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  1. Does it say what happens to Jon?
  2. No, Cersei's only suspected Margaery of being the younger, more beautiful queen.
  3. But the Unsullied were trained to be warriors since infancy, and warriors so good that 3000 of them defeated a khalasar of 50,000 Dothraki. Why no hope of surrender?
  4. I think either replacing the elder Aegon or honoring him is more likely than that the writers forgot. Else, why call him Aegon? Not only has it been mentioned in the show, it's been in the lore featurettes and the family trees given online and printed with the DVD/Blu-Ray sets. Also, they may want to invoke the "Aegon" that's shown up in the books.
  5. Well yeah, that's the point. Someone's gotta destroy him at the climax.
  6. Sorry, I haven't quite been able to follow the back-and-forth. Why would he destroy King's Landing? Because the White Walkers overran it? Cersei being there wouldn't be bad enough. But I tend to think she'll try to burn it down and Jaime will stop her. What she did to the Sept was foreshadowing. And Dany's living dragons wouldn't need Bran to warg them to destroy King's Landing, just an order from Dany (unless she's dead or incapacitated in this scenario). It would be neat if Bran could warg Viserion at a critical moment and use him against the Night King.
  7. Aerys was crazy. Even if Bran blew up King's Landing, he wouldn't become a dragon.
  8. I doubt it. He seemed to let her go with approval. The first two are rather likely.
  9. No, it's explicit in the books. Tywin planned for Tyrion to inherit Winterfell through his marriage to Sansa, and to convince Jaime to leave the Kingsguard and inherit Casterly Rock.
  10. To be fair, with Ellaria and the elder Sand Snakes captured/dead, the rest of Dorne might have lost their gumption.
  11. Were you intentionally referencing Neil Gaiman's picture book The Wolves in the Walls with this thread title?
  12. This is a FreeKibble Cause I encountered the other day and want to support: Help Save Lucy - The Miracle Puppy! Lucy’s just 9 weeks old but she’s already endured a lifetime of challenges. She was rescued at 4 weeks old and in bad shape. Diagnosed with parasites, a blood transfusion saved her life. Then came parvo, which she survived. Now she has a disease in her front legs… and without surgery she won’t be able to walk soon.
  13. I don't think Daenerys is too obvious. It just seems that way because we've had so much time to analyze. A good plot twist can't be so un-obvious that it makes no sense. Besides, the fact that we're pretty sure it's Daenerys but Cersei barely knows Dany exists and focuses on the wrong targets is what creates dramatic irony; in the books, at least.
  14. No, it wasn't. I would know, since I was the one speaking.
  15. I doubt it, but the Tyrells would claim she was a maiden to the Lannisters either way. But back in realfact, it would have been silly of Renly not to get to producing an heir as soon as possible, starting on his wedding night. Being gay is no barrier; tons of gay men have fathered children to keep up appearances and/or continue their family line.