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  1. How so? Rhaegar died at the Trident. If anything, it foreshadows her doom.
  2. No S8 audition information yet. S7 is fairly sparse on new faces, and with the show winding down, I wouldn't expect a bunch of new people in the last season, either. We do know that Mark Gatiss (Tycho Nestoris, the Iron Bank representative) is back for two episodes in Season 8. No release date for S8 yet. The official word from HBO (via EW) is we're looking at a late 2018/early 2019 release.
  3. A young Emmy Rossum, maybe?
  4. You mean Aemon's speech to Jon about needing to choose between duty and family? Do you mean that he'll be forced to abandon his romance with Dany to fight the Others and will die in the attempt, or something else? I have two big problems with what I see Jon's two possible endgames at this point: 1. If he's destined to die heroically fighting the WWs...why make such a big deal out of his parentage and legitimacy? 2. If he's destined to become endgame king and reign for the next 40 years or whatever...why kill him off and resurrect him in a way that (in the books at least) will make him effectively a zombie? I can't get around either, and GRRM's recent "fire wight" comments about Beric--which he said were intended as foreshadowing for Jon--also point away from a King Jon endgame to me. ASOIAF gets plenty weird, but not so weird as to have the endgame sits-the-throne-for-the-next-several-decades king be a zombie for all intents and purposes. On the other hand, who cares whether Jon is legitimate or not if he's just going to die again anyway? /Freefolk. Short 7x02 outline: "The note tells them that they need Dany's help to defeat the Night King and that Dany needs their help to defeat Cersei. Both Sansa and Jon admit to liking and trusting Tyrion." Extended 7x02 outline: "For one thing, [the invitation]'s written by Tyrion Lannister, a man both Sansa and Jon knew and respected." "...Jon counters that they both know Tyrion. Sansa herself said he was a good man. Does she really think they'd betray him? Sansa points out that all they have a letter. Perhaps it's a trick. Perhaps Tyrion is dead and this is all a trap. Besides, she might be fond of Tyrion but he's not family. It's what Jon told her last year; they have so many enemies now. They have to stick together." There's a lot of ASOIAF speculation that Sansa is going to go up against Tyrion---Tyrion is in a downward spiral in the books and may decide he wants revenge against Sansa for betraying him, Tyrion is suggested by some as a candidate for the "savage giant" Sansa is destined to slay, etc. etc.--but judging from the show, if/when they reunite they seem like they'll be on good terms, although I doubt it will translate into anything like a remarriage.
  5. I agree. I don't have an issue with the choice Dany gave, and I think it was pretty generous to even offer that choice in the first place given that the soldiers and lords had helped destroy one of her key allies, but using dragonfire as a method of execution was completely unnecessary, not to mention very dumb for someone hoping to avoid being lumped in with her father. It got the result she wanted, since after the executions the holdouts quickly bent the knee, but at what cost? It's not her job to change his mind. Why should she? He helped the Lannisters end what was left of the Tyrells. and after being defeated he still refused to recognize her as queen. Begging a traitor to save his own life after he already made it clear he would refuse to do so is beneath Dany's dignity if she intends to be taken seriously as a conqueror. He's an adult, she gave him an easy out, and he refused. Fair enough. 7x05 writer Dave Hill said that the Tarlys managed to get a loss out of a win-win situation. He's not wrong. Dany gave them a way to avoid death, and they refused. That's on them.
  6. Yes, indeed, that will do as well.
  7. Jon having a Moment with Drogon and not Rhaegal was very interesting. It also seems like confirmation of Dany's death if the show sticks to the book rules of "one dragon, one rider" (as long as the rider lives), doesn't it? If Jon is going to ride Drogon, he can't do so until Dany dies (at least by book rules, the TV writers can do whatever they want). I thought that the way that Jon's interaction with Drogon in 7x05 and Tyrion's interaction with Rhaegal in 6x02 were framed was very similar. Does that plus Jon and Drogon having a moment mean that Tyrion will get Rhaegal, or that Rhaegal will die before Rhaegal gets a rider? Highly unlikely, in my opinion, although it's true that Tyrion is the only guy regarding whom TV Sansa has expressed any positive feelings outside her own family. In the leaked outlines for 7x02, it's indicated that Sansa "likes," "trusts," "respects" and even "is fond of" Tyrion, and Tyrion similarly shows a lack of rancour towards Sansa, so at least if/when they meet again there won't be any drama, but it's a big leap from there to Sansa and Tyrion remaining married, particularly since Sansa is so concerned with power and independence, both of which she'd have to relinquish in going back to Tyrion, and since the leaked outlines for aired S7 episodes spell out that Tyrion is in love with Dany. ...It's not impossible, of course, at least until either Tyrion or Sansa dies, but it is unlikely, in my opinion. Considering that 7x05 spelled out that Sansa is not only resentful of Jon's rule (which was already hinted) but is secretly hoping that Jon dies to clear the way for her to rule the North, I think we can write off that possibility. Sansa's only OTP in the show at this point is Sansa/power, although given that in GOT/ASOIAF it's those who never sought power to begin with who outlive and ultimately rise higher than the ambitious ones, I wonder what Sansa being power-hungry according to the TV writers, coupled with the comparisons to Cersei, means for her endgame. If the Arya/Jon/Tyrion triangle has been changed for the books, judging from S7, Arya was swapped out for Dany, not Sansa, since Jon is falling in love with Dany and Tyrion has apparently already fallen in love with her.
  8. I will say I don't mind that FM-trained Arya was so effortlessly led around the nose by LF, for a few reasons: 1. Arya left the FM early. Incomplete her training is. 2. Arya isn't used to dealing with anyone much smarter than she is and doesn't have any idea how dangerous LF is. 3. LF is a seasoned KL veteran and is accustomed to spies trying to tail him. 4. Arya is overconfident due to her recent successes with the Freys and therefore careless and sloppy.
  9. Nah. The punishment for treason, which is what the Northern lords were openly proposing, is death. Jon said as much in 7x01. Jon also cut Janos Slynt's head off for less, for those making the absurd claim that Jon would be horrified by Arya's suggestion. Sansa was out of line for not shutting that shit down with a quickness (instead she let their praise sink in before saying that Jon was doing what HE thinks is best, a not-so-subtle jab for the Northern lords who have seen her openly criticize Jon's decisions), and Arya was correct to call her on it. I think what infuriated Arya was not so much Sansa's failure to defend Jon but Sansa pretending that she wasn't power-hungry and that her motives were pure.
  10. I think what infuriated Arya was Sansa acting like she was only doing what she was doing for political reasons, was perfectly happy with Jon in charge, and didn't truly desire power, which is why Arya called her on it.
  11. I think the writing implied that Arya was correct that Sansa was hoping that Jon wouldn't come back so that she could rule without him and get the power she wants (even if she felt bad for feeling that way), because Sansa when called on it couldn't deny it. They weren't just talking about Sansa contemplating the possibility that Jon may die, since Sansa characterized Arya's suggestion as a "horrible thing"; Arya was talking about Sansa--albeit secretly and guiltily--wanting Jon to die so that she could get Winterfell. It's nice to get a reminder that Arya has always cared about Jon more than Sansa ever did or will and is outraged that Sansa would ever hope for Jon's death, even guiltily, because it would clear the way for her rule. Watching her fiercely defend Jon and get angry at Sansa for failing to do so feels more like Book Arya.
  12. Yes. The show has left out the bit about Rhaegar wanting one more kid for his prophecy and Elia being presumably unable to provide one for his health, which would make the Henry VIII comparison even stronger, since Henry VIII set aside his marriage because Anne Boleyn promised him a son. I love how fans have been saying that Dany should supposedly STFU about being the rightful queen because Robert took the throne by force and that she's arrogant and entitled for thinking otherwise, but the moment it's revealed that Jon is Rhaegar's legitimate son, he's suddenly the rightful king. If Dany's claim doesn't entitle her to be queen of Westeros because Robert took the throne and kicked out the Targs, then neither does Jon's.
  13. They'll get over it in a hurry when the WWs invade and Jon's leadership is the only thing standing between them and annihilation. GRRM weighs in: If Sansa and Arya marry nobodies--like, say, Sandor Clegane or Gendry Waters--they would keep their names, and their kids would have the Stark name, just like Maege Mormont's kids. Nobody knows whether Maege even has a husband. Her children bear the Mormont name in any event. There's also precedent in Stark history, according to the story of Bael the Bard. Supposedly, at one time there was only one surviving Stark daughter who was impregnated by Bael and gave birth to his bastard, to whom she gave the name Stark and who continued the legitimate Stark line. Also, to bring this back to the original of Bran being unable to continue the Stark line, Jon can't continue the Stark line, either. He's a Targaryen bastard, not a Stark bastard, and if legitimized, he'd be a legit Targ, not a legit Stark, and any children he would have would be Targs. You also pointed out that Dany will be unable to continue the Targ line (as an argument for Jon/Sansa), which suggests that you cede the point that Jon would be continuing the Targ line and not the Stark line if legitimized. TLDR: Sansa and Arya can continue the Stark line as long as they marry someone of lesser status.
  14. This is true of all the main female characters. Nothing can keep LF from creeping on Sansa. LF doesn't care whom Sansa marries, as long as he's the one who ends up with her in the end. No, it wouldn't. The Northerners named Jon their king, and the other Starks would support Jon's kingship. Marrying another Stark would bring nothing additional to the table. Marriage alliances are supposed to forge bonds with houses that would otherwise be unfriendly. There's no house friendlier to Jon than House Stark. Arya and Sansa can have kids with lesser nobles and give them the Stark name. Or they can birth bastards and give them the Stark name, which is what Maege Mormont did with her kids. Jon doesn't need to factor in at all. Arya and Sansa can marry anyone they want. Because that presupposes that Jon and Sansa would need to marry for political reasons, and that isn't true. Not to mention that Sansa is unlikely to want to marry for any reason other than love, after being forced into two sham marriages for political purposes. If Jon is legitimized, he doesn't need to marry Sansa to father Targs; he can marry anyone he wants.
  15. Be that as it may, Sansa is very unlikely to be interested in resuming the marriage. In addition to her established hatred of the Lannisters and lack of attraction to Tyrion, in the show, with Bran taking himself out of the running in 7x03, Sansa seems on track to be the endgame lady of Winterfell, which is incompatible with her ending up at Casterly Rock. I suppose Tyrion could always end up as lord of Winterfell, but that seems highly unlikely, and Tyrion looks like he's on track to end up with Casterly Rock. It looks like they'll have separate futures. I agree. There looks like there will be a final reckoning involving Cersei, Jaime, Arya, Sansa, and the Cleganes, although given Tyrion and Cersei's relationship it would be odd if he weren't in the mix somehow. I always wondered why Tywin would be so quick to imply that Joanna cheated on him (by openly doubting his paternity of Tyrion) if he loved her so much.