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  1. Could be I was a better writer than I thought or I was much more charming than I thought.
  2. Really? I had a gift for essays and found the best way to impress the profs was not to write to their biases, if any, but to challenge what they spoke about in class.
  3. No but it does shut them up when I am around.
  4. In Canada the speaker is elected and can be from any party. The speaker had to be non-partisan though and does not have a vote unless there is a tie.
  5. Consider the person at the top of the pyramid and how much they would get from those below. These types of sales schemes are banned in Ontario just for this reason. The sales need to grow at an unsustainable exponential rate and then inevitably they collapse.
  6. Talking about asking female politicians to step down because they may be unpopular in certain parts of the country is not the answer. Personally when I am confronted by people not liking my perfectly legal behaviour of standing up for the rights of others to have the same ones that I, as an older white male enjoy, I tend to rub it in their faces that those rights are not just ours but theirs also. People get annoyed sometimes but that is not my problem. Asking for people to stand in line and wait their turn for rights to be granted to them is not a reasonable policy at all. Rights have never been given in this way. People have fought and died for those rights. They did not die over the argument that the pace was too fast or too slow.
  7. My institution of higher learning inoculated me against bad argumentative form and stupidity. As a side effect conservatism was thus dispelled from my being.
  8. I remember civil rights protesters being murdered, churches being firebombed, students on university campuses being shot by a badly regulated militia, the police routinely beating the snot out of antiwar protesters, and then charging the victims with conspiracy to riot. Any violence was usually the result of massive displays of force and escalation by the police, to unarmed protesters. The violence was very much one sided. I was born in the 50's and remember the 60's and 70's quite well. Being assaulted by the police was common enough that it did not even raise an eyebrow. If your hair was too long or you were thought to be gay it was basically open season for you and no recourse to the justice system as the older generation figured you got what you deserved. I did come away with a healthy disrespect for authority from living through this. Watching a movie about this is not really the same thing.
  9. The 60's/70's were worse with liberal violence? If using your face to attack police nightsticks is liberal violence then I suppose there was a lot of liberal violence.
  10. Ontario does require sprinkler systems in towers such as this and has for years. My brother in law, until he retired, was very high up in the Ontario Fire Marshal's Office. He told me once that there have been almost zero fatalities in sprinklered buildings. How any government since the 1940s, when sprinklers became mandatory here, could not require them in residential towers, is to me, criminal negligence.
  11. My brother in law was responsible for a good chunk of the Ontario Fire Code. We will have an interesting talk once he gets back from travelling.
  12. We assume he is an idiot?
  13. The free market let Donald Trump go bankrupt four times. I consider that a useful purpose.
  14. I have been entranced by the voice of Basia Bulat. She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with 'Someday Soon.'
  15. Interesting article. So Jared shows himself to be just as astute as pater in law when investing in real estate. 666 Fifth Ave is worth less than the mortgage. Did not the address alone give him second thoughts? The Qataris seem to understand Trump quite well. His track record is one of paying himself well and letting his investors flounder as the real estate goes 'under water'.