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  1. [Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    I have to admit: Maggy The Frog was more like Maggy the MILF. :leer: :blush:
  2. Is Jaime a good battle commander?

    I would not downplay it because of numbers (indeed, I'm not sure that argument is even correct for WW). Surprise counts more than raw numbers. I would downplay Jaime's early victories owing to the fact that House Tully did not know at the time that it was the start of a much larger war. They thought they were combating raiders at first, not the entire Lannister army. They were destroyed piecemeal. One shouldn't over-praise either Lannister commander for the Tullys not anticipating House Lannister breaking the King's Peace and making war on the entire Riverlands, before Robert is even dead. (It's a very aggressive move, and if Robert had survived, he'd likely have declared Tywin an enemy of the crown and then the Lannisters would be in a world of hurt. It only works strategically if Robert if Robert is slain before any such declaration, and Joffrey succeeds him to support the Lannister side with the crown's power.) Good strategy? Well, certainly surprise and taking the initiative is favourable, but that's overall strategy - it should work, and only a battle commander that's a bungler would squander that advantage and lose. So, it doesn't say much about Jaime's ability to command a host in a battle. 2-handed Jaime might be a brave and bold warrior, but not a very good commander, because he is too impetuous and arrogant to imagine someone being able to stop him. But at least he learns: 1 handed Jaime is almost certainly a better commander than his former self, because of the hard lessons he learned earlier in the story. The fact 1 handed Jaime did not actually lead a battle in retaking Riverrun and Raventree should not count against this: he could have forced a bloody ending to both, but didn't. That is a smarter but less glorious solution than most people would give credit for - Sun Tzu would approve, but 2 handed Jaime would not.
  3. Canadian Politics II: The Polite War

    The Cons talk big, but in the end, when they're done using the soldiers as props, they promptly stab them in the back.
  4. Would Cersei still have hated Tyrion if he wasn't a dwarf?

    It's two parts: He is a dwarf, and he "killed" their mother. She'd still judge him for the latter. The main difference would be that Tyrion would not be so scorned by the general public.
  5. Canadian Politics II: The Polite War

    Good riddance. Whatever puts Ezra Levant out of work, I can support.
  6. Canadian Politics II: The Polite War

    - Yeah, good question. Whatever harms the Con-men I guess. - Speaking of harm, I hope she does run against Joe Oliver, and beat him. No fan of Eve Adams, but I truly loathe Oliver. Pretty much my least favourite cabinet minister.
  7. Sansa marries Gendry, Arya's heart is broken ?
  8. Canadian Politics II: The Polite War

    Oh, speaking of Harper, here's a punchy sort of article... http://rabble.ca/news/2015/02/harper-government-and-evangelical-capitalism#.VNeUoxUIFJg.twitter
  9. Canadian Politics II: The Polite War

    Don't think they care much for now - they might introduce some bill that will be wiped out as soon as the election comes. But the main thing is: this is an issue that activates their base, prior to the election. Catholic non-Conservatives will be yet again wooed to vote blue instead of red. Hopefully, they've been paying attention to all the other things the Pope talks about, not just this stuff.
  10. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    I also liked how Connington described him: "blindingly adequate".
  11. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    I agree. Something funny about him rage-quitting and tossing the board over, and then demanding Tyrion pick the pieces up. =Tyrion's punchline: "Perhaps he is a Targaryen after all."
  12. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Definitely leaning that way.
  13. Edric Dayne, What's up with this kid, any theories?

    Edric Dayne is someone who I think will reappear in some important capacity. The question is where. Could be: - In the Riverlands / BWB tale, something to do with Jaime, the Blackfish, or Edmure Tully - In Dorne, as a complication to the whole Darkstar / Myrcella etc. tale - In Oldtown, alongside Sam Tarly and vs. the Ironborn ?
  14. If you were Daenerys, where in Westeros would you make your first landing?

    A reminder of how Churchill thought Italy was the "soft underbelly of Europe", only to admit later it was a "tough old gut".
  15. If you were Daenerys, where in Westeros would you make your first landing?

    It isn't really, but I suppose that depends on where your launching point is. In any case, he's why I think one should not: 1 - Get your army across the ocean with preferably zero stops in between. The element of surprise is important. If you land on Dragonstone, the mainland will hear about it. By the time you can re-embark your army and land again on the mainland, you may be facing a beachhead that is defended, or worse, a force of warships that can prevent you from doing so. Better to just make one landing unopposed and then devote your ships to supplying you. (Especially if you have Dothraki on board - they will want off those ships ASAP, and are of no use on an island.) 2 - To hell with King's Landing. It is not a primary objective, and honestly, the longer it is fought over by false kings, the worse its ability to defend against you will get. Don't bother threatening the capital until you have created momentum, gained a lot of new supporters and defeated a some enemy armies in the field.