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  1. Who answered from the flames?

    ok just wondered if you knew...i tend to agree that the real origin of the Wall will not be what we expect... perhaps it will determine the outcome of the final battle....
  2. TTTNE CDLXIV - You can't take the sky from me

    i was thinking it needs this music hey Bexie this made me think of Tyrion (KTI), and i am sending good vibes to your Mere... oooo that's bad Helena...just bad... however, it reminds me i gotta get Pusifer nutted soon. the bastard is almost 18 pounds of big head and balls... hey Steve...good to see ya man... i would like to hear about KT as well... been real concerned he was here one morning, jan 2nd or so, like normal next day gone...not one word since that i can find... it is known that plenty of gratuitous boobs and throat slashes improves your health Rhae... i had to get a crown on a tooth i broke in half eating a fried does that sound... Goat...welcome home...i moved in to sniff the rocks while you were gone... i was just asking fragile bird about you last week. i hadn't seen you since the secret santa action and i am strung out on your maps. as a geologist and weakass cartographer i really enjoyed the style and layout. i want one to cover my office wall. they are really well done... and filled with great info to help me win acrophilia on has even noticed the blood stains in the breakroom...
  3. Who answered from the flames?

    FYI... interesting...honestly i need to know who quaithe is before i die so this might work for me... though i really think quaithe is more of a seer than a priestess...i don't think the fire god is anymore important than the lamb god, the horse god, the seven gods or the drowned god....i think she is tapping into the magic awoken when the dragons hatched...throughout the books there are repeated refs to the strengthening of magic spells etc and the objects of magic, like the candles are activated... but if this is quaithe... then joy, i can check one off the bucket list +1...really +101, i fucking love this
  4. Bloodraven's last lesson: Win

    while i like this idea very much...i am inclined to believe he brought bran there because he knew he had to make hodor into hodor or the story would have died in the cripts under winterfell when no one would have been able to open the blocked door... well said...interesting comparison...i made a similar connection by sighting the difference in the pensieve and bran's travels because bran can clearly interact and effect change... i am sure there are many more than the 13 we saw at the christening ... craster has been giving every male child since he founded his keep with his first wives (there are 19 wives when he dies) and he is described in the wiki as being near the end of his life with gray hair turning white. i assume in all those years many sons have gone on to become baby walkers i am wondering how it is that they grow up...or is there a squad of little walker babies ready to get all chucky on everyone i do agree there is more to the whole greenseer situation than bran yet knows and perhaps there are things that are being hidden from him until the time is ripe...
  5. Summer not dead?

    this is a perfect comment...and i completely agree i suspect if we see him he will be a zombie wolf like the zombie horses etc... i believe he might be a thrall but no collar on his neck... and we have seen that a wight can be good...think perhaps he can still help bran when he becomes the new night king if he can warg the dead ...great....but i don't think he will be able to...unless he is the new benevolent night king
  6. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 2

    damn...times running out....
  7. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 2

    first: #3 second: #11 third: #2 fourth: #5...gotta give a nod to asshole...
  8. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    a little coitus, some tasty russians and i'm fine...
  9. Hold the Door!

    even if it wasn't planned by bran to warg young hodor it was necessary since only a stricken young hodor would grow up to be the hodor that holds the door...
  10. Sansa meets Littlefinger

    ah i see what you meant...though i never thought tyrion would do the deed...he loves to screw but the raping asspect reminds him of tysha so no i did not expect him to rape her...
  11. that is what bran was doing, watching family... but bloodraven knew what was going to happen...which is why he says listen to your friend... aside from getting hodor ready to be hodor and able to hold the door...we also see that "walking bran" can not just be heard but also hear the present and act while in a trance...something we have not seen before
  12. Hold the Door!

    because if he doesn't then hodor stays willas and the story ends has occurred (we know since hodor has been hodor since that moment) it will occur... ...i guess Data was right... i completely support this statement
  13. Sansa meets Littlefinger

    ...almost raped by whom? since it was ramsay who did the deed
  14. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    i gave it a 9...losing only one point for the fucked up kingsmoot and two eyed long crow's EYE... but the hodor story and the shock of summer biting the bullet made up for it...and also the confirmation of a theory i have long supported... the children made the original others to fight men ...
  15. (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion - Rant & Tear apart

    i completely agree with this ^ if hodor wasn't hodor he would have lived a normal life and not been the hodor that drug bran more than 1000 leagues to the cave in the firstplace...or the second place depending on your point of view... i was still in shock over summer's murder when i realize hodor was a goner...damn it all to hell