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  1. So, no horny squirrels to keep our attention
  2. She does fade in comparison with both Catriona and Sam. I really have a hard time buying her as their child. But, interestingly enough, this reminds me of another actress, Sophie Turner. I know she is not Blanchett, but for the love of everything I hold dear, I simply don't get why people think she is THAT bad.
  3. I got there a bit early as I thoroughly enjoyed this season, especially Scotland and dashing Lord Grey storyline. He is becoming one of my favorite male TV characters. Plus, the aesthetics is absolutely stunning.
  4. The Americans Season 5 The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 Expanse Season 2 Sense8 Season 2 Big Little Lies Master of None Season 2 Outlander Season 3 Game of Thrones Season 7 House of Cards Season 5 The Defenders Season 1 Sherlock Season 4 The Good Fight Season 1 The White Princess Homeland Season 6 Voltron Season 2 Young Sheldon Season 1 Greys Anatomy Season 13/14 The Big Bang Theory Season 10/11 Iron Fist Season 1 Orange is the New Black Season 5 - I prefer to believe this never happened
  5. And the man through the snowy mountains was so Lord of the Rings. You know, if you look for all the parallels with the other things, it can get superfun
  6. I can not express how sad I am to hear this. Dr Pepper, my prayers are with you and your family... These things are starting to occur with such horrifying regularity that makes you wonder what really went wrong with us all.
  7. ALSO THIS ONE... She fills the void left by Dame Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess, when Downton Abbey ended
  8. Damn, the woman is amazing... I especially liked her "rain hellfire on them all" scene with Erinwright. If not for "Our lives are tough" scene, that would be my favorite.
  9. First, you are not an idiot. Second, what are you talking about? I must have missed something. Well, I am not sure WHEN she will be back, although the cast was not shy when spoilers are in question (which is quite refreshing having in mind GoT cast in earlier season) so I assume she will be back somewhere in 1750s. Well, all they need is 200 years to go back. I swear, 1740s Scotland is far more progressive than 1950s Scotland. I have to say I hated the return of what I call "Outlander's infinite loop of rape". That said, for equality's sake, it was Jaime, and not Claire, on the line this time. I think they did a good job of making it serious enough, but also pointing out the youthful stupidity of Geneva. It is a really narrow line they have to walk and balance and for me, they have done good job in showing various aspects and POVs of the situation, never allowing any of those to overwhelm others.
  10. So, it is official. John Grey is the best person in both centuries... Not only that he is brilliantly written, but the actor does his part extremely well. I have to say that I haven't had such a great laugh since Lito told Will that they had sex in "Sense8" Season 1. Oh, and it was funny to see Lord Royce in those robes... That reminded me... So, it was Jaime who deflowered Myranda Royce
  11. I found the entire thing extremely sad. It wasn't as difficult to watch as some argued, but it wasn't the sitcom we grew to love. We can honestly call it dramedy, for lack of better words. And I sincerely sympathized with his entire family. It is just that childish selfishness and his incredible intellect that so easily suffocate the rest of them. But he does love them and I got all sappy with the taking-off-mittens scene. Speaking of which, if my math is right. The year of the show is 1989, right? And he said that he didn't touch his brother 17 years later, if I am correct? That would mean that his first physical contact with his brother was in 2006? And, since TBBT started in 2007, that means that Sheldon's first contact with his brother was a year before we "meet" him. Oh, boy...
  12. Thank you Yes, the actor is amazing. It seems he is Australian and we all know the best things come from Australia (ahem, ahem, Blanchett ). Wow, that is amazing, DrP... I am looking forward to it.
  13. I forgot to ask... Was this the last time we see Lord Grey, or is he going to play a role in future events? #needtoreadthebooks
  14. That is a good point. Admittedly, the last season's finale evaporated from my mind, which is why I am struggling to put some pieces together. As @Theda Baratheon said, Claire is the hero of the story and this is her story. And in most cases, you can't be a villain in your own story. I was concerned that the show has taken a path in which,employment, which remains one of the most important topic of female empowerment could be examined in such way. The modern TV is full of some great examples of female empowerment and well, some, not so much. I was truly thrown back by the notion that Claire's work would represent an obstacle in her relationship with her daughter. I think every aspect of Claire's being is connected to the noble vocation of healer. We see compassion, sympathy and care in her dealings with others, we see how that nature truly blossoms when she needs it the most. We see it in her pursue for independence. As you say, she is a healer and for this character it means so much more than having a degree. One wish this kind of sentiment was shared by many medical dramas
  15. I don't think anyone has said that it is not accusation women face or denied the existence of such accusation. The debate dealt, well, at least from my part, that every TV show has to deal with "shortcomings" of working mother. Lion's share of working mothers on TV show are portrayed as women who are failing their children or who can't be close to them. I don't have problem with the accusation (in terms of showing it). I am having issues that what Frank said might actually be true. That was the issue: did the show, by making Claire a doctor, made her relationship with Brianna cold and distant?