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  1. Robert's Raw Deal

    "And let's kill this innocent animal who your daughter loves, because my wife is a crazy beast"
  2. Robert's Raw Deal

    Robert was a horrible friend especially to Ned.
  3. The vale and the north fight over the riverlands

    Why would they try to conquer the Iron Islands?
  4. The vale and the north fight over the riverlands

    Pretty much this. The Northerners will fight like hell and than some for their home: The North. But I doubt they have any interest in conquering beyond the North. They would put up one hell of a fight but at the same time I think they would think the Riverlands is not worth it and forget about.
  5. Andal Invasion of the North

    The show Boltons suck too. But I don't think GRRM has given the Boltons lots of depth to be such a major part of the story. All we know about their history is that they flayed people are brutal and constantly been the Starks' rivals. Domeric seemed interesting but he's dead. Even after thousands of years they still are obsessed about the Starks and gaining the North. Th Stark and Bolton rivalry is so boring. Even thousands and thousands of history doesn't make the Boltons interesting plus I doubt GRRM will spend any more time on them besides to kill them. I wish their rivalry was interesting like the Blackwood/Brackens, Manderly/Peaks, or Martells and Yronwoods.
  6. Andal Invasion of the North

    I wish I found the Boltons interesting enough to care since they've been intwined with my Starks for thousands of years but the Boltons suck in so many ways.
  7. Andal Invasion of the North

    They're not. They are First Men
  8. Did GRRM make the Lannisters too strong?

    The Lannisters were never all that powerful. The only reason they had any power was because Robert was a cowering little bitch. They had the Westerlands at the start of the story. When they war broke out alliances were being made all through Westeros but no one tried to align with the Lannisters till Renly died from a shadow baby. It was luck and plot points alone that have them still in possession of that ugly chair.
  9. (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion - Rant & Tear apart

    Watch a Frey kill Nymeria and Ghost gets turned into a Other who tries to kill Jon and Jon stabs/kills him while whispering "Ghost"
  10. Yay finally the MCU is giving us a female villain and I love Tessa Thompson and a ate Blanchette.
  11. X-Men Apocalypse: continued

    Many of the X-Men characters have been wasted throughout the films it sucks. I liked the Storm and Black Panther comics but I never knew they were unpopular. But my desire to have Storm be in the Black Panther movie is that I think Marvel would do better with the character than what we've seen so far.
  12. X-Men Apocalypse: continued

    I agree with this. I do wish that we could have gotten Storm in the Black Panther movie though. I bet her character would get better writing and characterization than any X-Men movie we have seen so far.
  13. I hope Thor 3 stays away from earth except the end credits where Bruce and Thor find out about civil war.