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  1. They're fighting for survival. Sorting out the Iron Throne can wait.
  2. No, it wouldn't. The people from the Vale already know and to the people from the North it would be so much wind, like his objection that he did it to save her life. I can't see a single person in that room caring if he had mentioned it.
  3. Bringing up that Sansa helped cover up Lysa's murder wouldn't have derailed anything. Lord Royce already knew that. It doesn't matter. Everyone knows she was in no position not to go along with Littlefinger at that point, and Lysa's murder was only the least of the charges. His getting Lysa to murder Jon Arryn, previous Lord of the Vale, was more damning.
  4. First. Their fathers were brothers. It hasn't been referred to on the show, in fact Joanna hasn't been named on the show, but the family tree that shipped with the Season 1 boxset and the online family tree both show it to be the case in-show, too.
  5. It seems several of the posters have an exaggerated idea of the odds of producing freakish offspring from incest in the real world. Even with siblings, it's not 100%, just higher than average. Aerys and Rhaella had several other children who didn't survive. Given that, Dany turning out normal is not unrealistic.
  6. One thing we can be almost certain of is that Rhaegar's ghost approves of the match.
  7. Jon has been raised with the taboo against incest, so I predict he'll struggle with it, but he also hasn't been raised around Dany or to think of her as a relative, and just knowing it intellectually is different from having a relationship with someone he's thought of as family his whole life, and he's already formed this affectionate partnership with her by the time they theoretically find out. So who knows.
  8. On the other hand, if he married her, having a Northerner as king consort to the Iron Throne might appease those who were fed up with Southern rule.
  9. Probably.
  10. At that point, Dany had just pledged to fight the White Walkers, so Jon didn't need to bend the knee and from her reaction she clearly hadn't expected him to. But it's not something wrong. The North has been part of the Seven Kingdoms for a long time, and I'd rather see them united than not. More stable for everyone.
  11. Or they did have a plan to get past, and the dragon was just an easy way to bring the whole Wall down.
  12. Sansa said Ghost is waiting for Jon. We should assume he's somewhere in Winterfell. If they don't show him when Jon returns next season, then it's time to be pissed.
  13. It may be obvious to *us*, but it's not to Cersei, who in the books at least is focusing on Margaery and will never see Dany coming.
  14. No, she wouldn't be. Littlefinger is someone who's made it his business to know all there is to know about the players in the game, so if he didn't know Ramsay likes to flay people and hunt them down with his dogs, it's a failing at something he's usually good at. Roose Bolton did know. Not that Ramsay would kill him, but about the rest of it. He wanted Sansa by his side ruling the Seven Kingdoms, like he said, because he sees her as Cat 2.0.
  15. The same way a couple of wights playing dead were carried to Castle Black in the first season through the gates in the Wall.