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  1. September 2016 Reads

    Finished Caine's Law. What a book / series. Seems like Matthew Woodring Stover continues to fly under the radar for the most part - his work deserves a great deal more attention...
  2. Amazing Book Deals V.2

    Tor Books is offering the complete Wheel of Time series available in ebook, on sale this weekend for $44.99 (US only).   http://www.tor.com/2015/09/01/complete-wheel-of-time-labor-day-weekend-sale/
  3. How would you rate episode 303?

    Best of the 3 so far - taking nothing away from the first two...
  4. The Hooded Man new (?) theory...(possible spoilers)

    Exactly. Bran's encounter with the Liddle seems somewhat random if that is the only time we are to come across the character. Combine that with the initial description of six 'young and pretty' girls that later turn into 5 'young and pretty' girls and Mance's 'old mother'. Compared with some of the other Hooded Man theories, I like entertaining this one more...
  5. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    Definitely not evil. He clearly has a trace of his uncle Brandon's personality, which might make him more hot headed, but I can't see him being the type to take pleasure in hurting people the way Joff and Ramsey do. He will, however, be a Stark Lord fit for winter, the kind the North needs for the times in which he'll live - tough and uncompromising, a hark back to the old Kings of Winter...
  6. If that's the case, I wonder what happens when the TV series catches up with the books. Maybe that motivates GRRM to finish the novels in a more timely manner (without sacrificing quality). Let's not forget the extra pressure to meet deadlines now - more popularity in the series = more money on the line = far greater expectations...
  7. Want to have an avatar/user pic? Read this thread.

    argh. Using Gravatar, but when i save changes, nothing happens...
  8. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Agreed. The Bolton's have been on borrowed time for quite a while. Plus, given the fact that they only inspire loyalty through fear, most, if not all of their bannermen will jump ship the second they get an opportunity...