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  1.   I think ure right, its more about culture than genetics   Iron born, dont matter if they were originally andal or first men, are an separate people with a culture of their own.   For sure nobody refers them since the conquest as andals or first men, but as iron born.   I also consider right that mountains clans, crannog men and maybe other have their own culture.   However, those peoples do not seem to have made significant impact in westeros society as the iron born, who built Harrenhal and conquested 1/3 of the continent
  2. Is Tywin a fool, or is GRRM sloppy?

            I have strrugled with the OP concern, but today I think Tywin played as he wanted (not GRRM sllopy)   The crown autorithy is low in westeros and Robert was not likely to openly confront the Lannisters, as Tywin probably knew.   See, Jaime broke Ned´s , the hand of the king, leg and putted him in a coma and Robert wanted they to make peace anyway.    He really didnt want a war.   Had Tywin captured Ned  and Robert was alive, I think he would intervine, but not to start a war.   Tywin would have riverrun on siege,  Ned on chains and two armies very close to Kings landing.   Besises, a war against the lannisters would stop caslerty rock loans and the king would go bankrupt.   I believe Tywin plans had worked as he intended he would start negotiations with Robert, from a strong position. and return to kings peace in his own terms
  3. Is Gendry ever a factor?

      Its possible that gendry is actually the trueborn son of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister.   Not saying he is, but that he might be. (there is text book clue)   If its true, i woud a be a big deal IMHO
  4. Hi   The way I see it , there is not a king of the land of westeros, but king of the people who live in the lands   There are the first men, the first human inhabtants, the andals, the main population, and even the rhoynar, who arrived long after the destruction of their homeland.     SO, why there is no reference in the full title to "the king of the ironborn or ironmen"   For sure the natives of iron islands are under the rule of the king of the iron throne and after they rebel the title of their king pops up....     Why there are no reference the the ironborn, for sure Robert Baratheon was their king
  5. Theon's dream proof Benjen still lives ?

    Of course theon dream is not defenite proof. Its just a hint. By the other hand, dreams in westeros have profhtic nature. In other words, dreams are related to magic. Person in Theons dream may not be products of his subconcious, but the souls or whatever of the dead starks.
  6. Theon's dream proof Benjen still lives ?

    Nice catch. It seems a good hint
  7. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    What I think makes probable Barristan will make itt back to Westeros next to Dany is Twins quote about him. His name still has strengh in the realm and grants greatness to any king he is serving (could the same be told about the hound?)
  8. Liam Cunningham's Davos "Secret"

    Davos lord paramont of iron islands?
  9. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Altough I believe if might happen, I dont think it would be a smart move of the Shavepate. if theory is correct, Shavepate is not trying to overtrow Dany, but trying to assure that his "social group" is the main force of the city. His group is enemy of Meeren nobles that are allied of Yunkaish. Without Dany, he fears that he and his fellows will be murdered and subjugated in time under the rule of Hizdar. He wanted Dany to use her power to crush Meerense nobility and the harpy, and now he is doing what he thinks she should have done. Even if he knew she was to come back, I think he would try to manipulate things to end like that.
  10. Possible Cover art for Winds of Winter

    those covers are both fake, right?
  11. Its crackpot, but i think its plausible
  12. A Younger, More Beautiful Queen

    If Cersei children are going to become kings and queens, it means Myrcella is gonna be queen. The younger and more beautiful queen could be Myrcella as well. The profechy Cersei is going to outlive her children doesent mean that, befere die, Myrcella could cause some damage in cersei
  13. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    i wouldnt mind if GRR|M decided to release all the WOW chapters before publishing :cool4: The more we get, the better
  14. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    If the told those words, but it sounds great for me. I dunno, maybe im too optmistic, but it sounds too me that he is enjoying his writing and his crazy to share his work with the audiance. Since he has to finish his work to publish the book , he makes those readings to share his work and see public rection
  15. Coolest names in the ASOIAF universe?

    HOT PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!