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  1. i am certain you are possibly correct...
  2. ...i shall investigate my local beer caves...
  3. ...i am standing by our choice of arya vs val...however we also considered osha who definately hated her southern security and used a cut the throat on one to escape with the stark boys... i supported robb but also thought this clue was slightly too vague to nail down a for sure answer... as to the theme...sorry my dear host...i did not see it for love or money...animals ruled these clues...
  4. i was there but i split to find a liquor store...
  5. and i am waiting to drink it...lets see what it is...
  6. i am watching this game and am standing by as a far it is laughable...
  7. big gratitude to Lany for organizing all the rockin' fun with exceptional skills...glad you are better and thanks to my friend Lady Cat...Q the Cat...i am enjoying everything to its fullest and Pusifer is making working the puzzle a wild ride for sure...and the maps rock...and my own sniffible stones, very cool Thank you very much for also including Karate Princess, that touches my heart
  8. ...gone fishin'


  9. well the raisin theme made me think there was something fishy going on, but it never developed into a solid idea...the first 3 themes made me think of alternate reality and i never moved past it...cheers to everyone for doing so well as i stumbled around in the dark trying to figure out what the hell shadows and raisins had in common shockingly, i had little time to deal with themes since the clues were stomping a mudhole in my butt...i could've used a partner, hell i could have used a group...some of the clues this game were just sadistically hard... to all y'alls abilities to solve these ever more difficult games... and i have discovered that Miss Julia, the host of hosts, would be a hell of a D&D dungeon master...thanks for the most frustrating game i have ever played anytime ...anywhere... now i shall go sniff something...
  10. gotta bet big to win big, my daddy always said... i am still in the hunt for 8th place... watch out Lumpy...
  11. hahahahahahhaha... y'all suck ...ok just kidding but...obviously #9 is osha...
  12. i can testify without fear of contradiction that the white marshmallow-like creation is known hear abouts as divinity...because it is divine food from the gods
  13. ...then suddenly i realized i had not disconnected the power, and ZAP!...
  14. well that was a kick...thanks everyone for letting me join in the fun...i look forward to kicking ass next season...i think i will draft a running back first next time... congrats to the winners
  15. ok Karate Princess loved her anime book...she has been an anime lover for several belt colors...she now is black belt.... she and i send thanks again to our ultra cool secret santa...and i believe i have narrowed it down but i shall sit on it til the reveal