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    If Stannis is the Night King 2.0... I'll still support him

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  1. For some reason when I heard the story of how he nursed the injured hawk back to health. It turned him from 'who the hell is this guy' into 'I'll give him a try.' Then he just started shooting up my favourite character list.
  2. The Gravedigging Hound - Complete analysis

    I fully believe this. What will he do next though?
  3. Abbreviation translation for n00bs

    how about AtC (Aegon the Conqueror)
  4. Jackanapes at the Wall: A Retrospective

    Well there was that stupid guard that tried to rape Val and got a knife in his throat... And Ser Patrick tried to take on a giant And Wick and Bowen stabbed Jon when surrounded by Wildlings loyal to Jon. That won't work well. There really isn't much brain power left at the wall, is there.
  5. References and Homages

    Very Vague but when reading through the Lord of the Rings companion I ran into a Gondorian usurper called Castamir. Could be a reference to Castamere. (Both got totally obliterated)
  6. Tyrek Lannister

    I think that Tyrek was captured by Varys so after Aegon lands he can kill all the Lannisters ahead of him in succession of the Rock, allowing Aegon to have the finances/troops of the Westerlands when he can reveal Tyrek as heir to the Rock
  7. Did Jon "steal" Val?

    Yes, she believes he stole her, and Jon is somewhat accepting of Val (his description of her 'the most beautiful thing he'd seen in months' for example) but he still has his vows
  8. The secret meaning of "Hodor"

    I did a google translate and even thiough Hodor didn't come up with anything Hoder is a Norwegian word for heads. Heads of the Dragon perhaps
  9. Dragon of Winterfell?

    Dear gods, how could I miss that. It hasn't appeared again yet (nor could I find any unexplained deaths up north) but GMMR might be up to something