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  1. That is why I can't properly analyze this. Because, if we take this as point blank then Arya is written like a complete moron who is endangering the entire North. Which I thoroughly believe she is not doing. But, if we assume that the girls are playing LF (I think both of them may be on this, hence why Sansa sent Brienne away), then this makes some sense. But again, we have six long days until we discover WTH is going on in WF.
  2. I think whatever logic we use here is kinda pointless as they will do whatever they want to do, without many thought put into it. The entire situation is kinds ridiculous. So, however it may end, I do hope it will be clearer who is in charge of what then it is now
  3. I feel that just like for AAR, Dany feels like too obvious choice. Sansa is arguably a great beauty. I am not sure that Cersei was more beautiful than Sansa, as even when Sansa was a child, Tyrion says that she is even more beautiful than Margaery. Catelyn was considered beautiful and Sansa is said to be far more beautiful than she was.
  4. If that was jealousy, then I need to check the word in the dictionary. In the said scene, Sansa wasn't jealous because Margaery is marrying Joffrey, but stating that Cersei is down. "Until comes another, younger and more beautiful to cast you down" I do believe it is Sansa, but I don't think she will be Queen at the point. I don't think Queenship is what Sansa wants at this moment. I think her issues with Jon were question of trust and partnership, issues solved when he gave her Regency.
  5. What do you base this statement on? Sansa wants to be Queen is such a stale argument that has lost any meaning so far. Simply, the hunger people think Sansa has is nowhere to be seen. The argumentation that Arya is saving Jon from wicked Sansa is rather nonsensical as we see Sansa being loyal to Jon, time after time. Arya, in all her (lacking) wisdom, never for a split of second asks Sansa about her past and just throws accusations because she is so "perceptive". Even Jon exactly knew what Ramsay did to Sansa, which is why he allowed her to kill him. I agree they are both unreasonable, but this fight started with Arya. I like Arya and I find her the most perceptive character in the books, but here, this season, her actions are mind-bogglingly idiotic. Unless of course there is another game she plays. This is ridiculous, I argue something that I am not even sure is happening
  6. The letter is a dangerous thing and we see Sansa being more worried about the consequences for Jon (you know, the one Arya is supposedly siding with) than she is about her position. So, Arya is working here against the family as she doesn't see Sansa's loyalty to Jon. For someone who is supposed to be so perceptive, she missed a lot.
  7. You mean "I am so scared of you that I have to threat you"? Sansa didn't threat Arya, because she hates her but because she is afraid. And can anyone blame her? Arya's behavior is far threatening here than Sansa's. And threatening Sansa is BETRAYING family. Undermining Sansa's authority with Northern lords is BETRAYING family. Again, if we take this point blank, then Arya's behavior is damaging Stark cause much more than anything Sansa has done so far. That said, we have enough to suspect that something else is going on here.
  8. Agree with who? I am sorry, but this is rather ridiculous. I honestly doubt that Sansa has ever even thought the things people here attribute to her mindset. Yeah, I am not questioning his authority. I am just saying that Winterfell, according to certain rules, is hers. But, if he does want to be a Stark, Warden of North, Lord of Winterfell, that would mean usurping Ned's kids - in this case Sansa. That said, I don't see it happening or being at any point relevant.
  9. They separated the titles so Jon is the King and Sansa is the Lady of WF Winterfell is not Jon's, it is Sansa's. Basically Jon is the King without the seat. Yes he is in charge of North with Sansa acting as Regent. In hierarchy of North, it is him then her. As for WF, that one is hers. He has nothing with it. That is why Dany's proposal is idiotic from Jon's POV. Simply, if he wants to be Warden he would have to usurp Sansa. That said, I doubt Jon cares about titles and I doubt Sansa wants any strife between her and her King.
  10. No, Sansa is Lady of WF with or withput Jon. He is King of the North and she is Lady of WF now that Bran has abdicated. So, unless Dany wants to separate the title of Warden and Lord/Lady of Winterfell, the title of Warden goes to Lord/Lady of WF, in this case, Sansa
  11. This is what I hated about him bending the knee. Now, what is his plan? To be Jon Stark and claim WF for himself. The show's canon is that, now that Bran abdicated, Sansa is the heir, and Lady of WF. So, unless Jon wants to usurp Sansa, I don't see him having any title or authority to order people to bend the knee. Not that Jon needs any title, or wants it. It just makes entire situation completely ridiculous. I wonder how no one actually thought of uniting North and South through wedding.
  12. Deus ex machina can work in books if done properly, The problem with TV show was not that it was Gandalf moment, but that it involved rather strange behavior from all parties, especially Sansa, to make it work. I do believe Sansa will be heading North, I even think LF is going to die in WF. Not completely sure about the details, though
  13. If we take this such as, this is the worst story in the show. And that speaks volumes. On the other hand, if we leave a space for girls eing much smarter than they let on (and we know they are supposed to be), that is where things start to be interesting.
  14. The biggest problem for me is that no one actually thought of proposing a marriage. We know Dany is open for the idea, so Davos could have said... "OK, we need each other. How about we make an alliance by marriage?" That way we could evade all this nonsense with bending the knee.
  15. Couple of thoughts... 1. I was not convinced that girls, both of them, are playing LF until she sent Brienne away. I don't think she planned to use Brienne against Arya, she is smart enough to know that could never work, I think it is more that Sansa wants Brienne out of WF so the girls would continue to play the Game until LF is completely caught. 2. Sansa is loyal to her family. Even her conversation with LF shows that. She constantly speaks about Jon. "Loyal to Jon", "Jon's army". For a split of a second, I don't believe she is going to betray North or Jon. Simply, there is nothing pointing in that direction and we should just all end with this "Sansa is traitor" nonsense. 3. I don't think Sansa saying that Robb and Ned died because of stupid mistakes makes her superior or that she herself feels any superior to them. She just wanted to warn Jon about the consequences of mistakes. Simply, it is their turn now and their mistakes could end the Starks for good. Sansa understands this and she wants to work with her brother. As she has been working since. 4. As for how Sansa will get to WF, I think we may see the same scene from the TV show. She may "Save" the day with Knights of the Vale and that will be her reunion with Jon. I can imagine Jon's POV to see her in the snow surrounded by Knights of Vale.