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  1. i am too tired to get it all straight tonight, so i will not post results etc til tomorrow morning so a few more hours to change answers or submit new clues ...
  2. ok boys and girls as our darling Fragile Bird announced i am home...with a new laptop humming along i am goig to get caught up on pms and collect all your shockingly interesting guesses and clues... and i give apologies for the delay not only did my fishing hole have ZERO WIFI but more importantly one of my nieces has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and is facing a double mastectomy in a few days...i hate fucking cancer...not only has it plagued my it has many of yours kept me from meeting my darling Bird in well as many of the rest of the westerosi clan...however i know i was needed where i was so i stayed...and i know our friends lifted a glass or two to ye old sniffer...and i thank them for i thank all of you for your thoughts now...on with the show
  3. man that sucks a bad way... hang in there...
  4. yes my friend, i guess you were... i wish i had thought of it
  5. oh yeah and to be sure everyone understands that tomorrow around dark EDT i will be heading west to dance sing and drink in KC for worldcon...BWB beware... so any prelims not offered yet need to get in tonight or tomorrow morning as well as any questions you want answered before sunday...i will check in sunday...if i am able... everyone should raise a glass of wine to the sniffer's virgin worldcon will be one for the memory books
  6. i'm still here...for a few hours anyway... i have 2 excuses to use the word first is that i value a bar that caters to regulars over yahoos...that is a pub - a local watering hole that looks after the old farts who come every day for a pint or 7...and second...if i can get a glass of stout on tap...though granted it is cold....and a hot basket of fish and chips... it is a pub all day long...Gabe, i am sure you would agree well as an ass man i can't see the issue with that..... i shall now offer a shallow apology for the chauvinistic quality of that last sentence...
  7. Mellow drama, unleash insane megalomaniac, v. 2

    ok i wanna play but tomorrow i am off to toward KC for world con road trip so i shall have to wait til i return.... if y'all are there look for me at the bar i will be the one drinking both hands...
  8. just a friendly reminder that i shall be leaving home on friday morning,12 aug, and not checking in again til sunday the if you want to submit some prelim guesses try to get them in by thursday so i can respond before i hit the road...
  9. vote first - #7 - this is the best fucking phobe entry ever... second - #4 - straightforward and helpful... just like..."Get your ass to Mars..." third - #1 - again straightforward and completely useful info to ...get 'er done... fourth - #11 - a prophecy based on a theory asserting folklore is real... ok i'll go for it
  10. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    ...just stopping by to lift a leg...and wonder...has anyone heard from King Tyrion i drink a [_]p of earl grey i find myself thinking of him... here's hoping all is well with the King....
  11. The Poster Below: v43

    i once vacationed in Nashville TN...and after a really happening evening I was not only barred from the bar I was at but barred from the entire city... yes the sniffer was barred from the city of Nashville...sometimes the world keeps turning regardless of our desires... tpb will tell us if he/she has ever been barred from a bar...
  12. Be as unhelpful as possible, Ver. 2.1.1

    Onion soup is my favorite... is ghost "the wolf who lives"....and will he defeat Voldemort ...
  13. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    Pebbles is our Queen...and is now off somewhere shock probing some poor pitiful subjects...