyone who sends in a submission.
  6. I've had a Harry Potter story in my head for a number of years but I'm just not going to spend the time and energy to put down on paper what is essentially me just screwing around with three characters that someone else created.
  7. Wow, we are parting from the books at lightning speed. I'm getting a little confused and it's possible I can no longer remember what bits might actually be in the books. At this point it's almost a piece of really good fan fiction; someone read the books and came up with alternative adventures for the characters with some loose inspiration from the books. I don't have a problem with that. There were some things I didn't like in the books that we've done away with, like the whole endless voyage to that island. When Eliot is reprimanding Q for giving up the button and Alice bursts in and then back out, the look Eliot gives Q was priceless. And their encounter with Umber was fun, especially the Law & Order bit and Umber explaining the order/chaos balance between himself and Ember. Interesting too that Reynard was Persephone's son. I guess I had suckered in to the notion that she was his lover. I'm a little irritated that the little asshole got to live and that his mother didn't do some sort of handwave to restore more of the damage, like bring John and his wife back. Kady got totally screwed in my opinion and I don't think the "best bitches" are going to survive this. Q is finally doing the maturing he did in the books. He confronts Mayakovsky, chews out Umber, and does his damnedest with Alice. So I should give the show some credit for sticking to one of the central themes of the book: gifted, precocious kids need to grow up too.
  8. A quick question about formatting: I have noticed that many agents require you post a sample (or a complete story) in an email and they refuse attachments. Copy and paste into something like Gmail really strips and mangles any attempt to format. So does strict double-spacing, margins, etc. matter when submitting by email?
  9. I've said a million times, I never exaggerate. It is correct that artists owe us nothing. It just gets a little tiresome waiting and waiting. I've got plenty to read on my iPad and in my bookshelves. I just pine for certain things, a resolution to stories that I've begun some time ago.
  10. I just walked by my bookcase and saw an open space on my bookshelf next to Republic of Thieves. I must have been a little too optimistic when I created that. I'm pretty certain now I'll see Winds of Winter and the new Rothfuss before I ever see Emberlain.
  11. Slow hand clap...Myshkin, Myshkin, Myshkin
  12. I could do with a few novellas of the Gentlemen Bastards at full strength, just running cons. Given Scott's difficulties I realize that's highly unlikely of happening but still, a man can dream.
  13. Remember that diversity is important these days. If Charlemagne is going to have sex with a dolphin it should be buttsecks.
  14. It's been a long wait for a sequel. At this point he's up there with Lynch and Rothfuss. I'll get it but I'll probably have to reread the first one again before starting the second.
  15. According to Professor Tripp, you can write stoned. Though I somehow doubt Chabon writes while under the influence. Hannah Green: Grady, you know how in class you're always telling us that writers make choices? Grady Tripp: Yeah. Hannah Green: And even though you're book is really beautiful, I mean, amazingly beautiful, it's... it's at times... it's... very detailed. You know, with the genealogies of everyone's horses, and the dental records, and so on. And... I could be wrong, but it sort of reads in places like you didn't make any choices. At all. And I was just wondering if it might not be different if... if when you wrote you weren't always... under the influence. Grady Tripp: Well... thank you for the thought, but shocking as it may sound, I am not the first writer to sip a little weed. Furthermore, it might surprise you to know that one book I wrote, as you say, "under the influence," just happened to win a little something called the Pen Award. Which, by the way, I accepted under the influence.