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  1. A Dance with Dragons - A Ghost in Winterfell/Theon Pages 611-612: Farther on, he came upon a man striding in the opposite direction, a hooded cloak flapping behind him. When they found themselves face-to-face their eyes met briefly. The man put a hand on his dagger. "Theon Turncloack. Theon Kinslayer." "I'm not. I never...I was ironborn." "False is all you were. How is it you still breathe?" "The gods are not done with me," Theon answered, wondering if this could be the killer, the night walker who had stuffed Yellow Dick's cock into his mouth and pushed Roger Ryswell's groom off the battlements. Oddly, he was not afraid. He pulled the glove from his left hand. "Lord Ramsay is not done with me." The man looked, and laughed. "I leave you to him, then." 1. He is a Man 2. Hooded Cloak 3. Has a dagger (Note: Not a Sword) 4. Knows who Theon is by appearance 5. The words he says in order : "Theon Turncloak, Theon Kinslayer. False is all you were. How is it you still breathe? I leave you to him, then." (I feel this specifies that this person does not have knowledge of what was happening to Theon prior to Winterfell. I think this is an argument against Theon Durden.) 6. Laughed when he saw Theon's deformed hand. Being called a Kinslayer: Either the hooded man thinks Theon killed Bran and Rickon or Theon will eventually kill a member of his own family (Euron?) and be a Kinslayer at this point and the hooded man somehow forsees this. (Unlikely) Theon Durden is unlikely as well. Theon himself, in any form, knows that he is not a kinslayer by any definition. Also, Theon in any form would know that his hand has been deformed. The hooded man had a dagger, there is no proof Theon had a dagger. It could very well be that Theon is an unreliable narrator but I don't feel this is his arc. He is redeeming himself, finding his humanity...I don't see it working that he has a split personality and I don't see GRRM giving Theon the exposure to fully flush this out in the next two books. Also MINOR SPOILER: There is no proof of Theon having any kind of spilt or other persona in any other chapter in ADWD or the sample Theon chapter pre-released for TWOW. My longshot theory. Petyr Baelish: Last seen in the Vale promising to help Sansa Stark regain the North. Littlefinger would have no knowledge of Bran and Rickon, many other Northmen do...on both sides by the way. Ramsay Bolton knows that Bran and Rickon aren't really dead. Baelish is the character who is most strongly associated with the weapon of a dagger throughout the entire series. The hooded man puts a hand on his dagger he doesn't pull his dagger, seems like the kind of action Littlefinger would make and an unlikely action for many other characters currently inside Winterfell to make towards Theon. The hooded man most likely hasn't killed anyone at Winterfell. The spearwives killed most of them and the Manderly's killed little Walder...wasn't little Walder supposed to marry a Manderly had he lived. Read the words that the hooded man said. With the proper inflection they can definatly sound like they are coming from Littlefinger. The hooded man is striding, an interesting word choice and I think can connect to Littlefinger. From the end of Sansa' chapter in AFFC to this Theon chapter in ADWD there is ample time for Petyr Baelish to make his way from the gates of the moon to Winterfell. A longshot for sure but more then enough supporting evidence to make a compelling argument.