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  1. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic Season 3 Blu-Ray/DVD Limited Eds. Pre-order from Amazon   

    Yes, I'm from Kansas City, MO or "Kayce." George tuckerized me as Ser Kennos of Kayce beginning with "A Storm of Swords" and again in both volumes that have followed. In fact, GRRM has put many of his friends in the novels, under various "insider" names. He even included a little bit of my personal history in my charcater's biography. I grew up in southern California and so Ser Kennos (my first name is Ken) serves House Ken(ning) in the Westerlands (i.e., SoCal--yuk-yuk). Did you catch his references to The Three Stooges in "A Game of Thrones"? At this point, I'm wondering when GRRM will kill me off! All charcaters, after all, are grist for the mill in ASoIaF!
  2. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic I Regret Nothing (except maybe the ghost chile shots). WorldCon Reports   

    Jesus H. Palomino, what a Worldcon I had! You know you've had a great time when you come home totally exhausted, needing at least two days to recover; I'm still not quite there--yet. (I'm still wondering if some stuff I remember even happened.) No Con Crud has manifesed so far, but these con things have a gestation period, so I may not be quite out of the woods.

    OK, where to begin?

    I celebrated my birthday at LonStarCon 3 on August 30th. During a Texas science fiction/fantasy writers panel, moderated by fellow Texan, old friend, and former Kansas Citian, fantasy writer Bradley Denton (aka Bland Lemon Denton in his Rock and Blues persona, who performed two concerts during the con), he and the audience sang "Happy Birthday" to me, much to my surprise; it was a sign of things to come...

    Now I thought I was a party monster after many, many years of attending science fiction conventions, but the BWB put this proud member of All Night Fandom to shame. Not having been to a Worldcon since 2003's Torcon 3 (in Toronto), where I met the first wave of BWBers, it was really great to once again meet up with Lodey and have several fine conversations with him during the con. And, of course, finally meeting the Bros feisty, inspiring, and fun-loving leader, X-Ray. I skillfully avoided (only by the skin of my tongue) her alluring argument to try the Bros Ghost Chili Vodka; being a non-drinker among a gathering of bottomless glass fanatics can be quite hazardous to ones sobriety, and tastebuds. But under pressure from GRRM, I later tried and really loved the new "Taking the Black" dark beer from Ommagang, which suddenly materialized (as if by dark magic) at the gathering before this tasty dark lager is available to the public; man, I could learn to *really love* this tasty beer! (What does this say about this non-drinker???) Meeting all the rest of the BWB during the Bros high-energy Friday night private party was memorable in so many ways; "it was a real blowout evening" hardly begins to describe it. And the next night, the public party was just, well, insane. No one should be allowed to have this much fun crammed together like sardines in a can without some kind of a permit...or a very good excuse afterwards.

    But the two big highlights of LoneStarCon 3 for me came as complete, total surprises Sunday evening--Hugo Awards night in the Marriott Rivercenter's main ballroom. After Pat Cadigan won her very first Hugo, during her overwhelmed, funny, and authentic "Oscar Moments" acceptance speech, she gave a shout-out and heart-felt "thank you" to me and my wife Terry; we've both known Pat for many years, ever since she lived in Kansas City and worked closely with me on the KC Worldcon, MidAmeriCon, back in '76. And later, after the ceremony, I had the great honor bestowed upon me by GRRM, one of my oldest and closest friends of 40+ years, of being his personal Official Hugo Award Bearer for the rest of Sunday evening, following LoneStarCon 3's terrific and often touching Hugo ceremony; that was quite the fannish honor.

    While toting around GRRM's brand new, heavy, brass-based Hugo, I was able to attend LoneStarCon 3's large, crowded, and very exclusive Hugo Nominees /&/L/o/s/e/r/s/ Party. (George founded this very party with Gardner Dozois at that KC Worldcon I chaired.) George, of course, resoundingly defeated the good Doctor's *three* (count 'em three) nominated episodes last Sunday evening, taking home the Dramatic Presentation, Short Form Hugo for his amazing Game of Thrones "Blackwater" episode. GRRM's fellow "GoT" producers, D.B. Weiss and David Bennioff, and the episode's amazing director Neil Jordon were also given Hugos for their collaborative efforts on that signature "GoT" episode, adapted and written by George.

    By the end of a very late evening, our grand "victory tour" of LoneStarCon 3 came to an end, including a stop in the Marriott Rivercenter's lobby and a meet-up with some of the Bros, including Lodey. Later, GRRM had all four "GoT" Hugos safely ensconced in his suite in the Marriott Riverwalk, where he, Parris, and I chatted into the wee hours of Monday morning; it was a night to remember, a night for the fannish ages, and one that I'll never, ever forget.
  3. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic Season 3 Blu-Ray/DVD Limited Eds. Pre-order from Amazon   

    I was visiting GRRM (I've known him for 40+ years) when he called me into his office to show me this deluxe set he discovered at Amazon; the artists rendition was quite impressive looking, and I ordered one copy when I got back home to KC the following week. But I'll be in interested to see what it really looks like when the final image is released on September 1st.
  4. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic LoneStarCon3 OFFICIAL HEADCOUNT   

    When I signed up (see 1st page) I forgot to request a +1 for my wife; please add a +1 to my name. Thanks! We'll both be staying at the Rivercenter.
  5. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic Let's Have Fun in San Antonio - What to Do?   

  6. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic SDCC New Merch: Figures and Maps and Popups Oh my!   

    A $59.95 retail price for a 9.25" x 11" five hardcover with 5 elaborate Westeros pop-up spreads seems very reasonably priced. Komack is a terrific illustrator (his Wild Cards cover art is always eye-catching). This one goes on one of my two GRRM bookcases (the 2nd 6-ft x 3-ft bookcase just added last week) when the book comes out next year.
  7. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a topic in Objects of Ice and Fire   

    Knock-off of Valyrian Steel's Longclaw, the Sword of Jon Snow
    It was bound to happen with the popularity of the novels and HBO series.

    A pirated, Chinese-made knock off of Valyrian Steel's GRRM-licensed Longclaw, the Sword of Jon Snow (this one has a HBO-inspired Direwolf sigil wall plaque):

    There are currently two of these pirated copies up for auction at eBay, the first auction is sitting at a little more than $152.00 with two+ left days to go (as of the date of this post). The other (direct link above) ends in roughly 9 days (August 4th).
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  8. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic Is Valyrian Steel a good investment?   

    GRRM announced recently on his Not A Blog that Needle was now OP from Valyrian Steel; I hadn't been paying close enough attention and let this detail slip right past me. I quickly went to Amazon and found they still had three Needles in stock; I ordered immediately, and I expect my copy to arrive in several days--a very close call. I can now add Needle to my stainess steel Longclaw and stainless steel Ice. Time to get ahead of the curve and get their Bartheon Warhammer and Dragonglass dagger set before they get close to going OP, too. But I tell you all this new rapid-fire Valyrian product is now gringing the bones of this longtime GRRM collector (I have hardcover 1st/1sts of *all* his books, not just his Ice and Fire series). I'm being tempted by Valyrian's licensed HBO series versions, but it's becoming $$$ impossible to keep up with it all, not at this pace, let along all the other Ice and Fire stuff out there now, too; I'm already selective in my GRRM product collecting, but my range must continue to narrow, something I'm not at all happy about; hard decisions ahead--always the curse of being a Collector.
  9. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic LoneStarCon3 OFFICIAL HEADCOUNT   

    I'll be at LoneStarCon 3 with the KC in '16 group as well. This will be my 2nd actual meet-up with the Bros. The first was waaay back at Torcon 3 in 2003 when GRRM was the Guest of Honor. I haven't been to a Worldcon in a decade!
  10. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic Did anyone pick up the Iron Throne replica?   

    I ordered both the 7" and 14" Iron Throne replicas from a reliable eBay dealer: $46.00 for the 7" and $219.00 for the 14", plus shipping for both, of course. (The 14" Iron Throne is one heavy mother, being cast in two pieces of polystone--base and throne!) I asked for and received #72 for 14" version; '72 was the year I first met and got to know GRRM. (At that point, I believe, George had sold three science fiction stories professionally to the sf digest magazines.) Both statues are gorgeous and attract attention!
  11. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic Did anyone pick up the Iron Throne replica?   

    I ordered both versions; see details below).
  12. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic Valyrian Steel Swords of Westeros Poster...   

    Is your for-sale screen print an officially licensed-from-GRRM product? If not, in creating it without permission and license you are in violation of Martin's international copyright and intellectual property rights; he strictly controls all the rights to for-sale products created from his Ice and Fire series. Be aware that his wife Parris is a member of this forum and looks for this kind of thing. She'll know about this print very quickly, if permission and a license has not been granted.
  13. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic A Game of Thrones graphic novel   

    I couldn't agree more. But I am buying the graphic novel collections (as they appear) for my large GRRM collection, while skipping the individual, frequently late single ssues, with their multiple cover Variants and Retailer Incentive versions done for each and every issue. I'll be surprised if the first novel ("A Game of Thrones") is ever finished, let along the rest of the books in the Ice and Fire series. My local comic shop has stopped carrying the individual issues entirely due to indifferent sales.
  14. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic Help please - College Survey on GOT Viewers   


    I'm waaaay over the maximum age limit listed; as for favorite films I have far too many to list on this survery, so I didn't. But I am a serious fan of film and bit of a film scholar, having both creatted and contributed heavily to Wikipdia's various film entires--I have an exensive film book research library, among my many collections.

    Let us know the outcome (and any conclusions) to your sample survery, if possible.
  15. Ser Kennos of Kayce added a post in a topic What would I pay for a complete collection of the books?   

    As a longtime serious book collector with more than 5000 volumes in my collection, I'd like to offer some collecting and buying advise:

    Prices will vary, so you must be a prudent Web shopper. Do you have an upper limit budget for the series? If not, set one and then set out to stay on budget. How important is a hardcover's overall condition to you? Are you a book collector? If your're looking for only U. S. First Edtion/First Printings of each Ice and Fire novel (usually listed as1st/1st or a variant of that wording) you should likely go for the very best condition, otherwise what's the point of going to all the trouble of buying 1st/1sts?

    That would be book listings stating overall condition as Fine with a Fine dust jacket (or maybe the slighly less Fine-). Note: some amateur booksellers will use collector's comics terminology: Near Mint/Near Mint (NM/NM)--both mean the same thing, generally, when referring to hardcover and trade paperback books. Signed copies will, of course, cost you more, sometimes much more. Buy *unsigned* copies intead, and then get them signed later at a convention or GRRM book sighning. (Or you can send them directly to GRRM for him to sign after first making arrangements to do so with Ty Franck, his office manager.)

    Buy the early volumes first. I think your best bet is shop both eBay and the large book search wesite: at the same time. Price and conditons will vary at both, but prudent shopping (and timing) when buying each volume should be a part of your purchasing strategy. *Be patient* and look for the best deals on each volume. Check weekly for new listings at both websites--or sooner if you have the time. Ask detailed questions of the Sellers, if any, before your commit to a book purchase.

    Request very sturdy, Post Awful-proof packing on each volume before you buy to protect your investment. *Address-to-address* (*not* the cheaper and worthless zip code-to-zip code) postal insurance is a *must* in order to protect your investment while it's on it way to your address.

    If the particular Ice and Fire novel being puchased doesn't have an archival book wrapper installed (most longtime Booksellers sell their hardcovers with them) ask the Seller if he can provide one. I usually don't recommend Brodart archival wrappers because they can actually damage a book's Fine or Fine- dust jacket if installed incorrectly--I prefer using simple 2-mil or 3-mil wrap-around clear archival covers. Ask the Seller's preference, if any.

    OK, armed with all the above advice, it's time to begin The Search. Good luck on your shopping!.