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  1. That's a hard one, Liff. I think you need to be straight with her - otherwise, yeah you are (unintentionally) leading her on a bit. She probably has no idea where she stands with you right now. I think you need to tell her "hey... I really think you're great and really like being your friend. But I think I owe it to you to let you know that I'm just not looking for a relationship right now because... XYZ. Not to mention the fact that we're work colleagues." She may take it ok and be fine with just being friends/friendly. Or she may get annoyed/upset/embarrassed. But I think it would be worse for her in the long run to just be kept in the dark as to where she stands with you. So maybe there's no really good outcome here - just the least worst one.
  2. I'm thinking this will likely be the answer. And it might explain why she is called "Michael" - the Vulcans that raised her gave her what they knew to be a human name, without realising it's a boys names. (Perhaps Vulcans don't have any concept of gender specific names?)
  3. Wait... what? What sort of person would advocate a version of Aztec Challenge without the music? I suddenly don't believe your brother is quite so smart after all. I think you need to have serious words with him.
  4. Going solely of my recollection from 25 years ago... wasn't the big reveal of "Who killed Laura Palmer" some time before the end of season 2? Say half way to 3/4 of the way through the season? I'd have thought anyone watching it now may wish to watch that episode too (unfortunately, I have no idea which actual episode it is). And the question is somewhat pertinent to me as well. My wife had never seen the show originally, so I started doing a rewatch with her a month or so ago, in preparation for the new show. We got through the fist season and her interest predictably waned early in the second. We're sort of planning to try and pick it up again and plough through the rest of season two, though, But I'm no sure how successful we'll be. (Hearing such positive comments here re the new continuation is giving us extra motivation to do so). Okay... my google-fu tells me that the killer is revealed in episode of season 2. So people might be well served to watch at least that episode, or to watch all the season 2 episodes up to that point (and maybe one or two after to see the immediate aftermath). Then maybe they can skip ahead to the final episode. Edit: Oops... scratch that. Reading more, apparently the killer is "revealed" in episode and "umasked" in episode
  5. To be fair, the show states the exact opposite. He says that her reaction made him take a good hard look at himself and he didn't like what he saw. He wasn't just changing because it made her unhappy. Now whether you believe that was his real motivation or not is a whole different question. (Personally, I accept it on face value as the truth - as it aligns with what we've seen of his personality throughout the entire show. But I certainly acknowledge that I could be wrong there.)
  6. I was basically in agreement with you, red. But I had to reevaluate a little in the fight scene towards the end of the season where a different person was taking action every half second or so. When bingeing, the episodes tend to run together and I was struggling to recall who was even the one actually physically present for the fight - but I think it might have been Wolfgang when facing off against the other cluster. He, Sun and Will were all present in the fight from moment to moment. I see that as being very different from a guest sensate being in total control, while the host sits back and observes. If each member of the group was in complete control for the fraction of time they were shown, it would be impossible to co-ordinate their actions effectively. So, in this case at least, it had me wondering if Wolfgang was the one doing all the actual fighting while drawing on the knowledge and abilities of Sun and Will. Or possibly, it could be viewed as more of a shared consciousness type of thing, where the Wolfie-Will-Sun triumvirate was in joint control at all times and different parts were surfacing from instant to instant.Regardless, I think it goes beyond Wolfgang being just a spectator for those fractions of seconds.
  7. And her martial arts teacher. (I was almost going to say "sensei", before realising that wouldn't be the correct term, as it's a Japanese one. Or does she actually refer to him as such? Perhaps Korean martial arts schools have adopted the term - just as Western ones do)
  8. Well, I'm 95 hours in and I'm around half way through the year (mid September). But I don't know if the game will last for the full year or if there might be a time jump at some stage.
  9. If it makes you feel any better - trying to balance everything you want/need to do only gets a lot worse. Balancing everything you want to do is really at the core of the game. From trying to get the most from your SP and getting as far as possible in a dungeon in a single day - to trading off between spending time with confidants, raising stats and earning money.
  10. I haven't really found a need to grind out levels much. I recall the encounter you mention. And that does happen on a couple of occasions - meeting a single, significantly higher enemy. You might not beat him first time up - but through every different type of attack at him and learn what he's weak to. Then come back (healed up and with sufficient SP) and you should be able to spam effective attacks from the start, rather than burn turns on learning what works. And you can use characters with no effective attacks to heal/buff/debuff. So yeah - treat the first attempt as a practice run. You should be able to win second time round.
  11. I had seen mention of Valentine's Day in P5. So I figured it must pretty much go to the end of the 12 month period. But it's highly possible it skips chunks of time down the track. I guess I'll find out in due course.
  12. Yeah, the difficulty increases and the boss fights can be fairly challenging. But you're right - the game as very much about learning each enemy's weakness and exploiting it to the fullest. As you're finding, managing your SP to get as far as possible before it runs out is key (at least until you gain ways to mitigate lost SP).
  13. I'm new to the Persona series myself. But I'm around 65-70 hours in and have finished the third dungeon. (This game looks to be massive, btw. I estimate I'm a quarter to a third through the game. It's still earlyish in July). But, from what I've read and started to experience - the only real downside of waiting is your team-mates will be constantly pressing you to complete it and won't really want to be spending much time socialising. If you finish the dungeon ASAP, they will be continually asking you to hang out, giving you the opportunity to develop your relationship with them. The first dungeon, I did the same as you and left it quite late. The second, I moved at a moderate pace - advancing it in chunks throughout the time limit. The third one, I followed the advice I'd read and completed the three necessary steps in 4 days. That gave me stacks of time afterwards to work on relationships and stats. But no - there is zero impact on subsequent events/time limits, from what I can see. it seems the game lasts 365 days and is very regimented as to what happens when. And you can do literally nothing to change that in anyway. You can even check your calendar months in advance to see when school exams are scheduled etc. And the blank areas in between are clearly where dungeon infiltrations will slot into.
  14. Just the way Thor said "he's a friend from work" - I'm choosing to believe Hulk worked in the same office as Thor and Daryl for a bit before heading to space.