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  1. Jaehaerys I was a usurper.

    And what I am saying is that she was forced to support Jaehaerys. He was decent, how funny especially thinking how he treated his children, when it came to his descendants. How hypocritical. That doesn't sound right as for example in Alys Karstark's case seems. Maybe there isn't a law in modern sense but the guest right isn't a law either so who cares about Red Wedding since it isn't a law. The fact that she was hypocritical in her whole life doesn't change the fact that she did thought that a heir's daughter do have the right to the Throne. If Rhaenys didn't had any right then there was no reason for a council. So what he did, had forced the Starks and took their lands while the Starks had no freedom to say otherwise, like what Rhaenys had done when she made Torrhen's daughter to marry the Arryn Lord. How is that any different with dictaroship? In anycase for a King who claims to be wise and just it just proves how hypocritical he was and how he had took what he wanted, either that was a crown or some land. He took the land because he was the *king* he took the crown because he was the own who was supported by for example his mother, a woman who prefered to take a sword than to even try to give a proper burial to her son, let alone to save him.
  2. Jaehaerys I was a usurper.

    She had already married Maegor who was an usurper and by what you said could had the girls captive. So she did had supported an usurper while her children were in danger and they were the heirs. You are right but still if the Targs were able to do whatever they wanted he would had named whoever he wanted as his heir without a council. Which means that what was the law of succession in the rest of Westeros was applying to the Targs at some degree something that even Alysanne supported. Or the laws only mattered when it came to his blood? The Starks' land.
  3. Jaehaerys I was a usurper.

    I do and I agree that there are similarities. What I disagree with is with saying that because something happened in real word that has to happen it a fantasy world. From all we know he and his allies were keeping the girls captives and that is why their mothers helped him. Much like how Elizabeth Woodville had supported Henry VII. Yet the Targs seemed to have accepted the Seven and according the seven a daughter comes before a brother. But after all its not like Jaehaerys had a problem of taking things that belonged to others as history proves.
  4. Jaehaerys I was a usurper.

    No I don't agree at all. Imnsho to say that because something worked in real word it worked in the some way in a land where polygamy and incest was legal and a King’s biggest power was his winged reptile is as I said before, silly. To draw similarities between economical policies, strategy and so on maybe but to say that because something worked that way in real world that should work the same in ASOIAF, no. Aerea and Rhalla hadn't claimed the throne because Jaehaerys stole it from them. That is the whole point.
  5. Jaehaerys I was a usurper.

    If William the Conqueror had conquered England with winged reptiles you would had been correct. However to use real words to prove your point about what happened in a fantasy world is kind of pointless since the very existence of this world proves you wrong. So again, under First men and Andals a daughter comes after a son but before a brother. Hence by definition and since as people claim, the Targs have followed the law of the Seven Aegon’s daughters come before Aegon’s younger brother. Hence when Jaehaerys took the Crown he usurped his nieces Throne. That is debatable. Agree that is why ignoring some posts is really handy. For everyone; This is a thread about Jaehaerys usurping his nieces' Throne, not about what happened after the Dance. Stay on topic.
  6. Sherlock

    It was ok but nothing great. I love Gatiss and his Mycroft.Cumberbatch with Freeman are always great and Eurus was also good but I felt that something was missing. Even if it didn't looked like the last episode they tried to make it look like that.
  7. Jaehaerys I was a usurper.

    That was the reason why I started to rethink about it. I was wondering why he had to create a mess with disrespecting the Andal ant the First men law of succession in order to name his heir. He had usurped the Throne of his niece and by choosing a woman would mean that a daughter comes before a younger brother and his sons hence he is a usurper.
  8. Jaehaerys I was a usurper.

    Since Aegon was Aenys’ heir and his daughters were his heirs Aerea and Rhalla were the legal heirs. Even if Aerea couldn’t take the Throne since Maegor had named her his heir from all we know Rhalla was still alive. Thus since then we haven’t heard anything about the Targaryens salic law Jaehaerys had usurped Rhalla’s Throne and the fact that the twins seems to have disappeared they seemed to be the Westerosi Princesses in the Tower and he could had killed them. Furthermore it is very interesting how it is Jaehaerys who chose to ignore Rhaenys’ right to the Throne in order to name the male heir of a younger son as his heir.
  9. @Raisin' Bran I have given more details, the fair thing to do is to inform you since I did it after you have already guessed.
  10. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    The plan is to move abroad, I am thinking either in Northern Europe like Germany but lately I am thinking about Cyprus or Malta.
  11. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    Yes! They were awesome! Jobs that have to do with my studies and not jobs in general but since we are in crisis jobs are not very easy to find. I believe that I will have to move as I have already planned.
  12. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    Hi everyone! When it takes too long it can be annoying. I am anxious with job, I have apply for some jobs but I have no answers yet.
  13. In order to clarify for number 9; The majority of his actions were good and he is remembered fondly for that. But there was one decision that has caused something that happened in the future that had brought destruction, but his decision wasn't the only reason. He was great one of the best, but he took one decision that may had caused, without being the only reason, something terrible in the future.
  14. POEMS (or other sundry quotes) that remind you of ASOIAF

    As I have said before: I think that it goes like this for Jon: All that is gold does not glitter, Jon is the King but he doen't have the royal "glitter" Not all those who wander are lost; Jon has wondered but he will find his way to his home/throne The old that is strong does not wither, Jon after all things that have happen to him in his heart is still Ned's son Deep roots are not reached by the frost. Although he had many reasons and opportunities Jon's roots (honor, ideals) haven't "wither" from "bad influences" From the ashes a fire shall be woken, Jon's ressuraction as AAR A light from the shadows shall spring; Jon as AAR fighting the Others Renewed shall be blade that was broken, LB (I believe that NW is LB) & the Realm The crownless again shall be king. Jon
  15. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX)

    That is great!