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  1. Tyrion Targaryen?

    everyone around dany has interacted with the dragons on some level and only people burned eaten etc were enemies or kids as prey... and i shall remind everyone what the wiki says as you can see here it might be valyrian might not... tyrion is not a targ...he might have a drop of old valyrian blood somewhere in his line but even if not, it is clear the dragon chooses... and i for one want him to get one
  2. Il Davos doomed?

    i agree with this statement... this often happens for me and normally it isn't in a good way, but cunningham rocks davos and i happily picture him and his timing when i am reading his povs... and whether it will be in the books or not "i'd like some mutton" was a killer line that made me laugh... and i agree he has a good chance of surviving the purge that is coming ascertainly as winter... if any of this happens
  3. Top 3 Best Scenes

    i can not improve on any of these words
  4. Acrophilia #9

    all my stuff is in i think...such as it is
  5. Jon Snow lives???!!??? SPOILER ARE SURE TO FOLLOW

    his body could be preserved in an ice cell but nothing can keep him from becoming a wight...unless he is burned or mel does the dondarrion on him... i am thinking end of epi 2 his eyes open like bran's did...only now they are blue... and honestly why have him know about wargs and accept that he is one and then not have him warg when he gets the opportunity
  6. several good points....and this idea that now dorne is ripe for dany could work for me...i never liked the whole quentyn part of the books anyway...all those pages were a waste for me... it does seem that ellaria is the new arianne, and since i know d&d do shit just because they can... "creatively it worked because it is what we wanted" must be the continuing mantra from here on out... and i completely agree that killing Siddig was a waste of a good actor who could have been interesting to watch...ah well such is life carry on...
  7. Jon Snow lives???!!??? SPOILER ARE SURE TO FOLLOW

    i look forward to seeing if she is really using a glamour spell...and who she really is...could she be one of the characters from before the rebellion... and i also tend to think that since ghost is there, Jon warged even if it was unintentional. we know he understands the concept.
  8. Jon Snow lives???!!??? SPOILER ARE SURE TO FOLLOW

    so now we know the red woman has secrets....and that Jon Snow is still a corpse... ...discuss my friends....
  9. well the sand snakes just blew my mind...what about y'all... will this season redeem last seasons sand snake debacle ...
  10. Discussing Sansa XX: Run, Sansa, run...

    i shall be nice but honestly!!!now brienne saves you
  11. Jon Snow lives???!!??? SPOILER ARE SURE TO FOLLOW

    so did he warg or not???
  12. [Spoilers] Criticize Without Repercussion

    ghost will be free and one with jon...
  13. Jon Snow lives???!!??? SPOILER ARE SURE TO FOLLOW

    ok well here it comes...