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  1. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    I think Jon is physically attractive and charismatic. A lot of characters are drawn to him and that's most likely because of his personality.
  2. Why don't the Lannisters have a fleet?

    At the beginning of the books he did but not now at this point in the story.
  3. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Still watch it, it might get better after the sixth episode. I personally liked Luke Cage and Jessica Jones even though lots of people had negative views on both. I'll definitely try Iron Fist and you should form your own opinions about it.
  4. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Just cause Sansa taught him how to talk to girls doesn't mean that girls weren't attractive to him. Lots of good looking people can be awkward and shy when interacting with the opposite sex.
  5. I heard that he loses it in Ragnorak.
  6. Hopefully Thor gets his hammer back.
  7. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Yeah, doing Heroes for Hire is a good idea and I would love to see Daughters of the Dragon. I know there was rumors going around that Marvel was thinking of doing a White Tiger series and Jessica did name drop Angela's name.
  8. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Yeah I hope it has a great ending. And if it does get picked up for a second season than I hope the second season is better written(I have the same hope for Luke Cage although I really loved the series)Marvel could use some new talent Also I'm reading some biases because some wanted a Asian actor in the role. I read Finn Jones who plays Iron Fist had to leave twitter cause he was attacked because of the anger of him being cast.
  9. They look so good. And I love Chris' haircut, I hope he sports it in Infinity War
  10. "Moral ambiguity" is overrated and overestimated

    Jaime is not a protagonist in any way, not even a grey one.
  11. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Just read some reviews on the first six episodes of Iron Fist and so far they are not good.
  12. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Jon does not covet a ruling position. I think he is ambitious and wants to be more than a bastard that's why he wants Winterfell before he rejects it. He also only took the Lord Commander position because of his honor but Jon does not desire to rule.
  13. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Sansa is the child that is most like Ned than all his children even Jon. Arya is liked more than Sansa because Arya is a more active character. For the whole series we see Sansa as passive only showing small signs of rebellion but for the most part she's just waiting for things to happen to her. Arya, though many things happen to her out of her control we still see her actively taking part of her own fate. Plus Arya is exercising vengeance to Stark enemies and though GRRM plainly states that that is not a path to follow, the many Stark fans can still be somewhat happy that at least a Stark is dishing out some well deserved revenge. And I agree with you somewhat that Jon is liked in part because he's kinda like Ned(Ned is my favorite character in the series)but he also plays up that classic hero type trope not all the way but he plays it somewhat. Also Jon isn't a greedy, cruel asshole whose main motivation is that ugly chair or revenge.