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  1. What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?

    Where could The Blackfish be going? The Wall? I can't see him going to The Vale if he knows Littlefinger is the ruler. If he knows about The Will he will be looking for Lord Snow
  2. What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?

    The Blackfish was just bullshitting Jaime. The whole time he was planning his escape. If he recieved Jon's letter then he would know that Jon was not in league with the Lannisters by accepting Stannis at the Wall.
  3. Stannis humor

    What about the one where he asked his wife and her uncle if they were trained to be ravens? Seriously I can't see how people hate this guy, he has me in tears. I'd rather see Stannis talk with Tyrion then Tywin. Tywin has no humor.
  4. Introductions

    Hi, I am new. Couldn't think of a username. I am almost finished with A Feast for Crows and expecting to be posting a bit more after I finished A Dance with Dragons. Should finish before winter comes.