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  1. Ruining it for yourself.

    I watched the HBO series before I even knew about ASoIF but that's how I got interested in the books. Then I read GoT & went on to ACoK while watching season 2. The books are (obviously) so much more involved that I didn't feel spoiled by watching the show. If anything I liked to see how they altered the books to fit in to a TV format. I'm not entirely pleased with how they did. Show seems a bit 'soap operish.' Sex scenes to shock not to enhance the context of the story. Where I did get myself in trouble, as many of you have mentioned, is when I started to look up characters & history to help me understand references made in a particular chapter I was reading. Sometimes I just couldn't remember who a character was and looked them up & BAM found out something I didn't need to know yet - like Joffrey's death. I get nervous when I start to like or cheer for a particular character because I just know they are going to die, get maimed or reappear in some ghastly form. As I read I kept exclaiming out loud, 'he just killed so & so, Jaime lost his hand... etc. (I actually cringed when I read that section) and my husband said to me, 'Quit reading it if it's so upsetting to you' but then he started to ask after every exclaimation or head pounding on table moment 'who died now for God's sake?' What a ride these books are!!! Well, just got my copy of ADwD so can't wait for some more head pounding on table, gasping moments...I open these pages with great anticipation mixed with a healthy dose of fear.
  2. How to indicate "spoilers"?