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  1. Everything said against Stannis seems to be doomed to be stupid.

  2. Can't stop, won't stop Stannising.

  3. Man, I just love you... U see the the awesomeness of Stannis and the Hound in a deeper way...

  4. Renly only lasted like two books so I doubt he qualifies for this. And the day I find boring ass Essos more interesting than Westeros itself is the day I say 'Dany rules!'.
  5. Dany in books 1 and 2: a bit annoying but her story rocks. Dany in rest of series: SO ANNOYING, KILL HER, MAKE THE BOREDOM STOP!
  6. The Iron Throne is his by right!

  7. Stannis will take, or has taken, the North. It is known.
  8. You ask for opinions on a certain matter and people say you're poking jokes, -_-

  9. Such a small pack of stags,

  10. Stannis Baratheon, lack of hair.

  11. I want this pic as my avatar, it is 100x75: I paste this link into the space under custom photo, but it doesn't work. What's wrong?