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  1. Would the Black Dragons have been that bad?

    Rhaenyra didn't lost the Dance. We don't know if he would had been a bastard. From all we know he could had been legitimized.
  2. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    The sons of Harpy were in Meereen long before her departure too. After her departure one of the WMD is gone. No it wasn't. It was the safe thing to do, what else she could do?. She had nowhere else to go. She needed more power and the time for her dragons to grow that wasn't brave. He didn't started it, that was Jon. He was one of the leaders tho. He was one of the leaders and after that the others chose him. From the leaders f the Rebels only Ned seemed to care no one else. Why? Because they were smart enough to know that they couldn't change what had happened and that Tywin was dangerous. Then why you blame him only for not punishing Jaime for attacking Ned? Hoster had putted villages to the sword because their lord followed the King rather than the Rebels. And she was right. The *prince* was injured, that couldn't be left unpunished.
  3. Would the Black Dragons have been that bad?

    I don't think that there is a way of knowing. Even in Daemon himself wasn’t that good we don’t know if his heirs would had been better or not or if they would had created the havoc Daeron’s heirs had done. The only reason I would prefer Daemon over Daeron is the fact that after Dance Daena should had been the Queen and not Viserys.
  4. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    They had planned the battle and they hadn't used WMD. That doesn't mean that it was fought in his name. Could Robert had done anything to change it? After all since all blame Robert for letting Jon rule you have to blame Jon for that too. From all we know Jon hadn't done something either. You say that he should had punished Jaime for attacking Ned but he also should had punished Ned for Cat attacking Tyrion. One of Robb's allies and more importantly his grandfather had committed unspeakable crimes before Robb becoming the King, Since Robert had to punish someone for something that happened before he became the King, Robb had to punish his grandfather for what he had done before he became the King, That is after Robb becoming the King not before. Not really. Any King or even Lord who had his son attacked by an underling would had punished that underling severaly, Lady is a small price to pay for what Arya did.
  5. About lost heirs.

    Something that I noticed, In the Stark family tree we have examples of female members married and had descendants outside of the family ,like Jocelyn and Arrana, and members who we don't know if they married or even if they survived, like Errold, Elric and Torrhen. But we have two examples of male Starks, Artos' and Lysara's sons Brandon and Benjen, that we know that they had issues but we don’t know more about them. Do you think that they might be important later?
  6. aSoIaF characters and their tWoIaF and prequels counterpart.

    I love this one! Also Val=Nymeria.
  7. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Robert was fighting in the frond line as one of them. Dany was hiding behing her dragons and armies there is no similarity. She is a boss not a leader.
  8. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    The Rebellion wasn't fought in his name. Tywin wasn't on the Rebels' side. Ned's wife had kidnapped his brother in law and Jaime was *protecting* his brother Again. Tywin was never his. He had no reason to punish someone who was never his ally for something he did before he came to power. By your logic Robb should had punished the Tullys for what they did after the Rebellion. If he had to deal with it as a *normal* King would had done Arya would had been punished. Severely. The Starks were lucky that it was Robert who was never a cruel person. Sure because fighting a war with your own powers and make others fight your war and then name yourself the King is the same thing.
  9. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Endorsing means that he had the way to stop it. Last time I read the books Tywin hadn't asked for his permission. Not true. It was Rhaegar's back. The deaths of Rhaegar's children were not Robert's fault, he had no way of stopping them. True. But no where it is told that he had to do everything that Ned wanted. Or simply he did it for the same reason people do things that they have to do. On one habd you claim that Robert is to blame for not doing what some people would had done and on the other hand you blame him for doing what some people would had done?
  10. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Did he had to punish all the crimes that had happened before he became the King? Why he had to care tho?
  11. R+L=J v.163

    Sorry wrong thread
  12. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Allowing means either that someone asks for your permission to do something or that you have the power to stop it and you chose not to. Which of those two happened? So effing what? It's his house his rules. If he didn't wanted Lady in his house he had the right to do it.
  13. Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    Which, letting the Prince to win, is something that we have already see in the books before hence it’s not something absurd.
  14. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

  15. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Yet they one way or the other were *leading* the war by making the plans, Dany just use the dragons to take down the ridiculous enemies she has. Sure. Winning not one but two wars is nothing. Robert also won battles and it was his charisma and talent that won at the battlefield. He made his enemies to die for him and he killed Rhaegar, not Ned or Jon or Tywin. It was all Robert. He won the Throne. Dany on the other hand used the power Drogo gave to her and after that used the power the dragons gave to her. When she did something based on her own self with no magic, no dragons and no one else to protect her? She decided to free them because she couldn’t pay for them. She took no risk to free them, since the dragons and the Dothraki kept her safe.