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  1. Really? Imagine a college thesis before typewriters became cheap. Which coincidentally was right around the time computers became cheap.
  2. I would think the consumers of the stuff are more likely to be conservative and Republican. Forbidden fruit is always the tastiest.
  3. Back to actual politics. I am I the only person who thinks the Democrats should have Stormy Daniels run against Trump?
  4. I think this was the system in Britain in the middle ages. Women could not own property and it then passed to their husbands. Hence the reason for people to marry cousins.
  5. I try so hard to be funny and sometimes I succeed.
  6. If religion is abandoned, how long till a cryptoreligion is created to fill the void?
  7. I think I was 7 or 8 years old when the original came out. And yes I was a fan. " Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!" At the time I could never figure out why Will never learned to listen to Robot. And why everyone always listened to Dr. Smith.
  8. I am someone who absolutely loves Iain Banks' Culture novels. From the above it seems that Dennis Kelly feels the same way. The problem is that there is so much to fuck up when whoever is providing the money decides that certain aspects of the books need to be changed. I do hope it works out but I am not holding my breath.
  9. Theda, just tell them that the advantage of being young is to not having to listen to the bad stuff that came out at the same time back in the olden days. And yes I am guilty of telling my daughters that I remember them from when I was young.
  10. Personally as I got even older still my body doesn't quite agree that age is a state of mind.
  11. Raccoons in Toronto are as common as squirrels and have developed the ability to open the most ingenious of locks on garbage bins and recycling bins. We even had one hop onto a subway train to get to a better part of town during rush hour. If you want to see raccoons up close come to Toronto.
  12. In addition to what FB said, Margaret Atwood grew up reading SF and it has always been her first love. She is not late to the game. I have heard her being interviewed many times and she does have a rather dry wit that does not translate well into print. She also started her writing career as a poet. Keep that in mind also.
  13. They actually managed to set a bomb off twice but I think there were more attempts that were thwarted in the planning stage. Unless someone was actually arrested, the FBI kept pretty closemouthed on what they did.