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  1. I haven't read much of Aldiss for years. I did enjoy his books when I was younger. Another great has passed on. Thanks for the update, Werthead.
  2. Both pieces of shit are biodegradable.
  3. You want surreal? I had a dream last night about Trump. In my dream he walked onstage, in front of a large crowd, naked. Not only that, he had a large prosthetic penis, fully erect, so he could show how manly he was. He also told everyone how large it was in centimeters so it would sound bigger. 37 cms. to be exact. This one woke me up out of a deep sleep.
  4. Good point. We had that crap up here in Canada too for the last few years. Turns out a former drama teacher has a better grasp of running a country than the 'businessman' that came before him.
  5. Glad you enjoyed it. I have one close to home in 2024.
  6. Tesla did. Who uses DC motors now?
  7. He was from the Netherlands. Check him out on Wikipedia. Lots of info there. His journal of his time as a slave was published after he was released when the British bombarded Algiers. My grandmother once owned the original journal.
  8. Damn, I wish I had also. Smallpox vaccination was started in the 18th century, and too late to help indigenous Americans. Influenza vaccine only works half the time even now. Just an aside. Gerrit Metzon was my many times great uncle.
  9. One thing I would do would be to translate into English the journals of Gerrit Metzon. His description of being a slave in Algiers opened people's eyes as to the horrors of slavery because he was white. As it was he did give a jumpstart to the abolitionist movement but better distribution would not hurt.
  10. I would then be... useful and no longer have a wasted youth.
  11. And even then we got a total of 3 channels. And walked 20 miles to school, uphill both ways.
  12. I was around and yeah, you nailed it.
  13. I had figured you as being well read and astute. Sometimes I just get in a blathering mood.
  14. Harry Flashman. What didn't he do to the people that crossed his path?
  15. A good knowledge of trivia is a sign of a wasted youth.