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  1. The secret meaning of "Hodor"

    I've heard tell of it being a dragontaming word? No idea.
  2. The Tattered Prince is a Targaryen

    Can I sig this?
  3. The Tattered Prince is a Targaryen

    My grandmother's hair is silver.... Oh my gosh, do you think...? I'm going to go ask her about her lineage.

    For the upteenth time: No. Just no.
  5. Now I'm hoping the series is cancelled after S5.
  6. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    I know you're using figurative language but it doesn't really work. Ned wasn't totally oblivious, was very wary of his opponents and danced the dance. He just had a couple of missteps. Also, he never smiled and was never too friendly.
  7. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    Wut? I don't understand this?
  8. Sansa Victarion Tyrion Bran Rickon Brienne Davos Varys Shireen Not confident in anyone else
  9. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    I think naming the dog shaggy is way to obvious....
  10. Rhaegar and Lyanna's child is a girl

  11. They have two albums. One(the latest one) is titled Seven Kingdoms but doesn't have two much to do with the books. The older one is titled Brothers of the Night and has much more to do, at least lyrically, with the books. One of my favorite lyrics comes from the song Eyes of Summer Run to the north Across barren waste You'll find me inside of your dreams In haunted woods Where Others await And nothing's as safe as it seems Pretty simple but there it is.
  12. I never though that the band Winterfell was much good but there is another band called Seven Kingdoms http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Seven_Kingdoms/108082 that I like.
  13. Mance was looking for the Horn of Joramun maybe. I personally think that the grestsword Dawn in down there.
  14. If you could ask George RR Martin one question about ASoIaF

    That's another reason why I picked the question I did. It's pretty inconsequential so I should be able to expect a straightforward answer.
  15. If you could ask George RR Martin one question about ASoIaF

    Very simple and straightforward "Mr. Martin, does Theon still have a *ahem* penis?"