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  1. Reboot wish list - they are a thing, deal with it

    Well, I believe Charlie Cox's Daredevil is probably the most complete superhero in my eyes. Although Hayley Atwell's Agent Carter gives him run for his money. Yes, I would die to see her again. As for real reboots, I would like to see Rome, Lost, Legend of the Seeker coming to life once again. And can someone make a really nice adaptation of Arthurian legend? Is that too much to ask? https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/36/db/63/36db634809c64b212c319a38aa847418.jpg
  2. Reboot wish list - they are a thing, deal with it

    It is amazing how Ryan Reynolds goes from being one of the worst superheroes of all time, to perhaps the best one. Strange are the ways of casting choices I want reboot of "Agent Carter"... I miss her <3
  3. Tennis Volume 6

    It was badly formulated. sorry for that. The thing is that his behavior on court certainly raises many questions. I am not his fan either, as I do believe Roger Federer is sent by aliens to show us how amazing human beings can be. And in those 12 months he went from 16000 to less than 8000. It certainly is a fall as we have never seen before.
  4. Tennis Volume 6

    I think that as a fan, one has to be more worried than disappointed. Simply, Novak has lost his touch. And more than that, he seems rather disoriented and uninterested in what he is doing. Something is going on, and apparently he is failing to find a solution.
  5. That would be valid argument, if WoT books, by themselves are action-packed. However, they are not. Not only that there ate entire tomes that are borderline meaningless like books 9 and 10, half of the books are plain fillers (books 4-8). Simply, one can go through WoT like a hot knife through butter and still keep the main story intact. There simply is too many storylines that are simply needless. As for comparison with other TV shows. Since I watch Grey's, I can comment on that one. Do you know when Grey's had bearable episode? A season ago, when Denzel Washington decided to direct it. Since Season 6, it simply lost all focus and it just every now and then reminds people of what it was. Plus, people are far more into medical procedurals than they are into high-end fantasies. Simply, GoT, HP, LOTR, all of them went through heavy plot changes and cuts, I see no reason to see why WoT would be exception. The focus of the show, IMO, should be on main 3 characters, plus the girls - Ninaeve, Egwene and Tar Valon's political plays, Elayne and her wars (without all those families and different so-called games of thrones). Some things really, really need to go. Just when I think about chasing Faila through 2,3? books makes me bored to death. LOL, yeah... But to be honest, rare are the books that need a proper editor and this might be a good chance to do so
  6. To be honest, I always imagined, when the time comes, they would cast Rand, Perrin and Matt actors from Madden-Harington-Allen-Clarke generation. I doubt they would go any younger.
  7. Overall, a very strong season. For a show, that has its own limitations with regard to money, network, marketing, it is doing really well. I liked the resolutions across the board, and I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next. That Venus shot was amazing and I have to say that Holden didn't suck as he used to. I would have preferred that Avasarala's storyline moved a bit faster or just further, but that's just about that. Now, we move to Season 3
  8. 12 seasons? There is no way anyone would watch it show that is THAT slow. Seven, eight seasons are realistic estimation. Anything more would cause too much delay, which was one of the worst things about WoT.
  9. I have experience with the cupping massage when I had bronchial asthma. I was around 10, so I can't say whether it had some great success, but my mother swears that I was sleeping much calmer.
  10. Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    The Americans Season 5 Expanse Season 2 Big Little Lies Sherlock Season 4 The Good Fight Season 1 Homeland Season 6 Voltron Season 2 The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Iron Fist Season 1 Greys anatomy Season 13 COMING THE NEXT WEEKS: The White Princess, Legion, Sense8 OK, Big Little Lies... I am thoroughly impressed. Especially with Nicole Kidman. She is amazing actress, don't get me wrong, she has been proving that time and time again, but this role (on the medium we don't see her often) was totally owned by her. The casting was pretty much perfect, but every time Celeste hits the screen, it is just a joy to watch her. With Keri Russel from "The Americans" and Shohreh Aghdashloo from "Expanse", she is certainly on top of the actress' list for 2017. This TV season was so far very meh, but the things that work, work perfectly. I am really looking forward to some old shows to come back and blow me away
  11. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Started with "The White Princess" and binged "Big Little Lies"... Just when I thought Nicole Kidman is boring, she rises to the occasion.
  12. Sansas ending

    I think that the most analysis here regarding Sansa and the Game are inherently taking that Sansa has to become another Cersei in order to play the Game successfully. The thing is Game is not inherently bad and can be played in many different ways. We see how Tyrells use their humanitarianism to gain support, or how Tyrion remains one of the "heroes" of the saga while being completely surrounded by vicious people. The thing about Sansa is that although she won't remain the delicate flower she has been, the mere idea we will see some femme fatale is rather strange for me. There are several aspects that we must consider. The first one is the richness of the Vale and Sansa's role in it. We already know that Jon Snow had plans of asking Lysa for the help and we know how Sansa understood the power of happy and well-fed subjects. The other one is certainly Winterfell. We can recall Jon's famous line that different roads lead to the same place and I do believe that Stark kids, Jon included, are taking different roads to Winterfell. What will happen once they all unite? Well, Martin did say that Stark girls have a lot of issues to sort out, but, for example, in comparison with Jamie and Tyrion, those issues sound childish. But, they will certainly play a role in their relationship. The last one is marriage with Tyrion. Given that I don't see Tyrion dying any time soon, I suppose marriage to Harry will have to wait. Is divorce probable solution? Well, GRRM has left enough space to wiggle both Tyrion and Sansa out of that marriage. But, the time of the change is coming. Great Houses are falling like flies. Tullys, Arryns, Greyjoys and Martells are seriously endangered. Lannisters and Baratheons too. How will Tyrells survive the Dance of Dragons and War for Dawn is a huge question. Jon and Dany, most likely the heroes of the saga, can realistically die. So, it is this marriage that actually can serve to solidify some sort of centralized power (if that actually happens at the end and the Westerosi still need someone to sit and rule them all). Overall, while Sansa being the ruling Queen is out of reach, her marriage to Tyrion may provide enough political power to make that happen. After all, even Tyrion admitted that Robert Baratheon's best idea was to make peace between Lannisters and Starks through marriage. Sansa's story is the story of agency, the story of an innocent, naive child growing up into a confident woman. For better or worse, her fate will be determined by her own choices and her own moves in the great Game.
  13. Joyous Pascha, Happy Easter!

    Христос Воскресе... I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy the Easter. Especially when both Christian churches celebrate it on the same day. May you all have holiday
  14. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    I watched Seasons 1-7 of TGBBO last year... It was amazing. Season 4's episode with gingerbread houses and young James Morton making his spooky barn is my all-time favorite. The faces of the judges, his reaction, it was awesome.
  15. Now, that is an idea for a restaurant... After Great Lent before the Easter, I am finally allowed to eat cheese... Yay, for the Serbian dairy industry