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  1. Gave it a 6 but not a even a strong 6. Everything felt rushed and messy. There's no reason to have Jamie escape when it's damn impossible with all his armor plus they ended doing a cease fire anyways. Couldn't the showrunners just have Danny capture Jamie and force him to help Jon get a white walker? At least it set up some cool dialogue. And jorahs back... why? He has to die now unless they do some weird three way love triangle. The forced sibling rivalry between arya and Sansa rivalry is terrible. Just doesn't seem believable to me.
  2. Gave it a 9. Long live Sir Bronn of the Blackwater!
  3. Obviously either Frey went too far in exacting revenge for his "slight" or he had the double cross planned from the beginning.
  4. Not sure why anyone has brought up Sandra never giving a legit reason as to why she didn't tell Jon. She simply apologizes with some tears and that's it. Naive Jon just lets it go immediately. It could just be lazy writing, but there is still a chance not all is right in Winterfell.
  5. Cersei deserves all the backstabbing as you put it.
  6. Tommen just thought he was playing Assasin's Creed. Joking aside Tommen finally made a decision on his own. No manipulation.
  7. It will be ironic when it's Arya that has to kill Sansa. Sansa will turn into a rabid dog consumed with hatred. "I am a part of you now"-Ramsay was right. She has become the LSH replacement.
  8. Don't take it personally against book Sansa. Show Sansa, and pretty much every other character has had their IQ and I suppose morality lowered by about 50 points.
  9. At least cat would have died for rickon. Sansa was all," I'm not going back!"
  10. Was it fair that Sansa (and Jon) didn't try harder to bargain for rickon's life? He was a child, they should have sacrificed themselves for him.
  11. Did they ever say how many vale knights came to help? I ask because if they had more than Ramsay, there is a chance they could have scared him into making an exchange of rickon for his life.
  12. There is no good reason. Leave her at the Vale. Done. But writers wanted the fake-Arya storyline to play out.
  13. No matter what reason Sansa gives, it was based entirely off the fact that Jon would have to run into a damn suicide mission first in order for her to achieve.
  14. She basically kept the information from Jon because LF reminder her that Jon is her half brother. The seed was planted, Jon resisting her advice made the idea grow into a full out betrayal. Jon is naive enough to not see it or not care and forgive her, but I bet she would have told Rob.
  15. What is interesting to me is that it was Sansa who pleaded with Jon to help her reclaim Winterfell, then withholds vital strategic information from him right before the battle. Jon has become a pawn to her.