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  1. I get all this my friend, and I mostly agree, but I think you are bending the facts towards what you think D&D want to convey - quite surprising from you compared how you discuss the books. Point is, RamsAy never gave a shit for any legal aspect / social acceptability of his actions, unlike Rhaegar... Or Tyrion for that matter. And Sansa as well, now that she has become independant and a political "maestress". And clearly, if one wedding is void and unlawful, it's the one with Ramsay, more than the one with Tyrion. Think of them this way: if Sansa had to chose one marriage against the other, which one would she take? Granted, not very relevant now that Ramsay's dead... But still. And Tyrion... By saying to Jon that he does not consider his wedding very valid because of "unconsummation", it seems to me that therefore it still is in a strict legal point of view... And if something is left very much open in the show it's Tyrion's stance in the near future! What has really happened between him and Cersei? What does his staring (and listening) at Dany's cabin door really mean?
  2. But the show also made a point on linking an annulment with an official record (R+L) IMHO. Wait and see...
  3. You got it: if Tyrion wonders about it, then it is certainly not a dead cert situation, is it? Now, as season 8 is the last one, I do hope as well we will get plenty of clarifications!
  4. Well, we'll have to agree to disagree I guess. My point is that only the second paragraph is true, both in the show and in the books: 1. A statement by LF is usually BS... 2. No one around Ramsay questionned his actions without painful consequences... 3. ... And actually Tyrion and Jon do question it IIRC in the beginning of the season 7 - which for me is another hint of this marriage to be still important to the end game ; 4. Sansa's and Ramsay's wedding was a "Northern One", so no Septon was ever involved in discussing the legal aspects of the first one.
  5. No, it was not. When? How? EDIT: And consummation of a marriage does not make it lawful (the religious and legal witnesses do), it just makes it more difficult to annul...
  6. Well, GRRM has only married them already... How's that for a hint? And despite what we hear here and there they still are. No proper annulment was ever granted by a higher Septon unlike, say, Rhaegar and Elia... And in the books Sansa is not the one marrying Ramsay...
  7. I think BoB gives the answer to Tyrion's acceptability as a King: And if AJT is true, this political alliance would still very much be of Ice and Fire. And Sansa would be the YMBQ, not Dany (who cannot really fulfill the prophecy if she dies...) and ironically would thus achieve Littlefinger's ambition.
  8. Jon will solve his paternity conflict the same way he solved Theon´s, but he is somewhat thick when dealing with his own conflicts, so it will take a bit more than 2 paragraphs / 2 episodes... I.E. "You´re a Targaryen and a Stark"
  9. On another note (I´m definitely on the "Aemon" bandwagon in the books although I did predict "Aegon" in the show - see a few pages above), what do you guys make of all those references to the last small dragons? Sounds very AJT to me...
  10. Another point of view on how AJT is "replaced" int he show - interesting.
  11. Not sure D&D are too concerned with either controversy or [out of the blue]ness!
  12. Me too + I think Rhaegal is the one to be killed - somehow, in the books.
  13. Why does everybody say it's Viserion? It is not explicitly said so in the episode and from the colours of his/her scales/eyes I would say it is more likely to be Rhaegal?
  14. + The special saddle for Bran IIRC - which is a strong clue for many (including me) that Tyrion will use the same design to mount a dragon. My view on this has always been that AJT will not be explicitly confirmed - not unlike Nettles' true origin in tPatQ, Tyrion riding Viserion will just almost confirm it. And yes, it would make sense that it will only happen at the very end (the closing of the penultimate episode of the last season?), because if true it would be paramount to the end game. I actually believe only Sansa + Tyrion will survive as the sole "normal" political leaders - probably elected by the people, as the show strongly hints at during the Dany / Tyrion discussion about her succession.
  15. Come on! Because Jon needs to leave the Night Watch to fulfil his destiny and GRRM's story: Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come. (...) And now his watch has ended. Incidentally, yes, he died to become stronger, to kill the boy and let the man be born. Or as the Ironborn say, what is dead may never die and rises harder and stronger. Baelor Breakspear was probably one of the few Targs not caring about blood, but valour - so your Jena Dondarrion with a drop or two of Targ blood is a rather cheap point IMO. What is special about Jon is not that he is a resurrected Targaryen, but a Targaryen and a Stark: Ice to withstand them, Fire to defeat them.