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  1. geogus added a post in a topic king of the andals, the rhoynar and the first men, only?   

    I think ure right, its more about culture than genetics

    Iron born, dont matter if they were originally andal or first men, are an separate people with a culture of their own.

    For sure nobody refers them since the conquest as andals or first men, but as iron born.

    I also consider right that mountains clans, crannog men and maybe other have their own culture.

    However, those peoples do not seem to have made significant impact in westeros society as the iron born, who built Harrenhal and conquested 1/3 of the continent
  2. geogus added a post in a topic Is Tywin a fool, or is GRRM sloppy?   

    I have strrugled with the OP concern, but today I think Tywin played as he wanted (not GRRM sllopy)

    The crown autorithy is low in westeros and Robert was not likely to openly confront the Lannisters, as Tywin probably knew.

    See, Jaime broke Ned´s , the hand of the king, leg and putted him in a coma and Robert wanted they to make peace anyway.

    He really didnt want a war.

    Had Tywin captured Ned and Robert was alive, I think he would intervine, but not to start a war.

    Tywin would have riverrun on siege, Ned on chains and two armies very close to Kings landing.

    Besises, a war against the lannisters would stop caslerty rock loans and the king would go bankrupt.

    I believe Tywin plans had worked as he intended he would start negotiations with Robert, from a strong position. and return to kings peace in his own terms
  3. geogus added a post in a topic Is Gendry ever a factor?   

    Its possible that gendry is actually the trueborn son of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister.

    Not saying he is, but that he might be. (there is text book clue)

    If its true, i woud a be a big deal IMHO
  4. geogus added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    king of the andals, the rhoynar and the first men, only?

    The way I see it , there is not a king of the land of westeros, but king of the people who live in the lands

    There are the first men, the first human inhabtants, the andals, the main population, and even the rhoynar, who arrived long after the destruction of their homeland.

    SO, why there is no reference in the full title to "the king of the ironborn or ironmen"

    For sure the natives of iron islands are under the rule of the king of the iron throne and after they rebel the title of their king pops up....

    Why there are no reference the the ironborn, for sure Robert Baratheon was their king
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  5. geogus added a post in a topic [TWoW Spoilers] Alayne I   

    Good chapter, got a felling that there might be things under the surface this chapter that we will only figure out when WoW is published.

    Judging the chapters so far released, it seems WoW will be grat

    PS: Dont want to be too optimistic, but considering all he published about WOW recently, GRRM seems to be making good progress, and maybe, just maybe, we might get WoW sooner than later
  6. geogus added a post in a topic [TWoW Spoilers] Alayne I   

    Thank Geoorge Thank you... A sansa chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. geogus added a post in a topic the missing tyrosh man sellsowrd company   

    And how did the get there. Marched south crossing ways with a furious Tywin lannisters, Renlys army, and the standind dornish army...

    Or took a boat at Lannister controlled Kings Landing or dunksdale.....

    Remember, they weren a couple of guys on the run, but a full mercenary companing marching around, among eney armies (starks and tullys, who they were fighting until yesterday and the lannisters, who were not so thankful for the good services the sellsowrds provided )
  8. geogus added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    the missing tyrosh man sellsowrd company
    One day I was thinking about sellsword companies at the war of the five kings and noticed the total lack of attention of the starks in that point.

    The Starks were always outnumbered and Robb never considered hiring mercenaries, only tried to call the arryns to arms.

    After the battle of the camps a tyrosh company turned his cloacks and most likely offered to join the starks.

    We know Tywin and Kevan were furuius with the tyrosh, but we know nothing about this sellsword company by a stark POV.

    For sure, those mercenaries approached Robb after the battle.

    At that time Starks were at full streng, and were about to start pillaging the westelands to gain more resources.

    For sure Roob could afford the comapany.

    But not is even said about the company, it is like it diseapred.

    I like to think that Robb was to nonourable to hire sellswords and that he disbanded the company via white habor ( in order to prevent it to rejoin the lannisters)

    However I know theres no text book to support this (IIRC) Besides, Im not even sure Roob was to honourable to not hire mercenaries. I think he might do that.

    What do U think happend with that sellsword company?
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  9. geogus added a post in a topic Which country would have a better chance conquering the other?   

    The north has the higher latitude in planetos (aside small ibben) that place is fucking cold, no place in essos is aa cold. Winter for sure would destroy any essosrosi invasion in the north. ( and i can see bravoos invading the north since they are timber starving)
  10. geogus added a post in a topic Any fans of house Celtigar and Velaryon?   

    I have a personal interest about de great navigations era, so I enjoyed the Valeryions story in the world book... Sounded like Portugal´s and Spains colonial empires