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  1. No, I provided the context to his comment, as the quote indicates. The quote also says quite clearly that NCW doesn't think Jaime would ever act on whatever feelings he may have for Brienne, because it's been about Cersei his whole life, which I believe is what dsug was saying. As much as he may care for Brienne, Cersei is his whole world. I mean, you can try to diminish Jaime and Cersei's love for each other by throwing around words like "toxic" and "unhealthy," and by trying to frame Jaime as a poor innocent lamb led down the garden path of sin and dysfunction by wicked, nasty Cersei (never mind that even Book Cersei was appalled by Jaime trying to kill Bran, LOL), but you won't get very far. All the so-called love stories in ASOIAF are pretty fucked up and unhealthy, but they are still sold and presented as love stories by GRRM. Love is love, even the love between two awful, fucked-up people like Jaime and Cersei. In fact, Jaime and Cersei's relationship is the central love story of ASOIAF, if indeed there is one.
  2. Yes, I thought NCW said as much in a recent interview at SXSW: “It’s built out of contempt, which has turned into real respect, and love—not that [Jaime and Brienne] would ever use that word. I think they feel very strongly for each other. I have no idea if they would ever be able to act on it, and I don’t think they would. It’s all been about Cersei his whole life.” I can't see Jaime and ever Brienne hooking up in the show, even though D&D have invested time in building up that relationship. Can you imagine Jaime and Brienne in a passionate embrace?...Yeah, me neither.
  3. Jon slamming LF up against a wall in the crypts sounds like something that is likely to make the trailers, since it's a non-spoilery bit of action. Let's see if it shows up.
  4. More tidbits from Lads2: 1. The Hound and the other members of the BWB get taken prisoner by the wildlings when the wildlings see them approaching from the south and the BWB refuse to state their business. 2. The writers imply that Qyburn invented the anti-dragon gun. 3. One poster pointed out that Jon slamming LF against a wall is like what Ned did to LF in Season 1. Lads2 says that the script actually says that Jon's movements echo Ned's. 4. Melisandre is in 7x02 and 7x03. She advises Dany that Jon should be summoned. Melisandre's scenes amount to a scene with Dany and then a scene with Varys where she talks about bringing ice and fire together. 5. Jorah returns to Dany early into 7x05, and the first thing he sees is Dany and Jon standing close together and talking.
  5. They joked about killing her off in Season 8. It wouldn't matter if she died in Season 7. Could be as a corpse, like with Tywin. More stuff from Lads2 (grain of salt, etc. etc.): 1. LF gives the Valyrian steel dagger to Bran, who gives it to Arya. 2. Sansa is taken aback when she sees Arya spar with Brienne. LF and Sansa have a couple of scenes alone in the courtyard, though, so the still could be from another scene. 3. Qyburn demonstrates the anti-dragon gun by firing a bolt through one of the dragon skulls at the Red Keep. The weapon is brought out during the battle on wheels in a covered wagon. 4. The BWB don't go to Winterfell. They head straight for the Wall. The other soldiers shown in the still with the Hound are nameless BWB members (...wight fodder, essentially). 5. On the way to the Wall, the Hound finds the farmer and his daughter from Season 4 dead, and the Hound insists on burying them, which surprises the other members of the BWB. 6. In the scene shown in the Arya still, Arya overhears what has been happening in KL (with the Sept, etc.) by eavesdropping on the men behind her. Then she meets Hot Pie, who gives her cooking tips, tells her she's pretty, and who also tells her that the Boltons no longer have Winterfell and that Jon is in charge. She then decides to turn north on the Kingsroad and head to Winterfell. 7. Cersei learns she is pregnant at the end of Episode 5.
  6. Well, /Sizethirteendick has posted a few tidbits about Sansa here and there, sometimes claiming that he could have made them up, always with plausible deniability: 1. /Sizethirteendick has said that Maisie Williams' reference to Season 7 ending in a cliffhanger is "probably not" a reference to the WWs marching south. According to Lads1 and Lads2, there is no cliffhanger in the Winterfell storyline, or at least in Arya's storyline, since it ends with Arya executing LF on Sansa's orders. 2. In response to a request for "fake leaks," /Sizethirteendick said the following: Sansa defends Petyr to Bran. Sansa and Arya argue over establishing the Stark family legacy through marriage. Sansa uses a kiss to get something she wants. When pressed, /Sizethirteendick said "Could be three lies or what the hell, could be three truths." 3. When someone made a post asking commenters to "piss off Freefolk with one sentence," /Sizethirteendick posted that Sansa dies when Cersei sends an assassin to kill her, and then when another user responded "You finally leaked it!", /Sizethirteendick deleted the comment.
  7. I'm not surprised that Gendry isn't mentioned. Posters on /Freefolk have pointed out that there's a pattern of big GOT promo material being released every three weeks: the Sigils teaser, the Long Walk teaser, and now the Season 7 stills. Three weeks from today is May 11th, and three weeks from that date is June 1st, which is just a few days before the series finale of The Leftovers (Sunday, June 4th). So...first trailer will be June 1st or June 4th, I guess?
  8. Didn't Lads2 say that Arya has a scene with Hot Pie at the Inn at the Crossroads? Assuming Lads2 is correct about that scene, the Arya still could be from that scene. I went back to last year's dump of production photos here. Most of them are from fairly early in the season, but there are some from as late as 6x05. So the stills are likely from the first five episodes this year as well.
  9. Lads2 may very well be fake, but as has been pointed out, Sheila has been mentioned before. /Sizethirteendick, another /freefolk poster who claims to have inside information about the show and who hinted that Sansa is killed off at the end of Season 7, said that the Jaime/Cersei scene is from their meeting with Tycho Nestoris. Lads2 says it's from their first meeting with Euron. If Lads2 is a fake, they will be outed as such early into the season, given their fairly specific descriptions of scenes that happen early on (Jon in the crypts, Arya with the Lannister soldiers and Ed Sheeran, etc.).
  10. Based on the leaks, it looks like a number of these are from 7x01 or 7x02: Jon in the crypts, Lyanna and Davos at Winterfell, Dany and company at Dragonstone without Jon, etc. In the past, some of the preseason photo dumps have been from various episodes, so there might be a few other episodes snuck in there. We'll see. Lads2 is back at it again, with the following spoilers--or "spoilers," depending on whether or not you think he's the real deal, with quotes bolded: 1. Jon in the Winterfell crypts: He's looking at Ned's statue. He has a scene with Littlefinger in the crypt - Jon goes down there to be with a statue of Ned before he leaves for Dragonstone, and LF shows up and starts trying to worm his way into Jon's confidence. Jon forces him up against a wall a threatens him once LF starts talking about how much he loves Sansa. Nah, I never mentioned it. It's a 2 page scene, and not much happens In it bar a slimy LF attempt to worm his way into Jon's trust, and Jon slamming him against a wall when he says he loves Sansa. It's a nothing scene, really. Sorry. It's more about how Jon 'owes' him for bringing the Vale troops during BOtB. This is exactly what this scene is [Jon making a visit to the crypts before leaving Winterfell]. He'll have a small, aggressive interaction with LF down here, then in the next scene say goodbye to Ghost and be on his way. 2. Littlefinger and Sansa watching the Winterfell yard: I think it'll be when they watch Arya spar with Brienne and defeat her - [Littlefinger] realises [Arya] is VERY dangerous and better kept offside. 3. Arya in the tavern: This isn't [Arya's scene with Lannister soldiers] though, that happens outdoors. 4. Tormund/Brienne bearfucking humour: Pretty sure I mentioned that Brienne and Tormund have an interaction - this is him telling her about Sheila, his bear 'friend' and wondering if she's still out there, somewhere. It takes a second or two for Brienne to realise exactly what he's telling her. A high comedy moment. [Following comments are mine, not Lads2's]: ....LOL, if the bit about Jon slamming LF up against a wall when LF talks about how much he loves Sansa is true, we're never going to hear the end of it from Jonsa shippers. I don't think Arya is at the Twins, since the dudes in the background are missing the telltale Frey hats, and also since she's Arya and not "in character" as Walder Frey.
  11. Season 7 stills are here!
  12. I agree, but there are so many plot issues with the FM storyline that the show conveniently forgetting about Jaqen's Season 2 promise that she could kill anyone she wanted on her list is just a drop in the bucket. My biggest problem was the FM just letting Arya peace out after she kills the person sent to kill her. If she's truly "no one" after all and a valuable asset to the FM, why let her leave?
  13. No, I think you're right. Book Jaqen doesn't say anything about her list. They don't talk about killing people at all in the books in that passage (other than Jaqen saying that he must die). In the show, when Arya begs Jaqen to teach her how and says she wants to do it too, she's referring to his ability to kill people, not his face changing. In the books, Arya is referring to his face changing. In the show, Jaqen only changes his face when he bids Arya farewell, whereas in the books, it's Jaqen changing his face that gets Arya's interest and has her asking how he does it.
  14. Let's talk about the new costumes

    Tyrion ditched Lannister colours in Season 4, representing his break with his family. He hasn't worn red since. I like Arya's outfit. Apart from her Braavos outfit, most of her clothing has been pretty plain, so it's nice to see something extra like the cloak. The leather jacket looks much like what the Stark men wear, though. Hard to say much about Sansa since we don't see much of her dress. Even though their costumes are not that far removed from other things they've worn in past seasons, Missandei and Dany look like they belong on Star Trek, I dunno.
  15. Endgame roles for all major characters (TV only)

    Arya, Tyrion and Jaime are all either in the north or headed north as of the end of Season 7. They'll all be fighting the WWs one way or another. One of them is going to have to track south again to deal with Cersei. I don't see why it couldn't be Jaime as easily as Tyrion or Arya. The show seems to have built up more of a connection between Cersei and Arya, so she could be the one.