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  1. Dont appreciate having lord manderly scolded by a child on the show.
  2. Lovely speculations and assumptions everyone. Sadly D&D creativity cant keep up with your level.
  3. Lol my thoughts exactly!
  4. Danys solution to everything now is dragons which is getting a little repetitive. Good battle scenes So is Sansa now LSH? Logic aside and reviewing this episode from non book readers point of view, i would say this episode is the most enjoyable episode of this season so far. First 8 vote for me. this season has been 1ish-3ish for me.
  5. At that moment i was thinking its something related to HS, his ambitions or history. The wildfire guess is a good one though.
  6. lmao Back to essos. back to this FM mess
  7. Dont expect too much from D&D. i mean...just look at dorn lol at this season.
  8. lol I overestimated the writers when it came to Arya and the Waif. I had better plot in mind. So I will now just assume what Edmure is doing is just bad writing. I want to apply for a writer's position on the show
  9. Game of thrones the tv show is a sinking boat...even more this season. Dont really care that much. just hope the show doesnt influence GRRM next books...that is if they ever come out...
  10. One of the many bad episodes of this season. Its illogical and a big mess. Lol at how dany just shows up. Bad entrance. Tyrion scenes are repetitive and pointless. Always drinking,chatting, and telling jokes... And dont get me started on Arya. So the brotherhood without banners do have some manners after all. Good.
  11. The FM are feared and are a mystery to most people in Westeros & Essos, but they showed her their secrets and she used it once on the show to kill Meryn Trant. It is threatening to them and to their business if she leaves with everything she saw and knows about them. Yes they kept reminding her that shes not ready, but that doesn't mean she can leave. She just needs more training to be "ready".
  12. Black Fish, Lady fucking Mormont = Boss its good to have the Hound back stark army recruitment was a drag. Lol at Arya. She shouldn't be so reckless, you can join but not leave, unless theres a twist next episode played at waif ;P Overall good episode. Vote 8
  13. 7 because of the ending. Kings moot was meh. Little finger looked stupid coming back to sansa convincing her and shit lol