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  1. The Jon Snow Reread Project II AGOT-ACOK

    Have not read them yet, but I have access to them. This scheme is intriguing. :pimp: - Anyway, I'm terribly behind the reread and ended up lurking instead of continually participating...which is as enjoyable, what with the great posts coming from bumps! and co. :D
  2. Just going through the motions.

  3. Would Stannis turn on Jon?

    This may be a matter of semantics, but isn't Stannis already doing this? I get it, Stannis is saving the realm to get the throne instead of the other way around, also I'm a Stannis man....but he already started trying to secure the North's support for himself the day he showed up to smash the Wildlings. He'll no doubt turn on Jon if that's what needs to be done to succeed (my poor Jon!). Stannis won't even think that he is turning on Jon because he believes that the North is part of his realm and Jon should afford him all the support, not go against him. No, it would be Jon betraying him in his head.
  4. Analyzing is not the same as narrating. :(

  5. Who will be the final POV character?

    I'm also on the Bran boat. The last epilogue is a good point to break the cycle the prologue/epilogue currently follows. It does not matter if Bran would not die within the chapter since he'll be kind of a tree and good as dead to other characters who didn't know what exactly happened to him. Now that is bittersweet. My second choice is Jon, his death scene after saving the realm. :leaving:
  6. Why is writing a short bio so difficult?

  7. When did Stannis Baratheon become your favourite character?

    Stannis was not sure about what happened to Renly but deeply suspected about it's nature. By the time they sent a shadow baby at Storm's End, he knew. That's how I read it, at least.
  8. When did Stannis Baratheon become your favourite character?

    Nice. I've got my homework now :D
  9. When did Stannis Baratheon become your favourite character?

    Hmmm, not really saw, but when I first read about him, he has the air of being older, probably because he seemed to have acted like one when he and Renly were kids (especially when their parents died). It seemed like Robert can't be bothered/wasn't around because he was fostered.
  10. When did Stannis Baratheon become your favourite character?

    That's just dreamy! I loved Stannis while reading and loved him even more after reading. I can't say the say for some of the characters.
  11. Weekend please come soon!