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  1. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    did someone say spamsmoot... well i am ready to throw my support to an absentee blackbear...but lets see what's happenin' i have considered seeking higher office but i will settle for captain of the spamperial quiddich team... who is willing to buy my vote??? and to bucky who doesn't click on youtube links...
  2. Autumn Evenings and Faceless Dude tragedy

    thank you, Lany for the i sit looking at my beautiful healthy girls i am heart broken for our friends who are enduring a pile on of tragedy... my thoughts are with them all...
  3. Pictionay 2017

    "the uninspired flower thought if only the sun would shine and a light rain would fall."
  4. Acrophilia 15 (Back to the Vintage Version) - ROUND 4

    SwmbO is doing well...i am proud... after all i taught her everything she knows...
  5. Acrophobia 27: Hypotheticals - Signup

    though i had thought to not try to do both acro games at the same time but what the hell... PM in route...
  6. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    as i sit here all broken-hearted...came to shit but only farted....
  7. Pictionay 2017

    i have signed up and put my sentence in...but as i scrolled through old games this one made me laugh til i hurt... give me smut or give me death... a general shout out to our beloved Black Bear for a great favorite...
  8. Pictionay 2017

    well since i can't draw pebbles as a dominatrix or harry potter strutting naked down the path...what fun is there and if a sentence doesn't have some smutty overtones what is the purpose... though i did get some watercolor pencils for christmas...
  9. Acrophobia 26: Bridge the Gap - ROUND 8/9

    Raisin...good job to you and Howlin' for some really interesting entries... thank you Miss Julia for a excellent game...made me work harder...
  10. Board Issues 4

    yes i will...i will use board PM...
  11. Acrophilia 15 (Back to the Vintage Version) - ROUND 4

    you are always sure...your competitive nature is telling my darling niece...
  12. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    ok then... that turned out worse than i expected
  13. Double Parking

    Scot, i can see your point about people taking more than one spot in a limited parking area, like at the courthouse here in our town...that must be a pain in the ass for people who work there or frequent that area regularly. my niece delivers for a living. she drives a full sized pick-up truck and she often will stop in street much like a UPS or FEDex truck and dash to her rack then back in vehicle and really not parking, however she also will block an extra space in certain situations so that she is not blocked by others coming and going in the parking area...for example straight in parking at a gas station can get blocked by people at the pumps so she will park diagonally thus blocking 2 spaces in open parking lots, i tend to park away because i don't want to be squeezed, my truck has suicide rear doors consequently i have to open my front doors fully. In a normal space with cars on both sides it can be i park away and have plenty of room
  14. Acrophobia 26: Bridge the Gap - ROUND 8/9

    which inspired a good movie i remember from my youth...Ten Little Indians ... vote... 1st: #4 2nd: #1 3rd: #2