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  1. Pictionary - A Collection of Beautiful Drawings

    I, SerStinger, hosted the sixth pictionary. The players: Pebbles Turinqui-Calima Lily Valley Kobayashi Maru Castellan DreamSongs DaniSnowborn TheBlackBear HimOfManyFaces Buckwheat KingGendry Ser Lany Cassandra Pebble's chain: Castellan wrote: There are two erections in this drawing, one is a tower and one belongs to Jaime, you know the story, but why Bran is carrying a sword, a cape and strange horned headgear while he climbs, and is attached by a long line to a stone on the ground, I cannot say. Turinqui-Calima’s Chain: Lily Valley’s chain Kobayashi Maru’s chain Castellan’s chain DreamSongs’s chain DaniSnowborn’s chain Leonardo’s chain The BlackBear’s chain: KingGendry’s chain: HimOfManyFaces’s chain Buckwheat’s chain
  2. Nobel Literature Prize Speculation - 2015 Edition

    Why are the odds on Ian McEwan so low? Doesn't he have much of a chance?
  3. Nobel Literature Prize Speculation - 2015 Edition

    Have you guys looked at the website The Literary Saloon? The author speculates that Ngugi wa Thiong'o and Joyce Carol Oates are among the final five authors considered for the prize. This claim is based on the betting movements. Here's the link: Personally, I have a feeling that Ngugi is someone who just fits the bill for Nobel Prize, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he wins this year.
  4. Nobel Literature Prize Speculation - 2015 Edition

    My impression of Nobel is that retiring is a bad thing to do to get the prize. I might be wrong though.
  5. Nobel Literature Prize Speculation - 2015 Edition

    I'm not saying the controversy is stopping them, I'm saying they agree with it. It's not really snubbing if they think it's true. Pinter was controversial too. Although I believe Pinter is so great that his name honors Nobel more than the other way around, I'm sure the academy welcomes the kind of controversy he brought with him. No, it's not the controversy, it's that they hate Roth. Like the man-booker prize judge who resigned out of anger when Roth won in 2011.
  6. Nobel Literature Prize Speculation - 2015 Edition

    Philip Roth is one of my literary heroes, and nothing would make me happier than seeing him win (unless a "genre"writer wins, or even someone for something which expands the definition of literature, a songwriter, a blogger, a screenplay writer, whatever, but I'm not even hoping for that, I'm not that stupid). However, I think the reason for the academy not giving him the price is simple. They don't like his works. I don't think it's bias. In the recent years I don't know of any politically incorrect writers to have won recently, Roth is very controversial, and not in the way the academy welcomes it. He's been called a self-hating Jew, a misogynist, hater, things like that. Although I strongly disagree with all of these criticisms, I feel that the academy judges are just the type of the snobbish intellectuals who would agree with these criticisms. I hope I'm proven wrong though.
  7. Nobel Literature Prize Speculation - 2015 Edition

    Sorry for double post
  8. The Best in Historical Fiction

    I really love Hillary Mantle. She deserves both her Man Booker Prizes. Also Sir Walter Scott is a must since he's the father of the genre.
  9. That POV character you could care less about

    Maybe my reading was flawed, but I saw no interesting traits in him, no character development, all he was, was simply "my dad is king and I want my draaagons." No redeeming quality or psychological insight. I guess his death will affect the events of later books greatly. But he's merely a plot device and not a character. That's not bad, I'm not trying to criticize GRRM. In such a vast universe many characters will inevitably be like that, but the OP asked which POV you cared less for and this was my answer.
  10. That POV character you could care less about

    To me it's Quentyn. He's a shallow stupid man and his death deserves a Darwin award. Also Damphair. I wouldn't mind not rewarding their thoughts and having them as secondary characters. I disagree with most of you about Dany chapters from ADWD though. I don't care where she is - I'm not Joer Monmort. Outwardly a little might happen bit her chapters are incredibly rich psychologically speaking. She shows that she is human, struggle with the trappins of power. She is a teenage girl facing a problem bigger than what she imagined. To me, this is what distinguishes ASOIAF from other novels and makes it unique.
  11. What exactly is the appeal of Jon Snow?

    I only read your quote of him so I don't know.
  12. What exactly is the appeal of Jon Snow?

    He's using the Jung's use of the word, and he's right.
  13. What exactly is the appeal of Jon Snow?

    How many "ordinary" people would refuse a seat with immense power just to keep their oaths? Read his parts and thoughts again. He's very witty and comes up with great comebacks. What? He has achieved more than any other character, What about his relationship with Sam? Or Old Bear? Or how he feels about his comrades? Ygritte? Why should all characters betray someone? We need good guys too. Maybe, but he has still suffered a lot. He doesn't have to. Not all characters need to be like Ned. You're just nitpicking.
  14. What exactly is the appeal of Jon Snow?

    He's honorable He has a sense of humor unlike what is said He's human, not a superhero His emotions are human too, what is called "emo" by people who evidently lack feelings His story is amazing with a lot of twists and conflicts He has been through a lot Future holds many promises for him as a character But unlike what you say, he does have flaws, he's a bit stubborn, and he sometimes can act a bit too harshly.
  15. Is Sansa going to die?

    That's plausible too