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  1. The sacrifice

    I don't think that it is an actual sword but Jon is AAR.
  2. Targaryen Morality

    Polygamy was never illegal because it wasn't mentioned in the books. Personally I don't care if Jon is trueborn or not and I don't care if someone claims that the Targs have a claim at all.
  3. The sacrifice

    To answer about the sacrifice someone have to ask why a background character will end up being the Hero at the end. In any case, I don’t think that AAR has to reforge his Lighbringer through sacrificing anyone or that his sword will need to be reforged. Let alone a background character becoming the ultimate Savior.
  4. The Main Conflict in the Story

    There are no text proofs to point at this. Heck even Hazzea's father wanted to blemish Drogon's reputation he would had done it in front of others, he didn't. Even Dany herself admits that it was Drogon only Shavepate thinks that he wasn't the one to blame.
  5. Targaryen Morality

    No one disagrees with that. The point is that the Targs were morally wrong to deceive the rest of Westeros in order to use them.
  6. Targaryen Morality

    You can believe whatever you want, the fact is that we have examples of the Seven being present at the North before the Targs and the fact that even under the King of the Isles and the Rivers the Riverlords were not forced to follow the Drowned God pretty much prove that you are wrong. After all religion was a tool at their hands and it is proved that they never trully followed the Seven. If they had followed them they wouldn't had broke their law.
  7. Targaryen Morality

    Only the Targs never gave up anything.
  8. Is Val Important

    Well five is a a lot of people. Most likely they are all BloodRaven.
  9. Is Val Important

    That is the proble. The majority of those hypothesis are based on other hypothesis which are based on their turn are based on other hypothesis and not at the text. They have distorted the meaning of the text in order to serve their claims. As I have said before they could say that Robb will be the next Sword of the Morning just because he said "Good morning.".
  10. Targaryen Morality

    The Faith didn’t stop caring; they were forced to accept the Targ abominations but that doesn’t mean that the law changed. Just like the rest of Westeros, they were forced to accept the Targs as their ruler but once they were free of them no one cared about if they were alive or dead. There is nothing in the books that mentions that polygamy was ever illegal so even if they give it up, which isn’t a fact, they gave up something that was never illegal.
  11. Targaryen Morality

    That isn't an excuse for their deceit or their sins. If someone is corrupted and breaks the law but gives some money to charity he is still a criminal. Same with the Targs, they were breaking the law and they were not respecting anything and anyone while thinking that they were Über Humans and no one else was good enough.
  12. Targaryen Morality

    Nice excuse for madness.
  13. Targaryen Morality

    You mean Baelor the Befuddled who had his sisters imprisoned and while he knew the laws he did married one of them?
  14. Is Val Important

    Again, here we discuss the book series not the youtube videos. If you want for someone to have a serious discussion with you then you should do the same. Find quotes that support your claims and then people will do the same. You cannot post a vid and expect for people to actually care enough to discuss seriously with you.
  15. What is the "power in king's blood"?

    Then why he hadn't attack the Targs? Without Aerys' and Rhaegar's actions there would had been no Rebellion.