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  1. I was trying to cast aspersions on bitcoin by comparing it to gold. I guess I should have been more clear that I find investing in gold to be a less than brilliant move. Bitcoin is even more so of a silly investment. It has all the disadvantages of gold and then its own on top.
  2. Think of bitcoin as digital gold. It doesn't do anything but sit there, as does gold but it can be used as a medium of exchange for actual goods. There is one vital difference. No matter how many times an ounce of gold trades hands, the weight remains the same. The bitcoin gets more and more cumbersome due to the energy required to maintain the block chain that preserves its value. Imagine a ounce of gold that increases in mass with every transaction and you have a bitcoin. Take your cue from that as to the valuation of bitcoin.
  3. The long arcs and the nudity are what keep me coming back.
  4. Compressors driven by renewable energy can easily extract carbon dioxide as it is one of the first gases to freeze out. I have worked with compressed CO2 in all manner of ways from a refrigerant to a welding gas. CO2 is cheap.
  5. Anti intellectualism may be rampant in the US but a good chunk of the rest of the world are happy to be educated. Just don't depend on the US to be of any help in reducing the effects of climate change.
  6. Did he want the surrogate to hold the bottle or did he want to skip that step also?
  7. Let's go back to first principles here. Having robots or AI take over all human jobs cannot be self sustaining. Food is grown for people to eat, cars are made for people to get to their jobs, growing food,selling food, making cars.... Once machines or robots start doing such, where does the money come from to keep the machines in electricity? We could just cut out the middleman, so to speak, and have AIs and robots generate electricity so that they can then generate more electricity for more robots and AIs in an endless cycle. Unless you have robots that need entertainment, or decorations to set them apart in status, or exotic materials to maintain them, any economy that replaces human labour with machine labour will founder unless humans have the ability to spend and access the fruits of robotic labour. A guaranteed income is needed.
  8. Well I just came across a assertion that men's penises are attempting a takeover of the minds of men and then the rest of the world will lie within their grasp.
  9. Well that show would do it. I had a lucid dream a few nights ago and realized I was dreaming. So off I went telling everyone in my dream that none of this is real and I can do anything I want. Then my wife woke me up.
  10. Hand cramps from too much masturbating makes for bad typing.
  11. This is not a fantasy but what I actually did on my last job. On my last day of work, I was called to fix a problem with a multispindle lathe that was not making parts to spec. I told the lead hand that the problem was that it was not set up properly and to do so before calling me. "All you ever do is tell me it is not set up properly!" she yelled at me. I said "Yes you finally understand. My work here is done!"
  12. It is not just to draw attention but to prove a concept. I think he wants to put a large mass in orbit around Mars as proof that he can. What is the weight of a Tesla? If he can park a Tesla in orbit around Mars, he can park robots and space station bits just as easily.
  13. Theda, don't get too wrapped up in what ifs. Ask him out. The worst that can happen is a no. You are an intelligent, attractive woman. If he says no you then know he is not the person who sees your qualities and you can then move onto the next one. His loss is your gain.
  14. Do you have a Building Automation System? The fix could be really simple but they just need to hire the proper tech to come in and fix it. They probably hired a building operator who really does not understand HVAC.
  15. Any object traveling at a high enough velocity will follow a hyperbolic orbit around the sun once it falls into the sun's gravity well. Think about the old carnival game of throwing a basketball into a bushel basket.You can't through it slow enough to do anything but bounce out. Same with the asteroid. The only orbit it could follow was the one it did.