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  1. ok also wondering ...who is my round 2 character...did i miss something... i might need an extra day to generate an acceptable clue...
  2. do fair letting your real life interfere with my online fantasy goals... i am submitting a perfect list so with points spent i might break even...
  3. Secret Santa XI - Shipping costs how much?!!

    i am still holding out on my three suspicious my age i have learned patience... my packages will be traveling tomorrow via USPS...i am confident they will arrive next week ... and just a note to the wise beware a sniffer bearing gifts...
  4. Acrophobia 26: Bridge the Gap - ROUND 7 BEGINS!

    vote... 1st - #1 2nd - #8 3rd - #4
  5. i also have spent enough points to come in dead last...ah my goal...
  6. Let's decorate a tree! A holiday-themed game

    no penises...check ... balls are ok ... i assume
  7. Secret Santa XI - Shipping costs how much?!!

    i didn't pm i announced as much on the thread....pming now i guess
  8. hahahahahah yes excellent game everyone...though way too SFW...i was sure my bear and his condom would get us to something really good but like bucky said to got cleaner as it went... Thank you TCat for hosting a good game... and i didn't get to see KoA's phallic symbol...i am sure i would have gotten it...
  9. Secret Santa XI - Shipping costs how much?!!

    well i am resigned to waiting since my nieces, young and old, demand it...and after all the oldest is called She who must be Obeyed... ah well only 23 days left...
  10. Request to the Board

    hopefully you have seen her by now and know she is recovering. my beloved Mother had 4 open heart surgeries and survived and thrived for 91 yrs. and while i am not much for prayer, i shall implore the Force to be with her...and you! well done Ser Scot...this stimulating topic would surely distract me...if i was conscious, but since i can't examine my consciousness would i know
  11. how in the names of the seven hells and all manner of unholy gods did i miss this game ???
  12. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    ...yeah i am cute but i am a bad mutha with this sword...
  13. well you could try pming lady blizzardborn, yomi and a ...and fragile bird is sailing the seven seas but will be home in a couple of days...though she does have limited internet access...try pming her as well
  14. please beloved old games archive i can't find it....or do i have to just look for game threads...
  15. ok i am of the opinion only 2 of these are right...reveal should be one for the ages...