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  1. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I can't quite recall the Normandy ever even having a bathroom. So I guess the Tempest is a step up from crew members just taking a dump on the floor, wherever they please. (Or maybe I'm just not recalling correctly)
  2. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Actually, my question was rhetorical. I was suggesting it was a question people should ask themselves when deciding which to keep. With the answer being, if you aren't going to be spending the candy/stardust to power up the higher IV/lower CP pokemon, then keep the higher CP one and turn the other into candy. Level 30 here. (I hit level 29 a good 4-5 months ago but no longer play anywhere near as much as I used to)
  3. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    But your logic here is reversed. Your saying the CP is only a little better, but the IV might be much, much better. So that 'mon is a much better one. But, from my understanding, the IV isn't the stat that matters. The CP is the actual strength of the Pokemon. The IV just is an indicator of how high the CP can possibly get. So, I'd reverse your statement and say, even though the IV might be as much as 77% better, the CP only ends up being 6% better. So, who gives a toss? Especially if we're talking about say... a 90% IV with 200 CP, versus a 60% with 800CP. Yes... the 90% one would end up with marginally better CP if and only if you spend the dust/candies to evolve power them up to the same level. But, are people really going to? Especially, for such a marginal increase in strength? If the answer is yes, then it would be worth it (eventually - it might take a long time to get the needed candies, meaning the 'mon is weaker for a long time). If people simply can't be bothered with all the effort for a marginal improvement, then stick with the higher CP.
  4. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    Ah yeah - I must have missed your last sentence and skipped right to answering. But anyway... my advice still holds for your son and niece.
  5. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    Yeah - I've seen the animated film once and that was many years ago. So my recollection of it isn't very strong. But, for whatever it's worth - I'd suggest watching the live action movie first, without any of the pre-conceptions of what it should be. I think you'll possibly be more likely to enjoy the film in it's own right doing it that way. And then watch the animated film, which may or may not be lots better, but should at least be interesting to compare/contrast. But this is all pure speculation on how the movie may turn out. For all I know, it could be an incredible adaptation and you'd enjoy it all the more from seeing the original first. (I just don't have a whole lot of faith in Hollywood ever producing an "incredible adaptation" of anything. I think they have more chance of them producing something that might be enjoyable in its own right, which people might appreciate less when comparing to the original)
  6. Humans (Channel 4/AMC)

    They are very different. In some ways Westworld is better. In others Humans is. Westworld: The mystery and revelations. The big moments. (Some of the acting is phenomenal too - not that there's anything wrong with the acting in Humans) Humans: Characters we genuinely care about - both human and synthetic, Oh... and Gemma Chan (apologies for being so very superficial )
  7. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    I am considering trying that and seeing if I can get something that looks half-way decent. I thought the default models were supposed to be better than anything people could create themselves, though (the giant bomb crew mentioned something like that with regards to male Shep just the other day). But I fully accept that may not be accurate. And let's face it... you'd probably be hard-pressed to create something worse than the default fem-Ryder.
  8. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    In that case, my opinion of him just increased a little. I'll watch. And I'm hopeful I'll enjoy it well enough. I figure, at worst it will be some fun, mindless comic book entertainment. And as long as it's not outright bad or boring, I'm ok with that.
  9. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    I played male Shepherd all through ME. And I'm not really one to replay games much - too many other games to play and too little time. I was considering playing female Ryder this time. But after seeing those videos - Male Ryder it is. There's no way I'm looking at that for 50 hours. And her name makes it even worse. Every time some-one said her name, I'd be thinking "No fucking way - I aint touching it. You ride 'er!!!"
  10. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    I really enjoyed DA:I. One thing that didn't quite appeal to me was the whole map mechanic and having the word divided up into discrete little areas/zones. It didn't really feel like one game world. But it seems to me that this mechanic will be eminently suitable to to a space exploration game such as Mass Effect. So I'm hoping it will feel less contrived and more natural there.
  11. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

  12. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Ah - I had SEGA in my younger days. Never a NES?SNES. That explains it, then. And I'm obviously biased in having learned the configuration from XBox. But it seems clear that the reason the XBox swapped the buttons is due to the inclusion of the thumbstick below the buttons. It means your thumb has less distance to travel from the thumbstick to the main button. I think I recall hearing that in Japan the circle (right) button on the Playstation controller is the main button, with the X button as the concel. And it's reversed in the West.
  13. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

  14. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Apparently the Japanese usually have the right button as the main activate/ok button and the bottom one as cancel. So they've switched A and B around (compared to the XBox controller). But with the off-set thumbsticks, it doesn't really make sense to have it that way - as your main button isn't the closest one to the right thumbstick, where your thumb is frequently resting. And then, just for the hell of it, they decided to swap X and Y as well. I got used to the A and B swap pretty quickly, as you're doing it constantly. But my brain has it ingrained that it's "X" to use the paraglider (and when you're falling, it even has a prompt pop up telling you to hit X). On numerous occasions now, I've been falling and hit what my brain thinks is the "X" button - only to hit Y and plummet to my death. I just have to get it into my head that it's Y to paraglide.
  15. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    I've never really been into mobile gaming - had a 3DS that got very little use. But with a child on the way soon, I figure I'll be losing access to the tv a lot in the next few years. So being able to play on the screen when my TV is on "Dora The Explorer" will be handy - and then when the kids are in bed, I can then connect it to the TV. Also, even now my wife likes to go to bed early sometimes. So I'll be able to take the Switch to the bedroom and join her. I did that a bit on the weekend, actually. It really is seamless how you can be playing on the TV and just pull the Switch from its dock and keep right on playing on the screen instantly. I agree that it's not quite as comfortable to hold while playing on screen. On the TV with a pro controller is definitely my preferred way to play. But on screen is perfectly serviceable. Now someone just needs to convince Nintendo to layout the damn buttons in the correct configuration.