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  1. can you send me a link for the leaked episode?  thanks

  2. I sent you a message with a link
  3. If they knew, then they would have used it against Ned long ago. There is only one person who knows at this point in the book, Howland Reed,
  4. The Nightwatch is going to be exterminated by "Winter" this season.
  5. I think it's just a tv show thing. I don't expect the book to have the same "moment".
  6. It serves the same purpose, which is to get Jon Snow south to fight Ramsay Bolton
  7. I hope this episode ends any further discussion of who wrote the Pink Letter.
  8. It looks more like a fight between Mountain and a sparrow. Both fighters are fighting with a sword and one of them seemed to wearing a monkish cloak.
  9. The cave will be getting special visitors,
  10. My guess is not until season 7.
  11. It's either they become friends/allies/lover or they become enemies. Some believe they will become lovers, some believe they will become enemies.
  12. It's WAR!!! My guess is by the time Dany hears of R+L = J, she would have gone to war against and have defeated fAegon to win the Iron Throne. By then Jon Snow himself would have become the undisputed leader in the North, de facto King in the North. So regardless of R + L = J, Jon would be considered threat to Dany's desire to unify all 7 kingdoms. With R+L=J, Jon would be viewed as another fAegon threatening to steal the Iron Throne from Dany. She'll have to deal with the Jon the same way she dealt with fAegon. Goto another pretender. She will take her Dragon and march north. This time, Jon will defeat her like he defeated the Others.
  13. I think it's just D&D having fun with Hodor, just like when they did it with Pod's sexual prowess. Nothing to be taken seriously.