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  1. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic Season 5 casting - v. 4 [Spoilers]   

    On the topic of an old character, I have just now learned (a few months late) that Wilko Johnson's (Ilyn Payne) cancer turned out not to be terminal, as was thought, and he had crazy major surgery to remove the tumor and several affected organs (http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/jun/03/wilko-johnson-released-hospital-emergency-pancreatic-cancer-operation). Sounds like a long recovery so there's likely not a great chance of seeing him in season 5, but I would love to see him even just in the background of any remaining season, even if it's just a shout out like "Hey this dude is alive and BEAT CANCER PEOPLE." Not sure if the character has anything else major to do, but on a real-life-humanity level it'd be really cool.
  2. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic INFO: Interested in joining the MUSH?   

    Most of them would- everyone poses a little differently, and each of us have our own style. Skimming through http://www.westeros.org/BoD/Logs/ should give you a pretty good idea of the diversity we have, and there's no worries about starting off slow.
  3. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic Suppose Robert and Rhaegar both die at the Trident   

    It could have gone to a Regency (likely Tywin or Jon Arryn, if not a council) for Viserys, because if the sack of KL occurred without Robert calling for all Targ kids to be wiped out Viserys and Dany could still be alive, secured on Dragonstone and not needing to flee because no one is calling for their heads. Many of the houses at the time still considered the Targs the legitimate rulers anyway, they just didn't want the murder-crazy one on the throne (and at this point people wouldn't know Viserys is exactly the same)- someone else just seizing it might be viewed as a major threat to stability, and it's better to have a young puppet on the throne /everyone/ can try and control.

    Cersei could be wed to young Viserys (which, just, wow), or he gets promised to whatever other high daughters exist at the time, and Dany promised to one of the other great house heirs, lets say Tyrell or Baratheon, to lock in their support. The widowed Rhaella, if her death was due to stress at the circumstances and in this case she would live, could even be remarried to Tywin or sent off to Dorne to placate the Martells, who'd still be pissed about Elia. Alternatively, Tywin could send Cersei to Dorne where she'd be forced to wed Oberyn as an effective hostage so the Martells will want to kill Tywin a little less. Eventually all the great houses would make sure their ties to the crown are secured by marriage and go back to normal, until Viserys proves to be just as crazy and incites shenanigans of his own.

    I like a lot of the other suggestions on here as well. This is a fun game.
  4. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Possible Blackfish - Stoneheart merge?   

    From an EW Interview with Michelle Fairley: http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/06/25/michelle-fairley-24-lady-stoneheart/

  5. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic Boarders writing a novel, Part 11   

    Bumping to say that after much faffing about, my fantasy novel is back up to 25k (I did Nano up to about 52k, then hacked it to tiny little pieces. With a chainsaw. Not much was left.)

    The current goal is to finish a rough draft by the next Nano.

    Congrats to those of you in the sending-the-baby-out part of the process!
  6. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic Season 5 casting - v. 4 [Spoilers]   

  7. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic Season 5 casting - v. 4 [Spoilers]   

    Guys, I'm gonna toss something out here:

    Regardless of who is or is not cast in the long-term outside of those listed today, there may be other reasons than plot importance for who is being revealed now. Namely, that given how Oberyn went out and how much of an impact that had on the show fans, they are probably banking on the fact that hype for him is still strong and there is widespread interest in the further impact of his character. So introducing his family as the highlight at this point in the process keeps the hype of Oberyn in the audience's minds, as they are all linked to this character that is super loved and people want to see him avenged and his impact furthered.

    The other characters included were all ones that won't necessarily produce massive spoilers if googled by show-only folks, and will give just enough of a "Ooh, who's that?" to let them do their own speculation (particularly with characters like the High Sparrow, whose name gives away very little of what he does).

    On the other hand, introducing characters that the book fans are banking on (Manderlys, Griffs, Greyjoys) at this point would not ride the same hype wave and would also function as spoilers to the show watchers (ie, if there are a bunch more Greyjoys, they know that shit is happening in a big way).

    That doesn't mean those characters won't be cut anyway, but it is worth considering. The show's hype machine is not built to cater to book readers.
  8. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic Season 5 Casting v.3 [spoilers included]   

    My personal feeling is that if fArya is cut, Theon's escape will be accomplished by Yara being captured and him getting his shit together in order to save his sister from Bolton 'hospitality.' While escaping they could run into Stannis- if Mance's role in that bit isn't relevant to the overall plot, he might not even be involved. The plot would be picked up from there, with everyone in the right place for events at the end of Dance/beginning of Winds.

    Anyway, on a more relevant topic, IMDB has started adding actors to Season 5 Episode 1, which might give us some idea of what plots we will see followup on first (and therefore what new characters are in first): Leaf and 3-Eyed Raven (Bran business, obviously, probably no one new there); Mace Tyrell and Qyburn (Lannister fallout, doubtful that we'll see anyone new); and Nell Tiger Free as Myrcella, though they note that one is rumored- but it would give us some Dorne in the first episode. This leads me to think that we'll be hearing about some of the core Dornish cast very soon.
  9. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic Sarmion Baratheon   

    It is possible. Most of our database does not have initially assigned height or weight, so it's hard to say, but there are names in there like Borick Strong, the Beast of Harrenhal that could imply that level of size (or possibly he was just a brutal fighter). If you are looking for a canon historical figure like that, then I don't know if there is one. The Worldbook may have more information on that, when it comes out.
  10. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic Sarmion Baratheon   

    I'm not sure of Gregor's exact measurements, but Sarmion is pretty massive. 6'11", 324 lbs according to his character entry. However, he is not like Gregor in terms of personality. I don't think we have anyone who is just arbitrarily brutal like that, nor does the current environment at court cater to people like that.
  11. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic World of Ice and Fire extract to be available   

    I think the difference might be, as we see with Robert's kids, bastards are more likely to be formally acknowledged when they have a noble mother. The Fenns are crannogmen but they are still noble, and knocking up a noble girl has way more consequences (pissed off bannerman because his daughter is 'tainted', etc) than knocking up a random serving girl, which is why this Lonny Snow was probably formally acknowledged. Stark honor might have often kept them from sleeping around in places where it would have more consequences (and they likely still did the 'noble' thing in tossing some coin to the commonborn mothers when those got pregnant), and the surprise in Ned's case is that he fully acknowledged a kid who's mother was, as far as the general populace is concerned, probably just some camp follower or generic slut.
  12. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] The Re-Cast Tommen   

  13. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic [Book spoilers] Thenn Cannibalism   

    Just to toss this in, GRRM mentioned this in a comment on his NAB:

    Re: Thenns Well, fwiw, there are cannibals among the wildlings, that is stated several times in the books. But no, it's not the Thenns, and none of the cannibal wildlings have significant presence in the book. David and Dan basically just combined two wildling sub-groups, the Thenns and the ice river clans.
  14. Ella Darklyn added a post in a topic Questions about registering   

    Hi there! It's easiest to get answers to this sort of query on the <Guest> channel within the game itself. I saw your other post, have you logged on yet? Simply go to the MUSH area of the website here and click on the 'Web-based Guest Client' link on the upper left. That will get you into the game area.

    What sort of character we would advise would depend on your experience with prior roleplay and whether you have read or the books or just seen the show. As it stands there are not many Arryns currently available (they're fairly restricted to experienced MUSH players due to their great house status), but we could certainly look at getting you a Vale character with some Arryn ties at the least.