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  1. maesterted added a post in a topic Why did Roose take Tywin's offer?   

    Tywin was going to betray Roose and i believe Roose was going to betray Tywin. With tywin is clear he says it to Tyrion in SoSpage 721 paperback

    "Lord Bolton will wed the girl to his bastard son. We shall allow the Dreadfort to fight the ironborn for a few years, and see if he can bring Stark's other bannermen to heel. Come spring all of them should be at the end of their strength and ready to bend the knee. The north will go to your son by Sansa Stark."

    Not just winterfell but the whole North. As for Roose we hear from Barbery Dustin that Roose wants to be king and i think hes too smart not to expect Sansa's son to be used against him.
  2. maesterted added a post in a topic Was Tywin the Bad Guy?   

  3. maesterted added a post in a topic What if Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion....   

    Since the time i finished the books in June i think two or three threads that have gone into the Tyrion raping discussion have been locked with very angry mods. i think it would be best to move away from it and perhaps discuss whether Cersei or Tyrion would have been so good at the game of thrones if they had grown up in a loving family.

    “Perhaps you should be the fool instead of me. Trust no one, my prince. Not your chainless maester, not your false father, not the gallant Duck nor the lovely Lemore nor these other fine friends who grew you from a bean. Above all, trust not the cheesemonger, nor the Spider, nor this little dragon queen you mean to marry. All that mistrust will sour your stomach and keep you awake by night, ’tis true, but better that than the long sleep that does not end.”

    While this kind of thinking probably kept Tyrion alive in Kings Landing would he have still been smart enough to realize what kind of place Kings Landing was even though he would have no reason to have this mentality of distrust? Or would they tag team it sort of Tyrell style?
  4. maesterted added a post in a topic Barristan Selmy's honor   

    I dont think the Kingsguard is inherently flawed its that thats not their job to overthrow kings. its their job to protect the king and men like Barritsan are brought up to that level becouse they are good at protecting the King. It should be the Job of the small council to remove useless or troublesome Kings, the job of the hand of the king and people they pay to think. there must be a difference between being the congress and being the pentagon. Why he was involved in small council meetings? i dont think it was for his opinion no kingsuguard since the kingmaker has ever taken that to mean anymore then a chance to protect the king. (to be honest we dont really know whats the precedent but considering what Jaime was told i wouldn't be surprised).

    as for the Bold hes an awesome soldier its up to him if he wants to prove himself a more complex human being
  5. maesterted added a post in a topic What would you do if Ned died?   

    id do this
  6. maesterted added a post in a topic Was Tywin Lannister a little TOO Perfect?   

    What Tywin was in his core was an opportunist. At his first try as hand of the king he took the opportunity to prove himself to the king. The Reynes and Tarbecks gave him the opportunity to prove that he wasn't the pushover his father was. The WOT5K he took his opportunities and thats why he won. However he has missed opportunities throughout his life and the biggie is Tyrion. We hear from Genna that Tyrion was like Tywin so he would have the best chance of all his children to further the Lannister name in the same way as Tywin has done given the chance. Comparing him to another opportunist like Roose in my opinion with the same power as Tywin he would have achieved the same ends given the opportunities. So is he smart? Yes some of the opportunities he took i didn't even know where there (Red Wedding). But is he the perfect opportunist? No he has missed a some. A very vital one i would add.
  7. maesterted added a post in a topic Help with army numbers?   

    i think the numbers in the video are about right
  8. maesterted added a post in a topic Bowen Marsh is Scum   

    I dont think Bowen follows the old gods we see this in book five

    This is wrong, Jon thought. “Stop.”
    Emmett turned back, frowning. “My lord?”
    “I will not hang him,” said Jon. “Bring him here.”
    “Oh, Seven save us,” he heard Bowen Marsh cry out.
    The smile that Lord Janos Slynt smiled then had all the sweetness of rancid butter.
    Until Jon said, “Edd, fetch me a block,” and unsheathed Longclaw.
  9. maesterted added a post in a topic Why does everyone think Jon would have to burn the WF weirwoods in order to accept Stannis' offer?   

    I think Stannis would not have it any other way. Mel offered up a technicality in which an oath made to false gods should not be respected. Jon couldn't have both. Either the old gods are false Jon could have Winterfell and the godswood would burn or Jon believes in the old gods in which he must honour his oaths. This is Stannis after all. So i do believe he would make Jon burn the godswood because that's the kind of man Stannis is.
  10. maesterted added a post in a topic Any one hates the Tullys like I do   

    I dont get the last one made Ned marry cat. Why does that inspire so much hatred?
  11. maesterted added a post in a topic Theory on seasons   

    Believe it or not its not the earths orbit that accounts for winter and summer its the fact that the earth is tilted at an angle from the vertical. The orbit could mean something but since this planet only has one sun i dont see anything that would indicate an irregular orbit even a destruction of a moon. I have a pet theory on this and its just speculation with no backing from the text. I live near one of the great lakes and true winter does not come here until like January becouse of the fact that when water freezes it releases a bit of energy. Similarly I think thats the case with a production of an other it releases a whole lot of heat into the world prolonging the summer. however when they feel they have enough soldiers they stop production and similarly to us by mid January in Ontario winter comes. This doesn't explain the 8000 years in between in which no others were seen but i do need something to think about while im in chemistry class.