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  1. Dating: Hell is Other People

    The passage of time itself helps, but I don't think that is the determining factor at all on whether you've emotionally moved on from the last experience. I once had a friend (once, because he had an emotional meltdown and treated my husband in an atrocious way so we cut him off) who had a 10 year relationship and then his husband dumped him. He was still not over his husband 7 years later, and the two prospective dates he had during that time all bailed out once they sensed that. Some wounds heal better than others, and everyone is different. That said, here's maybe a different perspective: Just because the relationship didn't work out to be a forever relationship it doesn't mean that you've wasted all your time and all your effort. During the relation there must been great things happening, for you to still have these strong feelings for her. Those are part of the reward. It is sad that it didn't go the way you'd like it to, but perhaps see that despite the disappointment in that, there were still plenty of good things that came out of it.
  2. Can you give us a couple of examples of "quick and decisive" wars in the past 50 years or so?
  3. Feminism - Distractingly Sexy Edition

    The comments illustrated just how impossible it is for women to survive the public responses to their appearance. You're either ugly and need to do something, or you're a deceiving liar who falsely present yourself. It's both tragic and disheartening.
  4. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    Source for this claim? Were those positions eliminated? Or was it just a drop in enlisting? Also, unless you believe in unlimited eternal expansion of our military, at some point after our invasion into Iraq slows down and shrinks in size, we will need to have a smaller armed forces, yes? Telling me that there are fewer jobs in the military doesn't really convince me that the Democrats are doing something wrong.
  5. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    Oh give me a break. The military always breaks for the GOP, far as I can tell. All of this is just post-hoc justification. Which, by the way, is itself an indictment of the electorate. The GOP is good at draping themselves in the flag and wearing lapel pins and mouthing the platitudes, but look at the way they actually treat veterans, from their legislative records to their campaign efforts when the Democrat is a veteran, and it is amazing to me that people will still think the GOP supports our veterans and our armed services members. The fact that the GOP gets away with this just means that the armed services and veterans are voting to get themselves screwed over.
  6. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    To be fair, "media blackout" is not entirely wrong. The mainstream media do indeed make poor reporting choices that do not reflect the reality. Now where the Sanders supporters got wrong is that they take this to be a conspiracy controlled by Clinton to stymie Sanders. That's the conspiracy crazy part, not the fact that there's a bias in the media reporting.
  7. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    Not that I think Clinton will lose CA in any scenario, but arbitrary standard is arbitrary. Has the Demcoratic party nominated anyone who hasn't kissed a puppy's face on the second Tuesday following the Eastern Orthodox Easter? One does wonder.
  8. Feminism - Distractingly Sexy Edition

    Well, Squab is squab. So, moving on... I want to report that in League of Legends, which is a big massive online game, they have done away with sexualizing the last 3 female champions they offered up. So, Kindred, Illaoi, and Taliyah. None of them are in skimpy outfits or have their boobs emphasized. So it's a good step in the right direction.
  9. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    Any voting system can be gamed, whether it's closed or open primary or a caucus. It's just a matter of who's gaming it and what types of manipulation are feasible. Do people really want to find a perfect primary system? On a more general note, I am just tired of hearing people say "if you want more voter participation, you should find some better candidates, so don't blame me for not caring." That's just so immature. There are tasks in this world that need doing, and we need to do these tasks whether we enjoy them or not. For your own home, that's taking out the trash and scrubbing the toilet. For a democracy, that's keeping informed and then going to vote. You're not enthused by the candidates? Well fuck you. Go keep up with the news and vote anyway. Democracy doesn't work if people only participate in it when it's fun and exciting. That's not what Democracy is - that's what entertainment is. Which is why we are seeing Trump as the GOP front-runner. If we ever wonder why our politics feel like a Roman gladiator shit show, look no further than the self-indulgent justification of the politically apathetic crowd.
  10. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    Re: Jeordhi I honestly don't know why the federal government hasn't stepped in more in areas where the state is derelict in providing the basic functions. I think in part it is because while we are bleeding money for not having a budget (unpaid bills accrue interests and without budget we cannot find cheaper suppliers and must use what we had last year, etc.), the state's police, fire, water, etc., are minimally functioning thanks to early lawsuits that compel the state to pay these functions despite the absence of a budget. However, there are many things that should be sued over. For instance, the state of Illinois has not paid for any vehicle or passenger damage caused by state vehicles this year. If your car is damaged, or if someone is injured, by a state vehicle, their insurance is left unpaid. I would have thought this is ground for lawsuit. But I guess not. Either way, I don't want to derail the election thread further. But yes, it's a hot fucking mess, and we are two steps and a skip away from total financial meltdown. As it is, the damage done so far will take over a decade to repair. Re: Swordfish I already addressed this. You'd be right if all one does is vote for the lesser of the two evils and then does nothing else. But that's not what I am saying. I am saying to work on reforming the system, but before that reform takes hold, do go and vote to stop the greater evil from wrecking your lives worse. In practice, this means that I am working to donate time and money to independent and third-party candidates in local races, as well as supporting Democrats who seem amenable to reforming districting, etc. I am outcome-oriented for the most part, so I cannot see how writing in a candidate or voting 3rd party in a swing state will in any way help improve the system.
  11. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    The duoploy system does suck. But it is what we have. By all means, take actions to change that, such as supporting public financing of candidates, non-partisan reidstricting, etc. Voting with a write-in, however, does fuck and all to the bad duopoly system, and it will, on top of that, make it more likely that the candidate you hate more come to be elected. That seems like a lose-lose situation to me. The only upside is the self-knowledge that you didn't vote for the candidate who is less reprehensible. If that sounds good to you, let me tell you a story. 2 years ago, in Illinois, the then Governor Quinn was facing election challenge from Rauner. Quinn is a Democrat and he took over after Blagojevich was removed from office for his corruption. During this tenure, Quinn led the charge to reduce pension benefit payouts to the state employees (in Illinois, state employees do not accrue Social Security and are instead forced to buy into the state pension program). Due to that move, Quinn upset a large number of typical Democrats - union members. Came election time, many of these people stayed home and did not vote. Consequently, Rauner won the election and became governor. As a result, Rauner put elimination of bargaining rights for unions on the table as a condition for releasing a state budget. This is why our state does not have a FY2016 budget some 320 days into FY2016. Meanwhile, or K12 and public higher ed are suffering, and our state has been accumulating millions of debt in interest on unpaid bills every week. The city of Springfield is threatening to shut off the electricity to the State Capitol building because the state government has not paid electricity bill for 10 months and running. Our governor is being sued by social service agencies who hold in their hands signed contracts with the state to provide services like care for the mentally handicapped and nursing aides to the elderly. At my school alone, we lost 320+ jobs in the last academic year, which is about 15% of our school's total employees, give or take a few. Many of those 320 had stayed and not voted for Quinn. So, the people who stayed home because of Quinn have the moral satisfaction that they didn't vote for someone trying to rob them, plus the extra comfort of seeing their jobs threatened/eliminated as well as their community going to ruins. The warmth of seeing the state going down in flames will help with the heating bills, I am sure. So that is what it means, in real life, when you cannot bring yourself to vote for the lesser of the two evils - the greater evil will triumph and you will suffer more.
  12. Feminism - Distractingly Sexy Edition

    I only read the screen captures but I think they just expressed a right idea in a very poor way. I think the phenomenon of "booth babes" is real, and I applaud convention organizers who want to put a stop to it. How that bleeds over to cosplay, I am not sure. But it sounds to me like that is what they want to stop. They used problematic language that slut shames and devalues women's bodies in the process, and for that they should be called out for it and be held accountable. No argument on that. What is also not good in their response is that apparent conviction that there's an orthodoxy to cosplay, that you have to make your own cotumes and props. I'm not so sure that it's someone else's place to define for other people what is and what isn't cosplay*. I think it's okay for the organizer to say that "we will promote this type of cosplay, but not that type," but it's not okay to say "this is cosplay, and that is not." In that, I think the organizers crossed a line.
  13. Hillary is indisputedly hawkish. I'm not going to spend time denying the truth. I can only hope there's enough push back from the Democrats in the Congress to temper her stance in this area.
  14. The Gitmo was disappointing. I was hoping he would manage enough support to get it done, but I guess not. The rest? It's hard to not do anything in that region. Things are/were volatile and given the past U.S. action, we're mired deep into it. It's like a second-hand car you inherited that you kept putting money into fixing. You'd like to stop, except it's the only means of transportation you have. Dampening the hostility with Iran and distancing ourselves from Israel and Saudi Arabia are all necessary first steps to slowly disentangle ourselves from the region. I am sad that Hillary is unlikely to fully pursue this policy, but that's the U.S.' inability to let Israel go for you.
  15. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    I am very sorry about your loss, and about the missed opportunity to share with her your true identity. If it's any consolation, most mothers know, instinctively, even if they don't have the words for it or if they deny it. My condolences.