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  1. Second strongest houses in each kingdom?

    My question for you and everyone else who is ranking the Boltons so high is where is the evidence that the Boltons are so powerful?
  2. Second strongest houses in each kingdom?

    Hightower yes, but House Manderly is too southern to ever be more powerful than the Starks.
  3. Second strongest houses in each kingdom?

    People consider the Boltons the second strongest house because they have been the Starks' rivals for thousands of years. Common sense and evidence says that the Manderlys are the second most powerful House after the Starks(as far as I'm concerned the Starks still rule the North)because of their wealth, city, population and land.
  4. Why do people want Aegon to be real?

    Because I want some part of Elia to have lived on and I love the idea of Rhaegar and Elia's son.
  5. Who is more to blame for Robert's legacy? Robert or Cersei?

    Why would any Targaryen align with a Lannister? Viserys knows how Tywin lied his way into KL's gates than proceeded to murder his niece and nephew and sister-in-law. He also knows how Jaime murdered his father. All the Lannisters did was show betrayal and brutality to the Targaryens. There is no reason that the Targs would do anything but bring fire and blood towards that house.
  6. Words are wind! Honour versus duty, and vows...

    Jaime fans keep conveniently forgetting that Jaime stood outside that door and listened and did nothing also while Rhaella was getting raped and abused. Condemn Darry all you want but Jaime is not better. He also sat on a throne smiling while innocent men, women, and children were getting raped and murdered by his fellow westernmen and family and did nothing. Jaime is the biggest coward in the series hiding behind those Kings guard vows he picks and chooses to follow, he is no hero.
  7. Who is more to blame for Robert's legacy? Robert or Cersei?

    By having and keeping the Lannisters at his side he made it really easy for the Targs to return. Robert was the one who kept Westeros together, once he died it all went to hell. The Lannisters are not liked at all that's why when war broke out no Houses were loyal to the Lions except their own bannermen. And Robert did care about who wore the crown after him.
  8. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    SO. MUCH. WORD!!!
  9. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    When did the KG hide out? They were following orders and the second it came to fighting they fought and would have fought when it came down to it.
  10. Who is more to blame for Robert's legacy? Robert or Cersei?

    That was not Robert being wise it was him being a coward. Robert had literally nothing to fear from the Lannisters.
  11. Why did Robert hate the Targaryens so much?

    How could Rhaegar possibly see that kidnapping Lyanna would result in the deaths of his children, wife, father, mother, downfall of his 300yr old dynasty and his younger siblings ran from their homes all because he kidnapped a girl? Blame Rhaegar for a lot of things and he would surely deserve that blame, but not being able to see the consequences of taking a girl(no matter her highborn status)he should not be blamed for. And when Robert stood over the dead bodies of two innocent babies and dehumanized them, plus stepping over their bodies for a throne he never wanted never along should have sat he lost the right to be called a "good man"
  12. Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    I'm not excusing anything. Im trying to remind you that Rhaegar was never king so to compare his job as King to Robert's would be useless because Rhaegar was never a king.
  13. Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    Of course we consider his actions but that doesn't mean he was ever a king. Rhaegar was a prince and died as one, never a king.
  14. Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    Aligning with the Lannisters after all the treachery they showed during the war for one. There was no reason for Arryn to propose a marriage between Robert and Cersei. Arryn decided to reward House Lannister for the hundreds of deaths and rapes that they brought on Kings Landing and that IMO was a mistake. He never did soothe Dorne because they've been planning revenge for over 15yrs. He choose Littlefinger.
  15. Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    Rhaegar was never king. And why does anyone keep saying that Arryn was a good Hand, most of the things that lead to TWot5Ks comes from many of his decisions?