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  1. What if R+L=J is wrong how will fans react

    The thing is, while I do think R+L=J is true, if it's not, I won't be totally surprised. So, I'd sort of react with an enthusiastic, "Oh!" and keep reading feverishly.
  2. It's okay to eat fish, cause they don't have any feelings.

  3. Spring Is Coming.

  4. It barely snowed so far this year. Is winter even coming?

  5. The Bastard of Toronto

  6. There should be a separate forum for the 'crackpot' theories. They're usually dumb and not funny, and there's too damn many of them.

  7. I think I just decided that I love Stannis. Go figure. Never thought I'd see the day...

  8. I should be studying. This forum is bad news.

  9. Keep on squire-ing in the free world.

  10. The Kingsguard Does Not Pay Taxes.

  11. Most disturbing scenes/things for you

    Thing is, when it's a piece of shit that's suffering, I don't get nearly as disturbed. I was more bothered by the plight of the smallfolk - particularly females - than Vargo Hoat's suffering. It probably made me smile and say something about Gregor being a bad motherfucker, if I'm being honest. Maybe the exception here is Theon... I hated the guy, sure, but Ramsay... no, just no.
  12. Most disturbing scenes/things for you

    I never hear talking about how awful Tyrion was to the prostitute he was with just before being snatched up by Mormont. I really, really liked Tyrion going into that, but that scene was infuriating. What a little shit. Good on you for bringing that one up.
  13. Rewatching the show... Pretty awesome, changes be damned.

  14. Posting about why Theon is the worst is rekindling my distaste for that boy. Intense emotional journey or not, he's still a real bastard.

  15. POVs, Unreliable Narrator, and You

    I was absolutely thrilled when I realized old fat Manderly wasn't actually a craven walrus lord, and that he had no intention of executing Davos. I remember how worried I was about Davos because we got word of his execution much earlier, and things seemed to be heading in that direction when his arrival in White Harbor didn't go very well. Then, kaboom... Manderly became one of my new heroes. Frey pie n' all that.