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  1. I've been getting dry needling (piston method, not leaving them in), which is based on acupuncture, as part of physio on my hip for about five or six weeks now. I was pretty skeptical when he first brought it up, and he could tell. He said they weren't trying to realign my qi or anything like that, but using the needles can help release the tension in the muscles knotted deep down that are hard to reach with just massage. He said there are studies looking at the practice, so being a librarian, I looked for the studies. Most have to do with back and neck injuries, but there was evidence of relief experienced. So, I said to hell with it and went for it. All I can really say is it has been working for me. I went from barely being able to put any pressure on that muscle with six bad knots getting almost barf inducing needling (doesn't hurt, just felt suuuuper gross the first few times) down to one still bad spot and two that were just a twinge. Even after the second weekly round of that, I no longer limped, and I could roll over at night without feeling like my leg was being ripped off. So, so far so good. Will it last? Dunno. Gotta work on my three times smashed knee next (no needles, just strengthening exercises), which is what likely caused the wonky hip in the first place. Gah.
  2. Wow. Yeah, like this case. He was found with the woman half naked and passed out in the back of his cab, he had his pants down, had her DNA on him, had a history of complaints against him, and he was still found not guilty, because "the Crown failed to produce any evidence of lack of consent at any time" (she might have said yes before she passed out!). Oh, if you didn't read the article, he was found with the woman by a police officer. And he still got away with it. That's some super serious justice right there.
  3. What was left of the hurricane smashed parts of Nova Scotia pretty hard. In Halifax, we had about 100mm of rain and high winds, and a lot of people are still without power. Not that bad compared to Cape Breton (an island on the northern part of the province), which got the worst of it with some parts getting over 200mm of rain (the average monthly rain fall is something like 150mm). There's some serious flooding and road wash-outs up there.
  4. Yeah, I'm someone with a raw apple allergy. It's not life threatening, but it can be pretty scary when the inside of your mouth swells and itches like you've never itched before (and I've lived my whole life with eczema!). I also get the same reaction, but not as bad, to raw snow peas. According to my allergist, it's common in people who are allergic to birch pollen. I don't get the reaction from apple juice, I assume it's heated enough before it's bottled. I also don't have any reaction to raw apples near me. Maybe if someone was biting into one next to me and a chunk flew off and into my mouth. I get people being cautious though. My worst allergy is to perfume/cologne. I know I'll get grief for it, but ban that shit on planes (and everywhere else while yer at it!)! Justify the necessity of that shit on planes or anywhere else. I'm not talking about the people who just put a dab behind the ears type of thing. That might give me the sniffles in a confined space, but not a full blown reaction. Nothing like being on an hours long flight with your face hidden down your shirt suffering a low level asthma attack, itchy skin/eyes/throat, and full of snot just so someone can think they smell pretty. Most of it smells like flowery cat pee!
  5.   I actually popped in to find out if this is what's going on with our new boy. He'll plop down on the chair, pull his tail up between his front paws (which are furiously kneading the chair), purr like mad, and what looks to me like suckle the end of his tail. Mr. Tyr thought it might be an anxiety thing, but I was wondering if he was weaned too early. He'll stop if you gently move his tail and distract him with scratches.    Besides that, he's settling in really well. Pretty much since day one. Especially since he was at the shelter since April until we got him two weeks ago. He doesn't particularly care for his diet, but he's quite the chubbers at 15lbs (you have to bend at the knees to pick him up. It's like hauling around a sack of potatoes!). He absolutely despised other cats, so he refused to leave his kennel (they open up the doors and let the cats run free around an enclosed room full of toys from 10-4 every day). He would just lay in his kennel and eat. Get up to use the litter box and lay back down. We don't know if his hatred of other cats is why the absolutely despicable excuses for human beings that had him before the shelter declawed his cute little front double paws (he has thumbs!), or he hates other cats because he can't defend himself. Either way, he's loving stomping around the flat and having the humans all to himself   :)
  6. I really liked Terriers. I was pretty disappointed there was only one season.