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  1. In a sane world, nobody would have lent him a dime after his second bankruptcy, let alone after the third and fourth, his illegal casino loan, his money laundering charges....
  2. Right now, the country with the best educational system is Finland. Teachers are well paid in Finland and expected to deliver educated students. In the US, teachers are not well paid in a lot of jurisdictions and the students are paying the price in terms of getting a crappy education. Creationism is still strongly supported and don't even think about discussing birth control or gun control.
  3. This is soo cool!! Congratulations to your students, and to you for being their teacher. This is not good news but the best of news. Enjoy the eclipse.
  4. Last month's Scientific American had an article about this star and an analysis of all, the theories as to why it was dimming. None held up to scrutiny and the idea of alien structures is very hard to discount as no other theory meets all the known facts he dimming
  5. Someone's cultural peculiarities may include what looks like slavery. My cultural peculiarity is condemning those that apologize for slavery. You follow yours and I will follow mine.
  6. For those that are interested Scientific American has an interesting article this month that touches on this issue, and more.
  7. Wasn't a similar defense put forth for the peculiar institution in the Southern States? It didn't wash then.
  8. What cost Ford the election was the perception that he could not chew gum and walk at the same time. He was picked as VP for the same reason as Pence was chosen. Somewhat dull and never a real threat to actually have ideas.
  9. A few hundred bucks gets a computer board that has all the functionality you need. A custom designed board with only the functions you need will cost much more.
  10. Not really. Comey's notes of his conversations with Shrub covered his ass when Shrub went after him.
  11. If they do exist, will there be a strange 17 minute gap?
  12. Dark energy has been invoked to explain to explain the expansion of the universe. There is a problem with dark energy as it is undefined and is really not much of an explanation for anything. Physics is in a bind for the last few years and dark matter and dark energy have been invoked as explanations with no real evidence or theoretical backing. If you really want to grab onto a theory of physics, the flavour of the month is loop quantum gravity.
  13. I wish I had said that. No matter how low my estimation is of Trump, he keeps plumbing new depths.
  14. Trump. Not just a moron but a fucking moron.
  15. Installing a free patch still requires you to actually hire IT staff. Not funding health care is the go to position for aspiring politicians.