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  1. There is no proof about that. He sent Stannis to arrest them, not kill them. Heck even Tywin had told that Robert wouldn't had killed children. It made sence to feel relief when your enemy and his family die it wasn't a good thing but it made sense. I don't have to do anything. And no I don't think that using wmd, collective punishment, genocide and torture is a good thing. Seeing how he ordered the deaths of Robert and Ned for no reason it doesn't take much to see how he would had done it. Also Rhaegar was no where to be found. How do you know that? Ned thought that Rhaegar wasn't going to brothels that doesn't mean that he had a high opinion about him.
  2. A second son wouldn't had been enough for Tywin. Also without the war Dany wouldn't had been alive.
  3. Even in Westeros 12 years old are still children. Also do you really believe that the unsullied would had asked about the child's age? Her actions were to order the death of children because of who their parent were and how rich they were. As for the second part you are describing tyrany. And then Aerys would had ordered the deaths of Benjen, Stannis and Renly. Not true. He thought that Aegon was tptwp, after he proved himself wrong about him being the savior, and only looked for a new baby making maschine only after Elia wouldn't had been able to have more. In a simple way, he had no way to know if his actions would had a good outcome. Even if he was right he shouldn't had run.
  4. Your whole scenario is based on Arryn knowing what Rhaegar was planning. Which he would had known if Rhaegar wasn't a coward and hadn't abandoned everything to have sex with Lyanna.
  5. Slaver's Bay. He ordered the death of 12 years old who wear tokar. Yet before Dany slavery wasn't illegal in SB. Or do you mean that the Westerosi should had killed the Targs for their illegal actions? If you don't see how this is evil I feel sorry for you. Any belief, in order to be a good ruler you should change the society and not kill them to submission.
  6. I love how you find excuses for the text proofs that don't agree with your opinion!
  7. Seeing how women like Val, Alys, Ygritte and Mel reacted he is handsome enought. After all he looks like Lyanna and she had a wild beauty.
  8. And SB proves how moronic she is as a ruler. Killing evil people is still evil. Killing 12 years old people because of who their parents were is evil. Killing people because of their culture when they were practising something that was never illegal is evil. She killed 163 people without knowing if they were those who killed those children, she killed them without a trial. Even an evil person deserves a trial. She is a monster who killed some people who might be evil. Is it a lie that she was taken money from the people who sold themselves to slavery because she destroyed their lives? Is it a lie that she ordered the torture of two most likely children? Again, SB proves you wrong. And you stop personal attacks. Imposing your beliefs on others with WMD is tyrany. Egg tried to deal with them without WMD. Then why the old woman had lost her house when she left?
  9. GRRM is that you? How nice to see you here!
  10. Passive aggressive personal attack. How original *yawning* The fact that you believe that doesn't make it true. Because she already had done it before. True she cares about them so much that she tortures them, makes their lives hell and then takes part of their money when they voluntarily sell themselves to slavery because she has destroyed their lives. Unless you are GRRM you have no way to know it. Unless of course you are talking about your fan fiction. That is what makes her a tyrant, when Egg was fighting for some primitive kind of democracy. Two passive aggressive personal attacks in the same post. How original *yawning* With this act she shows that she doesn't have a claim to Westeros anymore, she lost her claim when she fled from Dragonstone
  11. Cool! But personally, since you quoted me, I really don't see why I should care
  12. You cannot see it because it isn't true. It is just some people being obsessed with other people's opinions.
  13. The characters in Essos except Arya.
  14. Definitely Loki. Again.
  15. If SB storyline teach us something it's that Dany would be a terrible, moronic and incompetent ruler who use genocide.