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  1. [Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    I have to admit: Maggy The Frog was more like Maggy the MILF. :leer: :blush:
  2. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Definitely leaning that way.
  3. The Back of a Westeros Milk Carton

  4. This theory goes well with the idea that it was Arya who awakened Catelyn from the Trident to be reborn as Lady Stoneheart, not Beric or Thoros.
  5. your top 3 most subscribed to theories

    R+L=J The Hound is still alive as The Gravedigger Aegon is some sort of fAegon
  6. Most valuable item in ASoIaF

    The Wall.
  7. [TWOW SPOILERS] March 2014 Preview Chapter Part IV

    I think people do have to keep in mind that the character "Mercy" plays is something of a mockery of the person it's supposed to be; the play itself is a political tool to please the Lannister guests, so certain liberties have been taken with the characters portrayed. If it's Shae, is it really Shae? Or the trial version of Shae - poor little maid turned into a whore by the evil Imp ? If it's Sansa, is it real Sansa? No, it's more likely the fair-seeming maid who's really the sister and daughter of a traitor, who conspires with the evil Imp to poison the good young king, before using witchcraft to turn into a winged wolf and fly away ? (In other words: Fair is foul and foul is fair.)
  8. Thoughts on the Glass Candles

    Maybe partly like a palantir (an arcane tool that people can use who know how), and partly like a weather vane or Geiger Coiunter, in that they may simply be showing signs of magic presence in the world. As magic waned, they went out, and now as it waxes, they come back to life ?
  9. [No Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Non-spoilers discussion: 10 replies. (well, 11 now) Spoilers-OK discussion: 1438 replies, 72 pages. :lol:
  10. [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Yeah, I am not sure how I feel about that change. On the one hand, it makes Jon more heroic, and I guess with Ygritte dying it makes some sense. On the other hand, it removes some of the blinkered hatred we see from Thorne & Slynt, gladly throwing Jon's life away. (Plus the act as planned out itself is not honourable, and Jon's a Stark). I guess I'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.
  11. [TWOW SPOILERS] March 2014 Preview Chapter Part IV

    The fruit knife belonged to Mercy. She was made for eating fruit, for smiling and joking, for working hard and doing as she was told. “If the Snapper comes looking for me, tell her that I went off to read my lines again.” She only had a few, and most were just, “Oh, no, no, no,” and “Don’t, oh don’t, don’t touch me,” and “Please, m’lord, I am still a maiden” These two lines, especially the latter, suggest to me it is Sansa, not Shae. In the former, the part about doing what she was told seems to be an echo of Sansa always trying to be the good girl, sweet and obedient. The latter line mentions Mercy's character is a maiden - a virgin. She was known to be a whore, certainly no innocent maiden. What maiden did Tyrion have in his life (that the playright would know about) ? There would be little drama in raping a lowborn whore, but the innocent maid from the north ? Tyrion's wedding to Sansa was a big bit of scandal, especially that he had not taken her maidenhood. Perhaps the gist of the play is that he wanted to but perhaps could not function as a husband (a good bit of theatre, if the point is to humiliate the foe of Queen Cersei), but then at the end he is able because he monstrously rapes her, and then this leads to Joffrey's poisoning, where she leaves him to face trial alone. However, I am open to the possibility that the line may also mean the play is supposed to show Tyrion raping a common maid (Shae) and making her into his whore, though this runs counter to what would be publicly known about Shae.
  12. [TWOW SPOILERS] March 2014 Preview Chapter Part IV

    Well, Evita MGF gave answer just now - the text (which we have so far) provides only clues, not certainty.
  13. [TWOW SPOILERS] March 2014 Preview Chapter Part IV

    I read the entire 1st incarnation of this thread (yes, every page), and as I recall it was never everyone who had that opinion.
  14. [TWOW SPOILERS] March 2014 Preview Chapter Part IV

    Decided by whom ?