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  1. Dawn Age added a post in a topic Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Made by Characters   

    1. Robb and Blackfish not being more specific about telling Edmure to hold Rivverun and not go and attack Tywin Lannister.
    2. Renly crowing himself. Fucked everything up.
    3. Ned telling Cersei his plans
    4. Robert making Jon Arryn hand of the King. The hook up with Cersei alone proves he is the worse Hand ever.
    5. Rhaegar taking Lyanna away, starting this mess in the first place.
  2. Dawn Age added a post in a topic What would you like to see in TWOW?   

    Mance escaping from his cage and slaying Roose Bolton.
    Stannis being reinforced by Tormund's wildlings and march on to Winterfell
    Victarion arriving in Mereen to turn the tide.
    Barristan slays Daario
    Dany makes an unlikely alliance with the Ironborn.
    Tyrion meets Dany for the first time.
    Aegon makes himself known to all of Westeroes after taking Storm's End
    Dany lands in Westeroes
    The Twins burn.
    Davos brings Rickon to Winterfell now in the hands of Stannis

    Also I hope the Manderly men will jump the Freys on the way to march against Stannis and join him to take Winerfell. Ramsay would just head to the Wall
  3. Dawn Age added a post in a topic how many seasons will GoT go on for?   

    Davos is going to be the sole surviving character in the series.
  4. Dawn Age added a post in a topic 5 Things Which Will Happen in WOW   

    1. Tormund and his Wildlings will join forces with Stannis in mutual determination to destroy the Boltons (Stannis for Winterfell, Wildlings for Mance)

    2. Sansa will have control of the Vale

    3. Aegon will take Kings Landing

    4. Arya kills someone (vague)

    5. Dany will win the battle in Mereen with help of the Khalasar and Victarion Greyjoy.
  5. Dawn Age added a post in a topic Will the Greatjon ever make it out of the Frey dungeon?   

    GRRM tends to kill off the coolest characters. So I think he's dead
  6. Dawn Age added a post in a topic How would Drogo manage a fight with Westeros knights?   

    The advantages the Plains Indians had was they were fighting on their own land. If Robert Baratheon managed to hall ass across Essos to the Dothraki Sea then he would be screwed. The Dothraki never knew Westeros. The Reach seems likely to get burned the most, the Stormlands and Dorne would be all right. All they have to do is close the gates to Kings Landing. The Vale, forget about it, too many mountains, same with The Westerlands. The Riverlands can be easily defended, the Neck is swampy and a death trap thanks to disease, huge freaking lizards and Cranngomen. Then they'd have to get passed Moat Cailin. By then Winter will hit and they will freeze in their leather vests.

    Oh not to mention the Ironborn. They can attack Dothraki hordes and get away by ship before they can hit back.
  7. Dawn Age added a post in a topic The Gold Company - Best Fighting Unit in the World?   

    Weren't the Golden Company defeated in The War of Nine Penny Kings? Hell I wouldn't be surprised if they recruited Brynden Tully. They could use a man like him.

    The Golden Company is probably well versed in tactics having been among Westerosi style warfar, Dothraki, Unsullied, Sellswords and Old Ghis. They would know how to defeat every one of them.
  8. Dawn Age added a post in a topic The Gold Company - Best Fighting Unit in the World?   

    Unsullied have proven how effective they are against Dothraki attacks but they would lose 90%. It doesn't mean no army can face Dothraki without dire consequences, it must means Unsullied are only good at following orders. Defend the city. They did, even if it meant death. Westerosi commanders and the GC would have found better ways to defeat Dothraki.
  9. Dawn Age added a post in a topic What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?   

    Where could The Blackfish be going? The Wall? I can't see him going to The Vale if he knows Littlefinger is the ruler. If he knows about The Will he will be looking for Lord Snow
  10. Dawn Age added a post in a topic Why Jaime?How did Stannis and Ned know?   

    All Stannis and Ned have to do is check out all of Robert's bastards and their mothers and see how they all had black hair even if their mothers were blond. To have 15 kids with black hair except three "trueborn" blondes. It was convincing enough for Ned, Stannis and Jon Arryn.
  11. Dawn Age added a post in a topic How would Drogo manage a fight with Westeros knights?   

    You can't make clear analogies with Dothraki and Nomads of the Steppe such as Mongols. The Mongols wore armor. In fact their armor was very effective. They wore armor of leather with silk shirts underneathe, arrows would have no effect on them because they'd get slowed by the impact of leather and twisted in a bundle in the shirts, acting like kevlar. The Mongols did not carry blades like the Dothraki which could be curved or straight. They could cut through leather armor easily. But the Dothraki arkah is absolutly useless against plate/mail armor. It is a slashing weapon. They can cut down pleasants, sellswords but a knight can slay dozens of them before he gets knocked on his back. They may be horse lords like the Steppe People such as Huns, Mongols, Turks, ect but they are very different.

    Their bows are a different story. Drogo could be easily slain by Jaime or even Ser Barristan. The Westerosi knight is a killing maching and while they engage their foe they watch for weakneses, let them give a few blows to their sword or sheild, see what they are made of, then deliver the kill. Drogo would be dead no matter how many khals he has slain. Also he is no commander like Tywin, Ned or Stannis.
  12. Dawn Age added a post in a topic The Battle - Question of Numbers   

    Tywin was hoping that Robb would meet him at the Green Fork. He thought that Robb would fall for his ploy because it was his first time in war. Instead he ended up facing Roose Bolton who did not fall for the trap and Robb destroyed Jaime's army because ironically he did what Tywin hoped Robb would have done at Green Fork.
  13. Dawn Age added a post in a topic What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?   

    The Blackfish was just bullshitting Jaime. The whole time he was planning his escape. If he recieved Jon's letter then he would know that Jon was not in league with the Lannisters by accepting Stannis at the Wall.
  14. Dawn Age added a post in a topic Why do posters say Robb declared independence?   

    I think the Greatjon demostrated the opportunity the Northern Lords have been waiting since the last dragon died. The Starks kept the peace since then and since the rebellion Ned and Robert's friendship held the North and South together. The Lannisters thought getting rid of the Starks would keep their hold of the North now that Robb is gone. But it didn't. The Boltons only have partial control and they have been losing numbers to King Stannis. Without the fake Stark girl their position got weaker. They probably should have offered peace to Robb when they still had the chance to concentate on fighting Stannis. They were able to kill Robb but their greatest threat all along was Stannis.

  15. Dawn Age added a post in a topic Possible way for Ser Robert Strong to be defeated   

    I wonder who the Faith will summon for their champion.