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  1. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    You're still not answering the question. Again where does it say in the books that the Boltons are the second most powerful house in the North? And how does having roots in the North make the Boltons powerful? All those thousands of years of roots didn't make the other Northern houses swear fealty to him. The only reason he has Northern allies if any is because the Lannisters have hostages. And no Roose is not going to ally with Stannis, him and his house will die out.
  2. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    What does House Bolton having more history in the North than the Manderlys that make them more powerful? Given all that history the Boltons have with the north it doesn't take much to have most of them fighting him or him having to look over his shoulder while surrounded by northern houses. Manderly actually has sway over other northern houses(he says so in ADWD)and doesn't have the reputation that the Boltons do. Also give me examples on why House Bolton is more powerful than House Manderly? Roose was second in command because he was scary and had fighting experience.
  3. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    Where in the books does it say that the Boltons are the most powerful? The Manderlys outnumber the Boltons in everything: land, population, wealth plus a city(one of five in the country), etc.... of course it isn't hard to see that the Manderlys are the North's second powerful house. People only think that the Boltons are that powerful because they have been the Stark rivals for thousands of years. If anything I would say that they are the third most powerful bannermen of the Starks, the Manderlys and Dustins holding first and second positions of most powerful bannermen.
  4. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    Manderly is the North's second most powerful house. And the Northernmen suspect the Boltons of too much for him to just possibly walk away if he swore fealty to Stannis. What hostages did Roose manage to get the Freys and Lannisters to realease cause in AFFC there are a lot of northern hostages marching to Casterly Rock?
  5. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    1. He didn't abandon the Freys he aligned himself with them so that's why the Hill Clans see Roose as their enemy. 2. He married a Frey again that does not look positive in the Northernmen eyes. 3. The same king/family who they were fighting to separate from? The same royal family who killed their leige? 4. The Northernmen are not stupid, they know given what's right in front of them that Roose had a part in the RW. They don't know that it was him that killed Robb but given his marriage, 2500 Freys that's in Winterfell, a Wardenship, "Arya Stark" and little to no and suffering of his house and men that Roose had a hand to play in them loosing the war and the RW. Plus the Boltons don't have a good reputation in the North, they have many enemies even the so called northern houses that swore fealty to them. I'm sure a lot of houses are itching to kill Roose and his.
  6. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    He aligned himself with the Freys who murdered their men and kin. Roose comes back North married to a Frey, gains the Wardenship of the North, his bastard son marries "Arya Stark" his men and army is mostly intact having lost little during the war. So why wouldn't the hill clans see Bolton as their enemy even sitting in Winterfell where the Starks have always been?
  7. U.S. Politics: Confirming The Trumpocalypse

    I'm going to miss him and family so much. That whole speech had me bawling :-( I wish he could stay.
  8. Plus a great king would care about the people he is ruling. Tywin doesn't care about the lords or small folks not named Lannister he sees them as objects that has no rights or feelings. Tywin would make a horrible king.
  9. Every time I read the books I find it harder and harder to want GRRM's world to survive the ice zombie apocalypse. There are good people in this world but we have seen so few that I'm rooting for the Others to win. In order to save Westeros innocents from future death, abuse, and suffering from the very lords and kings that is suppose to protect them I think it's best if everyone dies. The humans in ASOIAF suck and don't deserve saving.
  10. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    Those marriage alliances were not trying to undermine Aerys' power. What's wrong with Rickard trying to have a stronger relationship with other great houses? Aerys should have encouraged it when Aegon conquered Westeros him and his sisters made marriages between the great houses and powerful houses. Rickard's marriage alliances are not anything weird IMO that would be normal.
  11. December Reading 2016

    Reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
  12. Most Gothic Character in ASOIAF?

    Bloodraven and House Blackwood is the most Gothic house in the story.
  13. R+L=J v.163

    To the bolded we do get Jon's hair color in ASOS in Jon IX. Here is the sentence. "A gust of wind sent icy trendrils wending through his long brown hair"
  14. Spiderman: Homecoming

    I love the trailer. Tony and Peter is my fav MCU relationship and that last shot of Iron Man and Spider-Man was so satisfying. I also like how inexperienced 15 year old Peter is trying to low key join the Avengers.
  15. Roose was a semi hero

    What about it? She reacted to someone trying to murder her son again.