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  1. Everything said against Stannis seems to be doomed to be stupid.

  2. Can't stop, won't stop Stannising.

  3. Man, I just love you... U see the the awesomeness of Stannis and the Hound in a deeper way...

  4. Renly only lasted like two books so I doubt he qualifies for this. And the day I find boring ass Essos more interesting than Westeros itself is the day I say 'Dany rules!'.
  5. Dany in books 1 and 2: a bit annoying but her story rocks. Dany in rest of series: SO ANNOYING, KILL HER, MAKE THE BOREDOM STOP!
  6. The Iron Throne is his by right!

  7. You ask for opinions on a certain matter and people say you're poking jokes, -_-

  8. Such a small pack of stags,

  9. Stannis Baratheon, lack of hair.

  10. I want this pic as my avatar, it is 100x75: I paste this link into the space under custom photo, but it doesn't work. What's wrong?