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  1. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    Eh? But the charge was ultimately repelled, so the Union won. In what sense is that a dog whistle for the white supremacists?
  2. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    I watched a couple of clips, not the whole thing. The joke about media bias and Melania was the best of his jokes I think. But yes, there were clearly segments that were just venom, and not even pretending to be jokes.
  3. What would "distancing herself from the white establishment" look like?
  4. No, it's not. Trump is saying that more mental health care is needed for those who are not strong enough to deal with PTSD. The problematic part is that PTSD is not about whether you're "strong" or "weak." Having PTSD doesn't mean you're weak. Not having PTSD makes you lucky, not "strong." It means you have coping mechanism in place already that helped you transition. That is why Trump's comment is problematic. It propagates an unproductive and actually harmful way of seeing PTSD.
  5. The problem is that the fact where both sides have issues that are worthy of being mocked doesn't mean that both sides are equally despicable. I can name a short list of things that I think Clinton is horrible at, and I can still say that she's a much better candidate. It's people like Greenlief who can't seem to make that distinction. You can have a Chipotle burrito where there's just a little bit of shit from the worker who didn't wash his/her hands, or you can have a bowl of shit. The two are not the same.
  6. Anti-Semitism at US Universities and elsewhere

    But it is a rather sinister kind of support, like a farmer supporting the cattle getting great food. As I understand it, many evangelicals support the state of Israel because in order for the rapture to occur, the Temple must stand, and they believe that only an Israeli state will uphold the sanctity of the Temple in Jerusalem. It's not anti-Semite, but I wouldn't call it friendship exactly, either.
  7. Try to graduate from South Park to at least Jon Oliver. Here, have some raisins.
  8. Anti-Semitism at US Universities and elsewhere

    Maybe because the former is the root cause for the latter? It is not true that all Jewish organizations support Israel's current foreign policy. Therefore, using the government's foreign policy as justification to condemn a Jewish organization is not legitimate, unless we can show a tie that a specific organization does specifically endorse the state of Israel. But then, it'd be difficult to establish that identity, as a pro-Jewish organization but not explicitly endorsing the state of Israel, given that Israel is the nominal home to all Jewish people. I think it's worth pointing out that regardless of the atrocities in foreign policy of the Israeli state, anti-Semitism is never justified. Whether it's Nazi symbols or racist stereotypes, we shouldn't tolerate it even if we disagree with the state of Israel's foreign policy.
  9. Anti-Semitism at US Universities and elsewhere

    Maybe because in the article you cited they mentioned a campus professor glorifying two political organizations, Nasser's Egypt and the Hezbollah?
  10. Employment question - quit or terminated?

    It is not unusual to not have your diploma due to financial holds on your record. What is unusual, imo, is that someone doesn't rectify it after years, while reporting that they've earned their degree.
  11. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    Do you actually know much about genetics, heritable traits, and inheritance patterns? But, even taken at face value, Trump's own ideology is ruined by his actions. His wives, for instance, were not billionaires themselves until after they married him. In his world, they're not "successful." So he's breeding with unsuccessful women, effectively diluting his bloodline. Trump's own mother was an immigrant, of modest background. Again, a "failure" in Trump's world. So he's not that great either, and he's further diluting his questionable genetic pedigree with his own choices in mates. Further, we are not debating whether Trump knows how genetics works (SPOILER: he doesn't, and neither do you). We are criticizing his reaction to those less rich than he is. He's saying that people who were not as rich as his father was are morons, on account of their inability to be as rich as his father. In a capitalist system where capital is unevenly distributed, it's impossible to have everyone be as rich as his father. That means that the lack of wealth in these individuals, as a class, is by design, not by merit. But to Trump, he sees these people and families as morons and losers. Basically, he just called your parents morons. But hey, by all means, continue to support him because you see nothing wrong with Trump insulting your parents. That's your call.
  12. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    But that wasn't your question. You didn't ask what are some balancing measures. You asked what's the limiting factor in arguing for dispensing money for events like the Flint poisoning. If you had said "Yes we need to send money, but how can we pay for it? Where would the money come from?" Then that'd be a different question.
  13. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    Second post: And here's where I just can't relate to small-government people who abhor spending. Like, we have a case where the entire city is being poisoned by lead-laced water because the state government's decision to manage the finance of Flint forced them into making a decision that was not implemented correctly. Why are we dickering about sending financial aid to help them recover from this problem? Like, what is wrong with their moral compass that a whole city worth of young children being at risk of lead poisoning doesn't toll the bell of urgency in their world? That type of thinking is just so alien to me.
  14. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    Oh, I don't know. How's the "stop more children from suffering lead poisoning and start treating those who are already affected" bar sound to you? Low enough?
  15. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    If you're not an exceptionally butch woman, people will just assume you're straight, anyway, even if you're a lesbian. As for the degree of outness, it's such a personal thing. It's also okay to have different levels of outness to various social groups. At least on FB you can use specific filters. Regarding the community, it's more a social and political thing. Some locales are more social and others are more political. Finding the right mix and niche to fit in may not be for everyone. If there's a local LBGQT resource center, you might want to check it out. They often have social groups like bowling leagues or hiking clubs where you can go socialize.