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  1. Roose was a semi hero

    The Starks are very popular so it's natural that there is hypocrisy involved. But modern morals or not the Starks still compared to Tywin, Roose, Stannis, Joffrey and many others in the books are still morally better characters.
  2. Roose on the Loose

    To the bolded, he really isn't that smart. Him and Ramsey have made enemies out of every Northern house. He has Ramsey legitimized ultimately being of no use to his psychotic bastard son anymore. Then he surrounds himself with enemies and is now sitting in Winterfell surrounded inside and out by people who have the means to explain in the his house. Roose is just as chaotic and stupid as Ramsey. He put his whole house in danger for power that he never would have kept because 1. Sansa and Arya was alive and Winterfell and the north would have gone to them and their kids plus Bran and Rickon are also alive and 2. The North was never going to let him get away with what he did(though they don't know he killed Robb they have an idea that he was involved in killing thousands of their Northernmen)
  3. Do the smallfolk of Westeros have rights at all?

    I want to say that yes they do have rights but are grossly ignored.
  4. 1. Why? 2. Dany is awesome. Why the awful death wish? Just curious.
  5. Okay, now I understand and I agree with this. I also want to say that they fell in love after he kidnapped her(I hope they did just cause)
  6. What aspect of Rhaegar's personality makes it where you think that him and Lyanna's couldn't have been in love?
  7. What's the Series' Best Romantic Moment?

    Rhaegar whispering Lyanna's name when he died. It's only romantic because it's tragic.
  8. I really try to not let it influence how I feel about Dany cause I love her as a character. But her fans when attacking Jon annoys the ever living ish out of me. It's part of the reason I hope they don't end up together, well that and the fact that I don't want Jon anywhere near that ugly chair or alive at the end. Plus they are likely related.
  9. Aegon the Conqueror and Tywin Lannister

    Please, Houses Arryn, Stark, and Lannister who have reigned thousands of years have murdered and raped countless numbers of people in their quest to rule the Westerlands, Vale and North more than Aegon and his sisters ever did to rule Westeros.
  10. R+L=J v.162

  11. Aegon the Conqueror and Tywin Lannister

    Do you really think that this is the reason that people dislike Tywin, because he's not a Targaryen?
  12. Jon Snow: Pre-series

  13. Aegon the Conqueror and Tywin Lannister

    Did I say that?
  14. Jon Snow: Pre-series

    So what if Ned offended them. They don't have any say on what happens in the North.
  15. Aegon the Conqueror and Tywin Lannister

    Okay, thanks.