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  1. I found a pitfall where I started detecting some subtle skepticism from my therapist on gender identity issues and it made me put a wall up to prevent meaningful sharing about anything else. In other words, maybe "fine with it" isn't enough- I need them to "get it".
  2. I would go back to cull chimp-related hominids and give advantages to bonobo-related hominids. Then our modern societies would all be matriarchal sex-communes.
  3. @Robin Of House Hill- Thank you. Of course you're right. The mind/body interface just ratchets up some days and doesn't make it feel like a choice, more like an inevitability. But not looking forward to a train-wreck at home or at work... Thank you honey. I know when I start losing my sense of humor about things I'm not in a good place. You and other great people on the board have been a lifeline. xoxo
  4. It's definitely me that's holding me back. I mean if/when I transition it will mean a divorce, I don't really care what the rest of my family thinks now that my mom has passed. I am the obstacle.
  5. Yes, my smile has been compared to the Mona Lisa...
  6. Look for a soy milk that is B-12 fortified if you can't get around to buying/taking B-12 supplements. And pumpkin seeds have a decent amount of iron...
  7. "...other queer people who like Blade Runner" I hope you're not relaxing your standards...
  8. I say restrict ammo. Unlimited ammo at gun clubs / firing ranges but it has to be used there. A certain number of bullets for designated hunting firearms allowed per hunting season. Then a reasonable amount for home defense (how many bullets should be used in a home defense situation? 6? 20?)
  9. More important than a solar ├ęclair, but not much. If Qartheen dresses leave one breast uncovered, do Qartheen pants for men display one scrotal lobe?
  10. What do you mean you're the captain now? You didn't go to captain school!
  11. I'm sure there's a name for this fetish, but I'm not going to google it.
  12. I was trying to side-step suggesting that religion was a better cure than psychiatry. Enchantment to me can include a sense of excitement or a feeling that even if one is deluding oneself in creating a positive aura around something, it's ok. Still reading Moore's Jerusalem right now- seems pretty clear that he believes in predestination. Overall I'd take Jodorowsky as my oracle over Moore, as the latter is a bit more pessimistic.
  13. Don't worry Coraline! So sharp you won't feel a thing...
  14. sarcophagus
  15. No joke I think we do suffer from a yearning for magic. Or the world loses its magic when you're depressed. Enchantments > diagnoses