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  1. Same thoughts - plus Hellholt and Dreadfort...
  2. Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    In other words, they're a professional force, who is better prepared (less of a joke) than the regular Yunkai soldiers (who are a total joke, let's admit it), but come closer to unsullied than to pit fighters, slave soldiers, Tolosi slingshots and the rest of the freakshow in the Yunkai army.
  3. Varys's Backstory: What Are the Readers Expected to Believe?

    They don't give him a slave tattoo to indicate what type of slave he is like they do in Volantis, but rather gave him a "demon's mark" to mark his as a dangerous and disobedient slave. I even think it's not a tattoo, but a mark with hot iron. And I'm not sure about that, but doesn't Tyrion think this in the lines that they are lucky they are not in Volantis to get tattooed, or maybe that they are lucky they are not disobedient like Jorah? What I'm saying is, Jorah's is a punishment mark and not a slave tattoo.
  4. Varys's Backstory: What Are the Readers Expected to Believe?

    Just a reminder that only Volantene slaves have tattoos,
  5. Crypts of Winterfell

    There was an ancient Stark sword Ice, and the Valyrian one was named after it, IIRC.
  6. Crypts of Winterfell

    It would be very surprising in terms of real life castles and fortresses if there is no such passage. Luwin told Theon he knows a secret way out, but that could be me misremembering or being just in the show, if so - disregard.
  7. It was discussed, yes, even before that, but you can look at pg. 5 and 6 of the current thread, starting from my post number 94. Me and some other posters are discussing whether it's a confirmation or merely a possibility that Cersei is the queen that they are talking about.
  8. It's about whether the bounty ot Tyrion (that the Lannister guards talk about in the Mercy chapter) strictly means that Cersei is still in charge? I think that it's generally on topic, but if you disagree, I'll stop.
  9. Ok, but the question remains - why? Why mend something that's not broken? Tyrion being wanted by the law suits them perfectly. Why complicate things with unnecessary lies? The argument that they really feel for the random dwarves around the world doesn't hold water, I think.
  10. Yes, but if the actual Tyrion shows up? To which the chances get boosted when everyone thinks he's dead. How could Tyrion not prove who he is? First, many in court know and have seen him.Second, the nose thing? Mismatched eyes? And easiest of all, say some stuff that only Tyrion could know. Jaime, of course and Tommen will recognize him. And in such a scenario comes the question - why did they lie about Tyrion being captured and killed, and why is he returning? The answer - "Because I did not do it and they know it".
  11. The whole point was that Cersei might not be the queen in charge, but the bounty on Tyrion could still be on. I don't think the Tyrells are a compassionate bunch, for one, and I don't see them that stupid to declare the single most wanted person, who is a very clear suspect for the murder THEY actually committed, innocent. Plus, by not doing so, they have another huge advantage - someone might actually kill Tyrion, thus eradicating the Lannisters pretty much for good.
  12. It just occured to me that the reference to the queen wanting Tyrion's head doesn't necessarily mean it's Cersei. Why would Marge cancel the bounty on Tyrion when this means that the Tyrells are off the hook? It occured to me while I was reading the chapter where Jorah captures Tyrion and tells him he will bring him to the Queen. At this point we are to think that this Queen is Cersei, but it's in fact Dany.
  13. A Theory about the Sansa Unkiss

    Yeah, I do agree with this, but the thing is... Martin's answer "I'll let the readers figure it out by themselves" suggests there is something to figure out - as in it has or will have some future significance. He could've easily said that people misremember stuff and it happens.
  14. A Theory about the Sansa Unkiss

    She had had a bit of wine when the unkiss happened. If it sets up a precedent, I think she will get drunk, possibly serving "lies and arbor gold" to someone, and then will misremember what actually happened or do something stupid. She can even give her true identity away to someone and possibly not remember it afterwards.
  15. Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    It could be greyscale, and honestly that was my first feeling, but upon reread I realized that's never stated.