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  1. Do you think any Freys will survive?

    There are what 80 plus Freys carrying the name, it's not hard to off them all. If anybody can kill a family consisting of 80 something members it's GRRM. Not that it will happen just that it's possible.
  2. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    Isn't Cottonmouth suppose to have super strength also?
  3. Do you think any Freys will survive?

    I don't think any will be returning from the North. Every Frey and their 2,000 men army in the North will die. And the ones in the Riverlands will be offed. I think GRRM made guest right so big that offing 3,500 people under it is to do worst and extinct the house that did it. I may be wrong but I think the Freys will become extinct.
  4. Is Ned a traitor by westerosi law?

    Robert went all the way North to put his responsibilities on Ned. Robert is a person stuck in the past(everybody is, some more then others)he wanted his boyhood friend back to relive those days where he didn't have a kingdom to run or any responsibilities. Ned made him feel good about himself that's why he wanted him as Hand. And I'm not saying that Robert doesn't have positive feelings for Ned, I'm just saying that it's not love and not that different from how he treats anyone else.
  5. Is Ned a traitor by westerosi law?

    When has Robert ever shown that he loved Ned? He might have said it but saying and showing is two different things. Robert didn't treat Ned any different from anyone else, he sure as hell didn't respect Ned(everything in KL shows that Robert didn't care about Ned, not his opinions, feelings or anything else)
  6. Is Ned a traitor by westerosi law?

    Robert didn't love Ned. And Ned would not be a traitor in some people's eyes who doesn't view Robert as the legal king.
  7. you come across as very arrogant and sanctimonious, just so you know.  I am sure you are a lovely person, but your words make you sound like a jerk btw .   I read through your comments, you should tone your 'knowledge' done.

  8. Who was more honorable? Ned Stark or Ser Barristan

    Read what I wrote. I said Rhaegar wanted/was going to do something about Aerys nowhere did I say Rhaegar did anything about Aerys. And those alliances were for gain for the great lords they were not doing it for the good of anybody except themselves let alone the millions of Westeros population. Rhaegar does get points for intentions for recognizing that Aerys needed to be removed more than those great lords who only removed him because of their lives or for gain.
  9. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    One more week. Ive read some reviews and they are mostly positive, the guy who plays Cottonmouth has been getting so much praise. I hope this series does just as well as its predecessors.
  10. DCEU: The Wings of Liberty Have Lost Some Feathers

    I don't get the hype for this character at all. Someone help me out here but is Quinn a legit villian like she murders people and doesn't care or like everything else nowadays she's been given a sympathetic backstory and redemption arc in the comics?
  11. POLL:Characters most likely to die in TWOW.

    Cersei, Jaime, Myrcella, Tommen, Gemma, Devan, and Lancel will most likely die out of the Lannisters in TWOW. Margaery, Loras and Mace I think will die in this one. I think Doran will bite it in TWOW. I would say Areo Hotah will bite it but I think he will be out POV in Dorne when the Others attack. Arianne dies IMO but I don't know if it's in TWOW or ADOS. Stannis and Barristen bites it also. Theon, Victarion, Euron, and Aeron might all die in this book. I think Asha will be the only Greyjoy alive by the end of TWOW maybe with Theon. House Bolton is going extinct, I have no doubt about this. I also think the Freys will all bite it in TWOW.
  12. Who was more honorable? Ned Stark or Ser Barristan

    I already explained in my post that you half quoted why Robert has blame for TWot5Ks. Robert was a very negligent king, starting with not purging KL of the likes of Jaime Lannister, Pycelle, Varys. He didn't teach Joffery how to be a king and let that crazy beast Cersei teach him how. He went hunting while the Starks and Lannisters were going at each other's throats and other stuff. The War of the 5 Kings did not just happen overnight it took 15yrs of corruption and neglect all happening under Robert's watch so yes he deserves some blame for a war that grew under his reign and took shape to be the worst war the country has ever seen.
  13. Who was more honorable? Ned Stark or Ser Barristan

    I do. His neglect, stupidity, cowardly ways, and inability to do his job helped TWot5ks get to where it did. He was never a husband, that's why his wife was fecking her brother and his Kingsguard. He sucked as a father never paying attention to his children or teaching Joffery about how to be a king. Joffery acted the way he did because it was Cersei and her fucked up mindset teaching Joffery. He was a horrible king letting corruption run amuck in his court that's why nearly everybody was plotting, stealing and committing treason under him. This war did not manifest over night it was 15yrs in the making Robert's whole reign. He was stupid and weak. What kind of person gets so drink that their wife is able to cheat on you with your guard next to your drunk passed out self? He didn't remove Jaime from the KG, he trusted the Lannisters, he also went hunting turning a blind eye to the Lannisters and Starks fighting before he died, and he never gave justice to the people of KL, house Martell. Robert definitely played a major part in causing TWot5Ks, he's not the only one but he had a hand in starting it.
  14. Robb had no choice

    Joffery would have killed Robb, the inbreed sadistic little bitch. But Robb had a choice not a good one, but he had one and he didn't choose wrong IMO.
  15. Would anyone else stop the Mad King?

    Jaime helped start the worst war the country has ever seen plus helped weaken it for the ice zombie apocalypse, that's the other worst thing he ever did. I wish Jaime fans would stop forgetting the part he played in starting a war and still doesn't care about it. Jaime jumped in the bear pit to make himself feel good to try and paint himself in a better light to show Brienne and himself he's not a piece of shit. And no the wildfire did not save KL when many would agree that Westeros/KL would be in a better place if Stannis had won Blackwater, so stop grasping at anything and everything to paint Jaime in a better light. Fact is Jaime is not better than the other KG cause he decided to finally stop Aerys when it was very easy too(no KG to tell him what to do, his life in danger along with his father, uncles, and fellow country men, etc...)any other KG is just as capable of stopping Aerys when 500,000 lives are at stake, Jaime is not the only one.