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  1. Annulment does not mean the children of the marriage become bastards, at least according to the Catholic Church (obviously not sure 7-worship follows the same rule).
  2. You make some good points, but I'll limit my response to the emotional connection to a vehicle for now- I think a lot of that emotional connection comes from the car being an extension of individualism, and driving as a limited form of personal expression or at least self-assertion. Actually driving is a difference in kind from passively riding in an encapsulated node of a synchronous flow of human delivery. I mean who is going to be watching the road? Being in the "car" will just be an extended work or leisure period. I mean I'm sure people will want to own fancy camper or sleeper analogues, but I think autonomous cars will be the end of cars as we know them. Obviously there will still be rich people who want to impress people with their vehicles, and manual driving/racing will still be a popular hobby, but the thrill and romance of the open road...gone. And the next generation won't miss it.
  3. Hmm, maybe you're referring to Lithium being the third element to appear after the Big Bang?
  4. The drawbacks of electric cars will be somewhat mitigated by most people not actually owning cars, just relying on a network of autonomous vehicles to be used as needed. Then part of the fleet can be charging while part of the fleet is driving. When the roads are set aside for 100% autonomous and collisions virtually non-existent, the vehicles can be made out of lighter materials that will make them more energy efficient, and the seating lay-outs could be more flexible, miniature social environments or sleeping compartments.
  5. For me it's supportive to know that for most of human history medical transition was impossible, so those of us who don't (or currently don't think they will) undergo such procedures are in good company. I imagine binding to be somewhat comparable to tucking which is also somewhat uncomfortable- the result somewhat more pleasing to the eye than it is as a sensation. It's trading the psychic discomfort of dysphoria for the physical discomfort of binding/tucking, but the latter also seems to heighten awareness of something being there that you don't really want. But...for me sometimes I'm totally ok with maleness, to the point where I think that I must be imagining my femaleness or caught up in a delusional complex...until it comes back again. So the reality of being bigender/genderfluid is that transition wouldn't resolve it and aids to temporary ways of seeming to the self and to the world are legitimate. So get your binder and I'll go gaff shopping so I can look right in yoga pants!
  6. Or conversely, LeBron to San Antonio...
  7. I'm sure the actresses are making empowered decisions. Not sure it's their agency I'll be admiring when I watch the movie, but...anyway, recommendation accepted thankfully.
  8. Don't believe them, lonely 47-year-old white male. They are all bots.
  9. Looks...inspiring. I'll restrain myself from saying anything that might be construed as objectifying on this thread...
  10. I'm probably most plausible as a low-femme, preppy basic bitch, maybe with some ex-jock in there given the height. Is this the right time for me to note my increased attraction to ladies with a soft-butch look? Like Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieber?
  11. I'm not fully buying this. She may be bigoted like her friend, she may be doing it as a survival strategy (going to this length seems quite paranoid, though.) Hateful speech is always wrong (if it's anti-gay speech, for example it could lead a closeted co-worker to self-harm, I probably don't have to explain that here) There's got to be another way to navigate her workplace. I don't think we can let stand the dynamic "I can do bad thing x because not doing bad thing x could lead to my being outed".
  12. Absolutely
  13. I think transition means unblocking the true self while creating a new persona that is more closely aligned with the true self. But there is still a gap, unless you're some kind of fully enlightened being that lives in truth with every word and breath.
  14. I'd say the only people that have no discrepancy are extreme extroverts who identify completely with the persona or public self and are constantly surrounding themselves with people (i.e., "don't know how to be alone") and extreme introverts who are basically shut-ins and don't have to bother with any performative social graces.
  15. I'm interested in the phenomenon of stereotype partaken of to form a public persona. That is, to help signify what I am to the outer world, I will use the world's language to shape the "outer self". We accept that some gay men try to be "straight-acting" or "masc" to increase the level of respect in society, and I'd say the opposite also occurs- taking on received notions of a more "flaming" gay stereotype (or archetype?) to form a more obviously gay persona. I'm using persona here to mean a public self as opposed to the "true" self or subjectively understood self. I think that the language around "closeted" and "out" is a little bit simplistic, because there will always be a disparity between the true self and the persona, even after "coming out".