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  1. Well, because: 1. "Inspiration" is not the same as "copy/paste" 2. So far, GRRM has never been suspected of plagiat 3. Actually, this is exactly why ASOIAF would end differently
  2. I do think their child will survive, hence definitely merging Ice and Fire, the Targaryen - Stark Dynasty. Thinking about it, if Dany dies before giving birth (just) then the prophecy denying her another child is still valid (just)? And there's nothing pointing at Jon eventually riding a dragon in the books... Except R+L of course.
  3. It's not about Dany, it's about Tyrion! Because Tyrion is a Targ... And maybe because he will be the sole (of the 3 heads) survivor of the Long Night 2.0, the unsung hero (Jon and Dany will become part of the AA - PtwP - StwMtW Legends), but the king nonetheless?
  4. Interesting.
  5. Happy Easter to You Lost!
  6. Sansa is the more beautiful queen from the prophecy. It is known.
  7. Tyrion will end up on the Iron Throne, with Sansa as his loving Queen. It is known.
  8. This was what convinced me the GG was the Harpy, I think:
  9. Already noted in the hidden section of the OP Happy New Year to all AJTers!
  10. Welcome back @UnmaskedLurker . We missed you (and I fully accept / understand your reasons in writing). EDIT: Oh and you too @Suzanna Stormborn And Merry Christmas to all AJT believers (is this too soon?)
  11. Indeed. But I feel that Baelor has de facto acknowledged Dunk as a knight : - Granting him the right of a Trial of Seven; - Accepting him as "his man" just before dying, because he is a "good man" - the only valid definition of a true knight (as Luwin said, see someone's post above)
  12. Are you talking to me ? More seriously, I do not understand your question... Interpreting is by nature subjective, so I am not stating a fact, but just interpreting...
  13. My reading is that Baelor Breakspear did make Duncan a knight, but Dunk does not fully realise it. But Egg does IMHO.
  14. You are welcome
  15. For those interested, as I mentioned above, the Ash, the Chestnut and the Oak were discussed almost 3 years ago, here: And it was also fairly developed in the "re-reading Jon" section: I give you below my amended OP, which reflected later comments in both threads. -------------------------------------------------- Initially, without real inner thought, but just from my visualisation of the scenes, Tyrion, Stannis and Victarion came to my mind (twisted and half-nose for T, skeletal and bold for S, angry, huge and wounded for V). Upon reflection, Stark (solemn and gazing north) also came to mind for the Ash and Jon (future wounds and anger) for the Oak. (I will later discard Tyrion and Victarion but I give you these initial thoughts for further counter-discussion). A quick research gave this: Ash: Tree of Humankind and Ancestors. Symbolic of the "Bridge" connecting the Spiritual and Physical realm. The Mother. Chestnut: Tree of Honesty. Symbolic of longevity. Beauty. Connection to the underworld. Oak: Tree of Strength & Longevity. Symbolic of Truth and ancient wisdom and of the marriage between the god and the goddess. King of Trees. Tree of Thunder. 1. The Ash symbolises Jon's duty as a Stark (his mother) and the NW LC (looking like Edd = looking like a NW member + sounds like 'Ned'), that is to keep looking north as his ancestors have made for centuries, to keep protecting Humankind from Evil. But Jon and / or the whole NW is / are twisted : his sense of duty is fading. EDIT (input from Fire Eater): An ash tree, Yggdrasil, in Norse mythology held a dragon in its roots, with one root feeding it that stood over Niflheim, the primordial world of ice and cold. 2. The Chesnut is Stannis, the Honest and Enduring king, but also involved with Dark powers and in a way already dead (leafless, skeletal, the raven). He is the King that responded Jon's call but in doing so he abandoned his own values (when Jon raised his fist, the raven came, leaving the Honest and Enduring tree behind) but his help has a price (corn). Stannis is showing the bridge over the icy stream, i.e. a way of escaping his duty as LC to fulfil his other duties / desires / or his alternate destiny. Possible further development: "Corn for the free folk, (...) none for you". He wondered if they would all be reduced to eating ravens before the coming winter had run its course. Jon will favour supporting the wildlings to supporting Stannnis and may end up fighting and destroying him? EDIT (purrl1, Schmendrick but mostly Hot Pie Swag) - Amended analysis: The Chesnut represents Jon visiting the underworld after his assassination at the Wall. He is a Ghost (in Ghost?), a sacrificed divinity like the Corn King. EDIT2 (Fire Eater and Frey family reunion): A squirrel communicated between the dragon and a bird perched in the branches. During Ragnorak, the dragon would be freed. A dragon will wake with Bran (who was called a "squirrel" by Ned) working with BR, who is both a raven (his mother's sigil are ravens surrounding a weir wood - Melissa Blackwood) and a dragon (his father is Aegon IV Targaryen). 3. The Oak symbolises Jon as the awakened Dragon (Targ) having crossed the bridge shown by Stannis. Wounded in the process (the stabbing) but also having re-opened old wounds (revenge for his 'old' family) or new ones (revenge for his discovered new family) he takes the King's road at last, furious and mighty (Jon the berserk). EDIT (Fire Eater) - The heart tree of the Red Keep, the royal capital for centuries, is an oak tree. A dragon waking is always described in terms of anger.