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  1. Hustle added a post in a topic [Major Book spoilers] Questions arising from S4 trailer   

    Is there any chance Shae is the a replacement for Poole. According to the wiki, Shae and Arya are 8 years apart in age and anyone who knew the real Arya in person is dead. It could serve as a final blow of anger from Tywin to Tyrion, sending Shae North to be tortured by the Boltons as the fake Arya. Also, Shae having worked with Sansa would know her more personally then a random Northern girl.
  2. Hustle added a post in a topic Dreadfort claimers?   

    Mance Rayder is rewarded with the Dreadfort as he will be in ideal position to watch over the wildlings who settle in the gift. House Rayder is created...with Gilly's son being the heir. I don't know if Mance will ever find out the truth about his son.
  3. Hustle added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Any chance Jon is Stark...Stark
    So...Ned is absolute in that Jon is his blood. What some point...I'm not saying the when...just that Brandon had a baby with Lyanna. Now...before the hate...Dany is the daughter of a brother and a of ice and fire...what about pure ice and pure fire.
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  4. Hustle added a post in a topic Rickon's Future   

    Rickon: “Full of fear and rage.” Rickon is named for Eddard’s father Rickard Stark. Currently, he is believed to be on Skaggos with Davos Seaworth in route to bring him back to Winerfell.

    Expectation: Rickon will be the Stark in Winterfell, continue the family name and be the figurehead which allows the Northern lords to overthrow the Boltons. He may marry Shireen and declare the North for Stannis.

    Counter: Rickon will side with the others. He blames everyone in Westeros for the deaths of his family and wants to see them punished. Skaggos is in some kind of connection/league with the others and will help bring down the wall for the wights to invade. He will be willing to sacrifice his life to gain his young idea of venegce and revenge, maybe a willing heading before a weirwood.
  5. Hustle added a post in a topic Queen Shireen and the Shaggydog   

    Two likely outcomes of the Rickon storyline. He dies or he becomes the new Lord of Winterfell. Bran will not be leaving the cave of the Three Eyed Crow, I see him becoming the new avatar of Ice magic, what Bloodraven was before him only much more powerful. Rickon is portrayed much more caring on the TV show and more wild in the books. My hopes are he will become the lord of Winterfell and as such will need a wife. Strong possibilities are Shireen do to her age (11) and rickon (5) as they are some of the closest in age and proximity in the story. I hope in all truth Ned's mother is on Skaggos and that when Davos returns with Rickon he brings army's with him.
  6. Hustle added a post in a topic The dragon has three heads   

    Dragon has 3 heads...The Prince that was Promised...Azor Ahai reborn. The idea of rebirth is taken by a lot of people to mean Azor Ahai died and will be reborn once. Maybe, when the different ideas behind AAR are combined we get...Aegon V, the unlikely, as the first dragon and rebirth of Azor Ahai, then after Summerhal, Azor is reborn again into Rhaegar, and then after the Ruby Ford Azor Ahai is reborn for a third time into Dany.
  7. Hustle added a post in a topic Queen Shireen and the Shaggydog   

    Rickon and Shireen...A perfect match. I think by the end of the series all other Stark children will be dead or MIA, Bran beyond the wall, Sansa posing as Littlefinger's bastard/made trueborn daughter and Arya as a faceless man. So, Rickon can be the Stark at Winterfell. The Iron Throne goes to one of the other players, but the North belongs to Rickon. Stannis as a "truly jus man" will take the black and join the Night's Watch. The very first Baratheon was a bastard brother of the first Aegon...maybe Gendry is given Storms End after Aegon takes at the start of WOW.
  8. Hustle added a post in a topic WOW Marriages   

    Anyone making a claim to the Iron Throne needs to be married because they need to have an heir. Aegon, real or fake, will need to be married. Arianna makes no sense because he should have Dorne's support based on his assumed heritage. He will need power...actual and political...the person with the ability to deliver the Vale, the North, the Riverlands, and potentially the Stormlands is Sansa Stark. Rickon marries Shireen, Stannis takes the Black, and Robert Aryan, who I see surviving the series in no small part based on how everyone thinks him so close to death, gets an arranged marriage to the fake Arya Stark after Ramsey is killed. This leaves the Westerlands and the Reach on the outside looking they turn to Euron Greyjoy. Euron, who is already attacking the Reach, could be seen as a very opportunistic marriage option for Cersie or possibly Cersie's daughter should Dorne make their intentions known. The seat of Casterly Rock could be passed to the son of Cersie before Myrcella. Rickon and Shireen...Sansa and Aegon...Cersie and Euron...Robert and Fake Arya...
  9. Hustle added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Last Scene of the Episode   

    3 possibilities: Beric resurrecting Cat, its not like the book with the big reveal being that Cat is still at the end, Beric resurrects her and then she becomes bloodthirsty and kills Freys throughout the 4th season until they run into Brienne...Euron Greyjoy kills Balon, I think we need to see this happen and not just here about it, Euron is going to be a major player in the future of the series and he needs a big set-up, plus Robb then Balon will make the audience salivate for Joffery's demise next season...MY PERSONAL PREDICTION: Talisa's Letter Reaches Volantis, her family is a very powerful family in Volantis and as her mother celebrates the news of their impending grandchild, the camera pans over a legion of soldiers marching on sequence, it tells the audience that there is a powerful force which is going to want to seek revenge on the Freys, surprising to the book and tv fans.
  10. Hustle added a post in a topic My Prologue Guess   

    It doesn't seem at all like Varys to smash someones head in then crossbow someone else.
  11. Hustle added a post in a topic Euron Greyjoy needs a wife   

    Cersie is interesting if 2 things happen...She is tortured by Euron and goes through a Theon-esk ark...or...she desends into madness and brings about the ruin of House Lannister...either a marriage to Euron or a marriage to no one at all.
  12. Hustle added a post in a topic Euron Greyjoy needs a wife   

    I don't think that Euron is the kind of Iron born who "pays the iron price." He is manipulative and as I recall was the greatest danger to Dany, as seen by Victorian's red priest in the flames. I think Desmera is going to play some part in the future of the series but the more I think about the war of the 3 queens the more I see it shaking out like this...Myrcella and Tommen are killed and Cersie thinks Jaime is dead in the Riverlands so all she wants is revenge against those she feels responsible, specifically the Tyrells, so she marries Euron and Euron gains the Westerlands and his claim to Westeros. Margery could marry Aegon, but I think Harry the Heir is also a possibility as is Black Walder Frey, but either way the Tyrell-Lannister alliance is broken. I don't see any way Dany makes it to Westeros before the end of the 6th book, so we have the final battle in the south which leaves Westeros completely devastated, Dany and her Dothraki, Greyjoy, Unsullied, Second Sons alliance making there way across the narrow sea and the final chapter of the actual book is the destruction of the wall with others invading...I feel sure the Epilogue is going to be Roose Bolton being killed by Jaime as he leads the BWB North to defend the Realm.
  13. Hustle added a post in a topic Euron Greyjoy needs a wife   

    A forced marriage then...Euron marries the Redwyne girl and puts a child in her. If Dany returns with dragons Euron can always kill Desmera and marry Dany.
  14. Hustle added a topic in The Winds of Winter   

    Euron Greyjoy needs a wife
    The Ironborn are filled with men who are single and heirless. The current king of the Iron Islands, Euron Greyjoy, is without a wife and without an heir. The Iron Born are on the verge of attacking Old Town or possibly Highgarden. While I don't think Euron has any desire for a son, he is smart enough to know about the importance of an alliance by marriage. I have some very interesting possibilities and I'm going to assume that Victorian's mission to Dany was a complete red herring to get rid of his brother Desmera Redwyne: With Euron marrying a Redwyne there would be no fleet in all of Westeros which could stand against his strength at sea. She is single and I find it possible that the Redwyne's are not as loyal to the Tyrell's as they appear. Cersie Lannister: She is single and surrounded by enemies. Who will she turn to, the Lannisters have literally alienated themselves from the entire realm. She, in her current mental state, may be willing to do anything to protect her remaining children. Margery Tyrell: Once Tommen is dead she will need a new king and Westeros is running out of them. I could see Cersie siding with Dorne in trying to crown Myrcella as Euron-Margary alliance take on Aegon-Sansa take on Trystan-Myrcella...the war of the 3 queens. Greyjoys-Tyrells vs. North-Riverlands-Vale-Golden Army vs. Dorne-Westerlands...I do however see Dorne turning their cloaks on the Lannisters. Arianne Martell: She is heading out to meet Aegon and could very easily discover he is a fake. I very strongly think Arianne and Dorne would be none to happy with someone pretending to be Elia's son. It might be Arianne is forced to marry Wilas Tyrell but it is possible that Euron sees Dorne as unconquerable, as the dragons found for hundereds of years.
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  15. Hustle added a post in a topic My Prologue Guess   

    The Dothraki...yes. I personally think that we will see Grand Maester Pycelle killed by Robert Strong and we find out some very interesting things about the history of Westeros from someone who has served 5 kings. It needs to be noted that Pycelle was killed differently from Kevan and I think his bludgeoned head makes Robert Strong a strong suspect...but a dothraki POV would be very interesting but what would we learn?