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  1. Hey guys, Any of you know in which chapter Jon learns of Robb's death, then Bran and Rickon's presumed death off the top of yall's heads? If not I'll keep combing A Search of Ice and Fire ETA: Bran and Rickon he learns of in Jon VI, Storm I feel like he learns about Robb off page, but this doesn't seem right
  2. Also, we were discussing House Peake's three castles the other day in another thread. Unlike the Toland's there's nothing official iirc, but it seems a pretty safe bet that they didn't just get three castles then designed their coat of arms. More likely, at some point the House changed its official sigil to that because it looked cooler than whatever they had before (two castles?)
  3. Nysterica doesn't sound very Arryn-ish imo... Of course that in no way debunks your theory, as it is entirely possible her parents named her something exotic just because (like Jaime, Cersei or Joffrey Velaryon). Or it could tie in nicely with the thought some people have had that Maesters/members of the faith actually can pick a new name when they take their vows, kinda like the Pope does. Which would in turn explain why so many maesters have waaaaay weird names.
  4. Wow, that name line with Hodor is pretty amazing. Random confession: sometimes I come across things like that and think GRRM is really many people and the George we know and love is just one of them. Or he's an alien. Or something.
  5. Just to add to what was said about the pictures from the WOIAF: Waaay back, GRRM also sent very detailed descriptions of loads of Targs to Amok so he could draw them. They can all be found as SSMs now (and the resulting pictures are on Amok's website ) It's still not canon, much like the rest of the SSMs, but it's still full of nice little gems imho (like Shiera's description, which Yolkboy raised as one of his very many hints for his S+B=M)
  6. The only theories I can think of on Val are to do with her Weirwood brooch. Something to do with priestesses and matrilineal heritage or something. I don't really recall too well though since I wasn't really invested in it. I think it was a Victarion Chainbreaker theory but I could even be mistaken about that too. Pretty sure Bran Vras had a whole thing about that, too. Still not Umber-related but I thought it might interest The Fattest Leech anyway.
  7. (double post)
  8. Totally agree that all things considered, the Velaryon sigil does have its place in Rhaenyra's. Not only because of the reasons you mentioned, nor because of Corlys being a pretty badass dude in his own right at the time of the Dance (nor even because I think I'm a bit of a Velaryon/Celtigar fanboy myself) but because it can also symbolize the fact that Rhaneyra's heirs will also be Laenor's, therefore Rhaenys', and thus her claim ultimately reconciles both main claimants of 101. However, my thinking was that I assume for most of the people she hopes to rule, when thinking about their King/Queen, 'all things' might not be considered. While lords and maesters might like to consider all these things, and know exactly how great the Velaryons are, I think for a lot of the smallfolk, things might be a lot simpler. There are the Targs, and they're the ones that rule us, and then there's them other guys want to rule us, and they're often the cousin of something something Targ, but them's not the real deal, are they? The Targs have them banners with a red three headed dragon on them. And what the hell is that thing anyway? Seahorse? Son, I seen lots of horses in my time, but none of em came from no see, and they sure as hell didn't look like that.
  9. In Rhaenyra's case, I thought it was another case of just a personal sigil. In this case, it makes a lot of sense to chose to display that one instead of the traditional Targ banner since both claimants can legally fly it. We also see Aegon II using a golden dragon, but I assumed both were probably thinking they'd go back to the good old red three headed dragon once they're done killing each other and the dust settles. In fact, wouldn't it be kind of good PR not to do that? Sure, Corlys probably liked the seahorse/dragon a bunch, but in the eyes of the smallfolk, wouldn't it maybe make her seem like maybe less of a real Targaryen?
  10. Ooooh, very good point. Thanks
  11. So um... That thread about worst line the series got me thinking about the infamous Cersei line: Whilst you snored, I would lick your sons off my face and fingers one by one, all those pale sticky princes. Isn't it a little weird she'd think about it that way? Princes, plural? I get that it's not that hard to figure out that when daddy loves mommy very much, he plants his seed in her tummy and whatnot, but from that to figuring out it's actually a whole bunch of seeds every single time... Didn't we need, like, microscopes to realize that?
  12. It's not unheard of for a house to change their sigil. Once again, Littlefinger's an example. In the particular case of the Peakes, I could see whoever the Lord Peake that ruled when they acquired their second castle take on the two castles as his personal sigil, then his heirs just went with that because they thought it was cool/cooler than whatever their original sigil was. And then when they got the third, it just kinda made sense surely. This thing about personal sigils becoming the actual sigil of cadet branches has always got me wondering a bit. If Egg never ascended to the throne, and it just stayed in Baelor's branch or whosever else, would his sigil have been the four red dragons of Maekar? I mean obviously he could have devised his own personal sigil, but if House Targaryen of Summerhall perdured, would their sigil have become Maekar's? That is, assuming Summerhall was to be given to Maekar's heirs, which has not been established I think (I mean it could have been more of a "Prince of Dragonstone" thing where the ruling King decides just which of his kin he slaps the title on) Another really interesting thing, imo, is the Karstark sigil, as it really has NOTHING to do with a direwolf, haha. Are we ever given a backstory for the sunburst btw? In any case, they're definitely another example of a house changing their sigil at some point along the way as Karl Stark's would have been the grey direwolf on white. (Sorry about the not-so-slight off topic)
  13. Excellent point about Rickon, I'd never thought about the Tyrion attack scene as him actively skinchanging. Imo, there is still room for interpretation in the Greatjon scene though: Yet Robb only said a quiet word, and in a snarl and the blink of an eye Lord Umber was on his back, his sword spinning on the floor three feet away and his hand dripping blood where Grey Wind had bitten off two fingers. "My lord father taught me that it was death to bare steel against your liege lord," Robb said, "but doubtless you only meant to cut my meat." Bran's bowels went to water as the Greatjon struggled to rise, sucking at the red stumps of fingers … but then, astonishingly, the huge man laughed. "Your meat," he roared, "is bloody tough." It obviously happens very fast, but to me it reads as Robb saying a quiet word, THEN Grey Wind does his thing. All eyes were probably on the wolf at this time, including Bran's, and I don't think it would look strange if Robb himself went all passive for these few seconds. Only once the deed is done does he speak again - if anything, if it really was Robb actively and consciously slipping into Grey Wind's skin here, the fact that he goes from one body to the other and then back in such quick succession proves that he is already a very talented warg.
  14. Yeah... I'm really surprised with all the outright denials here. Remember that guy that posted the three gifs in the first page, "i went mindblown then hahalol then facepalm" or whatever? My reaction was pretty much the opposite. Honestly, I clicked on this thread thinking I was about to read a Nedbert type of joke thing, and by the end of the OP, I couldn't help thinking it made sense and I liked it. I wouldn't say I'm sold like I am for some other theories, but the OP was brilliant, well written and OP himself went out of his way to say the usual explanation was still an option and he was just putting this out here. Well, anyway, it sure got me thinking and I think it definitely deserves a proper discussion (like some posts against it have brought forth, at least). Just a few observations of my own: - GGG, I get where you're coming from with the Brienne/Cat thing, but there is also room for some really, really strong and complex and... I dunno, "GRRMy" things to be written if that theory turns out to be true. Top of my head: you know all these predictions that the BwB is gonna kidnap/free Jeyne Westerling? Well... - It's been mentioned already, but I'd like to emphasize this again: it is not clear when exactly Grey Wind was killed. So, even if we take everything Haggon said as gospel, if Grey Wind was dead dead when Robb got killed, he might have warged straight into Cat, completely unconsciously. It is obvious he was reaching out to Grey Wind, but what if he couldn't find him? So there is no need for him to go from Grey Wind to Cat. - I think it's also really important to remember we never had the PoV of someone being warged. We see what Bran feels when warging Hodor, and what Varamyr feels when warging Thistle, and of course that gives us a few hints as to how "the warged" feels at these times, but the words we read ultimately still came from "the warger". So I really wouldn't say what we read from Cat's last PoV is incompatible with the idea of it really being Robb possessing her... As the OP pointed out, though, it can definitely be read as something possessing her. And, as was already brought up, Cat might not feel as strongly about feeling Robb's mental presence as our other two warged humans did, and I really don't see how, things being what they are, she could have possibly understood what was going on and taken the time to think "oh hey my dying son is possessing me that's a little weird" - I'm beginning to doubt this as so many of you seem so confident about this, but in my reading, it was always very obvious that it was meant to be ambiguous whether or not Robb actively skinchanged Grey Wind. Yes, we know he actually fought his battles in his human self, so that bit wasn't just him, but that scene with the Greatjon? All the rumors about him "riding" Grey Wind or turning into him and all? I dunno, to me it felt like exactly the kind of things people in-world say about skinchangers cause they don't get it. I'm not saying I think Robb was a Bran-tier skinchanger, just that to me it was never clear he was in a Jon-like denial type of deal either. There's this SSM where GRRM says all the Stark kids have the gift, just some of them are better with it and some of them are more conscious about it. Well, we have Bran at one end of the spectrum, Sansa at the other, Arya's in between with her cat thing, Jon too, and I always thought it was meant to be a bit of mystery where exactly Rickon and Robb landed. All this to say: we have no idea how good a warg Robb was, whether or not he realized what the ability was, therefore I see no reason to assume warging somebody (who is obviously not in her best mental state at that moment) is "too hard" for him. Especially since, surely, his bond with his mother can make this easier than the two other cases of human warging we witness.
  15. What's so great about the current Royces? Historical Royces and Waymar aside, if "the Royces" get the Vale right now, Yohn would be the Lord Paramount yeah? I mean I don't have anything against Bronze Yohn I guess but I see no reason why some of yall seem to like so much?
  16. Pah, he won't need any support when Timett claims Viserion making good use of his drop o' dragon blood!
  17. Well, I'll hope you'll forgive me for starting with the very obvious option, but... How about Yandel being the bastard son of Marwyn? I'm terrible with timelines and all, but would that fit age-wise? It's not unknown for a Master, or even an Archmaester, to have bastards, and we know Marwyn hangs out with whores, so... This would in turn raise the interesting question of the relationship between Marwyn and Yandel. Is Yandel really as anti-magic as he came off in his writting? Or was he just trying not to hinder his career as a maester by being too vocal with his real opinion on such matters? The World of Ice and Fire, eh, Yandel? Has he had any late-night, dragonglass-lit discussions of prophecy with daddy Marwyn? Or maybe he exchanged some letters with this old guy Aemon up there at the wall, which contained weird questions that apparently came from a fairly notorious great-great-nephew? Is the book even what it seems? I mean, in world, was the writing of the World of Ice and Fire more than just Yandel's try at adding a brick to the knowledge of the world? Was Yandel trying to remove a brick? Was it really intended to ensure the ruling Baratheon king disregarded magical things? Sorry, got a little carried away, but back on the Marwyn idea... At first, Yandel's musings about the return of dragons annoyed me a bit, and tbh I was fairly sure it was imposed on Elio and Linda by editors or something, just to tie up the book to the main series more closely for dirty commercial reasons (i'm frowning at you picture of Jon and Ghost). But now, I think it might be a subtle, but very significant clue to Yandel's relationship with Marwyn, or at least the fact that he gave some credit to the sailors' rumors about dragons, which makes him sound more like a Marwyn-type of maester than, say, Armen.
  18. Wow. Follow up question, did you guys have to learn more about the maesters/the Citadel than what can currently be found in the canon in order to write the book? I don't necessarly mean on the huge conspiracy level, just maybe tidbits about "mainstream" thinking at the Citadel, or stuff along that line? The idea that we may meet Yandel in-world through the eyes of Samwell in the upcoming novels has had me excited since we learned about how the world book would be written, but I always assumed if it happened it'd just be a nice little easter egg. Now, though, I'm getting even more excited... In any case, thanks tons Mooz for bringing this here, I would have never came across that thread on Stack Exchange otherwise! (We need a So Spake Elio & Linda section in our Citadel now, srs!)
  19. Pretty sure he means Preston Jacobs' theory that Planetos is a part of the Thousand Worlds, where some kind of major incident pushed people back to a medieval-ish age and cut them off from the rest of mankind's settlements. Preston, as he does, then spins some pretty crazy but really cool ideas off of that. It's been a while, but there are disturbing similarities between the Children of the Forest and the H'raggans(sp?) or whatever that evil race that went to total war with mankind was. It explains a bunch of weird stuff with Planetos, such as all the strangely advanced underground systems (mazemakers and all?), as these could have been some kind of nuclear-proof bunkers that allowed humans to survive the cataclysm, and the reduced gene pools from different communities also explains why some parts of mankind on Planetos developped special abilities, like skinchanging.
  20. Probably not a small question, but a very interesting notion! I always thought he called them that because of the saying "a little bird told me" and because it's really creepy. But then, Bloodraven could have been saying that back then, which sounds very much like his kind of humor-only-myself-gets, as in the case of Maynard Plumm jokes, in which case your theory stands and would indicate Varys studied/admired/tries to emulate Bloodraven. Which, again, is an idea I really love and have never seen mentionned before!
  21. Hey guys, sorry if this has been covered already, I don't really keep up with these threads (although I'm one of them people changed their mind about the theory after reading the World Book and I'm all with yall now). Anyway, have you seen this? In particular, that one is particularly interesting to the A+J=T imo: (TL;DR: that's GRRM talking about he went to a Second Life event as a Tyrion character)
  22. Hmmm, I agree with your last statement but interpret it in the exact other way: perhaps he somehow knew it was time for him to get to the Wall anyway, and he figured he might as well rid the Realm of a Blackfyre at the same time. I even like to think he was confident, with Egg's ascension, that the court/kingdoms/south were in safe hands, and he could focus his own attention on the next big shitstorm he saw coming, by greendream or something else (a call from the previous greenseer?!) Anyway, sorry about the digression. Definitely agree he's about as fascinating a character as it gets. Completely unrelated: did someone a few posts back ask about a collection of ASOIAF-related things on Not a Blog, or was that in Wow I Never Noticed that? Either way, BryndenBFish's done it! If I may, I think this link even deserves its place in the Small Questions' OP. So many gems in there, it's like a whole new SSM to keep us waiting some more. That thing about Tyrion flying... Hmmm.
  23. The guy also put people in cages to die because they dissed him in public. I think I know where I come down on it. Also, re: Fattest Leech's original post, are we sure Bloodraven even know Bran is warging Hodor? If he tried himself, he could feel that Hodor had already been "broken into" (ew), but why the hell would he try? And considering Bran feels bad about it, somehow I doubt he mentioned it. Actually, as far as we know, that skinchanging humans is an abomination is only something we hear from Varamyr's mentor, right? Although I agree it was probably the consensus among wargs beyond the Wall, for all we know Bloodraven himself never heard about that "rule" either, and wouldn't care if Bran did it, regardless of where he put himself with regards to rules.
  24. I'm on my phone and I'm terrible at searching the forums anyway, but I remember someone around here speculating the Fist was warded by magic, similar to the Wall and Storm's End. Iirc, there was also some discussion on how the Wall seems to be warded against the Others, while Storm's End was warded against Mel's shadowbaby, i.e. fire magic... So one could push the speculation to say that this ward was actually put in place by Others themselves, rather than the Children of the Forest and/or human and/or human-friendly magic wielders. I definitely remember this being one of the basis of "the Others were just chilling all this time and are NOT just cold killers that hate anything with warm blood like Old Nan says" line of thinking. They only butchered Ser Waymar after he challenged them, and they only went mental at the Night's Watch after they took residence at the Fist. Maybe the Fist was some kind of sanctuary or whatnot to them, and they didn't take kindly to humans digging toilets up there. (What about them harassing the Wildings, I hear you ask. Well, maybe they didn't like humans messing up the tombs in the Frostfangs, eh?) Anyway, not much of an answer, sorry. I dunno if I buy it at all, but I like how it ties in with how the Others are also just grey characters - and that much I'm pretty sure on, considering our author and his opinion on evil dark Sauron. Also don't have a link at hand, and it's quite a ways away from the Ghost at the Fist mystery, but just in case: if you like that line of thinking, I could try and dig up that awesome Reddit theory on exactly wtf was going on in the Game prologue and why the Others killed Waymar (other than "he was hot-blooded, fuck hot-bloodeds lol we're evil"), it was a great read.
  25. I am starting to make my peace with the idea of keeping away from the fandom from April on. I was always more of a lurker than a poster, but I sure will miss these boards, and this thread in particular. So many times I was having a shitty day and I'd head here and laugh my ass out at one of the regulars' posts and then it'd all be better. Yall a great bunch and I hope you know it (About the decision itself, yes I know it's pretty radical and I know I'm likely gonna get spoiled anyway because everybody talks about the HBO fanfic irl and I know it's not real spoils anyway cause D&D went their own way and all, but I love these books so much, I still wanna try my hardest not to know anything about what happens on the show). That was my random confession of the day, sorry about jumping out of my shadow of lurkiness and going all emo, please carry on and stay hilarous for the next few months!