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  1. Answering questions with questions...(V20 perhaps)

    if he intended to say something, then why didn't he...  
  2. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    hey baby it is cold outside...   once there was a dragon and he had firery breath, where is he now...
  3. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    it from American President, mike douglas and martin sheen shooting pool and discussing mike's desire to date annette benning   that shit aught to be worth 30 points...
  4. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    the grass gets you good and high...   can there be no one who smokes in westeros...
  5. What Is The Avatar Above You Thinking ? V. 10

    i'm no can't pee on my head and tell me it's raining...
  6. What Is The Avatar Above You Thinking ? V. 10

    ...who shit on me...
  7. Acrophilia #11: Round One

    agreed for being easy...luckily i know i have one own 
  8. Acrophilia #11: Round One

    clue 4 is missing a letter/word  
  9. Word by Word Story - Volume 45

    proceeded to bake treats for
  10. Acrophobia 21: Talking Animals - Round One Submissions

    sending pm now...
  11. Acrophilia #11: Round One

    hey people if i could do it suffering from a 2 day hangover...anyone can do it... 
  12. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

        ok added NSFW bit but honestly did anyone think it was safe....i drew it after all...    and here is a question for the void...why do i have to comply with the censorship of others when this smiley is available on the emo list  
  13. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    sucking lemons while drinking tequila provides vitamin C...   are tasmanian devils evil or just misunderstood... 
  14. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    fishing relieves stress for all but the fish   why can't crows carry packages like owls...
  15. What Is The Avatar Above You Thinking ? V. 10

    is it just me or does the lighting in here really suck....