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  1. Theon's marriage options (pre AGOT)

    Do we know of any Tyrells or Lannisters that was in Theon's age range that could be marriable?
  2. Theon's marriage options (pre AGOT)

    Olenna and Margaery manipulate the situation, that doesn't mean that they are more powerful than the typical noble woman. Margaery is definitely more powerful than a female Frey but she wouldn't be more powerful(unless queen and even than she's not wielding a lot of power as queen)than a Tully, Arryn or Stark. Mance is the one calling the shots, he's in charge hence Olenna telling him to stay out the war and him getting stupidly involved and she can't do anything about it but make the situation better for her family.
  3. Theon's marriage options (pre AGOT)

    The Tyrells are not matriarchal nor do Olenna or Margaery have more power than the typical noble woman. Sansa would be more at home in the Reach than Arya ever would. Actually I think out of all the places in Westeros Arya would be more out of place in the Reach than anywhere else.
  4. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    I think she's won all three debates but we will have others who say different. Not that I care, I'm sick of this debate, Trump, just everything about this election. I will never forgive Trump, the Republicans, his followers and anybody else who supported this orange, misogynistic, sniffling, unintelligent, insulting POS for becoming relevant and getting so far in our government.
  5. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    But are people trying to hold her accountable for her husband's failures as President or as a human being who have done disgusting things?
  6. Winds Of Winter Battles

    To the bolded, why would Stannis be unpopular with the Northerners? He didn't kill Ned, Robb, Catelyn, any Starks or northernmen as far as they know. And you're totally underestimating the northermens' hatred of the Boltons, Freys, and Lannisters. I think the northernmen would be grateful for Stannis to help them take back the north and kill the Freys and Boltons also.The northernmen KNOW that Roose had a hand in betraying Robb, they don't know his exact involvement but him getting the position of Warden of the North, his little loses among his men, and the Frey wife/alliance is a big sign saying I betrayed my king. Plus Ramsy's abuse of Lady Hornwood and the potential knowledge getting out that he sacked Winterfell means that yes the northernmen in a Winterfell will destroy Roose/Boltons the first chance they get even with Stannis besieging them.
  7. Winds Of Winter Battles

    I think Stannis will die but not until after he takes Winterfell. The Boltons are not making it out of this battle alive. The North will need to focus on the Others so the mundane Boltons have no place in the story now(and no Roose is not a vampire, such a stupid ass theory)
  8. The Stark family. Not you Robb.

    What do you mean "when it mattered?" Rhaegar never got the chance to be Jon's father "when it mattered" which still doesn't take away the fact that Rhaegar is Jon's father.
  9. Jon Snow's bittersweet end?

    To the bolded, y'all theories are getting more and more ridiculous. Does anyone pay attention to the books anymore?
  10. Jon Snow's bittersweet end?

    I think Jon will be dead dead when the series is over with cause that's life.
  11. If jon Snow is actually a bastard

    My Safiye Sultana
  12. If jon Snow is actually a bastard

    No Jon is not a runner for that ugly ass, cursed, stupid POS of a throne. Nor would he take it, it doesn't belong to him and I bet he wouldn't want it. Jon being a bastard is okay, there is nothing wrong with that. Jon made peace with that a long time ago(that's why I somewhat dread the Rhaegar and Lyanna reveal because that means that we will revisit all this identity arc)
  13. To the bolded may I ask why? I was a kid when Bill was in office but I've always heard that he was a really good president and people seemed to like him. And I know Hilary has been involved in politics for a while but I always figured that the Clintons were likable.
  14. Aegon the Conqueror and Tywin Lannister

    What's WMD?
  15. Aegon the Conqueror and Tywin Lannister

    Thank You!!!! This is perfect, the bolded sums up Tywin exactly!