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  1. X-Ray is so very many things. A voice of reason and a cathartic ranter. She treats her cats well. Smart and quick-witted with a smile that can burst out of her face. She and Mr X are the coolest people I know, 10 years running. She listens to weird music, but she's so awesome that it's ok. She treats her friends well. I have been known to open up a magazine, point at her name, and say "I know her!" in a Will Ferrell inspired manner. I've slept on her couch. Alright, now I'm just bragging. Love you, X-Ray.
  2. I love this board.
  3. If you WEAR a knife visibly on your person and you aren't at work, you are a cowardly bully. There are zero exceptions to this. It's a good way to know you are dealing with low value males.
  4. No one needs a knife because it's handy. If that were the case, you'd have a leatherman. It's bullshit small dicked cowardly bullying behavior. Keep it in your car like a human being.
  5. It's a coward thing. See also males carrying knives.
  6. I'm 100% for gun control and banning. In this utopia, only elite, trained police officers could have a pistol. Every other firearm would be 2-4 round hunting rifles (Long enough barrel to prevent rash suicide). But there are (at least) tens of millions of these things spread out on private properties across a nation that prides itself on liberty. This is problematic. But the real problem is 3d printers. How can you ban ones and zeroes? There are billions of rounds of ammunition out there, and it's not hard to make your own if you have a 3d printer. We are 5 years from this all being a theoretical discussion at best. The moral imperative is clear, however. Guns should absolutely be banned. I fear such a ban in the US will be as useful and effective as the war on drugs. I'm still down for trying.
  7. Best of luck on your recovery, Luke. TAKE YOUR TIME. Be careful. I want to watch you on ESPN for many years to come.
  8. I'm enjoying the new raids, but I haven't seen a 4 star yet. I'd rather not solo another Crocanaw.
  9. Not a thing of the past at all. In fact, athletes are a lot better at cutting now, and drop even larger amounts of weight. Insane amounts of weight.
  10. Another video was just released. Van Jones. Ouch.
  11. I'm not a Trump supporter. Not even 1%. However, these videos/articles prove without a doubt that CNN is a news fabricator -- fake news. It absolutely validates his positions. I'm disgusted by it, but seeing it any other way is partisan nonsense. They should lose their broadcast license.
  12. Since some of you don't seem to be up on this, please check out the top trending YouTube video right now where a CNN editor admits the Russia coverage is all fabricated -- among other things.
  13. Why is no one discussing how CNN just legitimized Trumps 'fake news' comments?
  14. I floated halfway around the planet with that angry squid. I'm saying it here because I'm bragging. John Kenady was my shipmate. I looked at my float book to see if there were any pics of him in it. (He had found some pics of me in his a few years back.) But Marines don't save pics of squids that aren't Corpsman. I wish I could cajole him about that. I wish I could talk some shit. Lord of Bones was a good man that stood up for what he believed was right.
  15. Mormont, my thoughts are with you and your family.