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  1. Have you noticed - of course you have , Tyrion's fascination with the dragon sculpture on the wall in the final scene?
  2. Found this : Is this Dark Sister?,h_470,q_auto:good,w_620/ptbvavbaaiooywpkacwl.jpg bran_dark_sister.jpg
  3. And you a goat, Ser !
  4. Sansa is the The More Beautiful Queen. It is known.
  5. Nicely put OP... But it actually points at Sansa being the YMBQ IMHO. Sansa, whom both Brienne and Jaime will pledge to eventually.
  6. Well, because: 1. "Inspiration" is not the same as "copy/paste" 2. So far, GRRM has never been suspected of plagiat 3. Actually, this is exactly why ASOIAF would end differently
  7. I do think their child will survive, hence definitely merging Ice and Fire, the Targaryen - Stark Dynasty. Thinking about it, if Dany dies before giving birth (just) then the prophecy denying her another child is still valid (just)? And there's nothing pointing at Jon eventually riding a dragon in the books... Except R+L of course.
  8. It's not about Dany, it's about Tyrion! Because Tyrion is a Targ... And maybe because he will be the sole (of the 3 heads) survivor of the Long Night 2.0, the unsung hero (Jon and Dany will become part of the AA - PtwP - StwMtW Legends), but the king nonetheless?
  9. Interesting.
  10. Happy Easter to You Lost!
  11. Sansa is the more beautiful queen from the prophecy. It is known.
  12. Tyrion will end up on the Iron Throne, with Sansa as his loving Queen. It is known.
  13. This was what convinced me the GG was the Harpy, I think:
  14. Already noted in the hidden section of the OP Happy New Year to all AJTers!
  15. Welcome back @UnmaskedLurker . We missed you (and I fully accept / understand your reasons in writing). EDIT: Oh and you too @Suzanna Stormborn And Merry Christmas to all AJT believers (is this too soon?)