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  1. The unreasonable part seems to be where the evidence for gun control is unreasonably ignored.
  2. I would guess in s small way Trump is responsible. People look at Trump and realize that for all his misogyny, he still managed to gain a position of power. I suppose those that were waiting for things to get better suddenly realized that there is no point in waiting for someone else to solve the problem. The thought could be that they could not wait anymore for others to fix the situation but that they needed to stand up for themselves. And so they did.
  3. And what would make this a show that I would want to watch? I could just as easily watch Star Trek in one of its iterations, redo Firefly, or even Farscape. Well worn plots don't make great sf shows. Fuck the rebels. Who wants to see that when we have ISIS, AL Qaeda, all playing that part now. Show some imagination. Make the rebels assholes, make the major powers assholes too. Then send in someone from Special Circumstances to game them both.
  4. I really enjoyed the book. As for the movie, well, Sean Connery. A mini series is what is needed to really bring it to life. Yeah, I am starting to dribble a bit too.
  5. Any suggestions called news about Russia bribing US officials to buy Uranium is most likely to be utter bullshit. With the collapse of the USSR, weapons grade uranium and plutonium were readily available from their existing arsenal. So much so that they were selling it off. Why ever would they be buying now?
  6. James, you are wasting your time. This poster is trying to live in a universe that does not have the constraints of logic. As for so a called automatic flintlock, show me a working model, or at the very least a make able patent application. Vapourware doesn't qualify.
  7. Gord Downie passed away this morning. CBC radio played his music this aft while I was driving home. He was so much a part of our culture.
  8. I doubt that the slipper was used to kill at a distance, and likewise the comb. Firearms are designed to kill at a distance unlike other household objects.
  9. So much nucular negativity.
  10. Sometimes I wonder why I bring facts and logic to an argument that tends to come down to an emotional appeal to 'let me have my stupidity stay unchallenged'. Then I get a response like yours and yeah, someone understands. Thanks.
  11. People not in possession of guns are very unlikely to shoot themselves or others. People with guns have a very much higher probability of shooting themselves or others. The only way to change these probabilities is to reduce people or reduce guns.
  12. I once said Trump will never win the election. People aren't that stupid. Silly me.
  13. Tijgy, I have the feeling my post was unclear as to meaning.First of all, Canada is a confederation, as you pointed out. The issue has been that the Parti Quebecois, campaigned on having a referendum on separating from Canada, if elected. They were elected to power, but support for separation was soft. they then hit upon the idea of sovereignty association, meaning Quebec would be a separate country but pension cheques and such would still be sent by Canada. The referendum failed even with an attempt to obfuscate the referendum question. The PQ leader went on to blame the loss on "money and the ethnic vote". If that phrase ever crops up in the current mess, I will be giggling insanely.
  14. I am old enough to remember the Black Panthers posing with their legal weapons, on the pages of major newspapers, and the state and federal governments having an absolute panic. I was young and naive then and wondered why.
  15. No communication is a breakdown in communication. A security company using the same frequencies as the police is also highly unlikely so there would not have been that kind of communication either. This was not a shining example of police procedure.