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  1. He was great in the new Ghostbusters remake. He should definitely do more comedies. I loved his smile while reading the rune note about Daryl staying out his room, he looked so pleased with himself, plus he has a nice smile.
  2. I love how Marvel doesn't take it self seriously and Chris Hemsworth is great at comedy. Lol, "send a raven" and "T-bone" lol.
  3. Do people ACTUALLY think Tyrion is a good guy?

    He also did Westeros and the world a huge favor when he killed Tywin, and for that alone he's more than okay in my book.
  4. Speaking of Captain Marvel does anyone know if she will be making her debut in Avengers:Infinity War? And 2019 ugh, I was hoping we would have it in 2018.
  5. On Tywin's rotting corpse- A crackpot theory

    Tywin was a evil piece of shit so of course his body would be rotten and stank in death. But I do like your theory.
  6. You Are Bowen Marsh. Choose Your Next Move.

    How do you come up with the bolded? Ramsey was a unsympathetic villian before having anything to do with Jon, so how did GRRM create a character just to make Jon sympathetic? If Ramsey was made to make anybody sympathetic it's Theon, not Jon.
  7. He gave us JON FREAKIN SNOW!!! For that alone Rhaegar also Lyanna deserve praise and then some. Rhaegar nor Lyanna can do any wrong in my eyes. I kid!!
  8. Ned had condemned Theon to failure.

    Ned was teaching Robb how to run the North, so how could he teach Theon to run the Iron Islands?
  9. Characters I am sad never met.

    My delusions about how Jon will not hate being Rhaegar's son. Rhaegar is awesome(in my mind)Jon after some time will think the same thing.
  10. Characters I am sad never met.

    My Jon would not denounce My Rhaegar as his father, GRRM would never do this to me and don't put it out in the universe. Let me have have this.
  11. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    I think Marvel is trying to expand their shows. I don't think they want to put all their shows on just two networks. They have AOS on ABC Six shows on Netflix A show in development on Freeform And now one on Hulu
  12. I agree with the this. I want all kinds of diversity in my movies and television. I remember that there was a doctor who was South Korean in AOU, I was hoping that Marvel would do more with the character, but we haven't seen her since the end of AOU.
  13. Why on earth did the KG attacked Eddard Stark?

    If this is the way you see it than okay. I would love to debate this but I feel that lately I've been saying the same thing so another time.
  14. Baratheons are quite unsympathetic really

    If you want, take it however. I don't care.