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  1. Better than any single WWI book ever written. Don't sleep on Dan fucking Carlin.
  2. Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder is the book that filled in the most missing pieces for me. It focuses on everything from the Eastern Front from WWI to the reprisals after WWII. The numbers of dead are beyond staggering. The Holocaust itself was only a small percentage of the deaths in this area during these years.
  3. Box Squatting, sprinting, walking uphill, walking lunges are all pretty decent options.
  4. They were stupid enough to nominate the unelectable and saddle us with Trump.
  5. Compromise is literally the only path to victory, unless you are advocating violence. So quick to pull the knife, Ini.
  6. If you drink enough alcohol that taking a single month off is a newsworthy event, you might have an alcohol problem. If you don't make it through the first day of that month, you DEFINITELY have an alcohol problem. Good luck getting your 30 day chip.
  7. Super impressive, Luke!
  8. So incredibly fucking happy that a child molester was not elected to the US Senate. Just popped in here to say that.
  9. It's Tommy this and Tommy that, and Tommy, "How's Your soul?" But it's a thin red line of heroes when the drums begin to roll.
  10. X-Ray is so very many things. A voice of reason and a cathartic ranter. She treats her cats well. Smart and quick-witted with a smile that can burst out of her face. She and Mr X are the coolest people I know, 10 years running. She listens to weird music, but she's so awesome that it's ok. She treats her friends well. I have been known to open up a magazine, point at her name, and say "I know her!" in a Will Ferrell inspired manner. I've slept on her couch. Alright, now I'm just bragging. Love you, X-Ray.
  11. I love this board.
  12. If you WEAR a knife visibly on your person and you aren't at work, you are a cowardly bully. There are zero exceptions to this. It's a good way to know you are dealing with low value males.
  13. No one needs a knife because it's handy. If that were the case, you'd have a leatherman. It's bullshit small dicked cowardly bullying behavior. Keep it in your car like a human being.
  14. It's a coward thing. See also males carrying knives.