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  1. It’s Killmonger and you’re right that he was the embodiment of radicalism(someone said that he approached the situation like an “American”)but I found myself agreeing with him most of the time. And yes Nakia was the voice of reason, they were on opposite sides of the same spectrum though.
  2. I loved this movie so much. T’Challa was great and Shuri was wow!! Also I’m in love with the Dora Malajie, just wow. But I LOVED MBJ’s character Killmonger. He was definitely the standout. This movie was more different than every other Marvel movie cause it played more like a drama than a superhero movie IMO. Very rarely do I sympathize with villains or understand their motives but I got Erik. As a African American I got him in so many ways. I understood when he asked the Wakandans where were they when others that looked like them were being oppressed(and still are) I loved when he said “Can you believe that? A kid from Oakland running around believing in fairy tales” it made me tear up. I liked how the movie showed the disconnect between Africans and African Americans. I really sympathized with Killmonger never knowing Wakanda and how he was called an outsider by them even though he spoke the language, knew their culture and had the royal blood. But he was just a kid from Oakland. I actually found myself agreeing with Killmonger a few times even though he went about it totally wrong. And the conversation between Killmonger and his father just broke my heart. Especially when his father asked where were the tears for him and the little boy offered no tears ~sniff~ But Wakanda left him behind and just like the others in Kenya, Ghana, and so many more around the world Wakanda left them so I understood his pain, anger and trauma. This movie had one of the most powerful lines I’ve ever heard, when Killmonger said “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors, who jumped from ships because they knew death was better than bondage” ~sniff~ Such a fantastic movie, one of the greats.
  3. Besides Tyrion she’s also the smartest(that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t sometimes make stupid decisions)
  4. But how was the Ironborn going to survive the Northern winters? Yes the Iron Islands get harsh winters but nothing like the North. They don’t have the means, equipment or knowledge to survive that environment. Asha is ADWD was barely surviving a Northern autumn and thought the Northmen winter equipment odd. Balon’s plan was stupid, short sighted, and dangerous. He lost men for land he and his wouldn’t have been able to keep come winter.
  5. I don’t think people forgot about Blade[\b], it’s just that we have social media to be loud about the movie and plus like you said Black Panther[\b] is African culture celebrated in a positive light with a predominantly black cast so it’s getting so much hype.
  6. So what if Arryn was Hand, the Vale and his bannermen didn’t seem to have benefited from Arryn being Hand. In AGOT we see no Vale men except Littlefinger who has any position of power in Robert’s court. Like I said, Robert’s allies during the war didn’t have a place in his court nor afforded one. Robert is constantly called generous and forgiving, there is nothing in the books that suggest that he held a grudge against anyone not a Targaryen. He visited the Reach many times(and I’m sure Highgarden)he had his brother marry their bannermen, and another brother took a Tyrell as a Square. Robert had no issues with the Tyrells and they didn’t fear him. Arryn was not scared of Tywin(where did this ridiculous idea come from?)if anything Tywin and House Lannister’s actions were an indication on what would befall whoever allied themselves with them. Jon Arryn was stupid when he thought he was being smart. Arryn only suggested Cersei cause Lyanna died. If Lyanna had not died what reward would Tywin have gotten for lying the dead bodies of babies at Robert’s feet? Robert could get to any of the houses in Westeros, he didn’t care that they sided with the Targaryens. Again Robert is called forgiving and generous he just didn’t care. There is nothing in the books that suggest that Robert had any feelings of revenge towards the houses that sided with the Targaryens. Nor did he care about Dorne in any way. Tywin didn’t have to murder a 3yr old, a baby and a woman, he did it cause he is evil no other reason. Tywin’s thought process is gross, inhumane, and evil.
  7. What was wrong with the Tyrells’ position during Robert’s reign? They didn’t have much sway at court but the houses that fought beside Robert didn’t either. Houses Stark, Arryn, and Tully didn’t seem to have much if any power or positions during Robert’s reign and they were his greatest allies during the war. And Robert didn’t marry Cersei because her father murdered the Targ children, he married Cersei because Tywin/ House Lannister was powerful and she was the daughter of a great lord. All of this would have happened even if Tywin didn’t murder and rape the Targaryens. And Tywin sitting out the war would have been fine in Rober’s eyes. There was no need for him to murder Rhaegar’s children. A lot of houses sat out the war or sided with the Targaryens yet Robert showed no anger towards them. It’s a justification people use to absolve Tywin of the murder of babies and Elia that it was “necessary” when no it was not.
  8. The Freys are not wealthier from the RW. They got no gold, nor any marriage that made them wealthy. Manderly was not scared of the Freys spies it was a Lannister bastard who was his Maester that he didn’t trust. He murdered three Freys and fed them to their kin while openly mocking them, Manderly ain’t scared of them.
  9. They really don’t. Honor would have been honoring their leige lord and letting Robb and his army through the bridge without blackmailing them for a marriage. Honor would have been not entering Roberts Rebellion at the last minute expecting recognition for doing jack shit. Honor would be not murdering 3,500 men under a false pretense of forgiveness and protection. The Freys have no honor.
  10. Like they were punished for Roberts Rebellion? Stop making stuff up. They were never going to be punished for staying out the war. The Freys would have been fine staying out the war
  11. Maybe that’s the Kree standard suit and since she’s fighting in the Kree- Skrull War that’s what she’ll be wearing for a while. I think she will be getting her signature suit probably in the third act or so.
  12. Ned begged Robert on his love for Lyanna to spare Lady yet Robert turned his back on Ned, Sansa, and his love for Lyanna. Robert hated the Targs more than he loved(which I don’t believe he did love Lyanna)Lyanna..
  13. To the bolded, show me how you came to this conclusion. Robert expressed Targaryen hatred more than his love for Lyanna. He stood over the bodies of babies and dehumanized them almost losing her brkther’s friendship in the process. He spent 14yrs dreaming of killing Rhaegar every night, not of Lyanna. He authorized the murder of 13yr old Dany and her baby. He turned his back on Lyanna’s niece while she was begging for her innocent pet’s life. And he didn’t give a fuck about the Starks especially not Ned. So remind me when did Robert love Lyanna more than he hated Rhaegar?
  14. She’s been in the Red Keep for weeks so yes she’s eaten there.
  15. I doubt Mance violated guest rights, the Wildlings are just as traditional and respectful of the old gods as any Northernmen, I have no doubt that they made sure that they didn’t violate guest rights.