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  1. Finished Caine's Law. What a book / series. Seems like Matthew Woodring Stover continues to fly under the radar for the most part - his work deserves a great deal more attention...
  2. Tor Books is offering the complete Wheel of Time series available in ebook, on sale this weekend for $44.99 (US only).   http://www.tor.com/2015/09/01/complete-wheel-of-time-labor-day-weekend-sale/
  3. Best of the 3 so far - taking nothing away from the first two...
  4. If that's the case, I wonder what happens when the TV series catches up with the books. Maybe that motivates GRRM to finish the novels in a more timely manner (without sacrificing quality). Let's not forget the extra pressure to meet deadlines now - more popularity in the series = more money on the line = far greater expectations...
  5. argh. Using Gravatar, but when i save changes, nothing happens...
  6. Agreed. The Bolton's have been on borrowed time for quite a while. Plus, given the fact that they only inspire loyalty through fear, most, if not all of their bannermen will jump ship the second they get an opportunity...