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  1. I don't think it's crackpottery at all. That would be very GRRM.
  2. I have no doughnuts.
  3. I just want to pipe up here and say how brilliant it is to put R+L=J into canon after all these years!
  4. Thanks so much for this!!!
  5. 10. Great ride for the finale. I'm going to miss Margaery.
  6. There's no fAegon in the show, so Varys is with Dany's cause. I agree he's going to KL to kill Kevan and implode the Lannisters.
  7. I just hope that neither Hodor nor Summer come back as wights. I really couldn't bear that.
  8. A 9, just because I think there are 10s yet to come...
  9. I think Arya will go to Old Town from the Riverlands. So maybe S7.
  10. Ellaria Sand!
  11. I'm in!
  12. Yippee! 72 hours!
  13. Brienne has no sense of humour.
  14. Whiskey sours at home night! Spring is here!