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  1. High Valyrian

    Apologies, the forum software doesn't allow macrons, so the HV transcription doesn't show the long vowels. But here's a sentence in High Valyrian with a whole bunch of verbs in the imperative mood (not that the -is ending is definitely imperative mood, but the pattern seems to be the same). Dovaogedys! Aeksia ossenatas, menti ossenatas, qiloni pilos lue vale tolvie ossenatas, yn riñe dore odrikatas. Urnet luo buzdaro tolvio belma pryjatas! “Unsullied! Slay the masters, slay the soldiers, slay every man who holds a whip, but harm no child. Strike the chains off every slave you see!” ossenatas - kill! (imperative 2p pl) odrikatas - harm! (imperative 2p pl, but here it's in the negative "dore odrikatas", as in "don't kill") pryjatas - strike! (imperative 2p pl) Or this one: Dovaogedys! Naejot memebatas! Kelitis! “Unsullied! Forward march! Halt!” kelitis = Halt! (same ending as morghulis, dohaeris etc) membatas = March! There might be some difference in the conjugation with different verb classes (as in real world Romance languages such as e.g. -er/-ir/-re in French).
  2. High Valyrian

    Are you kidding? David J. Peterson has created an incredibly extensive, naturalistic and deep grammar and syntax. You need to go and actually read the analyses on his and the Mad Latinist's blogs before you start talking on here. Morghulis and dohaeris aren't nouns. They're the conjugated verbs in this sentence - and the ending -is on verbs in High Valyrian means "must". The noun is valar, which means "all men". Those sentences are 100% regular grammatically with the rest of the language he has created. Valar urnebis.
  3. Dotrakhi is Turkish

    I think this discussion is going in circles, but anyway... For the record, GRRM said in an interview that Dothraki are based partly on the Mongols, but also on other Central Asians, and also on native American peoples such as the Arapaho. They are not any single real world group.
  4. Requests

    That's great news if true! Do you have confirmation of it, a link or something?
  5. High Valyrian

    The conlanger who created Dothraki is reportedly "very busy in preparation for season 3." That could mean that he's just busy writing more Dothraki lines, BUT I live in hope that it means he's busy creating Valyrian! There wouldn't be very much Dothraki in the third season would there? Not now that Rakharo and Irri are dead? So maybe some Valyrian and even Ghiscari are on the cards? He's working under fairly strict secrecy rules, as HBO reserve the right to later possibly sell dictionaries etc as a fan merch tie-in (as did Paramount with the Teach Yourself Klingon books).