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  1. Who is Yandel?

    Well, I'll hope you'll forgive me for starting with the very obvious option, but... How about Yandel being the bastard son of Marwyn? I'm terrible with timelines and all, but would that fit age-wise? It's not unknown for a Master, or even an Archmaester, to have bastards, and we know Marwyn hangs out with whores, so... This would in turn raise the interesting question of the relationship between Marwyn and Yandel. Is Yandel really as anti-magic as he came off in his writting? Or was he just trying not to hinder his career as a maester by being too vocal with his real opinion on such matters? The World of Ice and Fire, eh, Yandel? Has he had any late-night, dragonglass-lit discussions of prophecy with daddy Marwyn? Or maybe he exchanged some letters with this old guy Aemon up there at the wall, which contained weird questions that apparently came from a fairly notorious great-great-nephew? Is the book even what it seems? I mean, in world, was the writing of the World of Ice and Fire more than just Yandel's try at adding a brick to the knowledge of the world? Was Yandel trying to remove a brick? Was it really intended to ensure the ruling Baratheon king disregarded magical things? Sorry, got a little carried away, but back on the Marwyn idea... At first, Yandel's musings about the return of dragons annoyed me a bit, and tbh I was fairly sure it was imposed on Elio and Linda by editors or something, just to tie up the book to the main series more closely for dirty commercial reasons (i'm frowning at you picture of Jon and Ghost). But now, I think it might be a subtle, but very significant clue to Yandel's relationship with Marwyn, or at least the fact that he gave some credit to the sailors' rumors about dragons, which makes him sound more like a Marwyn-type of maester than, say, Armen.
  2. The idea that we may meet Yandel in-world through the eyes of Samwell in the upcoming novels has had me excited since we learned about how the world book would be written, but I always assumed if it happened it'd just be a nice little easter egg. Now, though, I'm getting even more excited...   In any case, thanks tons Mooz for bringing this here, I would have never came across that thread on Stack Exchange otherwise!   (We need a So Spake Elio & Linda section in our Citadel now, srs!)
  3. Seastone Chair, Weirwoods, & "Seven Times Never Kill Man"

    Pretty sure he means Preston Jacobs' theory that Planetos is a part of the Thousand Worlds, where some kind of major incident pushed people back to a medieval-ish age and cut them off from the rest of mankind's settlements. Preston, as he does, then spins some pretty crazy but really cool ideas off of that. It's been a while, but there are disturbing similarities between the Children of the Forest and the H'raggans(sp?) or whatever that evil race that went to total war with mankind was. It explains a bunch of weird stuff with Planetos, such as all the strangely advanced underground systems (mazemakers and all?), as these could have been some kind of nuclear-proof bunkers that allowed humans to survive the cataclysm, and the reduced gene pools from different communities also explains why some parts of mankind on Planetos developped special abilities, like skinchanging.
  4. Wow, I Never Noticed That v. 13

    But then, if he really had any idea Elia was gonna end up as Rhaegar's wife, a much simpler plan would have been not to fuck up Joanna's plan to marry her to Jaime. It was also a very sensible match and would have made the Martells an ally of House Lannister. But then he's Tywin, so...
  5. Small Questions v. 10104

    Probably not a small question, but a very interesting notion! I always thought he called them that because of the saying "a little bird told me" (But then, Bloodraven could have been saying that back then, which sounds very much like his kind of humor-only-myself-gets, as in the case of Maynard Plumm jokes, in which case your theory stands and would indicate Varys studied/admired/tries to emulate Bloodraven. Which, again, is an idea I really love and have never seen mentionned before!)
  6. A+J=T v.8

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been covered already, I don't really keep up with these threads (although I'm one of them people changed their mind about the theory after reading the World Book and I'm all with yall now). Anyway, have you seen this? In particular, that one is particularly interesting to the A+J=T imo: (TL;DR: that's GRRM talking about he went to a Second Life event as a Tyrion character)
  7. Small Questions v. 10104

    Hmmm, I agree with your last statement but interpret it in the exact other way: perhaps he somehow knew it was time for him to get to the Wall anyway, and he figured he might as well rid the Realm of a Blackfyre at the same time. I even like to think he was confident, with Egg's ascension, that the court/kingdoms/south were in safe hands, and he could focus his own attention on the next big shitstorm he saw coming, by greendream or something else (a call from the previous greenseer?!) Anyway, sorry about the digression. Definitely agree he's about as fascinating a character as it gets. Completely unrelated: did someone a few posts back ask about a collection of ASOIAF-related things on Not a Blog, or was that in Wow I Never Noticed that? Either way, BryndenBFish's done it! If I may, I think this link even deserves its place in the Small Questions' OP. So many gems in there, it's like a whole new SSM to keep us waiting some more. That thing about Tyrion flying... Hmmm.
  8. Small Questions v. 10104

    The guy also put people in cages to die because they dissed him in public. I think I know where I come down on it. Also, re: Fattest Leech's original post, are we sure Bloodraven even know Bran is warging Hodor? If he tried himself, he could feel that Hodor had already been "broken into" (ew), but why the hell would he try? And considering Bran feels bad about it, somehow I doubt he mentioned it. Actually, as far as we know, that skinchanging humans is an abomination is only something we hear from Varamyr's mentor, right? Although I agree it was probably the consensus among wargs beyond the Wall, for all we know Bloodraven himself never heard about that "rule" either, and wouldn't care if Bran did it, regardless of where he put himself with regards to rules.
  9. Small Questions v. 10104

    I'm on my phone and I'm terrible at searching the forums anyway, but I remember someone around here speculating the Fist was warded by magic, similar to the Wall and Storm's End. Iirc, there was also some discussion on how the Wall seems to be warded against the Others, while Storm's End was warded against Mel's shadowbaby, i.e. fire magic... So one could push the speculation to say that this ward was actually put in place by Others themselves, rather than the Children of the Forest and/or human and/or human-friendly magic wielders. I definitely remember this being one of the basis of "the Others were just chilling all this time and are NOT just cold killers that hate anything with warm blood like Old Nan says" line of thinking. They only butchered Ser Waymar after he challenged them, and they only went mental at the Night's Watch after they took residence at the Fist. Maybe the Fist was some kind of sanctuary or whatnot to them, and they didn't take kindly to humans digging toilets up there. (What about them harassing the Wildings, I hear you ask. Well, maybe they didn't like humans messing up the tombs in the Frostlands, eh?) Anyway, not much of an answer, sorry. I dunno if I buy it at all, but I like how it ties in with how the Others are also just grey characters - and that much I'm pretty sure on, considering our author and his opinion on evil dark Sauron. Also don't have a link at hand, and it's quite a ways away from the Ghost at the Fist mystery, but just in case: if you like that line of thinking, I could try and dig up that awesome Reddit theory on exactly wtf was going on in the Game prologue and why the Others killed Waymar (other than "he was hot-blooded, fuck hot-bloodeds lol we're evil"), it was a great read.
  10. Wow, I Never Noticed That v. 13
  11. I am starting to make my peace with the idea of keeping away from the fandom from April on. I was always more of a lurker than a poster, but I sure will miss these boards, and this thread in particular. So many times I was having a shitty day and I'd head here and laugh my ass out at one of the regulars' posts and then it'd all be better. Yall a great bunch and I hope you know it (About the decision itself, yes I know it's pretty radical and I know I'm likely gonna get spoiled anyway because everybody talks about the HBO fanfic irl and I know it's not real spoils anyway cause D&D went their own way and all, but I love these books so much, I still wanna try my hardest not to know anything about what happens on the show). That was my random confession of the day, sorry about jumping out of my shadow of lurkiness and going all emo, please carry on and stay hilarous for the next few months!
  12. Past theories that came true

    Yeah, I mean obviously Mel was sleeping with Benjen.
  13. Past theories that came true

    In addition to what others have said, there is also Rhaegar's line to Dany in the House of the Undying that can be read that way. Also an SSM from waaaaay back where somebody asked something like "are Rhaegar's kids really dead?" and GRRM replied "Rhaenys is dead."
  14. Small Questions v. 10104

    The fact that Ned thinks so highly of him is one of the key arguments for some parts (spin offs, whatever you want to call them) of the R+L theory. If you ask me, the fact that Dany doesn't seem to care at all about the points you raise is either relevant to the plot or very interesting. I mean, either she knows more than she's actively thought during her PoVs (which is possible - apparently Viserys told her Rhaegar died whispering the name of the woman he loved, so...), or... She's just in denial about her brother/hero. As for the others, well, awesome knight/generally stand-up dude/would have been a great king/super hot/good with a harp/knew his prophecy (in differing orders) seems to outweigh the rest