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  1. Two crew members have talked about three months' worth of night shoots: a makeup artist and an assistant director. The assistant director posted on Instagram last week about it being "week 3 of 11." Tacking on eight weeks to that takes us to the beginning of April. We know that Miguel Sapochnik's "big things" will be filmed in March and likely involve the big KL set which is still being built. My guess is that the night shoots involve both the Winterfell battle and the final confrontation in KL. Maisie Williams did an interview with People recently where she mentioned that the day before the interview she had been doing combat training. Going by the fact that the Winterfell battle stuff has been shot at the Moneyglass exterior set over the past month and a half, we can piece together who is and who isn't involved based on who's been spotted in Belfast around that time. Kit, Maisie, NCW, Gwendoline Christie, Joe Dempsie, Rory McCann, and Kristofer Hivju have all been spotted in Belfast at various points over the past six weeks. NCW and Gwendoline were filming together for a week in January. So it stands to reason that Jon, Arya, Jaime, Brienne, Gendry, the Hound, and Tormund are all involved in the fighting at Winterfell. (One can probably safely assume Jorah and Pod are also in the mix, even if I don't believe their actors have been seen in Belfast over the past six weeks.) Of course, that assumes that they haven't been filming other scenes while the Winterfell battle shoots are ongoing.
  2. If the KL set is for a simple roasting with dragonfire, they don't need a physical set for that: they can CGI it as they did with the street scenes for the wildfire explosion. There's going to be a lot of action with extras on that set, or else they wouldn't bother building it. The production designer spoke about Miguel Sapochnik filming big things in March. I'm guessing the KL set is for that. The next batch of real spoilers will probably come out of the KL set filming in March. I don't expect much for the next little while (although I'd love to be proven wrong). ETA: Maisie Williams was spotted today in Belfast. Rory McCann was apparently seen at the Belfast airport this morning (although it's not known whether he was flying in or out of town). Hound/Arya scenes incoming?
  3. 1.It's that video which seems to be of the attackers yelling that's leading people to think that the attackers are human and not wights. 2. I agree re: the battles, although they're not going to construct such an elaborate set unless a lot of human action will be involved. Otherwise, they could just CGI the destruction (think the exterior of the sept explosion sequence).
  4. Looks more like McQueen to me. A lot depends on what is happening in that Jon/Cersei scene (assuming it isn't a fake). Is he a prisoner? Is he offering his help against an imminent WW attack on KL? Is he giving her one last chance to surrender before Dany and her dragons level the city? If the two big set pieces in S8 that we know about--battle of Winterfell, siege of KL--are human vs. human, that begs the question of how they're going to deal with the NK threat. Even with a lavish $90 million budget or whatever it is, they can't afford to have three huge battles in one season. So if the two big set pieces don't involve the WWs and involve human conflicts, how will the WWs be defeated? That site is full of it. They once claimed that one of their sources had informed them that Sansa would die bearing Ramsay's child in S7. With that said, Rory McCann was seen in Belfast around the same time they were shooting the Winterfell battle, so it's quite likely that the Hound is involved in the battle somehow. There are also scenarios where the Hound is fighting with Unsullied for other reasons, like maybe he talks smack about the Unsullied's abilities and they spar with him to prove him wrong.
  5. I believe that for S7, there were pap shots of a Jaime/Cersei scene in front of that very same window. That's probably how the paps knew to target it. An article from L7R was posted a few days ago about the Belfast exterior set (which is standing in for KL). Key points: 1. Last weekend was spent moving fuel tanks, but on Monday, the fuel tanks were gone, and L7R speculates that it's because they had been used: smoke could be seen rising from the set. 2. A hole was made in one of the walls (meaning a breach from an attack, maybe?). 3. Filming isn't yet over, because a sort of tower is being added to the walls. Pics are in the article I linked. This has led L7R to speculate that rather than a simple dragon attack, KL is being subjected to a full siege.
  6. Yes, here. I'm wondering if the autographs were a hoax and Isaac isn't there after all. Looks like only Jon, Cersei and Cersei's entourage are involved in the scene. Biggest question (assuming no Bran): why is Jon there by himself? Unless of course the rest of his crew is there but Cersei demands to meet with Jon alone. D&D alluded to writing a meaty Kit/Lena scene for S8 in the S7 DVD commentaries, so I guess this is it. Should be fun.
  7. It's on: a fan in Dubrovnik on their Instagram stories showed an autograph from today from Kit...AND ISAAC. Whaaaaaaat? The rumours were right. The Mountain's actor's latest Instagram photo shows that he's in Dubrovnik. So is there one scene with the Mountain, Jon and Bran, or multiple scenes?
  8. These points have already been discussed, but briefly: 1. Outline Sansa is not one of the main five guaranteed safe passage through all three books, even though Bran, Arya and Jon are. 2. The books are described in the outline as a coming of age story for these five characters. Surely that would apply to Sansa, too, were she to live through the books. Sansa can't have a coming of age story if she dies, though. 3. The part in the outline where GRRM says that Bran, Arya, Jon, etc. will make it through all three (as then planned) volumes is preceded by a bit where GRRM says that he'll kill off sympathetic POV characters and wants to create the impression that no character is safe. 4. Outline Sansa bears Joffrey's son and is befriended by Tyrion (who also befriends Arya). 5. After Joffrey's death, Outline Jaime takes the throne by murdering everyone ahead of him in the line of succession and blaming Tyrion for the murders. This would include Sansa's son. There is no further mention of Sansa in the outline after this. 6. Right after discussing the murders, the outline states that an "exiled" Tyrion makes "common cause with the surviving Starks" to bring down his brother. Since there's no mention of Sansa escaping with Tyrion, by extension Sansa isn't one of the "surviving Starks," TLDR: Outline Sansa dies in KL, murdered by Jaime. 1. The obvious divergences between the outline and the ASOIAF in terms of plot--Tyrion burning Winterfell and not Ramsay, e.g.--are irrelevant to a discussion of whether Sansa will survive in ASOIAF because the ending has always been the same since 1991. 2. All the named characters who died in the outline died in ASOIAF, even if the circumstances of their death differed. 3. There are several clear clues that Outline Sansa dies. 4. GRRM planned an ending that didn't include Sansa in 1993. 5. If the ending has always the same since 1991, the ending to ASOIAF won't include Sansa, either at all (most likely) or (less likely) in relation to the big ticket items (who gets Winterfell, who rules the North, who sits the throne, etc.), since GRRM decided those without any reference to Sansa. 6. GRRM recently talked about a character he had in mind who was always doomed, but whose method of death he hadn't decided on until recently. He probably wasn't talking about Sansa, but it does confirm that there are certain characters in GRRM's mind who have always been doomed, even if he hasn't quite decided how they're going to go. TLDR: Sansa won't get Winterfell, she won't be any sort of queen, and she'll likely die. All these arguments are based on the books, but Sophie certainly hasn't been filming very much for S8, which would make perfect sense if she dies partway through the season. The original ending has always been the same. If it didn't include Sansa in 1993, it won't include her in 2019 (when we get the broad strokes version of GRRM's ending), either in any significant fashion or at all. Could this scene be from Riverrun? I remember that scene from S6 where Brienne and the Blackfish are walking around the castle.
  9. Photos of Kit filming in Dubrovnik! He's filming on some kind of staircase. LOL at his high heeled boots. I don't know who those guys in black costumes with him are supposed to be. No other lead actors in the shot.
  10. "Sansa is the main character"? LOL, no. Sure it can, because GRRM has always said that the ending has always been the same. If the outline implies that Sansa was meant to die in 1993, she was meant to die in 1991 (when GRRM came up with the ending), and she's likely still meant to die. Even if she doesn't die, for GRRM's original ending to remain undisturbed by sparing Sansa, she can't end up with Winterfell, and she can't end up as queen (since those slots would be reserved for his real main characters, the big five). It's all pretty simple. 1. GRRM has always had the same ending since 1991. 2. He planned on killing off Sansa in 1993, so a dead Sansa was part of his original ending. 3. Therefore, he either still plans on still killing off Sansa (most likely), or on giving her an ending that doesn't conflict with his original ending, which presumably included who got Winterfell (Bran or Arya), who ended up as queen (Dany), etc. 4. Given that all the outline characters who died still ended up dead in the published books, if Outline Sansa died, ASOIAF Sansa is going to die as well. Because it gives away that GRRM planned on five lead characters surviving and strongly implied that GRRM planned on Sansa dying. If the ending's the same as in 1993--and GRRM said many times before the outline leaked that it is--then Sansa won't be a part of it, either at all (as I suspect) or in any significant way. She can still survive if she's irrelevant, for example if she runs off with the Hound never to be heard from again, but how likely is that? Well, no, because it shows GRRM planned on killing Sansa off, and that she can't therefore be a part of his ending in any significant way: no Winterfell and no crown. NCW and Gwendoline filmed together one week in Belfast in January that we know of (when the Winterfell battle stuff was being shot). There is likely more. And GRRM said in the outline that he intended to kill off sympathetic POV characters, BUT that five characters would live through all three (as then planned) volumes. Sansa was left off that list of safe characters, even though three Starks made it on, so that again is yet another strong indication that he planned on killing her off.
  11. And we have good reason to be skeptical of GRRM's claim that he made it up on the fly, for the reasons I've said, particularly since it gives away 1) Ned isn't Jon's dad and 2) the main five survive. I mean, come on. What else is he going to say? "I can't believe some jerk leaked the outline and spoiled a good chunk of my ending"? I can't blame him for trying to downplay its significance, but those assertions cannot be taken at face value. It's like Kit's ridiculous claims before S7 aired that they'd shot 500 minutes of fake footage, or however he put it: the Lads leaks were widely known, and he was trying to throw fans off the scent. Well, no, because the phrase "the surviving Starks" is not qualified. If Sansa isn't with them wherever Tyrion is, she's not one of the surviving Starks. Relatively minor. Viserys, Drogo and Joffrey are also named in the outline, and they're all minor characters relative to the leads. That's not going to happen, for the reasons I've stated. GRRM planned an ending without Sansa, an ending to which he apparently plans on adhering.
  12. If it wasn't a tipoff to Sansa's death, the outline would have specified. We're meant to read between the lines, because that's the last time the outline mentions anything in reference to Sansa. If she escapes or is forcibly married to Jaime, why not mention it? Instead, Outline Jaime murders everyone ahead of him in the line of succession, which would certainly include Sansa's son, and murders Sansa as well. The bit about Outline Jaime murdering everyone ahead of him in the line of succession has been discussed to death. However, there's another clue that Outline Sansa dies. The outline also says that Outline Tyrion goes into exile after being framed for the murders by Jaime, making common cause with the "surviving Starks" against Outline Jaime, and falls hopelessly in love with Arya. The phrase "[making] common cause with the surviving Starks" implies that all the surviving Starks are in one place to plot, plan and unite against Jaime. That can't be true if Outline Sansa is still trapped in KL with Jaime; she wouldn't be in any position to make common cause with Tyrion, but all the "surviving Starks" do. Therefore, Outline Sansa's not one of the surviving Starks. Therefore, Outline Sansa was murdered by Jaime. (It also seems odd that Outline Tyrion would fall for Arya and not Sansa, assuming GRRM always planned on making Sansa the more beautiful sister and always planned on making Tyrion as shallow as ASOIAF Tyrion turned out to be, if Sansa were still alive around the time Outline Tyrion fell for Arya.) If GRRM planned on bumping her off in the outline, she is going to die in ASOIAF as well. All the named outline characters who died--Ned, Robb, Cat, etc.--have died in the published books, even if the circumstances of their deaths were different. GRRM spoke not too long ago about a character he always knew was doomed but had only decided very recently on how that character was going to die. I don't think he was referencing Sansa, but the statement confirms that GRRM has characters in mind whom he always knows are doomed, just as the outline spells out that there are certain characters who have always been safe. Sansa could very well fall into the "always been doomed" category. Even assuming GRRM intended Sansa to survive at the time of the outline, which I doubt, she was a relatively minor character, and GRRM has admitted that he came up with Sansa to stir up conflict within the otherwise harmonious Stark family, suggesting that she wasn't otherwise needed for the story he already had in mind (and the ending that he claims to have known since 1991, two years before the outline was written in 1993). With 3/5 Starks in the outline big five guaranteed to survive, one of them would have wound up with Winterfell, not Sansa. GRRM may have elevated Sansa's prominence in ASOIAF relative to the outline, but if he's sticking to the same ending, then Sansa won't wind up with Winterfell. And before anyone comes at me with "GRRM said the outline was some shit he made up"... 1. GRRM only said that after the outline leaked; 2. GRRM has said that he didn't expect the outline to be published for many years (either 20 or 40, can't recall); 3. GRRM's been saying for years that he has always had the same ending in mind (before the outline leaked); and 4. It's clear that for all the divergences between the outline and ASOIAF, and yes, there are many, it's not just some shit he made up: the major deaths are the same, the main characters are the same, several key plot points are the same, and the outline clearly implies that Ned isn't Jon's father. So not just some shit he made up. TLDR: Sansa's probably doomed, and even if she isn't, she's not ending up with Winterfell.
  13. David Nutter has been seen in Dubrovnik. So the scene is from episode 1, 2 or 4. No Tycho Nestoris for this scene, though: Mark Gatiss is in London. Filming started today, but no cast members have been spotted yet. Stay tuned. We have a pretty good idea of what was supposed to happen to Sansa. Outline Sansa bears Joffrey's child, and it's later mentioned that after Outline Joffrey's death, Outline Jaime kills everyone ahead of him in the line of succession to gain the throne. This would include Joffrey's child. Now, Sansa wouldn't be in the line of succession, but Outline Jaime would probably bump her off just to be sure on the off-chance she was pregnant, too. Nor is Sansa mentioned in the outline after the statement about Outline Jaime murdering everyone ahead of him in the line of succession. It points pretty strongly to Outline Sansa dying, which would of course mean that Winterfell was destined to go to someone else, and if GRRM is keeping to his original Sansa-less ending, well... Outline Joffrey's baby is murdered by Outline Jaime, so no, that was never the plan. The outline never said that Jon and Arya end up together, only that their torment over their mutual passion is resolved by the revelation of Jon's true parentage. Dany and Jon were supposed to survive in the outline, though, so if Jon/Dany is endgame--and indications are strong right now that it is--and GRRM sticks with his original ending--which he has always claimed to be the case--then Jon/Dany was always endgame.
  14. I suspect GRRM is sticking to his original ending, which going off the outline didn't include Sansa getting Winterfell. So either she winds up with something other than Winterfell (the Vale, say, although that's unlikely given what the show has done with the Vale), or she dies. I think the latter is more likely. Arya on the other hand has a number of plot protections that Sansa doesn't: she's GRRM's fave female character, she's his wife's favourite character, and she's one of the "main five" the original outline stated would live through all three books. None of that applies to Sansa. If Sansa is in love and ruling the North in this scenario, why wouldn't she marry? As long as she marries down (even a minor lord), the children will bear the Stark name. Also, in the books, Sansa is now aware of just what it means to be a bastard; I'm guessing she wouldn't force that status on her kids if she could possibly avoid it. ETA: The Twitter user who claimed to have spotted Kit was likely lying. Doesn't mean Kit won't show up in Dubrovnik, but this user, like Mirri Maaz Duur, is not a reliable source of information. Emilia's still heading back to London, though.
  15. Maisie has done a number of interviews recently, so I couldn't tell you. The vibe I got from her talking about how she needed to get her brain around Arya's S8 arc, how she had to go back to the first season, etc. was that the ending was a WTF moment for her, and she had to view the series as a whole to make sense of it. Eh, if a female character is killed off in a way that's an organic end to her arc, is it fridging? Sansa dying at Winterfell, the place she was once so desperate to escape in S1, would be the natural conclusion to her story. That it would fit nicely into a revenge mission to KL is a bonus. True, but LOTR had a leisurely, long epilogue, so I think ASOIAF will as well. Not only is Kit in Croatia, Emilia is not. She's heading to London, where she has an event on Thursday. Start your "Dany dies!!!!!" tinfoil now.