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  1. Literally came here to say exactly this
  2. At least Randyll gave him a choice. I'm not defending it by any means but when compared to the other items on your list and in this thread, i don't think it fits in.
  3. im dead
  4. Book Euron is a little too...high fantasy for me. He also feels like a plot device. It's hard to say without TWoW out but at this point his presence in the story only seems relevant as far as getting Dany and Co. to Westeros. He's my least favorite Greyjoy and not just because he's a sadistic jerk. He's uninteresting to me.
  5. Depends on who you ask Personally I would say yes BUT it hasn't technically been confirmed yet so there are still other theories floating around and its hard to completely rule out some kind of plot twist from George, knowing his signature style.
  6. To me, the iron born have always conjured the image of the youngest child in large family acting out for attention. The rest of the realm are their older siblings.
  7. Hi everyone, Anyone here planning to do Con of Thrones in Dallas, memorial day weekend 2018?
  8. I love him as a character as well, his development is so fluid and well done. I suppose when the next book comes out we will know whether Jaime gets a chance at redemption (fingers crossed for a yes) One of my favorite lines of his, not in the books i don't think but in season 1 of the HBO series, when Robert asks him if Aerys had any last words before Jaime betrayed him, and Jaime responds (every so cooly, as only he can) "He said the same thing he'd been saying all day...'burn them all'". For me, that line sums up a large portion of who he is as a character. I was very happy when we got him as a POV in the books.
  9. "The mad King did as he liked....has your uncle Jaime ever told you what happened to him?"

  10. I believe Lady Stoneheart can be swayed to pardon Jaime Lannister. I hope Brienne isn't going to kill him, their friendship is definitely one of my favorites in the series.