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  1. I think Varys has a hand in the downfall of Ned Stark

    This does make sense!!
  2. How would you rate episode 301?

    Actually didn't like it, I am beginning to thing that making the book a show was a mistake, too many characters and plots to ever be a well told story, there was no arya, bran, jaime, briene, varys, greyjoy in the episode at all and only jon dany tyrion did anything significant, the harenhal scene made no sense, god if i hadn't read the books i don;t know how i could watch the show
  3. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    This is the ending I wish for, only as the King in the North!!!!!!!!! Rickon is a compleate bad ass
  4. Population of Westeros

    6 million
  5. Most desirable city/region to live in Westeros and Essos

    I'd have a summer home in Winterfel just because I love the starks, the sense of security, the hardy northern atmoshphere, culture and climate and the central heating. then I would have a summer home in vase dothrak so I could chill with my dothraki buddies, drink and sleep
  6. Most desirable city/region to live in Westeros and Essos

  7. What region suffered the most in the war?

    The Vale were the most effected, they had to endure the Rule of Lysa Aryn.... who dare dispute this??????????