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  1. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    First of all - what a gorgeous chapter. 2'nd Who is a tall, dark, handsom guy that Arianne will fall for, bringing ruin to her father's plans ?! :cool4:
  2. Damn ! All I really heard from that chapter was - Ser Hyle Hunt is dead :bang:
  3. Ever since series were first anounced I hoped they will put in just that one little exchange between Tyrion and Bronn that I find best in the series. And was soooo glad when I've seen it in this episode, though Flynn could have delivered it bit better (at least while rubbing his fingers together). I've read some posts from those that haven't read the books about how Bronn is a golden hearted sellsword, and there is some on Ned Stark in him ?! Hope that this exchange oppened eyes of these.
  4. Can't really remember ot from the books, but it seems awfully out of character for Stannis to cheat on his wife. Hmmm... One more thing. Ever since series got green light I hoped for just one thing, that little exchange between Tyrion and Bronn. In my opinion these are the best lines in series, and I'm so happy I've heard them on TV. Though Flynn could have delivered it better, certainly with a fingers rubbing gesture.
  5. READ FIRST: Rules

    Sorry, I tried to start a thread without reading this :bang: Wont happen again.
  6. [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    Loved this episode :thumbsup: Some well known lines from the book were used, and it is certainly a huge plus for it. But looking back now: Bronn commenting how he could get the Vale if he had dozen good man to command and some climbing spikes, and Tyrion promising mountain clans The Vale of Arryn. Considering they kept it in the series, perhaps Bronn wont stop at Stockworth...
  7. Eeeeeeeeer NO Bronn ?! :tantrum: :thumbsdown:
  8. Could it be that Ramsey is taking Theon with him, because he came to some sort of an understanding with Asha ?! About him helping her take over Iron Islands, and her helping him dispose of his father, supporting each other afterwards ? . . . Me neither... :leaving:
  9. Daenerys Three Treasons

    When we are talking about betrayals, it was never said that She will be betrayed three times, but that She will know three betrayals. I'am sure that first one must be Miir Maz Dur. She betrayed Dany for blood, becoese dothraki killed her people, but Dany betrayed her too becouse of blood. She burned Her becouse She was responsible for deaths of those that She loved (Drogo, and her unborn). I dont belive for moment that Jorah was one ment to betray her for gold. It must be Ilyrio, if not him, then Dariio, but that is less probable. Last betrayal, one becouse of love might even save her. I'am quite sure that Jorah earned his royal pardon, and it is most definite that He will face Dany again. This time they will be on oposite sides, and He will save Her (probably sacrifising his life in proces) becouse He loves her. This is My little pet theory