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  1. I can construct a scenario involving a toy car, a mannequin, and two drunk guys but the knight's costume has me boggled.
  2. We have a case in Canada where a child, who was brought here by a parent at a very young age, was removed from his family by Children's Aid and put into foster care. Upon reaching 18 and becoming an adult, as a ward of the state, he should have had an application for citizenship put in by his guardian, the provincial government. Unfortunately they did not, and after being convicted of a crime was he supposed to be deported back to a country he never knew. The case is now being appealed. This is a travesty of justice. Multiply this by 4000000 and you have the Dreamers.
  3. Someone brought to the US during their formative years, legally or not and then raised there, is an American, no matter what the government thinks. There is no attachment to their parent's country. It would be cruel and unusual punishment to deport them.
  4. Trump uses Putin's money to prop up his real estate holdings. Putin tries to get Trump to repeal Magnitsky Act so he can get his money out and back home.. If Putin is successful, he can foreclose on Trump's properties.The question is how stupid is Trump?
  5. I was wondering when Farscape would show up. This is one show that I can watch again and again precisely because it is an adult show. Drug use, nudity, casual sex, lots of violence, yeah it was adult entertainment, and very good.
  6. I don't think it is meant to be eaten. Smoked maybe.
  7. I had no idea that Iain Banks had done this. You have just made my year.
  8. This has been the issue with anyone, except Stanley Kubrick, making a TV series or a movie. Essentially you are working on a committee to create an artistic vision. Being a writer, or Stanley Kubrick, is the only way create the piece of literature or movie that you want.
  9. It takes 7 minutes to orgasm. What to do with the minute and a half left?
  10. The book is never the movie. I watched it with that in mind and I avoided disappointment. I really do enjoy Richard Morgan's books but I don't ever expect them to be faithfully translated to the screen. As soon as a screenwriter takes the book and translates it into a screenplay it becomes her vision and not the writer's. Was it a good show? for me, I really enjoyed it. I have not read the book for quite a few years and details are hazy, but I enjoyed that too.
  11. Writing fan fiction crossover stories and stretching the plausibility as much as possible to suck in the unwary.
  12. Well, since we are talking formal wear and heat death, there can only be one answer. I will just have to pick out my most elegant but understated Hawaiian shirt. Bermuda shorts and sandals should be good also. No cargo shorts at the heat death of the universe please.
  13. Knowing that boobs have a propensity for travelling in pairs, count yourself lucky. Two handed masturbation is difficult to grasp.
  14. I remember this. And the ransom demand. The SLA wanted Hearst to give free food to the poor people in San Francisco. I can't wait to see that again. It wasn't handed out. It was thrown at the people.
  15. Be careful of what you wish for. You might get it.