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  1. Hmmm, yes... There is simply nothing about him that I find compelling as in Amos or Alex, not to mention Chrisjen, which is by far, my favorite character. Perhaps it is the writing or simply my taste, but he is not my favorite. Yes, yes and yes. I am so sorry that the writing of that scene made the scene look rushed. But she killed it. She nails this role and every time she is on screen, you expect something amazing to happen. A bit slow episode, but I hope it leads into a good finale. This season was amazing.
  2. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    I swear at some point I thought he was just bored watching the gate no one seems to attack.
  3. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    I totally agree. Each of Marvel/Netflix shows has some bad bits but there is always something better that keeps your mind focused. Whether it is amazingly choreographed, one-shot fight scene in Daredevil, acting in JJ and LC, music, etc. there is always something else. Here, there is nothing. Also, I think that this show, as the last one before The Defenders utterly failed as being the lead in. I feel as if we are going to spend half the season of The Defenders in them meeting, getting to know each other, sorting out possible issues etc. And it can be a drag, to be honest. As for characterization, at one moment I thought Danny left Kun Lun because he was bored. Simply, it was all over the place. For a second, I thought that Hand will be humanized and then, bam, back to being evil ninjas again. DD had issues with balancing the storyline of character doing two things, but here is it a plain mess. Not only that it is repetitive, it is borderline idiotic that someone who wanted to be Danny Rand suddenly dropped huge part of it. Simply, now that I am done, I can't even put together one so to say cool episode. A lot of things that irk me.
  4. Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    I don't want to live in the world where The Americans are out of any Top 10 list Expanse Season 2 The Americans Season 5 Sherlock Season 4 The Good Fight Season 1 Homeland Season 6 Voltron Season 2 The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Iron Fist Season 1 Greys anatomy Season 13
  5. Tennis Volume 6

    The thing with Federer is that he was always losing from Nadal. It makes you doubt in your own abilities. Yes, he would lose from Novak and Andy, but the loses from Rafa had to hurt the most. And it seems his statements points to that. Now, that he turned the entire game with Rafa, I believe he mentally is unstoppable. Rafa was his "big, bad wolf" and now he has overcome that. I honestly think that Murray will be 1st to probably September, October, perhaps finishing the year as 1. And honestly, I hate it. He is showing nothing. Yes, it is just a start of the season, but we are already 3 months in and he didn't make his mark. Novak is also lost in woods. God only knows what's going on there... But, I have to say that this gives us far more interesting season than we could have ever hoped for. I really hope. Of the "new generation", Dimitrov, Raonic and Zverev are my favorites. I felt bad for Dimitrov when he lost AO semis but that just showed how much they have to work... What is the ranking of blame 1. Pepe Imaz 2. Wife 3. Veganism 4. Amethyst around neck 5. Secret plot between ATP, Illuminati, Voldemort and Sauron so Roger would be the first I think that covers it all
  6. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    Five episodes in and as everyone said, it is not THAT bad... But, it is far from great. Like, couple of light years far from great. The problem is in every aspect of the show. The acting is far from superb and compared to Cox's immaculate performance of blind person or David Tenant's craziness in JJ, or having Alfre Woodard or Mahershala Ali in LC, this one simply lacks in that department. Also, I would have liked if they tried to associate a certain color with Iron Fist. DD got red, JJ purple, LC orange. I was hoping for some yellow/green trailer, but it simply doesn't attract the attention. Next, the fights. We got the most amazing fight in Season 1 of DD and even all the DD/Elektra's fights with countless ninja had more vibe in them than these. They seem like they need to practice more before the shooting actually starts. And of course comes the big issue. I would agree with @mormont that it is not the question of Danny being already Caucasian, but the fact that he is supposed to embodies a culture that he obviously doesn't belong to. And I would say that the problem becomes more glaring when we think about the fact that the Asian part of the cast is on the side of evil, and this rich chosen white boy teaches them the morals and values of what is, after all, their culture. Lastly, the story. So far, it had its moments and then, it either drags or just fails to close any sort of deal. @Werthead perfectly assessed it as having ups and downs within the duration of one episode. And also, it feels as if motivation for some actions seem sketchy at least. Perhaps we have reached the saturation point and we are more keen in showing and pointing out the flaws or the controversy regarding Danny's skin color muddied the waters, but those are just parts of the problem. It seems that this show is not working on generally many levels.
  7. Tennis Volume 6

    Who would have thought that we would see the Singles Race going in this direction? I think that AO title and those two wins against Nadal did wonders for Federer's mental state and his "I have nothing to lose anymore" attitude is obviously working. If he continues like this, there will be some tectonic shift at the top of the ATP rankings. And I can't wait for that. On the other hand, Murray and Djokovic need to wake up. Together they didn't reach 1000 points this year. Andy always had his issues, but Novak's state is even more troublesome as it seems no one knows what the issue is. Except of the traditionalist Serbs who hate veganism I have to say I am really rooting for young Zverev. He seems like a truly nice fellow, and I would like to see him making it big. We had such high hopes for Raonic, Nishikori and Dimitrov, and the previous generation fought them successfully. With Kyrgios winning Novak and even Federer, one can only hope that the mantle will pass to the hands of another great players.
  8. Tennis Volume 6

    ANOTHER amazing performance from Federer... This man is becoming unstoppable. It seems that this year Big 4 has come down to one name. With Djokovic and Murray out of Miami, Roger can go for another Masters... Sky is the limit these days for Maestro.
  9. Tennis Volume 6

    And another win for Federer against Nadal. What has happened to this guy and why hasn't he done it before?
  10. The Good Wife 2: The Good Fight

    The Good Fight gets 2nd season
  11. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Of all the new things this season, I have to say The Good Fight is hitting all the right spots for me... It is so surprisingly good that I am enjoying every second of it and easily discard all the possible flaws
  12. The Good Wife 2: The Good Fight

    Well I still remember how Diane called Alicia a trouble in first season of TGW. It is amazing to see her being the problem
  13. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Well, after watching trailers, I have to agree. And "different" these days is certainly difficult to find.
  14. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    I would add Blue Jasmine there, and that is that for me. I am so glad The Americans are back... Boy, I love them. I will hold you responsible for my possible disappointment The aesthetics are amazing. As @Zorral said once, it is by far the most visually pleasing TV show airing these days.