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  1. Just because Jaime is not going around pushing innocent kids out windows and murdering men to teach people lessons doesn't automatically redeem him. Like I said, Jaime fans miss me with the bullshit about him being a better person or on a redemption arc, don't try to sell me the bullshit cause I ain't buying it. So he's suppose to get praise for "minimizing" damage after all the destruction he and his family caused during the war, really, REALLY? Jaime doesn't give a fuck about the kingdom, he has shown disregard for Westeros and its people many times so again miss me with the idea that Jaime was trying to save the kingdom from any more war. He would have gladly set the Freys loose on Riverrun in AFFC the only reason he tried to minimize any war is because he doesn't have two hands anymore. Jaime is a self serving piece of shit throughout all of AFFC. Don't try to tell me he's doing good or changing when all I see is him going from A to B to further the Lannisters' evil cause. Don't tell me he has changed when he's spent one sentence on any remorse for Bran or in Jaime's words "that boy in Winterfell" Don't tell me he's changed when he boldly stands in front of many men, women, and children who have all suffered many many times because of Jaime and his family. So no Jaime has not changed.
  2. No. This is a disgusting justification for Jaime committing a evil act. There is nothing in the books that says that Bran had to be pushed from a tower, his back broken and traumatized for life for his genetic gift to set in. We don't know Bran's role in saving the world and him so let's not assume anything at all. Bran having a near death experience was not needed as far as we know so no that monster who carelessly threw him from a tower does not get praise for what Bran has been capable of his whole life. Bran sure as hell should not be thanking the man who ruined his life and countless thousands(yes Jaime helped start TWot5Ks). And miss me with that man made b!tch so called turn around. What turn around? You mean when he was in the Riverlands stealing Riverrun from the Tullys and rewarding the men who slaughtered thousands of unarmed men? Or when he called his inbreed bastard son the rightful king knowing damn well he was a illegitimate bastard who had no right to the throne? What turn around in AFFC? Are you talking about the part where he went around gathering child hostages in the name of his bastard false king and he straight looked at these men and women who he had brought war to for something he and his had no right let alone cares about? Someone show me the passage, page number, paragraph, context, etc where Jaime Lannister had a turn around . Kevan Lannister did evil things on Tywin's orders like setting the Riverlands ablaze, lasting Gregor loose, and other things. He willingly served a very evil man and for following him blindly and unquestionably he is a villain for that IMO.
  3. Why would Bran thank the man who tried to kill him and in the process took away his ability to walk and maybe his ability to produce children forever? And Jaime is as much a villain in this series as much as Cersei. He belongs up there with Tywin, Cersei, Joffery, and Keven.
  4. The government does. He was arrested and locked up, probably fingerprinted and since he's been in the system his name will have probably come up across databases as wanted by the US government. I doubt Ross and them are going to publicize his identity as Ant-Man but he's a fugitive along with the rest of Team Cap.
  5. Because I'll get answered faster in here, but I keep hearing that Jon is going to be a fire wight? Where did this come from and what is a fire wight?
  6. I hope Thor gets Mjolnir back. I want to see Steve pick up the hammer before Chris E hangs up the shield and suit for good.
  7. Casting Jason Momoa as Auqaman seems like one of the worst castings ever made. I'm not a DC fan so I don't know much about Auqaman but everything shown about Momoa's Auqaman seems like Momoa is playing himself not Auqaman. Plus Momoa is not a good actor nor is his personality appealing in any way IMO. Someone said that he would have been a great Lobo(whoever that is) Cyborg is ugh. I had a long conversation with a DC fan and they were telling me about how they didn't like Cyborg being a JL member and how he didn't like the character and I can see why.
  8. I hope Loki dies really soon also. He's a really interesting character and I appreciate what's Tom has done for the role but he needs to die soon and stay dead. Im tired of writers and directors fascination with villains and then their multiple books, movies, and stories about said villain and their sympathetic backstories.
  9. No, the Starks didn't want him. Robb is the only one who cared for him. Ned looked at Theon as a hostage/his responsibility/ward in that order. Catelyn didn't trust him, Bran and Jon didn't like him, Rickon was to young to form any sort of relationship with him and Sansa and Arya does not care about him. No the Starks didn't want him and that's fine.
  10. These were some of my favorite parts too. I liked how he realized after calling for help that he was Spider-Man and no one was coming for him. This was a very realistic movie and that's why I was so very uncomfortable with a 15yr old fighting dangerous bad guys even though he could stop cars with his bare hands.
  11. I loved nearly everything about this movie. The cast was great, though many were underused(and I'm okay with that cause Peter/Spiderman got all the focus as he should)and I hope they are used better in the future movies. The actors playing the teens were so funny and their chemistry was really good. Zendaya was hilarious and I'm glad she's MJ. Aunt May was great and I need lots of focus on her in the next movies. Michael Keaton was a great villain, truely terrifying. I knew Peter was going to survive but that car scene where he is threatening Peter made me legit scared for Peter, and Tom played it perfectly. Speaking of Tom, he IS Peter Parker/Spiderman. I loved that the stakes in this movie were street level. The villains were trying to make money, do petty crime and it was nice being grounded in Peter's world throughout the movie. Things I didn't like but didn't dislike. -I loved Tony Stark in this movie and having Happy back was a plus. But there was an obvious disconnect between Tony and Peter that I didn't like and I want to say maybe because Tony doesn't know how to handle a 15yr old kid but I'm glad he did listen to him about the thieves. Also I'm glad that Ironman wasn't in this as much as people thought but I also wish we got him in the future Spidy films I would like to see Tony and Peter's relationship explored more throughout the future films. -The suit was perfect and I liked Karen but his spidy senses were inconsistent throughout the film. Keven Feige confirmed that Peter does have spidy senses in the MCU and I could see it once or twice but it seemed like he didn't have them. Maybe it's do to his age and his powers will be growing. Hopefully in the future movies it's on full display. -Tony selling the Avengers Tower. No words :-( -I'm suprised that Tony would want a 15yr old kid up rooting his life or living at the Avengers Compound 24/7. That didn't sit right with me. Things that I LOVED -the Iron Spider-Man suit. I literally gasped out loud cause I love that suit so much and I better get to see Peter in it soon. -Miles Morales in the MCU -Aunt May finding out. The whole movie was perfect and I need to see it again but it's my favorite this year.
  12. I've been thinking this for a while and I had no idea why. I hope he still has time. Really sad about Joan Lee, 70 years is a long time.
  13. I hope if you do go see it that you enjoy it. The non spoiler reviews have been giving the movie lots and lots of praise. I heard someone call it the most realistic superhero film and I'm so happy because that's the reason I love Marvel characters is because how realistic they are.
  14. I hope someday very soon that Marvel gets back the rights to Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men.
  15. If you look at the maps of Westeros you will see that besides Gultown(which is the nearest Westeros city to Braavos)White Harbor is the next Westeros city that is closest to Braavos.