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  1. In the books I get the vibe that Varys is only ttring to place Aegon on the throne not Dany.
  2. I love Littlefinger! And I think his got more chance than most and winning the game. Let's face it, back in those days we would all be common peasants, so it's good to read about someone who changing his stance in life and giving it back to the nobles. My understanding from the end of AFFC is that Littlefinger will essentially be in control of The Vale, Harrenhall which he is paramount protector which means Riverrun has to answer to him to (I think) and has Winterfell's heir (only known heir) in his hands. I hope he takes the North next! Cant wait to read the next book. If anyone is going to get revenge for the Starks it will be Littlefinger. Not that he is knocking everyone off for that reason, everything he does is for himself, but at least we will have our revenge. The North Remembers! :)
  3. Mmmmm interesting. So if she does call sword does that mean shes after Jamie now? I imagine she would've died if she was on her own, but I think seeing Pod and Ser Hyles (i think thats what his name is) starting to swing from a branch would've changed her mind.