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  1. Ooops--sorry, meant to say that Shae is finally heading in a direction of doom; I've never trusted her character, don't know what's in store for her but wish she would have gotten on that ship back to wherever her mysterious origins were. . . though I do appreciate her devotion to Sansa, now that Sansa is building a spine. . .
  2. I loved it, and love that HBO keeps rerunning it. With watching all the run-up episodes to this Season 4, I am impressed at how far-seeing the show runners were -- many things from season 1 are tied in, this far down the line. I do, however, want very much to own a t-shirt with The Hound's visage and the words, "A man's gotta have a code. . . " (not sure if those were exact words, but close enough). Counting down till Sunday night and episode 2, torn between wearing my Ghost Pale Ale shirt and dressing completely in purple. Anyway, I thought the story lines were all good, didn't register much of the Red Viper in the books but what an impact on the show. The Breinne/Jaimie interlude was understated but spot-on; Sansa is finally heading in a tolerable direction, Shae is finally heading in her direction of doom, and Dany is finally getting the hint that ruling is more than standing around proclaiming all your titles--not to mention that parenthood ain't always easy.
  3. why can't I post a reply to a thread? I'm new here.