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  1. Sam will be Warden of the South. The show has telegraphed that pretty clearly. There was a line in one of the Season 7 outlines stating that with the Sand Snakes' deaths, there are several houses in Dorne engaged in civil struggle over who will take power, and it won't be resolved anytime soon (or words to that effect). The line never made it to the show, but I guess D&D have it in their minds that Dorne will be locked in a power struggle for the foreseeable future and whoever wins that will be on top in the end.
  2. I wondered--Castle Ward was used for Winterfell in S1--but GOT has used their own Winterfell sets for some time. They built the Moneyglass set a few years ago and have been using it ever since. If IrishThrones is right about this (and they've been wrong in the past on a few things), then we should hear something, given that it's a public site that would have to be closed for filming. Tormund, Brienne and Jaime's actors were (separately) spotted in Belfast yesterday. Jaime/Brienne/Tormund scenes incoming...?
  3. I was thinking the Dark Hedges, but it would be hard to fit a dragon in there. Old Castle Ward might fit, since it was mostly used very early on in the show.
  4. Tormund and Jaime's actors have been spotted in Belfast along with Gwendoline Christie this week. It seems like Kristofer Hivju (Tormund) has been in Belfast a lot.
  5. Yes, from the sound of it. I know. And depending on what information trickles out of Seville and KL set filming, we may have a good idea of how it all wraps up. It seems as if Lena, Sophie and Euron will all be filming in June according to interviews, so if the only thing filmed in June is the KL exterior crowd/dragonfire sequences from (I assume) late in the season--which, to be fair, we don't know for a fact--then that means that Cersei, Sansa and Euron will be involved in the KL grand finale. Javi Marcos (of Los Siete Reinos) has said that Cersei isn't in control of KL when it's attacked, but given that we have no castle filming in Spain for S8, it sounds like she doesn't wind up fleeing to Casterly Rock. Peter Dinklage is back in the US, which probably means he won't be back in Europe for filming this week or next. We'll have to see if he shows up in Seville for the Italica filming.
  6. Kit, Emilia, Maisie, Joe Dempsie, and Liam Cunningham have been spotted in Belfast this week. Maisie was filming early on Monday morning and was told by one of the extras that her "facial expressions were on point." Sounds interesting! Sounds like Arya and Gendry have a number of scenes together. Maisie and Joe were both involved in the night shoots. Gwendoline Christie was also spotted in Belfast today. Peter Dinklage was seen in Belfast last week. Sophie Turner was in California last week. No idea where she is now. She implied in her Coveteur interview that she'll be filming in the summer, when GOT wraps. Sophie was in Belfast in late March, I believe before the end of the night shoots. She must have wrapped filming on Heavy by now, since she hasn't been in Toronto for a few weeks. I guess they're doing some more studio filming in Belfast this week while the Italica (dragonpit) site (Seville, Spain) preps for filming. Italica filming starts April 23rd and continues to May 18th. The first chunk of filming will be in the dragonpit area (amphitheater), while the entire site will be shut down between May 3rd and May 18th for filming in other areas of the site. All in all, it's about a month of filming in Spain. We also know that the Italica stuff is for 8x05 and 8x06. So it will be very interesting to see who shows up in Seville... We've heard from Lena and Sophie that filming wraps in June. Seems like the KL exterior set filming will be the last sequences filmed. In addition to the child extra sought for late June filming, they're also looking for female extras for the KL filming. I believe the actor playing Harry Strickland (GC leader) is needed for June filming, too. ETA: L7R reports that the KL set now includes a bright red tower. (Like, very bright red.) They think it's a special effects thing (like greenscreen...?).
  7. 1. GRRM said that after the outline leaked that the outline was some shit he made up. 2. The outline gives away huge spoilery plot points, including the fact that Ned is not Jon's father and that five main characters are going to survive. The outline also includes several plot points which made it to ASOIAF (Winterfell being sacked and burned, the deaths of certain characters, etc.). 3. GRRM's claim that the outline is just some shit he made up is obviously unreliable. Whatever the plot deviations between the outline and ASOIAF (and sure, there are some), it doesn't matter when it comes to Outline Sansa's fate if the (Sansa-less) ending he had in mind since 1993 is the same ending he plans for ASOIAF, which GRRM has said it is. I get that a number of posters in this thread don't particularly like the implications of Outline Sansa dying and GRRM's assertions that he is keeping the ending he has planned all along, but vigorous denial in the face of the obvious is never a good look. (Exhibit A: Jonsa shippers reacting to 7x06...or in general, frankly.) TLDR: Your fave is irrelevant. Get over it.
  8. Sure, but context is important. GRRM has said many times, long before the leak of the outline (which he has admitted he thought would never happen), that he has always had the same ending in mind. He also said that the outline is just some shit he made up...after the outline leaked, and despite the outline obviously containing several elements which made it to ASOIAF which were not "shit [he] made up." So, given the context, which statement is more reliable? There are probably a few who are hoping that Dany will conveniently die in childbirth to clear the way for Sansa to live happily ever after with Jon without necessarily going full villain, but yes, very interesting. I agree. Book Jon doesn't even like Sansa, and Book Sansa barely thinks about Jon. If forced by circumstance to marry one of his (adoptive) siblings, it would be the one he adores and who adores him. I generally agree, with the exception of The Armageddon Rag, which had a proto-Tyrion who was happily married (his fourth marriage, granted). Fucked-up bachelors damaged by love affairs gone wrong seem to be one of GRRM's favourite themes. That's one reason why I suspect Sansa will be offed, so that Tyrion can whore it up at Casterly Rock in peace without an inconvenient wife in the picture to deal with.
  9. Whatever GRRM planned with Jon, Dany and Arya in his ending (and we don't know what that ending was), Outline Sansa wasn't a part of that ending, meaning that GRRM never planned and is not planning for Sansa to end up as queen. Again, this is reinforced by GRRM's well-known statement that he only came up with Sansa as a character because the other Stark siblings were getting along too well, suggesting again that she is and always has been rather peripheral to the main story including the endgame rulers (which again the outline supports). I would also add that anyone who died in the outline--Robb, Ned, Catelyn, Viserys, Drogo, Joffrey, etc.--also died in the books, even if the circumstances of their deaths differed. The fact that Sansa died in the outline means that it's very likely that she'll die in the books as well. GRRM stranded Book Sansa in a marriage to Tyrion, which I doubt he would have done if he had any intention of Sansa surviving the books. Even if GRRM spares her, she won't get Winterfell or the North (which will go to one of the Stark members of the core five), much less the throne. Again, though, that's hardly surprising, given that her direwolf is dead and that she's no longer a true Stark as GRRM has hinted. Book Robb disinheriting Sansa may open up a path for Sansa to survive the books without presenting an obstacle to whoever's meant to get Winterfell ending up with it, but GRRM may prefer to kill her off to make everything cleaner. The idea that GRRM would go from killing off Outline Sansa to making her the endgame queen is absurd. Just because Sansa would make a good consort queen is no evidence that she will. Book Margaery would make an excellent queen consort, possessing all of the attributes you say Sansa has and intelligence besides, but that fact makes her no more likely to be the endgame queen, since she's clearly doomed (like Sansa, probably). Fake Aegon in the books would make an excellent king due to his training and experience if Varys is to be believed, but he's no more going to be the endgame king than Sansa is going to be the endgame queen, since he (like Sansa, probably) is clearly doomed. In fact, Sansa being a great queen on paper consummately suited to the position in of itself means it's far less likely she'll end up as queen. I know, right?!
  10. My point was that invoking real world genetics as you tried to do is dumb, because GRRM doesn’t play by those rules when writing, and there are numerous examples of this. Nice try, though. Oh, dear. The outline is proof that GRRM will never make Sansa any sort of queen. Whatever he does with her, she can’t end up with Winterfell, she can’t rule the North and she can’t be queen, because in his original ending those all went to someone else (members of his core five, no doubt) and he’s sticking with that ending. The outline is also proof that Sansa has never been nearly as important to GRRM as the core five, which of course many fans have intuited for a very long time, long before the outline was leaked. The fact that GRRM only came up with Sansa in the first place because he felt the other Stark siblings were getting along too well is also a big tell. Maybe if he’s feeling very generous he’ll let her run off with the Hound and never be heard from again, leaving Jon and Dany to run Westeros, Tyrion to live a bachelor lifestyle unencumbered by an inconvenient wife, and Bran and/or Arya to run Winterfell. I doubt it, though. Sansa unlike Arya has never been a favourite of his and just like Catelyn, she was mean to or unappreciative of GRRM’s acknowledged faves (Arya and Tyrion). Catelyn had a hideously cruel death even by GRRM standards—dying watching her firstborn die before her eyes, believing all her children are either dead or good as dead—so I’m guessing Sansa will come in for similar treatment.
  11. Westeros genetics aren’t real world genetics. Baratheon blue eyes/black hair are such dominant traits that they “trump” the other parent’s genes every time, even though real world genetics dictate that blue eyes are a recessive trait. Other great houses have distinctive house facial features (hair/eye colour) that have remained over hundreds of years that wouldn’t persist in the real world without Targ-level inbreeding. And of course Jon, Dany and other Targs are incredibly beautiful and vigorous despite being the product of hundreds of years of severe inbreeding that in the real world would have yielded extreme infirmity and deformity. (The Stark family tree also suggests a fair amount of inbreeding which doesn’t seem to have resulted in sickly children.) Similarly, if Targ genes are super recessive requiring constant inbreeding to keep the bloodline pure, you’d expect all non-Targ/Targ offspring to have the look of the non-Targ parent, but that’s simply not the case historically. Aegon V and his Blackwood wife had multiple kids with Targ looks, Daeron and Mariah Martell had only one kid with Dornish looks, etc. I do think that in the show Jon and Dany’s baby, if shown, will have dark hair, since platinum-haired babies in the real world are in short supply.
  12. 1993 Outline Sansa dying + 1993 Outline GRRM planning an ending and Stark succession without Sansa + GRRM sticking to the same ending since 1991 (as he has said before the outline leaked in 2014) = ASOIAF Sansa ending up dead or irrelevant to Stark succession I realize that's a bitter pill to swallow, but better make your peace with it now.
  13. It's heavily implied. Outline Tyrion in exile makes common cause with the "surviving Starks" to bring down Outline Jaime, which means that Outline Sansa didn't survive, since there no mention of her escaping along with him. (Outline Sansa is also left off the list of the five safe characters, which includes three Starks but excludes her.) He is: Outline Jaime kills everyone ahead of him in the line of succession to gain the throne, and Outline Joffrey's infant son would be first on that list. The TV show strongly implies that Jon will father a child or children with Dany, not a non-Targ. There's no Harry the Heir in the show, and Harry the Heir is likely doomed in the books as you point out. Sure, but she's a Dark Stark guaranteed survival by GRRM, meaning she's more likely to continue the line than Tully-looking, quite possibly doomed Sansa. Agreed, but Arya could hook up with pretty much anyone else and have Stark-looking kids. (Also, GRRM has already allegedly said that Arya and Gendry have separate futures.) Eh. He bears the Stark look and it's been (loudly) telegraphed in the show that he'll father at least one child, so who knows? He can only continue Tywin's line if he remarries and has legitimate issue. Even assuming he wants to marry after what happened with Sansa, who would have him (remembering that Book Tyrion is hideous and noseless)? Sansa? Tysha (who's apparently just a prostitute in the show universe)? I don't think so. I can also see GRRM extinguishing Tywin's line as karmic payback for all his bullshit about the Lannister legacy. Tyrion doesn't have to die for that to happen, but he does have to fail to sire any legitimate children. Fortunately, that shouldn't be a problem. It's the Stark look, LOL, not the Karstark look, and it's very distinctive. Craster in the books says that Jon has the "look of a Stark" (even before knowing who he is), not "the look of a Stark or maybe a Karstark, who knows really, they all pretty much blend together." With all the emphasis on the Starks and the Stark look, I find the idea that Sansa will happen to marry some non-Stark Stark-resembling dude and have his babies hilarious. Talk about missing the point. Agree to disagree. Yes, I'm very curious about what happens with Sansa in S8. We'll see whether or not Sophie shows up for the Spain filming later in April, which is supposed to involve scenes from 8x05 and 8x06.
  14. In a word, no, since there's no indication that TV Sansa 1) stopped admiring Cersei, 2) stopped wishing that she could rule the North instead of Jon or 3) rejected LF's way of doing things. Sansa was happy to keep LF around as long as he was useful to her (until he forced her hand by pitting her against Arya) and felt conflicted over ordering his execution. TV Sansa still continues to dress in outfits inspired by her various non-Stark teachers (feathers and needle necklace from the mockingbird dress, X patterns from the Bolton sigil, etc.) and wear her hair like Cersei did in earlier seasons. Compare this to Arya, who wears her hair like Ned and dresses like him. So no, I don't think it's at all established that Sansa has rediscovered her "Starkness." Sansa's essential Starkness is gone for good along with her direwolf, and her costuming in the show reflects that. Good point. Arya (dressed and styled like a mini-Ned) carries out the sentence, not Sansa. Very interesting.
  15. Jon doesn't offend GRRM's apparent Dark Targs Don't Continue the Line rule, since he'll have a kid (or kids) with Targ-looking Dany. If Jon married a non-Targ and had Stark-looking Targ babies, that would be groundbreaking, but there's no indication that's what will happen. Although Sansa and Ned aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer, I think Sansa otherwise really isn't like Ned at all, being self-interested (unlike unselfish Ned), status-obsessed (Ned balks at being named Hand, while Sansa drools over the prospect of being queen) and superficial (Sansa is entranced by Margaery's beauty and ladylike qualities and realizes too late that the Tyrells were using her, Ned observes that Robert failed to see the iron underneath Lyanna's beauty). Ned is chiefly noted for being humble, loyal and honourable (to a fault), and Sansa isn't any of those things. That's more a matter for another thread, though. I think Arya is Lyanna 2.0. The "Catelyn" traits you describe--concern with revenge, romantic notions, impulsiveness--actually apply to Lyanna. Again, though, that's more for another thread. To be fair, I agree that Ned is not a typical Stark, either, since what we know of the "wolf blood" Starks (Arya, Brandon and Lyanna) and of the historical Starks suggests a rather wild bunch. However, he does have the Stark look, which Sansa lacks. As for your complaint that fans don't consider Sansa a true Stark daughter, let's hear from the man himself on the issue: Sansa getting the living symbol of her Stark identity killed symbolizes the loss of her Starkness. She'll always be a Stark in the sense that she's a trueborn daughter of Ned Stark, and I believe in the books that her stint as Alayne Stone is temporary, but I guess what you could call her spiritual Stark essence is gone for good. I am reasonably certain she is going to die without issue, just as Robb did and Bran and (I assume) Rickon will. The show has set this up with her traumatic marriages. Outline Sansa died without living issue as well (since her one child is murdered). "Marriage (...) has been a constant in her book and tv show arc" only to the extent that Sansa has been turned off marriage, probably for good. TV Sansa still feels the physical pain in her body from her marriage (and the show may or may not have implied that Ramsay cut her in ways that would make sex painful for her), and Book Sansa is souring on marriage. TV Sansa's trauma ties in neatly to GRRM ensuring that the Red Starks don't continue the Stark line. Sansa can hardly continue the Stark line if she isn't going to have sex ever again. We know that D&D decided very early on in the show to marry Sansa off to Ramsay (around Season 2). D&D have probably known for a long time that it was never Sansa's endgame to be married with kids, either in the books or the show, which is why they felt comfortable swapping her in for Jeyne Poole and marrying her off to a psychopath to be raped, tortured, and turned off marriage for good. As for "motherhood being a constant theme," Book Sansa wanting kids doesn't mean that she'll have any. Book Sansa's hopes of having kids are really only tied into whatever fantasy she's entertaining at any particular time (Joffrey and being queen, pleasant river barge trips at Highgarden). The reality of motherhood she finds far less appetizing, as her callous attitude towards Sweetrobin in the books reveals. And of course Littlefinger has never been mistaken in the show about anything.
  16. The Stark look is tied to the Starks, and so the Stark line will likely pass down through someone who has that look. That the line would be passed down through someone who 1) doesn't have the Stark look, 2) has the Tully look would run against that. And while GRRM is taking a wrecking ball to Westeros, he's always been pretty clear in the books about the Stark line enduring, and the Stark look is part of that. Even if Bran does end up KITN (possible but unlikely in my opinion), Bran won't perpetuate the Stark line, and nor will the other "Red Starks" as @Lollygag put it in all likelihood. Robb's dead, Rickon's probably going to die in the books, Bran can't have kids, and Sansa even if she lives is unlikely to remarry after everything she's been through. That leaves the Dark Starks. Not really. The three Stark kids GRRM identified as safe in GRRM's original outline are two Dark Starks (Jon and Arya) and a Red Stark who, very conveniently for GRRM's purposes, can't have kids (Bran). The outline also stated outright that one Red Stark (Robb) would die and strongly implied that another (Sansa) was doomed. We don't know if GRRM plans on killing off Book Rickon, but his fate in the show suggests that's a likely outcome as well. GRRM seems to have set up a situation where there will be no Red Starks left to carry on the Stark line, thus ensuring that whoever continues the Stark line--Arya if she marries down, Jon if he gives one of his Targ kids with Dany the Stark name--will be a Dark Stark possessing the distinctive Stark look. It's not a coincidence, in my opinion. It will also be GRRM's ultimate revenge on poor Catelyn for her treatment of Jon and Arya: one (or both) of them will be the one(s) to carry on the Stark legacy, while the Red Starks are wiped out. (Bonus points if the one is Jon, since that would be Catelyn's worst nightmare realized, but Jon's apparently a legit Targ in the books if the show is to be believed, so we'll see.) With all that said, I do agree with the broader point that the fact that a character fails to possess the distinctive look of the house isn't necessarily going to get killed off, but that has nothing to do with whether or not that character will continue the family line. Book Tyrion is a good example: he's safe according to GRRM's outline, but he's the black sheep when it comes to the "Lannister look" (white-blonde and black hair, one black eye). It doesn't mean he's doomed, but it does mean he's not going to be the next Lannister patriarch and continue the family line (...which we all kind of figured anywa). Ditto for Sansa: she doesn't have to die, all she has to do is stay single (or marry without having kids). Well, he lacks the Stark look, so he's not the most traditionally Stark like. Arya probably takes that prize. Stark look? Check. Hotheaded wolf blood? Check. Direwolf? Check. (TV Bran also seems to have lost his Starkness with his transformation into the 3ER, as symbolized by the loss of his direwolf, so there's also that to consider in terms of Book Bran's endgame.)
  17. Two crew members have talked about three months' worth of night shoots: a makeup artist and an assistant director. The assistant director posted on Instagram last week about it being "week 3 of 11." Tacking on eight weeks to that takes us to the beginning of April. We know that Miguel Sapochnik's "big things" will be filmed in March and likely involve the big KL set which is still being built. My guess is that the night shoots involve both the Winterfell battle and the final confrontation in KL. Maisie Williams did an interview with People recently where she mentioned that the day before the interview she had been doing combat training. Going by the fact that the Winterfell battle stuff has been shot at the Moneyglass exterior set over the past month and a half, we can piece together who is and who isn't involved based on who's been spotted in Belfast around that time. Kit, Maisie, NCW, Gwendoline Christie, Joe Dempsie, Rory McCann, and Kristofer Hivju have all been spotted in Belfast at various points over the past six weeks. NCW and Gwendoline were filming together for a week in January. So it stands to reason that Jon, Arya, Jaime, Brienne, Gendry, the Hound, and Tormund are all involved in the fighting at Winterfell. (One can probably safely assume Jorah and Pod are also in the mix, even if I don't believe their actors have been seen in Belfast over the past six weeks.) Of course, that assumes that they haven't been filming other scenes while the Winterfell battle shoots are ongoing.
  18. If the KL set is for a simple roasting with dragonfire, they don't need a physical set for that: they can CGI it as they did with the street scenes for the wildfire explosion. There's going to be a lot of action with extras on that set, or else they wouldn't bother building it. The production designer spoke about Miguel Sapochnik filming big things in March. I'm guessing the KL set is for that. The next batch of real spoilers will probably come out of the KL set filming in March. I don't expect much for the next little while (although I'd love to be proven wrong). ETA: Maisie Williams was spotted today in Belfast. Rory McCann was apparently seen at the Belfast airport this morning (although it's not known whether he was flying in or out of town). Hound/Arya scenes incoming?
  19. 1.It's that video which seems to be of the attackers yelling that's leading people to think that the attackers are human and not wights. 2. I agree re: the battles, although they're not going to construct such an elaborate set unless a lot of human action will be involved. Otherwise, they could just CGI the destruction (think the exterior of the sept explosion sequence).
  20. Looks more like McQueen to me. A lot depends on what is happening in that Jon/Cersei scene (assuming it isn't a fake). Is he a prisoner? Is he offering his help against an imminent WW attack on KL? Is he giving her one last chance to surrender before Dany and her dragons level the city? If the two big set pieces in S8 that we know about--battle of Winterfell, siege of KL--are human vs. human, that begs the question of how they're going to deal with the NK threat. Even with a lavish $90 million budget or whatever it is, they can't afford to have three huge battles in one season. So if the two big set pieces don't involve the WWs and involve human conflicts, how will the WWs be defeated? That site is full of it. They once claimed that one of their sources had informed them that Sansa would die bearing Ramsay's child in S7. With that said, Rory McCann was seen in Belfast around the same time they were shooting the Winterfell battle, so it's quite likely that the Hound is involved in the battle somehow. There are also scenarios where the Hound is fighting with Unsullied for other reasons, like maybe he talks smack about the Unsullied's abilities and they spar with him to prove him wrong.
  21. I believe that for S7, there were pap shots of a Jaime/Cersei scene in front of that very same window. That's probably how the paps knew to target it. An article from L7R was posted a few days ago about the Belfast exterior set (which is standing in for KL). Key points: 1. Last weekend was spent moving fuel tanks, but on Monday, the fuel tanks were gone, and L7R speculates that it's because they had been used: smoke could be seen rising from the set. 2. A hole was made in one of the walls (meaning a breach from an attack, maybe?). 3. Filming isn't yet over, because a sort of tower is being added to the walls. Pics are in the article I linked. This has led L7R to speculate that rather than a simple dragon attack, KL is being subjected to a full siege.
  22. Yes, here. I'm wondering if the autographs were a hoax and Isaac isn't there after all. Looks like only Jon, Cersei and Cersei's entourage are involved in the scene. Biggest question (assuming no Bran): why is Jon there by himself? Unless of course the rest of his crew is there but Cersei demands to meet with Jon alone. D&D alluded to writing a meaty Kit/Lena scene for S8 in the S7 DVD commentaries, so I guess this is it. Should be fun.
  23. It's on: a fan in Dubrovnik on their Instagram stories showed an autograph from today from Kit...AND ISAAC. Whaaaaaaat? The rumours were right. The Mountain's actor's latest Instagram photo shows that he's in Dubrovnik. So is there one scene with the Mountain, Jon and Bran, or multiple scenes?
  24. These points have already been discussed, but briefly: 1. Outline Sansa is not one of the main five guaranteed safe passage through all three books, even though Bran, Arya and Jon are. 2. The books are described in the outline as a coming of age story for these five characters. Surely that would apply to Sansa, too, were she to live through the books. Sansa can't have a coming of age story if she dies, though. 3. The part in the outline where GRRM says that Bran, Arya, Jon, etc. will make it through all three (as then planned) volumes is preceded by a bit where GRRM says that he'll kill off sympathetic POV characters and wants to create the impression that no character is safe. 4. Outline Sansa bears Joffrey's son and is befriended by Tyrion (who also befriends Arya). 5. After Joffrey's death, Outline Jaime takes the throne by murdering everyone ahead of him in the line of succession and blaming Tyrion for the murders. This would include Sansa's son. There is no further mention of Sansa in the outline after this. 6. Right after discussing the murders, the outline states that an "exiled" Tyrion makes "common cause with the surviving Starks" to bring down his brother. Since there's no mention of Sansa escaping with Tyrion, by extension Sansa isn't one of the "surviving Starks," TLDR: Outline Sansa dies in KL, murdered by Jaime. 1. The obvious divergences between the outline and the ASOIAF in terms of plot--Tyrion burning Winterfell and not Ramsay, e.g.--are irrelevant to a discussion of whether Sansa will survive in ASOIAF because the ending has always been the same since 1991. 2. All the named characters who died in the outline died in ASOIAF, even if the circumstances of their death differed. 3. There are several clear clues that Outline Sansa dies. 4. GRRM planned an ending that didn't include Sansa in 1993. 5. If the ending has always the same since 1991, the ending to ASOIAF won't include Sansa, either at all (most likely) or (less likely) in relation to the big ticket items (who gets Winterfell, who rules the North, who sits the throne, etc.), since GRRM decided those without any reference to Sansa. 6. GRRM recently talked about a character he had in mind who was always doomed, but whose method of death he hadn't decided on until recently. He probably wasn't talking about Sansa, but it does confirm that there are certain characters in GRRM's mind who have always been doomed, even if he hasn't quite decided how they're going to go. TLDR: Sansa won't get Winterfell, she won't be any sort of queen, and she'll likely die. All these arguments are based on the books, but Sophie certainly hasn't been filming very much for S8, which would make perfect sense if she dies partway through the season. The original ending has always been the same. If it didn't include Sansa in 1993, it won't include her in 2019 (when we get the broad strokes version of GRRM's ending), either in any significant fashion or at all. Could this scene be from Riverrun? I remember that scene from S6 where Brienne and the Blackfish are walking around the castle.
  25. Photos of Kit filming in Dubrovnik! He's filming on some kind of staircase. LOL at his high heeled boots. I don't know who those guys in black costumes with him are supposed to be. No other lead actors in the shot.