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  1. well i have decided that my earlier excitement was premature, i have now discovered that picking while drinking and blazing is better than doing research and listening to talking heads...i shall now return to my original plan to close my eyes and throw darts at a list on the wall...
  2. what unplanned fuckery is this... three games ending in a shut am i supposed to beat @Pony Queen Jace with all my dudes standing around wondering what game they are playing
  3. ah well i failed ...again... to start strong then fall into the abyss... this 5 day hangover i have suffered under did more to aid my goal than my weak ass performance... cheers to winners and losers alike special and to jez who has earned her stripes good job Brother Gabe, a truly dolorous-worthy game... i shall now sail back to lys to rediscover my physical and mental strength...
  4. @Ser Not Appearing...if i beat you because you jerked off and missed deadline, i shall be forced to insult you
  5. i know mine is right but the rest...who knows obviously i am destined to get my wish and come in dead last
  6. i think you are evil too, oh dolorous one...but i still hate your stinking guts.... sleep...jezzie...sleep... then wake up and pm me the theme!
  7. i am creeping up on y'all and intend to win a week before it is over....perhaps this week...i got the jets and 14 confidence pts...anyone else got a hair on their ass...???...
  8. i fact more than one... i knew i would use this sentence...but it was luck i got to draw it too... while my mind was in the gutter, i did not draw the sex crazed elephant, i described the drawing before as an orgy and the next of kent... went there...
  9. well my dear you are reasonably correct...the original phrase is in like Flynn...for Errol Flynn...out of curiosity i looked it up and here is what i found...who knew however i use in like flint, because the flint films are two of my favorites beginning with our man flint, followed by in like flint
  10. ...perhaps i have no eyes...or perhaps they are too beautiful for the likes of you...
  11. well well, it seems y'alls first rate RB and WR and QB are dropping like second tier oldsters are looking pretty good now...
  12. i said it and i meant it...and a little hair never put me off... and i agree with Ser N/A clue making is the joy, clue solving is the brain burner...
  13. ok my sentence is in... ...and i shall abstain from the previous discussion on the grounds i am unqualified to have an opinion
  14. promise me ned, you won't end up dead, lacking a head, without knowing Fred ...Jon...yes Jon is better...
  15. C'mon chitown i need a win...stop holdin them bastards