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  1. Question, but does WW fly in this film and has that always been apart of her powers?
  2. The Tullys never did get anything from the Baratheon reign. They had no place or sway in court during Robert's reign just a few marriages that could have been pulled off without aligning themselves to the rebels.
  3. There is nothing to fear from Tywin when facing him on the field. There is actually nothing exceptional about Tywin. You should worry more about Tywin off the field than on. That monster wins his battles by underhanded tricks, deceptions and backstabbings. Tywin has also never fought a fair fight he's a coward and a very little man when you take all that gold away. I wouldn't trust Tywin with anything he's too greedy and evil to be trusted.
  4. Rhaegar fought for House Targaryen. The rebels came after House Targaryen(yes they went after a house that was made up of innocent women and children)Anyone else would have fought for their house right or wrong.
  5. How do they have a very progressive view? The Tyrells have a very "us vs them" mentality where it's Tyrells over everyone just like all the great houses. They starved KL just to benefit themselves. They joined a war just to get control of the the iron throne not caring about the innocents that would suffer and die just so they could have access of that ugly chair. The Tyrells are no different than any other great house or noble house it's a "pick your poison" type of situation.
  6. Dany could have still gotten the dragon eggs. Think about it that the Targs/Rhaegar would still be kings so someone would have likely presented them the dragon eggs. I honestly think it would have been more than three eggs. And I definitely think the Stark children would have been born. Rhaegar would not have killed Lyanna's brother or killed anymore Starks. I definitely think that Rhaegar would have pardoned the rebels because he would have understood why they rebelled.
  7. Why would Rhaegar have married Cersei?
  8. He's probably legit in saying that it's the best Spider Man movie ever and I hope he's right. Everything I have seen so far concerning Homecoming is great so I have a lot of faith in this movie and I hope it doesn't let us down.
  9. Leave the Starks out of it, they want no part of that ugly chair.
  10. Of course Captain Marvel is going to be compared to Wonder Woman, she is the most popular female comic book character. I think Captain Marvel being not as well known with the general public is a plus in Marvel's favor. Marvel can do something new and different for CM(and Marvel directors are really good at distinguishing their movies)Anyways Im hoping Marvel does right by their first female superhero movie. It's also a plus that Brie is a fantastic actress. Does anyone know when does Captain Marvel start filming?
  11. I'm not liking this new season. I don't like watching people make mistake after mistake when they always had a chance to do the right or different thing then dig themselves into a deeper hole, it gets exhausting and that's what the riot is, exhausting. I get that that these women are angry and fed up with the abuse and disrespect but to see them treating the guards like that in the chapel was wrong. Daya is stupid doing what she did and all of a sudden realizing what she did had me rolling my eyes. The story and acting was great but I can't watch characters and people just make one bad decision after another and their situations get worse I lack patience for that.
  12. It's everything I ever wanted. I hope this movie delivers.l(please please be great!) The Dora Milaje is giving me life!! And it's so visually beautiful, Marvel is all about that color life.
  13. Robb is definitely a good guy, ask GRRM.
  14. The Starks don't have a horse face just a long face there is a difference and not keeping vows is not a Stark trait. What books are you reading?
  15. Heard we will be getting The Punisher this November.