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  1. Oh.. come on... it wash`t that bad! Dany`s scene IMO showed that she is starting to go a little crazy... Jorahs face said it all. He had "Is she crazy?" written all over his forehead. LS will show up next season... Let the unssulied viewrs sink in her death and forget about her, and the impact will be a lot bigger. I agree with you about Jamie and Cersei scene... But there was no Joffrey coffin yet.. so no banging... And I liked Yara/Asha is going to kick some asses in the Dreadforth! There was about time they show a little of Ironborns bad assess and 0fucks to the rest of westeros.
  2. Strangle! Strangle! Strangle! LOL
  3. well.... that would be very disturbing and confusing.. even for the novels....
  4. been treated like a human being just don`t excuse her attitude on that scene... It was just nonsense....
  5. I would have replaced the Shae scene with ANY scene... It just does not make any sense! She is a prostitute, he is married, and is a high lord, she would never have the chance to be his wife, she makes very clear that she is unhappy with the situation, she is risking her life everyday, and that much in diamonds were like a giant fortune... Why in the WORLD would`t she take it? I believe they are showing this, just to create a drama around her treason... but seriously, there are much more interesting characters that should be given that space in the episode...
  6. Danny is starting to go crazy on her own "mother fantasy"... that scene showed that well. The look on Jorah's face had "Is she crazy" written all over his forehead... Iff they develop the crazyness better in the show than GRRM did in the novels, I think I would like her more...
  7. You are right... " sign by Ramsay Snow, natural son of Roose Bolton, Lord of the Dreadforth and Warden of the North"
  8. relax people... I'm sure we're going to see coldhand and ladystonehart... IMO the Undeads plots are their bet for the nextt season.. since Danny will be lost in her "I want to be Mereenn queen" dream... And the Martells probably aren't gonna get the big space they got in the novels... so.. it left us with Kingslanding plotline and the Undead...
  9. I think the show will change Dreadforth for Deepwood Motte and follow her story from there... I also think we don't actually need her o be in the Iron Islands for the Kingsmoot to happen. The show just not care about the POVs tides in the books.. and her role in the kingsmoot is kind of small...
  10. Why are everybody thinking there will be no LadyStonehart? 1- She appears in the end dof book 3 (so.. that would leave her to season 4) 2- Her body has to be in the river for 1 on 2 weeks before Nymeria gets her out... 3- Beric will die when she raises... so if Beric would die now, that would sound rush, and ruin all the time they expend on BWB... 4- for UnCat to make a ruge impact, people have to accept her deat and forget about her... So.. i'm preeeeetty sure we will still see her in seasn 4!
  11. I bet LadyStonehart will raise first episode next season... just when al the non readers had already accepted her death. And I bet we will see Lord Greyjoy falling from the bridge... Probably the purple wedding will happen by the end of the season....
  12. I loved the small council scene. Joffrey on the show ia way more annoying and creepy than boyking Joffrey on the Novels. I'll love to see him choking!
  13. At first I didn't like the Danny last scene. But then, I rrealized it was probably suposed to be a little odd and out of place. think they are hinting about her big ego and tip of madness. This is another side of Danny that hasn't been shown in the tv show yet
  14. I think Cat has to stay dead for more "time" so her coming back as undead gets more impact. If she died onde episod than was brought back right in the next one, IMO it would loose all the effect