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  1. greetings's hoping all is well in the spamlands... Hey are back great to see you! zumba...
  2. The night
  3. well friends...i have not been a regular poster in the entertainment forum but have been lurking for yrs...and this show has drug me out of the shadows...but i needed to watch the whole season because i have limited will power against spoilers... i agree with most of the 306 posts i just read...and i need to tell this story...i got the book as a secret santa gift from @Fragile Bird christmas 2015...i also got 15 dogs and the hedge knight i read those two first during spring of 2016and when i started AG i did not get sucked in those first few pages so i put it down and got wrapped up in US election...earlier this yr i saw trailer for starz production and decided i should read it i did, and man oh man did it get going after first few pages and never stopped for me...and neither did the show... i am not one who follows directors or producers much so did not realize Hannibal and AG were done by same that i know i guess i do see it, but i dug show anyway... i am sorry that i waited til now because some of these comments have made me ready to sit down tomorrow and rewatch series...and re-read book...i am sure then i will have enlightened comments like y'alls to share... but gotta say the thread reads well...cheers to those i know on the board, those i know on facebook, and those i wish i knew better Gabe, my Brother, you need to read this...i wasn't too gung ho in the beginning but got on board when i knew it was coming and ...i liked it...i think you will too i agree it was my favorite 'coming to america' bit
  4. daario leftovers...this game i haven't had many...really i hardly ever do Vaunted inamorato has amazingly roguish machismo...adventurous, devilish attitude...romantic. Vaunted inamorato has alluring, risque machismo...audacious...devilish...amazing rascal. Visualize - I'm handy, attentive, rarely modest, always devoted and resolute! Vaunted inamorato has alluring, risque machismo...audacious...devilish...amazing rascal. Visualize - I'm handy, attentive, rarely modest, always devoted and resolute! dany leftovers Coronation invitation, travel, regal opportunities mount for amorato. Classic, invincible, Targaryen Royal - overseas made famous, amorously. Consider intimate, titillating, raging orgasms managed from aloft. - also a favorite Comely, impassioned, teen-aged Royal offers marriage for alliance. Cosmopolitan intercourse technician regally offers merriment from astride. - this was my personal favorite
  5. come on guys get a room why don'tcha. .
  6. i smell a bonus... <sniff>
  7. well you know me, hard to be anything else...
  8. oops
  9. blush...i find that difficult to believe... but i am curious...did it have a swing set and a bear?
  10. well we woke up and had breakfast together and then she went to cheer practice and to her internship at her karate every other morning...she told me thanks for listening...i said always...and that was it... thanks, was hoping you would see this, Karaddin. i have so much respect for you and value your opinion. since you know me on FB you know i worship her and was touched that she felt safe enough to share this...i explained that this information is her own and the timetable is all her choice...i just was surprised she told me and not Number One Niece... yes of course, that makes sense, thank you WF. i told her i would answer any question i could and would help her find answers i didn't have, same as i have done with every other question she has ever asked me...
  11. something else fun... and a little coldplay
  12. and here is another i think is good...
  13. yes i heard it that way too, but i figure i am not on the party voter data is in my county only so they gotta hack richland county sc to get least this is my hope
  14. this is my favourite...though i do not know if it is fan generated...
  15. luckily i am an independent so i am guessing my info is safe but so help me this should get republicans on board to stop these kind of intrusions... but i ain't holding my breath....