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  1. The Stark hair color is brown not black FYI.
  2. To the bolded this is exactly what the Andals and First Men did. The First Men came and murdered the COTF plus killed their gods and took their land. The Andals came and finished the job that the First Men started and then proceeded to kill multiple First Men all because of their superior weapondry and their greed. The Targaryens/Valyrians came from Valyria because a Targaryen daughter saw their destruction so they too were migrating and they were in Westeros a few years before they conquered it. The only differences between the Valyrians, First Men, and Andals is that the Andals and First Men have spent thousands of years being arrogant and prideful, the Valyrians have spent 300 years.
  3. The Valyrians are no different from the Andals or First Men who came and murdered the Children of the Forrest and each other. All these high lords and kings and queens are arrogant and think they have the "right" to rule. The great houses that ruled their regions for thousands of years are just as arrogant and haughty about their "rights" so the Arryns, Starks, Lannisters, etc.... ain't got nothing on the Targaryens.
  4. How can anything that Tywin did(except putting down the Reynes and Tarbeck Rebellion though not to that extent that he did)be justified? How do you justify the gangrape of a 14yr old girl because she married above her station? How do you justify his sexual abuse of his father's mistress because she overreached? What about him attacking the Riverlands/smallfolk and setting the likes of Gregor upon them because a Tully took a son he doesn't give a damn about? What about Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon? The sack of Kings Landing? His abuse against Tyrion because he blames him unfairly for Joanna's death? Tywin is hated because he's petty, a misogynist, a rapist, abusive, disgusting most evil character in this series. And no his rule is not preferable when he views people not named Lannister as expendable, worthless and his to rape, terrorize and murder as he sees fit.
  5. To the bolded, then Robert should have never taken the crown if he didn't want it. The rebels didn't start the war out for the crown(as far as we know)it was to save their necks, so why take something you never wanted? And Robert fought that war to save his own life not for Lyanna, or the innocent men that Aerys murdered unjustly it was to save his own neck.
  6. Rhaegar was never king so there is no comparison on who was a better king. Robert was a shit king, husband, father, brother, ruler, friend and human being. Rhaegar was always the better person.
  7. Tywin is a monster, the biggest and worst one we have seen in this series. Just a evil piece of shit to his rotten core.
  8. Ewwww comparing Starks' looks to the Kardashians, just nasty. Also how did you come up with Valaryans looking Asian? But I would think the Starks were really pale living in the North where they hardly got any sun.
  9. So what if Tasha was whore she was a 13yr old child she didn't deserve the gangrape that Tywin gave her. Tywin made Tyrion sit and watch his 13yr old wife get gangrape by his soldiers than proceeded to force Tyrion to participate. That is a very traumatic experience and very horrible. Tywin deserved to be murdered he was a monster who should have died years ago, Tyrion is a hero for putting him down like the POS he is. And no Tyrion is not a secret Targaryen. Him being a dwarf does not show he's a Targaryen because the Targaryens don't have dwarfs in their family.
  10. I agree. And I'm rooting for DC to do good but I just don't care about their characters. Superman is the only DC hero I care about and that's because of nostalgia not interest. I know he's in the movie but I hope he doesn't show up in like the last few minutes of the movie to save everyone.
  11. I think Jon is physically attractive and charismatic. A lot of characters are drawn to him and that's most likely because of his personality.
  12. At the beginning of the books he did but not now at this point in the story.
  13. Still watch it, it might get better after the sixth episode. I personally liked Luke Cage and Jessica Jones even though lots of people had negative views on both. I'll definitely try Iron Fist and you should form your own opinions about it.
  14. Just cause Sansa taught him how to talk to girls doesn't mean that girls weren't attractive to him. Lots of good looking people can be awkward and shy when interacting with the opposite sex.