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  1. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    Do you actually know much about genetics, heritable traits, and inheritance patterns? But, even taken at face value, Trump's own ideology is ruined by his actions. His wives, for instance, were not billionaires themselves until after they married him. In his world, they're not "successful." So he's breeding with unsuccessful women, effectively diluting his bloodline. Trump's own mother was an immigrant, of modest background. Again, a "failure" in Trump's world. So he's not that great either, and he's further diluting his questionable genetic pedigree with his own choices in mates. Further, we are not debating whether Trump knows how genetics works (SPOILER: he doesn't, and neither do you). We are criticizing his reaction to those less rich than he is. He's saying that people who were not as rich as his father was are morons, on account of their inability to be as rich as his father. In a capitalist system where capital is unevenly distributed, it's impossible to have everyone be as rich as his father. That means that the lack of wealth in these individuals, as a class, is by design, not by merit. But to Trump, he sees these people and families as morons and losers. Basically, he just called your parents morons. But hey, by all means, continue to support him because you see nothing wrong with Trump insulting your parents. That's your call.
  2. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    But that wasn't your question. You didn't ask what are some balancing measures. You asked what's the limiting factor in arguing for dispensing money for events like the Flint poisoning. If you had said "Yes we need to send money, but how can we pay for it? Where would the money come from?" Then that'd be a different question.
  3. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    Second post: And here's where I just can't relate to small-government people who abhor spending. Like, we have a case where the entire city is being poisoned by lead-laced water because the state government's decision to manage the finance of Flint forced them into making a decision that was not implemented correctly. Why are we dickering about sending financial aid to help them recover from this problem? Like, what is wrong with their moral compass that a whole city worth of young children being at risk of lead poisoning doesn't toll the bell of urgency in their world? That type of thinking is just so alien to me.
  4. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    Oh, I don't know. How's the "stop more children from suffering lead poisoning and start treating those who are already affected" bar sound to you? Low enough?
  5. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    If you're not an exceptionally butch woman, people will just assume you're straight, anyway, even if you're a lesbian. As for the degree of outness, it's such a personal thing. It's also okay to have different levels of outness to various social groups. At least on FB you can use specific filters. Regarding the community, it's more a social and political thing. Some locales are more social and others are more political. Finding the right mix and niche to fit in may not be for everyone. If there's a local LBGQT resource center, you might want to check it out. They often have social groups like bowling leagues or hiking clubs where you can go socialize.
  6. Ground game, or GOTV, is not calling. Calling is weak. We do it, but we know it's unreliable. Ground game is going through your voter roster, identifying likely voters for your party, then go knock on their doors, bringing with you all the forms they'd need to register. It's having your precinct chair person be at the poll checking off the list of those who should be here voting, and then calling the team member to go knock on their doors if they haven't shown up yet by 3pm. It's a whole slate of activities that need warm bodies, drawing a lot from your local party enthusiasts, led by your party officers of the area. This apathy you speak of against Clinton is a red herring, because it's not the general electorate that matters on the issue of running GOTV. It's the party loyalists. At my district's precinct volunteer meeting, I can tell you that there are no apathy. Can't speak for the rest of the country, obviously. But seeing as Clinton is a favorite for Democratic party members, and the Sanders supporters who identify as Democrats are also supporting Clinton by and large, your prognostication on the level of enthusiasm for Clinton on the issue of GOTV just seems entirely made of bullshit.
  7. Re: Shryke The huge disparity in ground game GOTV operation is often dismissed by Trump supporters or "neutral" observers by saying that Trump's campaign is so unconventional that it doesn't matter. I think it's possible that Trump just breaks the system so badly that GOTV operations no longer matter. But I don't think it's likely.
  8. I agree with HE. I do not read past the first paragraph of these cold-calling emails, and I am even more obscure as a researcher than HE. The signal-to-noise ratio is simply terrible. If I do not see that you understand the scope of my research and that you've positioned yourself to work in that scope within the first few sentences, I am unlikely to continue reading or even respond. Even if I do, it will take some marvelously good writing for me to read a full page of it.
  9. U.S. Elections 2016: It's Not A Lie, If YOU Believe It

    People talk about "unforced errors" from Clinton. WTF is this, then?
  10. U.S. Elections 2016: It's Not A Lie, If YOU Believe It

    Well, whatever. I just get tired of the constant take down of Hillary even from her alleged supporters. She's corrupt! She's in the back pocket of big banks! She's racist! She dresses horribly! She's a weak candidate! She can't even beat Trump! She should have been more honest with her pneumonia! Blah.
  11. U.S. Elections 2016: It's Not A Lie, If YOU Believe It

    Which ones? All the polls? What position was Obama in at this point in time in 2008? Also, are you aware that the Trump campaign has 2 field office in the entire state of Florida for getting out the vote, as opposed to the 32 (iirc) from Clinton? That story is repeated in all the battleground states. Clinton outnumbers Trump on field office by the hundreds across the country.
  12. U.S. Elections 2016: It's Not A Lie, If YOU Believe It

    What makes you think she could lose to Trump?
  13. This is not true. Social interactions can be taught and people can, and do, make improvements under guidance. The simple fact of writing effecting work-related email, for instance, is a teachable skill. We do it to our students all the time. We have classes in the area of business communication to teach it. Working in groups is a valuable skill for all scientists, since it's rare that you will work on a project where you're the only participant. Collaborating within and across disciplines are important assets and there are skills in communication and management that will assist in that endeavor.
  14. Demise of ITT Tech

    Wait. That's the same ITT corporate entity that runs the chain of schools?