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  1. Twists that got you again on a re-read

    I agree...I read all the books quickly the first time through anxiously wondering what was going to happen next. I am paying much more attention to details this time through and am amazed at all the hints/foreshadowing/possible red herrings that I'm encountering. GRRM is an absolute genius, IMO. Two of the many things that I have come across it the past couple of days: Sam describing Dalla's baby as the "son of Mance Rayder and grandson of Craster" which made me take to the forums to learn what other readers are saying about this. The other is Jaimie's dream(?) in AFFC where his mother appears to him and seems to be a "silent sister" and wonders if Jaime ever really knew his father. Hmmmm...never knew who his biological father really was or never understand the man that Tywin was? So many similar type questions that I wonder about now. I'm grateful to have found this forum where people have the freedom to ask other fans' opinion and put forth your own theories (even if they might be crack-pot!) I cannot think of any other books that I have had to read so carefully and needed to "research" for answers to so many questions. And to think that I resisted the idea of reading them because "fantasy" was not something I was interested in!