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  1. Who are your top four characters?

    1 Robert Baratheon 2 Eddard Stark 3 Rob Stark 4 The Imp 5 Arya Stark
  2. The Grand Small Council

    King: Robert Baratheon Hand: Jon Arryn Grand Maester: Luwin Master of Coin: Tyrion Lannister Master of Laws: Eddard Stark Master of Ships: Davos Seaworth LC/KG Barristan Selmy
  3. Create your Westerosi house

    House Name: Aurelius House Words: Honor above all else Sigil: A white Anatolian Shepard on a field of dark blue (almost black) Weapon: A Valyrain great sword (Winters Bane) Founder: Wilbur Aurelius Current Lord: Augustus Aurelius Titles: Keepers of the Far North Location: Far North Seat : The Stone Keep Blood: The first men Lands: Mountains north of The Wolf Woods Religion: The Old Gods Allies: Stark