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  1. The leaks are definitely a hoax, for two reasons I'll put under a spoiler bar: A+ for effort, though. I can see why someone would be fooled.
  2. I don't know if it's possible at this point to have a spoiler that contradicts all fan theories. Fans are a pretty creative and imaginative bunch. I will say that this is some grade-A trolling if IrishThrones are just yanking our chains. And if they do know something earthshattering and entirely unforeseen but are withholding it, it's downright cruel to tease. Oh, well. Makes life interesting, LOL.
  3. Tease from IrishThrones on Twitter, after warning about fake spoilers: They know something that "throws all theories so far heard out the window"??? Interesting.
  4. There have been many discussions on these boards about how pretty Lyanna (and by extension Arya, who so resembles Lyanna that Bran mistook Lyanna for Arya in ADWD) supposedly was, but even Kevan Lannister grudgingly conceded that Lyanna had "wild beauty," so Lyanna and by extension Arya couldn't have been that bad. I don't buy Arya as the YMBQ, though, for what it's worth. A Jaime/Olenna-type scene (seven minutes, tops) is fine. I don't need to see Dany and Cersei pontificating on the nature for power and how sisters need to do it for themselves or whatever for 20 minutes so that D&D can engage in a last-ditch effort to get Lena her Emmy.
  5. So you don't think Sansa will be interim LOW, or you don't think she'll end up as LOW? What do you think her endgame fate will be if not LOW? Dead? Lady of the Vale? Something else? (Don't mean to come off as snarky, I'm genuinely curious and honestly don't know where she'll wind up if not LOW or dead.) I suppose, but Jon being in love with Arya and forced to give her up for a loveless political marriage vs. Jon being in love with Dany instead of Arya and marrying her strike me as qualitatively different to the point where they can't be said to be the same ending, for all three characters (Jon, Dany and Arya).
  6. I agree, but as @jcmontea pointed out, it's in keeping with the ongoing theme in the books that great power isn't acquired without great sacrifice. He's not "an old man in a tree" at present, though, at least in the show. Bloodraven was physically fused to the roots of the tree, while Bran is not. He seems to have the 3ER's powers without needing to be physically fused to the weirwood, too. Bran sounded pretty definitive to me: "I can never be lord of anything" is a strong statement. If he had said "I can never be lord of anything as long as I'm the 3ER," then that would be different. I agree that Bran ending up as LOW seems more in keeping with the books than Sansa ending up as LOW, but the show seems to be pointing away from that ending, and D&D are not subtle when it comes to this stuff.
  7. I thought Arya's encounter with Nymeria and the writers' comments about the scene pointed in the opposite direction: Arya will reject domestication and life in a castle, just as Nymeria did. Me, neither, which is why I previously dismissed the possibility. However, in the show, if Jon is endgame king, if Arya rejects a settled life at Winterfell in favour of adventurous wandering (as Nymeria did), and if Bran maintains his "I can never be lord of Winterfell" stance, which is where things to be heading at the moment, whom does that leave except the person who's already running Winterfell and doing a decent job of it (or at least so the writers want us to think)? I'm not ruling out a shocking demise for Sansa--anything's possible--but right now, the show seems to have positioned her as the most likely candidate for endgame Lady of Winterfell. As for the outline, the original outline also seemed to be hinting pretty strongly at endgame Jon/Arya (a mutual passion that would torment them until Jon's parentage is revealed in the then-final volume), which is looking increasingly unlikely in the show, so it's hard to know what GRRM has changed and what he has kept. (Ditto for the "five surviving characters.") He has insisted that he has kept the ending the same for the major characters since the beginning (and in particular Jon, Arya and Tyrion), but if he at one point wanted Jon and Arya to end up together and subsequently changed his mind about it, then GRRM's insistence that he has always had the same ending in mind for the leads is obviously unreliable. It's possible that GRRM planned to kill off Sansa in 1993 but subsequently decided to spare her and decided to make her endgame Lady of Winterfell. It's also possible that he always planned to kill Sansa off and all he has done in ASOIAF is delay her death until the last part of the series as opposed to killing her off fairly early on as the outline suggests. I think we'll only know for certain once Season 8 airs, since her endgame in the show will be roughly the same as in the books. Except that Bran answers that he can't be LOW, he can never be lord of anything. Like Arya's "That's not me," if anything, it's anti-foreshadowing. ...To be fair, though, "never" is a tricky word in ASOIAF.
  8. Yeah, me neither. I'm operating right now under the assumption that Sansa will end up with Winterfell and Arya will wind up setting off on her own, maybe even going west of Westeros--since that seems to be where both characters are headed as of S7--but I don't know where that leaves Bran. Is he just going to chill at Winterfell plugged into the weirwood Internet? On the LF/Sansa issue: I don't know that GRRM told D&D anything about LF's death other than "Sansa outmaneuvres him and orders his execution." Having Arya and Bran in the mix seems like a show-only thing.
  9. I laughed at the way ROTK cruised past half a dozen scenes that seemed like good ending points, but I'll feel cheated if we get anything less than a proper, sufficiently leisurely denouement. To be entirely fair to Kit, I can't see any of the actors whom we know auditioned for Jon Snow and weren't picked--Sam Claflin, Iwan Rheon, Alfie Allen, Harry Lloyd, etc. etc.--as Jon Snow. Still, I find it hard to believe that Kit's the best they could have gotten. I was never particularly impressed with (original Dany cast) Tamzin Merchant in other works, I never thought she was beautiful enough to play Daenerys, and I realize there aren't that many actresses running around who are both stunningly beautiful and incredibly talented, but again, I find it hard to believe that Emilia was the best they could have done. Really? Must have blocked it out, LOL.
  10. LOL, no errors detected. The Jon/Arya reunion is earned, but the rest? Meh. Possibly, but I dunno. That hasn't been referenced since S3. Given that in one of the S7 script outlines, Bran actually has a vision remembering Jaime pushing him from the tower and that this vision has no subsequent impact on Bran's arc in S7, I think you can take that one to the bank.
  11. Lena Headey's Cersei is the show's biggest asset and its worst liability, if that makes any sense. No disrespect to Ms. Headey: she's one of the few good actresses left on the show--there, I said it--and TV Cersei is a meaty, compelling character. However, at the same time, I'm getting tired of her gobbling up screen time that could be better spent on more deserving plotlines, and I suspect I'm not the only one. (The Tyene/Ellaria/Cersei scene from S7 is a good example. Great scene, decently written, well acted, but a bit too indulgent and award baity for my preference.) So while I realize that we're likely stuck with Cersei until 8x06, I'll be miffed if she manages to survive until the last 20 minutes of the last episode, only to get a 15-minute monologue when she finally dies. Cersei deserves a fitting death, but not at the expense of the rest of the show. With a cast that's been whittled down to a handful of characters and rumours that S8 episodes will be supersized, I'm hoping--not predicting, but hoping--that S8 has a little more room to breathe with respect to character interaction, so it's not all plot plot plot and battle battle battle.
  12. Two things I feel confident predicting for Jon/Dany in S8: 1. There will be drama (Jon being Targ heir, Tarlys being burnt, etc.). 2. It won't amount to very much in the end. Jon and Dany will still be in love and will still present a united front against the WWs.
  13. I posted the transcript from that interview upthread, but here it is again (from May 2014): Interviewer: Do you know--speaking of chaotic--do you know the endgame, do you know sort of what happens after the books end? Have you been let in on where things are going? Dinklage: Yeah. A little bit, yeah. I'd have to kill you. [Banter over killing interviewer] Yeah, I mean, they've sort of hinted at things. I sort of don't want to know, but I've heard rumours from the people who know, you know, usually over a couple glasses of wine. You gotta loosen up their tongues a little bit. He implies he knows something, but as I said before, it's very vague.
  14. I'll cop to thinking it was funny at first, but him foisting his attentions on her despite her obvious lack of interest is not cute. D&D, however, predictably responded to the positive fan reaction to Tormund's crush on Brienne as they usually do: by cranking it to 11 and banging the audience over the heads with it. At least Tormund hitting on Sandor shows that he's an equal-opportunity harasser (and Tormund's comment at Hardhome that Jon is "prettier than both my daughters" takes on an interesting meaning in light of the hints in 7x06 that Tormund is bi). No, it makes a lot of sense. Rereading the books, though, it's clear how few happy, healthy relationships there are. There are romances, sure, but they're usually dysfunctional at best, abusive at worst, and almost entirely all doomed to a horrible, untimely end. It's really not the sort of series where one should expect everyone to pair off and live happily ever after. I'll go out on a limb and say that Sam and Gilly's relationship is the only one on the show--romantic or otherwise--that feels remotely realistic or like real people having a real relationship. (A possible runner-up is Beric and Thoros, who seem like they might actually be friends.) The other relationships on the show, as entertaining as they might be, are of the kind that don't really exist outside fiction. Jaime/Brienne is a good example. It's great fun, but that's not how real people interact with each other. It's a specific idea of a relationship rather than a relatable living, breathing dynamic. I will say that for all that GRRM is praised for his characterization, I think that a lot of the ASOIAF characters are more ideas of characters--even straight-up cliches or tropes in some cases--than characters who think and act and relate to each other the way that real people do. And it's hardly surprising that given how many characters there are, and given how GRRM is openly playing with genre tropes, that you get some pretty abstract, unrealistic characters in the mix. Sometimes this flat or tropey quality to the characterization works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it doesn't matter all that much, but I feel that that aspect of the books has an impact on how the relationships come across. If you have two characters who are written more like ideas or thought experiments than like real people, then of course their interactions won't ring true as realistic and character-driven and will feel like boiled-over romcom nonsense or like rehashed romance novel cliches. Of course, the plot-focused, shallow writing in the show compounds the problem, but I don't think all the blame for shitty romance and poor relationship development can be laid at D&D's feet. You take two cartoons and smash their faces together, you still have two cartoons.
  15. Does this quote relate to Jonerys, though? The first part seems to be referencing the similarities between Jon and Luke, but the bit about proper succession and incest seems like a non sequitur. I guess Alfie Allen smoked a lot of weed that day or something.